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Whoo—hoo—hoo! (Gulls squawking) (Tires screech) (Man) Hey! Move out of the way, you crazy turtle! (Continues shouting in Spanish) (Sammy) Humans Heh. Seems to me like they’re always in a hurry But they have nowhere to go That was my old buddy Ray back there He almost got himself run over. Heh We were born on this very same beach some 50 years ago And we’ve been buddies ever since Today’s a special day We’re both gonna be grandads Imagine that It could take a while before the little ones hatch, though, so let me take you back in time and tell you about our first encounter with the humans There was a time when this beach was practically deserted Nothing out here but us turtles and the sound of those beautiful waves (Grunting) (Gulls squawking) (Spits) (Squawking continues) Hey! Come on! You need to hustle a flipper I can’t get out Let’s go! To the water! Time’s a—wasting! See ya in 30 years! Or not! (Grunting) (Sighs) (Spits) (Sighs) Hello? Hello? Is anybody up there? (Sammy) / was only five minutes old, and already I had the sinking feeling that l was not going to make it (Squawks) Aah! Aah! Aah! (Sammy screaming) Help! Let me go! (Spits) Aaaah! Aah! Aah! Aaah! Aaaaaah! Hi there — Watch out! — Aah! Aaaaah! Aaaaaah! Whoo!

That was pretty cool with with those birds, huh? It was like we like we were flying! You know, you don’t look too good (Groans) Ohh — Can you move? – Ow We have to get going We’ve got some good waves coming in now Come on! You gotta go, Shelly! Birds are everywhere! Wait, we have to help him! Come on! Shelly, there’s nothing you can do for him Shelly? (Grunting) (Sighs) Come on, don’t give up! You can still make it. You have to try! Get up! I’ll help you! (Squawks) No! Let go! — Help me! Help! Help! – Shelly? Shelly?! (Sighs) Uhh! (Sighs) (Sammy) And so it began for me – a little nudge to start me off Nonetheless, I was on my way J‘ We could let this love be a fading sky J‘ Or we can drift all night J‘ To the new sunrise J‘ And we 7/ be free J‘ I know, you know you’re J‘ Free J‘ Feels so good to be J‘ Free J‘ Mm-mm, baby J‘ Free J‘ There ’s nothin’ J‘ In between J‘ What we are J‘ And what we see J‘ What we are J‘ We are just J‘ Free J‘ Free J‘ Free Uhh! J‘ Free Uhh! J‘ Free J‘ I know, you know you’re J‘ Free J‘ Feels so good to be J‘ Free Uhh! J‘ Mm-mm, baby J‘ Free J‘ Hi there. New to the current? Uh, yesterday Awful young to be all alone out here It can get pretty scary! – Scary? — It’s a big pond out here, in case you haven’t noticed Lots of creatures out to get ya! You’ll find out soon enough Find out what? Where do | start? How about…barracudas! Barra—what? And you got your great white White? Very, very fast fish they are And big teeth, too! Uhh, never mind them Just go with your instincts, and you’ll be fine You have no reason to be scared I’m not scared Well, you should be! You’re not even a snack for most creatures out here! Ha—ha—ha! Just follow your instincts And good luck on yourjourney What am I supposed to be looking for? When you find out, let us know! And watch out for the nets! If they get ya, you’re turtle soup! Ha—ha—ha—ha! And don’t eat the plastic! Seaweed good, plastic bad! (Laughter) Ouch! What did you do that for? Do I look like food to you? (Sighs) Crazy fish What a way to start the journey (Grunting)

