Magic Orb? Minecraft Adventures EP 1🙂

Hey Gamers so today we’re playing Minecraft and I’ve got a question. Whose skin do you like better because I think my skin’s fabulous Um so ask in the poll and discuss in the comments. All right. I think Kendall a little disclaimer she made both of these skins and I think they both look really good but I I like mine I think it’s cool I like the color this is actually mom’s skin and I haven’t finished my skin yet so I’m using her skin all right that works yeah yeah we’re at work or cool like that our parents play Minecraft no they don’t I’m kidding okay are you are you ready I’m ready what are we doing okay so we’re in this amazing new Minecraft world yes you can see all these cool trees and everything that’s yeah what are these flowers trees er this is a special mod pack it was a special about it it’s my favorite one that’s why it’s special okay so we have all of these if you look in your inventory we’ve got a huh these hot bark got a soul chunk claimer and world domination with open blocks and yeah delving into the darkness and then this crystal bull well what are we doing with it um well I’d like you to hold on stay right there okay I’m gonna run over here oh dear so right-click it uh uh-huh okay are you male or female female and you answer your questions Oh which do you prefer like what I it for its first certain mod just kinda questions well do I prefer for what uh the person of interest that you would like Oh for a romantic partner okay part does what’s my name Insula525 that’s my name yeah oh my god there’s magic happening yeah I’m concerned oh you very happened well my crystal ball is gone yeah did yours go away no I still have mine okay I’ll try mine why do you one can see what I’m doing why did you run away it’s weird I don’t even know what’s happening oh nothing opening out here okay okay Oh what oh what you’re here but you’re in okay that’s fine what you just fazed through wall your stance stand over here oh I have a book on my back yeah all right oh that’s so goofy what nothing’s happening you can’t see it but I can am i walking around right now yeah okay I am a female and a man I’m gonna capitalize see cuz that it was always bugged me Hey look lava can I jump in it um please don’t die all right all right again what what I’m gonna live in a village all right ready you might want to run run why cuz this ah are you dying no are you dying no I should have a dirt why should I be dying what is happening hey Mike alright go aside my side but uh wow it’s a village Hey look it’s kind of sword yeah why no there there well hello Clement bye but we’ve got all these people now oh look a little person yes a child Oh right so the child now got more people he’s covered in blood oh that’s lovely concerning we’ve got all these guards walking around and then more people oh god he’s even more covered in blood Oh what happened here is there murders what sure why did he have a chicken on his head it’s cuz it’s a hat oh they have two little child’s yep good for them Todd the church that’s your title Todd the child yeah wow that’s a fantastic title and then we get a graveyard Oh sad um oh hey Zach yeah he’s bloody no no where’d you go okay so what are we supposed to do here um so this is just a village with people in it yeah there’s this not really I mean if you want to like live and be romantic the people you can but I just wanted to give us a place to live first oh all right and to spawn in some NPCs because it’s always this looks like a beehive is it mmm oh it’s closed down I can’t oh that yeah that’s that’s closed room not a beehive you know okay so the thing that I want to do is I want to get us beds and tools and things so the thing that everyone always has to do in Minecraft yep it’s the number one thing yeah what is it you know it now die no I mean yes but you know that’s not the first thing you always do stay inside a night I’m not it’s a punch a tree punch a tree did she well that was my next guess

these trees look cool they have like you know around nice textures and I look like actual trees it’s getting dark already yeah oh it has a little progress bar at the top of her hitting it you know when it’s almost done oh there’s some other things that I’ll show you once we get inside these people gonna be mad I’m taking their trees dang in the trees bah yeah well go ahead and start punching these sheep and killing them what all right fine I can’t get to them they’re up there to punch this dirt cheap punching seems like a pretty violent way to kill these sheep yeah all right I got raw mutton so you know that’s food I know that’s food these flowers glow yeah achievement time to strike I can’t find any more sheep that’s okay I like that one I only have one wool I’m gonna do I need Oh meat three for bed I hear sheep okay I’ve gotten you a sword is there monsters here yes oh okay I won’t wander into the woods at night I think there is your now there is come on coming back okay there you go come on how’d you get that already I just made it cuz I’m a wizard oh I’m my wizard uh you can’t be I’m stuck on a door okay so that’s there Hugh you can have that one all right I’ll give you a sort oak well thanks um it’ll make a mine out here later yeah okay yeah oh yeah okay sorry Hey I didn’t make love that I see like hey hey guess what what how’d you do that how did you do that oh my god tell me out okay um at the bottom of your keyboard there house X uh-huh so push X you can do this you go f5 and you’ll be able to see yourself I’m sitting down yeah I’m laying down my egg how do I lay down z try Z um yes and then X is sitting uh-huh and then C is layin extra is crowded why do I want to live this way no this is crawling that you’re being stealthy see but I can’t move you shipped Oh me sneaking around hey camel what floor is lava okay um V try be V oh yeah my Hut I’m gonna give you a hug I can’t my arms gonna fucking you okay my arms gonna wake up there there okay adilyn looks like we’re trying to strangle each other and the dance see I figured that one not okay B I’m dancin Wow right I’m really bad dancer see isn’t that cool yes and then you can push all the other buttons uh-huh and uh a lot of them have their own things Oh if you push H I know it brings up the Hat menu but we don’t have any so ah okay that’s a little sad so now what we’re just wait um push another button humming oh oh no I didn’t okay come here okay where are you I’m behind you bye oh I should probably love that I heard a zombie I should probably turn on sound okay so push it escape uh-huh and then at the bottom of the screen there should be something called a tails editor uh okay now this is weird yeah you can you can do all kinds of things like that I just wanted to show that off to you okay I’ll pass that’s a little weird for me then there’s also the twelve button yeah can zombies get in our yard mmm is there a fence yeah maybe we should be fine okay well let me check and make sure it’s just it’s like I’ll completely leave more torches though any more torches okay so twelve button does kind of the same thing except you have more options ah I can edit my head but they’re they’re not as cleared models I can put on a beard yeah have fun all right now no that’s a little weird yeah hold on huh a scam is snapped no no okay turn it back on