(Coughs) How’s it goin’, guys? Lookin’ mighty cozy up here Shove off, you big oaf! (All) Yeah! Who put a dent in your shell? He’s gonna eat all our food (All) Yeah! Get out of here! Yeah, go! — We don’t need some eating machine — Go away! Scram! I wouldn’t ride on your stupid whatever if you were the last turtles in the ocean! Good! Go away! Hi, guys Hey, hey, hey! Don’t even think about it! Beat it! Oh, right. I’m not one of your kind You got that right Hey, watch out! Ow! Man, this is not my day Now, why’d you whack me upside my head? But I Lucky I didn’t pass out! Look at that! Got a bump the size of a barnacle Probably get bigger, take over my whole head |… I don’t think it’ll You ever seen them barnacles? You let them hitch a ride with you, they never leave A bunch of freeloaders Hello? Oh Goodbye What is that thing you’re on anyway? You make it? Oh, I fell on it It’s a long story How’s your bump? Ah, no worries Us Leathers got heads like rocks The name’s Ray Sammy. Pleased to meet you — How long you been on the journey? – Just one day Me, too! Caught the drift up north So did I! Say, we have a lot in common, you and me — Wanna hop on? — Nah, I’m okay Oh. Okay It was a joke! You know, seeing that we’re supposed to be floating around until we grow up and all this little raft of yours could come in handy This ain’t bad Now, are you sure about this? I don’t want to get all friendly—like, and then you go wacky on me one day, or want to kick me off I wouldn’t do that. Besides, we were hatched on the same day probably on the same beach We’re practically brothers Brothers. I like that Ahh. The sun feels good, don’t it? I like laying out in the sun Good for my skin ‘Cause, you know, when a turtle gets all dried up and everything, it gets all flaky and ugly I don’t like that (Sammy) And that’s howl met Ray He was definitely a character – always fun, and never at a loss for words For ten years or so, our life in the open sea consisted of mainly floating and waiting You should try some It’s good You’ve got to be kidding My taste buds are a little bit more refined Ha—ha! That’s what you call refined? Ooh, I love ’em! (Burps) They do give me gas, though (Laughs) J‘ I’m feeling happy J‘ And warm all over J‘ I hold you in my arms J‘ And you spill over J‘ 80, come on J‘ We ’re having a good time J‘ We ’re happy people J‘ We ’re having the best time J‘ Ever J‘ We ’re happy people J‘ Ohh, ohh J‘ Ohh, ohh, ohh J‘ Ohh, oh, oh, oh J‘ Ohh, oh, oh, oh J‘ I know your trouble… J‘ (Sammy) You know, despite all the stories I heard, the ocean didn’t seem like a scary place after all

J‘ The way you should J‘ 80, come on J‘ We ’re having a good time J‘ We ’re happy people J‘ We ’re having the best time ever Ah! J‘ We ’re happy people J‘ Ohh, ohh J‘ Ohh, ohh, ohh J‘ Ohh, oh, oh, oh (Loud honking) (Both laughing) J‘ Take a look all around you J‘ I’m feeling happy J‘ Take a look around you J‘ And warm all over J‘ Take a look all around J‘ I hold you in my arms J‘ Why won’t you take a look around? J‘ And you spill over… J‘ (Sammy) It was a pretty great life out here Time just seemed to fly by Before we knew it, we had well, we ’d grown up Well, almost grown up, that is (lndistinct chatter) This is the life, buddy! No gas problems today, Ray? Mm—mm. Feelin’ pretty good! By the way, did you notice those two cuties leaving when we were coming in? No, didn’t see ’em — Hey, they were checking you out — No, they weren’t Oh, yeah Hey, do you think we’ll be pals forever? For sure, forever and ever — Don’t you? – Definitely! But at some point n—now, I’m not saying now, but sometime in the future, well, we’re gonna have to choose a mate, right? Sure. Right I guess Mmm. So what’s your type? — I don’t know – Come on! Everybody’s got a type For me, she’s gotta have a good laugh and, of course, share my love ofjellies (Sammy) Of course (Ray) You still haven’t told me what your type is (Sammy) Actually, I met someone once that I think could be my type (Ray) Oh, really? Come on, come on, this is major You’ve gotta tell me You’re gonna make more of it than it really is You already made more of it! Okay Her name’s Shelly Ha! She was She was kind of funny Mm—hm? Where’d you meet her? She was, um, an important part of my early life What? We met a day after you hatched, been together ever since, and she’s a big part of your life? — Well, she is – Mm-hm – Was — Mm—hm Yeah, okay I want all the juicy details There are no juicy details Start talking, or I don’t stop bugging you Okay, okay, fine Come on, I’m listening Wow, that was some story You saved her life It was more of an accident The birds collided You spit sand in that bird’s face! You saved her life! I don’t even know if she made it Well, hey, you never know It’s a small ocean out there Maybe someday you and I will run into her Maybe Ha—ha! Whoo! Is this great or what?! Better than great! (Sammy) Ray was truly the best friend I could have hoped for He was fun, always good-humored, and always looking for new adventure One thing, though, / could have done without his stinky jellyfish (Yawns) (Shelly) Come on, don’t give up! You can still make it! You have to try! Get up!

(Ray) Get up! Come on, Sammy, get up! It’s about time you woke up, sleepy-head What? Oh Uh, what have you been doing? Exploring! Made friends with a cool old octopus You gotta check him out Have you eaten yet? I’ll get something on the way Picky, picky, picky Where are you taking me to? You’ll see. We’re almost there Hiya, Slim! Well, howdy! Grab on, boys! Come on, Sammy! You’re not scared, are you? No, of course not Come on, then! It’s gonna be fantastic! Yeah, boy! Come on! J‘ Everybody’s gonna love today Hold on to what’s yours! Fasten your seat belts! It’s gonna be a bumpy ride! Whoo—hoo! We’re gonna crank it up now! Yee—haw! Ha ha! J‘ I’ve been crying for so long J‘ Fighting tears just to carry on J‘ But now J‘ But now it’s gone away J‘ So, was that fun or what? My head is still spinning Hey, where’s everybody going? Oh, we got a situation here What’s going on? (Slim) Don’t know. But it don’t look good Smells bad, too What is this stuff? It’s all around us We’d better take cover Well, we’ll be safe in here I think (Ray) You ever seen anything like this, Slim? (Slim) Not like this Once, a ship out of the north hung up on some rocks, and dropped a whole bunch of bananas These ain’t no bananas Heh. You ain’t kidding Eww! Boy, howdy, that is nasty! Well, I bet you that ship back there is full of it You boys should head out — Not safe stayin’ around here — What about you, Slim? Oh, I’ll be fine I like staying put A nester, you know Besides, I got a lot of cleanin’ up to do — Good luck on your travels — Take care of yourself! This looks horrible It was so beautiful here Why would anybody do this to us? I don’t know It doesn’t make any sense at all (Sammy) Humans were strange creatures Some made a mess, while others cleaned it up That was our first contact with humans It wouldn’t be our last Over the years, I learned many things would change But one thing was always a constant – people would affect our lives more and more (Snoring) (Explosion) Whoa! What was that?! (Sammy) That hurt my ears (Ray) Oh, look at that! (Sammy) What is it? Some kind of aliens? (Sammy) No. Humans They’re everywhere (Ray) I think we need to get out of here This is a little too close for comfort Hey, what did you do that for?

There’s no room on here, especially for your stinky jellyfish What are you talking about? We can’t even move on here anymore Maybe I should just take myjellies and hit the slipstream myself Then you can stretch out and have all the space to yourself I wasn’t saying — (Thud) — Ooh! Well, there you go I guess we don’t have to worry about being crowded anymore, now, will we? Look, Ray, l Wh… What’s the rush, guys? Whoa! Ray! The nets! It’s got me! Hold on! I’ll get you out of there! Don’t panic! l’ll tear this thing up! I already tried! It’s too hard! I can’t bite through it! — Aah! — Ray! — Sammy! — Wait for me here! I’ll find a way out! I’ll be right here, Sammy, you hear?! Right here! Aaah! They got me! (Gulls squawking) (Ray) Sammy! Ray! We’ll get out of this! (Sammy) That was the first time I saw real fear on Ray’s face l was pretty scared myself (Ray) Sammy! Uhh! Uhh! (Grunting) Aah! (Sighs) (Grunting) Ray (Sammy) This was one of those times / could have used a little luck – one of those little nudges I had the feeling l was never going to see Ray again (Man) Gotta be 80 degrees out here! ngm Whatcha got over there? It’s a little greenback (Echoing) Think we should make soup? Ha-ha-ha-ha! That little guy’s overcooked already! Chuck him! Ha—ha—ha—ha! (Splash) (Dolphin clicking) J‘ If you ever find yourself stuck in the middle of the sea J‘ l’ll sail the world J‘ To find you J‘ If you ever find yourself J‘ Lost in the dark and you can’t see J‘ I’ll be the light J‘ To guide you J‘ Find out what we’re made of J‘ When we are called to help our friends in need J‘ YOU can count on me — J‘ Like one, two, three – (Gasping) J‘ I’ll be there J‘ And I know when I need it J‘ I can count on you J‘ Like four, three, two J‘ You’ll be there J‘ ‘Cause that’s what friends are s’posed to do J‘ Oh, yeah J‘ Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh J‘ Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh J‘ lsn’t he a cute little turtle? See turtle, Fluffy? See?