let’s lay off here we go okay now what do we do we just okay there’s a bump can I kill it can I fight it is it a zombie yeah fight say die yeah it’s the normal old-fashioned fighting way okay so I can actually win yeah you can spin but if I think which way oh no – got what hey look there’s an emerald in here can I steal it yeah oh yeah I forgot to mention the villagers poop emeralds wait that was poop yeah wait I don’t want it how do I spit it out you have to keep it forever now what I don’t want to keep build your poop Oh trust me it’ll be helpful later so I can just go into their houses and see if anyone made any emeralds yeah did it is it really like poop or does it just like Davis pop it I would every now and then it’s not actually okay I found another sheep okay go ahead and kill it with your sword it’s running away hey I didn’t oh Claire yeah this is it I got a hot topic for you what I just got the achievement hot topic oh okay and I got three wolves now do you need any more there’s a bunch more sheep here ye if you want to do you do you need more yeah we need three six six yeah how many do you have I have zero okay do you have all of it okay there’s a black sheep is that okay Oh me me I probably die it just pick up and five I just need one more I can’t see anything it’s dark yeah it’s really dark I can’t find the shape there we go come on meet Guinness so okay I got six now I can’t find the village never mind I’ve had it oh yeah we have wood waste waypoints I can’t button I assigned to it though oh they have like windows in their house so it’s easier to see if have any magnetic it take I just feeding from them I don’t know where our houses oh oh here monsters here monsters who are they oh you know you have a map in the corner right well yes but there’s like a hundred thousand things on it okay so oh I’m coming to save you I don’t need to be saved I found already you left the door open someone could have just come in here and robbed us yes we totally have the things to rub I can’t spit stuff out with cute oh yeah you have to go into your inventory and then throw it like that Oh fine thank you hey do you need any of this wood oh yeah that’s annoying yeah okay I’m keeping all the money oh wow that’s a lot of wood yeah I killed the tree I killed two trees okay I’m gonna go fight that zombie I can’t go in there and always killing the people yeah kill him I’m trying he’s kind of a meanie you almost killed this villager lady we got to protect them I did I just killed the zombie good job two guards and one lady in here do they each have their own houses or do they gotta go wherever they teleport to their own house oh well this zombies wearing a hat Oh kill him you’ll get the Hat but it’s a weird hat I don’t want it hey you do I do yes how do I want it you want all the hats I can’t get it it disappeared yeah it’s now in your hat inventory now where all the doors opens it’s not me these other people keep doing it it’s a sheep right here in the village let’s guys bed this bed is like touching the door oh what’s happening here can they look strange things we’re coming to you over here oh yeah that happens I mean some zombie beds is flying around yeah and now he’s just talking the fence oh man these these villagers are just as dumb as the other one yeah okay so what I I do whenever I spawn one of these villages is I break

these fences immediately cuz they continue to get stuck ah cuz they’re dumb they are not that smart Oh leave that one okay it adds statistic oh that’s the aesthetic right we wouldn’t want to hurt the aesthetic so okay now we need to do something like what oh hey this one has a hat – yeah don’t kill him don’t kill him don’t kill the villagers Zach I’m a butcher but he look like a zombie what do you mean he bit me oh no he’s been infected I guess they’re all my stuff out am I gonna die no hey sure follow me Zach’s candle am I gonna die no you’re fine okay I was just throwing all my stuff out in the house come here jack come here boy oh there’s a small one Kendal’s Mogami a small zombie human Oh No ah stay here hey it’s lime look gonna kill it gonna kill it oh yeah kill the slime hey yeah umm it was a small one can you make them grow bigger or do they just say the same size until you get them in this line oh yeah yeah this lime status let’s say okay I’m quarantine what happens if they bite you oh nothing happens to us oh we just get weakness for a while but if they bite the people then the people turn into zombies you know a zombie epidemic is horrible ah yes that usually doesn’t end well I can’t remember how to onion affect them but there isn’t way to do it okay so we’ll just leave them in there yeah okay um we need to get a farm going because we’re gonna die of hunger okay we farm who are you I’m right here okay all you all I need you to do is break all the brass oh you get to break all the policies you can okay I’ll just break all of it with this zombie brain good job I am gonna go huh should I should figure out and remember which keys I need when is it not that one it’s definitely not that one nope not that one either nope nope ah what its water attacking me okay I broke the grass by the water this weird pond that’s being held up by nothing oh and the grass was holding it up I guess so now all the water is everywhere so there’s a flood in the village and it’s my fault good plotting abilities how much craft me oh okay here click Jay Jay Jay you should have a whole map oh hey that’s actually helpful yeah now I can find you we come to the village uh-huh and then push Kate yeah and then you can set a waypoint got it and no matter where you go you’re gonna see the waveone okay how much deeds do I need uh how many do you have not that many Wow I’ve been punching a lot of grass one flaxseed three Mandrake seeds five cotton seeds and too far we eat okay I know I’ve been punching all the grass and there’s like no seeds you see how much a for plain seeds so that should know planes how do you get plain seeds not yeah I know how do you get normal wheat we just got some garlic garlic can’t eat it but it’s not a vampire my vampire no but there are vampires can I be a vampire yes you can be and there’s also witches and werewolves cool yeah in vampire hunters so wait which is better to be though I’d say that vampires yeah are good but I personally like the werewolves werewolves yeah alright we’re gonna set up a farm right I’m getting ah if you guys want to be

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