He looks so scared, doesn’t he? Well, we’ll get him some food, and we’ll take real good care of him Okay? Fluffy, turtle eat food! And it’s time for your dinner, too (French accent) Okay, let’s get one thing straight, little turtle These are my humans I didn’t ask to be here Your humans brought me here If I may suggest, you should plan on getting your little shell out of here as soon as possible, unless you prefer to end up like my ex—ami the chicken — Chicken? — Absolument And whose pen do you think this was? They eat animals? But she seems so nice Do not let the hippie—dippie attitude fool you She will stuff you like a goose Then, it is… Crrrrr! Pate for everyone Shh. Here she comes now Here you go, little guy You are so skinny We need to fatten you up, don’t we? Come here, don’t be afraid Do not forget You have been warned Bon appetit “‘You have a strange way, Ralph, “‘of proving that the world has grown smaller “‘So, because you can go round it in three months…’ “‘In 80 days,’ interrupted Phileas Fogg “‘That is true, gentlemen,’ added John Sullivan “‘Only 80 days, now that the section “‘between Rothal and Allahabad “‘on the Great Indian Peninsula Railway has been opened.”‘ So, have you given any more thought to your escape? You are starting to look like the fat goose more and more every day The day will come It’s a sure thing You and your chicken stories Is it true? Can you really go around the world? Oh, but of course you can I myself have traveled all over with my humans, since they rescued me from the Seine in Paris back in May ’68 It has been magnifique So, wait there are other oceans out there? (Sammy) One day, Snow found a female turtle I think she wanted us to Mate?! She’s gotta be kidding I guess she wants more turtles I know what mating is That is so not happening — And who’s your hairy friend? — That’s Fluffy These are his humans Exactement You just stay away from my humans, sister Oh, you can keep your humans, as far as I’m concerned Bunch of wack—a—doodle—doo creatures The farther away from them I am, the better Tell me, sugar, how long they been holding you prisoner? I’m not a prisoner Really? Then why are you still here? This is the same question l have been asking for weeks Back off, Whiskers Let me break it down for you Where I come from, this here fence looks a lot like a prison But, okay, believe what you will if it makes you feel better (Woman) Fluffy! Dinner calls. A bientbt l’m Sammy Vera. Speaking of dinner, lam…starving! Do theyjust feed Hairball, or us, too? When the sun goes down Beautiful Don’t make any sudden moves on me Go ahead and give us a wake—up call when it’s time to eat, will ya? (Yawns) (On sitar: J‘ Jingle Bells) There you go You’ll be our little peace ambassador Merry Christmas, little guy Hey, what did she paint on my shell? Turn around. Let me see It is that, stupid. The sign What can I say? l have told you — you are marked, mon ami Oh, there you go again, with the chicken and the funny words routine Never mind him, Sammy It looks cute on you Why do you think they dress up like that, with those silly hats? lncroyable You don’t get it? Because it’s Christmas, you get presents Hey. Maybe this mark is Snow’s present to me Doubtful. In any event, don’t get any ideas, Monsieur Hardshell She is only being nice because it’s Christmas J‘ Jingle bells, jingle bells… J‘ (Sammy) / didn’t know if Fluffy’s chicken story was true or not I wanted to believe Snow was a kind human and wouldn’t do that to me But you never knew

when it came to humans It didn’t take long before the hippies realized Vera and I weren’t going to mate They said we had different karmas, or auras… whatever they were (Fluffy) That should be you out there I thought you liked Vera Vera is too old and too tough for turtle soup — But you — Oh! I’d say you were just about right Vera! None of you kids belong on this beach! I want all of you off this beach now! Snow! They’re taking Sunshine away! The cops! The Army! They’re shipping him out to Vietnam! You with the love beads — start that bus up! Vite! Vite! Go! Go! Go! What’s going on? Hey, you’re coming with us This is it. It is chicken time You have to hide now They did the same thing before they Well, you know what I mean Stay put, and don’t move You do not want to end up a fricassee, do you? (Cop) All right, let’s take ’em away! Come on, get out of here! We have rights! (Snow) Wait, where’s the little guy? Has anybody seen him? I can’t find him Quiet (Cop) Everybody! Grab all your belongings! Nobody’s staying on this beach! Now, move it! Have a good life, little turtle Peace (Sammy) The whole time I was with the humans, Fluffy wanted to get rid of me But in the end, it was them who left I never quite understood what happened J‘ All the leaves are brown J‘ All the leaves are brown J‘ And the sky is gray J‘ And the sky is gray J‘ I’ve been for a walk J‘ I’ve been for a walk — (Sighs) – J‘ On a winter’s day J‘ On a winter’s day J‘ I’d be safe and warm J‘ I’d be safe and warm (Grunting) J‘lflwas in LA J‘lflwas in LA J‘ California dreamin’ J‘ California dreamin’ J‘ On such a winter’s day J‘ Stopped into a church J‘ I passed along the way J‘ Well, I got down on my knees J‘ Got down on my knees J‘ And | pretend to pray J‘ l pretend to pray J‘ You know the preacher likes the cold J‘ Preacher likes the cold J‘ He knows I’m gonna stay J‘ Knows I’m gonna stay J‘ California dreamin’ J‘ California dreamin’ J‘ On such a winter’s day… J‘ Hey, excuse me You wouldn’t You wouldn’t know where I could find some food? Seaweeds? At that point, I thought maybe I wasn’t meant to go on this journey Maybe I had spent too much time with the humans But there was no turning back now Ohh! (Grunting) (Grunting) Uhh! Well, well, well Look what the trash brought in Vera! | see you escaped one prison and got yourself all tangled up in another I’m really glad to see you Yeah, a lot of garbage out here Gotta be careful What brings you here? — Food — Oh, yeah! Follow me! What did I tell ya? This is just what I needed (Female voice) Aah! Oh, no! Hold on a sec. What’s that noise? I didn’t hear anything Yeah, this is tasty — (Female voice) Aaah! — Shh! Aaah! Shark! Help! Aah! Uhh! Are you hurt? lt bit me pretty hard, but I’m fine He’s coming back. Quick, this way! Hurry! He’s gaining on us!

(Screaming) Keep going! Over there! Uhh! — That was close — Too close — Aah! — Go away! Leave us alone! Hey, you! Big—teeth! That’s right, hotshot I got your scaly butt on my radar You picked the wrong turtle to be messing with Hey! You want some of this? Is that all you got? I’m gonna call you the Great Wimp — not Great White – Aah! — Oh, no! Vera! Hey! You think that hurts? What?! Please That’s all you got? Oh, yeah, I’m gonna make churn out of you, pal Look at you I got one tough shell, fish—breath You heard me! And don’t make me swim after you Whoo! That felt good! No need to worry about Mr. Shark anymore You were incredible! Are you two related? No, we’re just friends Well, sort of Well, gotta go. Feed the boy ‘Cause a fat turtle is a happy turtle Take care, you two You know, you don’t look too good Are you okay? (Shelly) Don ’t give up! You can still make it! You have to try! Hey…wait! You… You’re Shelly! How do you know my name? Is this a dream? No. I don’t think so Are you the same “Fell out of a bird’s beak when you were hatched” Shelly? Wait a second I knew you looked familiar, too! You saved my life! Twice! What? No, the first time was an accident That was no accident That was fate You know, I don’t even know your name Sammy Well, Sammy…this is incredible! It is, isn’t it? — How’s your shell? – It’s just a scratch Are you as hungry as I am? Hungrier! (Sammy) Life was strange Just when you thought the going was pretty tough, out of the blue, things happened, and everything was suddenly great again Hey, Shel, you ever get bored just drifting, going around in circles? (Shelly) It’s what we do (Sammy) I know. But wouldn’t it be great to travel around the world? What do you mean? This is our world I think there’s a lot more than these waters (Shelly) For instance? Well, the humans talk about ice oceans and strange islands — I want to see them —Hmm You’re definitely a different kind of turtle I guess that’s why I like you You like me? What’s not to like? So, just how exactly do you plan on seeing the world? Have you ever heard about a secret passage? — You really think one exists? – I do The humans again? Maybe they made up that whole thing (Sammy) Maybe, but I want to do something no one else has done I want to see the world — ice oceans So, you want to come along with a weirdo turtle like me? Is this a proposition, Sammy? Yeah…| guess it is — I’d love to go with you – Really?! It’s not every day you get a chance to see the world, right? How do we find this secret passage? I’m not sure Let’s head south We’ll ask around (Sammy) Everything had suddenly fallen into place Yeah! I had a purpose, a journey, and best of all, someone to share it with Whoo—hoo! Ha—ha—ha—ha! J‘ Destiny is a funny thing J‘ We hear people say things are meant to be… J‘ All I know is | see a lot of ships headed that way But secret passage? That I couldn’t tell you | stay as far away from them humans as possible That must be the way. I feel it | feel it, too Good luck! J‘ ..never defeat love J‘ And you will see J‘ That nothing at all J‘ ls impossible J‘ ’Cause love will find a way… J‘ There sure are a lot of boats I don’t see any secret passage Let’s move on Of course he’s not crazy We have a plan We want to see the world Thanks anyway

Oh, this is not as easy as I thought Wait! Over there! J‘ Because mountains and valleys J‘ May come between us J‘ But time nor space J‘ Will ever defeat love J‘ And you will see J‘ That nothing at all is impossible J‘ ’Cause love will find a way… J‘ This is not the secret passage All this nasty stuff around? This can’t be it I think you’re right Taste the water lt’s sweet Wait. I remember the humans mentioned something about sweet water flowing through the secret passage Do you think we’re close? Yeah, this must be it Let’s check it out It’s so beautiful here, and different That’s for sure (Bird squawks) Wow, did you see that? Birds are everywhere! We’ve got to be careful (Shelly) Look at that. I’ve never seen a snake that big in the ocean (Sammy) Maybe he’s the guardian of the secret passage (Shelly) He’s getting a little too close for comfort (Sammy) Come on, let’s keep going That is one strange—looking beast A real monster, if you ask me — Did you see that? – What? I’m not sure | feel like we’re being followed — (Gasps) — Look! Uh, Sammy? I don’t think it’s anything to worry about They’re not that big Ow! Uhh! True, unless you count the fact that they have a whole lot of nasty teeth, and, uh, there seem to be quite a lot of them – (Growls) — (Bird squawks) See? I told you they — Aah! Aah! Aaah! – Sammy! Let me go! Aaaaah! Aaaaaah! Uhh! Why did you bring me up here? — (Chirping) — Ow! Hey! Stop that! Ow! Cut it out! Come on! Stop! Ow! Hey! Ow! Ow! Ow! (Chainsaw buzzing) (Squawks) Great Now how do | get down? (Chainsaw buzzing) Uhh! Aaaah! Aah! Aaaah! Aaaaaah! Uhh! Sammy! l was so frightened! — I thought I lost you forever — Duck! Maybe looking for the secret passage is a bad idea I think I know where it is When I was up in that tree, I saw all these big ships heading toward a place in the distance I think we’re close, really close We made it! You were right! Getting through is gonna be another story Sammy! You’re too close!

(Grunting) Follow me! We have to get ahead of the ship! Maybe we should go back They already closed the door behind us! We’ve come this far We can make it! Huh! Sammy! Shelly! Oh! I can’t hold on to the rope! Hang tight! I’m coming to help you! Come on, hurry! (Grunting) Hurry! Aah! Shelly! No! Uhh! Shelly! Where are you?! Shelly! (Grunting) Shelly (Sammy) Losing Shel/y was all my fault – my big idea to see the world And now, here it was J‘ Ain’t no sunshine when she’s gone J‘ It’s not warm when she’s away J‘ Ain’t no sunshine when she’s gone J‘ And she’s always gone too long J‘ Any time she goes away… J‘ Yo, what’s up with you? Nothing You lost? I guess lam J‘ ..where she’s gone J‘ Wonder if she’s gone to stay J‘ Ain’t no sunshine when she’s gone J‘ And this house just ain’t no home J‘ Any time she goes away J‘ Any time she goes away J‘ Mm—mm—mm—mm—mm J‘ No, no, no, no, no J‘ No, no, no, no, no… J‘ Well, hello there, young turtle Hi What’s that funny—looking mark on your shell? — Humans painted it on me – Oh, you poor thing No, it’s not what you think You’re the second turtle we met with a strange mark on its shell Shark bite — I think that’s what she said it was Yes, I think you’re right, dear Oh, she was a lovely female, too A bit strange, though Sure was Told us some crazy story about going through a secret passage, heading for the ice oceans You sure she said “secret passageway”? Heard her plain as day Indeed we did She was going on and on about sweet water, giant ships That’s Shelly! Why, I do believe that was her name Shelly’s alive! She’s alive! Thank you! Thank you! You just made me the happiest turtle in the ocean! Thank you! Good luck, my dear! We truly hope you find your mate Ohh, to be young and in love again (Sammy) / searched everywhere I talked to anyone who would listen For a long time, Shel/y seemed to have vanished without a trace But once in a while, I would come across turtles who had seen her They gave me hope – fleeting as it was – because every time I was close to finding her, I’d lose all trace of her again If only she knew I was looking for her J‘ I’ve been searching J‘ Across the lonely water J‘ Arms wide open to take you J‘ Seems like forever J‘ Since we last were laughing J‘ Do you remember it the way I do?

J‘ Just know you never are alone (Grunting) J‘ We just need to find our way back home J‘ You’re not alone J‘ We just need to find our way… J‘ Hey there, turtle! Ah—ha—ha! What’s that crazy doohickey on your shell there? It’s a human marking — a peace sign Peace sign? Where have I heard that before? Thinking, thinking Oh, ho—ho—ho! That’s what she called it! Who? Oh, a cute little greenback like you Big talker, she was — going on about sweet water and a secret passage and propellers! You saw Shelly! I sure did! She had to get to the ice ocean Makes no sense to me but, then again, what do I know? I’m just a bird. You’re a turtle I’ve got to get there, fast! Hold on, it’s mighty cold there Please, just tell me howl get there This current you’re on will get you there in no time Wouldn’t stay there too long, though Frozen stiff ain’t too attractive, if you know what I mean! Ah—ha—ha—ha! Gotta fly! Got a date with a pelican! Ah—ha—ha—ha—ha! (Sammy) Funny how things had a way of repeating themselves I guess it was all a matter of circumstance and how you looked at it This time around, I was sure happy to see a bird (Shivering) (Chirping) Hey there, little guy What’s that you’re riding on? (Shivering) Don’t know The humans threw it away I think it’s some kind of boat Looks pretty seaworthy What brings you to these waters? You’re a long way from where you should be I know. I’m freezing M—Maybe you can help me I’m looking for… Look out! Duck! Uhh! (Men shouting) (Man on megaphone) Put down your weapons! You cannot do this! You are in violation of the law! (Grunting) The world is watching! Hey, look at that It’s a green turtle Give me a hand Pull him up here (Man) You found another one? Yeah. You believe it? What are they doing in this part of the world? I know the climate’s changing, but turtles in Antarctica? That’s pretty crazy Shelly (Barking) (Chirping) (Chirping) (Honking) (Man) Vital signs are good (Second man) She’s made a remarkable recovery We’ll give her one last check—up once we get to Monterey Then we’ll tag her, and she’ll be good to go

Yeah l was right It is you I’ve gotta get out of here! (Grunting) Come on! Open! Uhh! Shelly! Whoa Shelly! (All squawking and barking) Sammy? (Barking) Shelly? Shelly? Shelly? (Squawking) (All squawking) Hey, easy You’re gonna hurt yourself if you fall off there All right, all right, everybody Shush! Shelly? Is that you? — (Spanish accent) Not today — Sorry I thought you were someone else Do you know what’s going to happen to us? I heard the humans talking about this place They’re gonna take good care of us, put some kind of tag on us and release us back into the ocean I say we relax and enjoy the food, ’cause I heard they got cuchifritos, man, and that stuff is good Okay? Sacrebleu! Well, look who it is You are so fat, mon ami Is that you, Fluffy? But of course it’s me Don’t I look just as fantastic as ever? I should be mad at you for tricking me that day on the beach Oh, yes, the chicken story Well, you got me there I made it all up l was a little more insecure back then You’re not going to hold a grudge, are you? No. It’s good to see you, Fluffy You, too, mon frere So, how did you end up in here? l practically got myself frozen in the ice ocean Really? So, you did it You went and saw the world after all? Yeah But you do not sound too happy about it Pourquoi? It’s a long story Oh, mon dieu Speaking of stories, l have to admit, I did miss you whenever Snow started reading her books to me Snow is here? Mais oui. Somewhere – Shelly! — Who’s Shelly? Never mind You have to help me get out of here Now! Okay, okay. For being so slow, you turtles are always in a hurry Fluffy! What do you want me to do? I need you to get this door open Got it What are you doing in there bothering the animals, Fluffy? (Gasps) I don’t believe it Fluffy! You recognized him? Aww. It’s our little peace ambassador Look at you, little guy — all grown up What happened to you? How did you get here? l was afraid you wouldn’t make it after I abandoned you on the beach It is so good to see you I know, I know You’re in a hurry to get back into the sea, aren’t you? Well, we’re gonna get you out there soon enough First we have to tag you I need to get some more from the other building It is so good to see the little guy, isn’t it, Fluffy? I’ll be back really soon Fluffy, hurry! All right, stand back I will get the door open Hey, stop that Come on, Fluffy. Go outside and play Leave these animals be Sorry, buddy Okay, here we go You find a mate, little guy, and you stay away from the cold water, okay? Bye—bye (Sammy) For a sea turtle, the odds of sun/iving in the ocean are pretty slim Shelly and / made it through some tough situations with, at times, a little help from the humans But somehow, no matter how hard we tried, fate was determined to keep us apart (Female voice) Hurry! Ohh! You have to help us! — What’s wrong? — He’s trapped! He’s gonna fall over! — Who? — Hurry, follow us!

We brought someone to help you! Good. ‘Cause this thing’s about to go! Oh, hold on Is that all you could find? You might as well have brought me a shrimp! He’s too small! What’s he gonna do? How can he help me, huh? Stop moving. You’re gonna send yourself over the edge and then you’re done for! Wait a second You sound familiar Come here Come on. Come closer Let me get a better look at you Well, twist my shell, ’cause I can’t believe this Sammy?! Sammy, is that you?! Ray! I thought you were Go ahead. Go on, say it Turtle soup, huh? Ha—ha—ha! How did you ever get away? Oh, it takes a lot more to stop old Ray here You know that Can you two stop blubbering for a moment? They found me, tossed me in the bait bucket. Whoo—hoo! Good thing, too, ’cause I was starving! After I ate all the bait, I jumped overboard By then, we were miles away from each other I blame myself for us getting separated No,Ray” — (Rumbl’ In – Ohh! g) He’s gonna fall over if you don’t get him out of there! I can do this How did you end up in this thing anyway? Okay, let me tell you about it, right? It was full of frozen squid when I found it It was gonna be an easy in—and—out But it slipped, and I got trapped So, I just started to eat ’em one by one, ’cause they thawed out real slow, but as l was eating them, I started getting full, then I started moving slow, then I couldn’t move And you know me — I got the itis — So, I started to take a nap — Okay, no more talking It’s time to get you out of there (Grunting) No, no, no! Easy, Sammy. Easy, Sammy Don’t move, Ray Stay still — (Rumbling) — No! Ray! Oh, no! Sammy! Get me out of here! Get me out of here! Uhh! Aaah! (Grunting) Whoo! I knew you had my shell all the time, brother Ladies my heartfelt gratitude goes out to you Your bravery is only exceeded by your collective beauty – (Kissing) — (Giggling) – Thank you — Good line, Ray Thanks Aside from the obvious reason, it’s really good to see you, Sammy It’s been a long time — So, what are you doing out here all alone? — It’s a long story — Now, where have I heard that before? — I need your help, Ray Hey, we’re practically brothers What do you need? l have to find someone, someone very special to me The trick is to know where to look And this time of year, there’s only one place she would be headed — and that would be the magical place Look at this It shines like this all day You never want to leave This is amazing If you’re looking for a mate, this is where you want to be There’s Rita! Baby boo! Rita! I’m back! Say what? Oh! Oh, Ray! What took you so long? Oh, shnookums H was entangled, so to speak, okay? And then I swam into my very old friend Honey? Sugar pie? This is Sammy Sammy? For real? — The one and only — Hi, Rita Very pleased to meet you I thought you were dead I mean, Ray always thought I know, turtle soup I’m glad you finally tamed his wandering ways Ha—ha! He’s cute Hey, hey, hey. Relax, girls He’s got a mate already Well, where is she? I’d love to meet her Well, lwish I knew That’s why we’re here See, we need to find her They were separated quite a while ago Aww, you poor dear They’ve been looking for each other ever since Oh, how romantic

She’s got a shark bite on her shell Anybody seen her? Oh, I believe I did What’s her name? – Shelly — Yes! That’s her Where did you see her? Where did she go? I’m pretty sure she went in there What are you waiting for, buddy? Let’s go find her! Oh, no, you don’t Oh, but, sugar, baby You stay right here (Ray) Sammy needs me You brought him here Now it’s up to him (Sighs) Okay, then I’ll be right here if you need me You’ll find her, Sammy Love always finds a way J‘ I know you’re somewhere out there J‘ Somewhere far away J‘ I want you back J‘ I want you back J‘ My neighbors think I’m crazy J‘ But they don’t understand J‘ You’re all l have J‘ You’re all l have J‘ At night, when the stars J‘ Light up my room J‘ I sit by myself J‘ Talking to the moon J‘ Trying to get to you J‘ In hopes you’re on the other side J‘ Talking to me, too J‘ Or am | a fool J‘ Who sits alone J‘ Talking to the moon? J‘ Ohh, ohh, ohh, ohh J‘ I’m feeling like I’m famous J‘ The talk of the town J‘ They say I’ve gone mad J‘ Yeah, I’ve gone mad J‘ But they don’t know what I know J‘ ‘Cause when the sun goes down… J‘ Shelly! Shelly! Shelly What’s wrong? You didn’t find her? She’s here, all right But she’s got a mate — Are you sure? — l’m positive I saw them together behind the ship Oh, no I’m really sorry, Sammy What are you gonna do now? l—l know… I know you’re probably not thinking this way, but there are lots of other turtles out there, you know? Stop it, Ray That’s not what he wants to hear right now Hey, Ray, you’re back How’s it going? Could be better Ooh, hi there, Rita Robbie, Clara’s been looking for you Yeah, well, that figures With all the good—looking gals out here, she doesn’t want me to be wandering around too much (Giggling) Well, I’d better get goin’ See you all later You two, manana. (Clicks tongue) Know what I’m talkin’ about? — Who’s Clara? — Robbie’s mate I thought Shelly and Robbie were Mates? Ha—ha—ha—ha! Yeah That’s the way it looked to me That’s why Clara keeps him on a tight leash That… Heh-heh! would be Robbie I should do the same with you Me on a leash? Oh, sugar! You know you’re my baby boo Then this means Shelly may not have a mate after all — You might be right – What do I do? I wouldn’t be waitin’ around here if I were you What if she doesn’t Doesn’t what? Uh…want him as her mate Okay, hold on, hold on Whoo—hoo—hoo—hoo! I got it! I got an idea! Listen to me This is what you’re gonna have to do You’re gonna need to make a big entrance, Sammy ls Albert still hanging around? He is What crazy idea are you trying to pull off this time?

Trust me (Gasps) Aaah! Oh, thank you That was so brave of you I guess I was finally in the right place at the right time Sammy? How did you find me? Look out! Behind you! It’s okay He’s a friend What’s What’s going on? I knew this was a bad idea Oh, I get it After what happened at the secret passage, I wasn’t sure if If what? If you and l were meant to be Come here, you J‘ Whoa—oh—oh—oh J‘ Oh—ee—oh J‘ Whoa—oh—oh—oh J‘ Oh—ee—oh J‘ Whoa—oh—oh—oh J‘ Oh—ee—oh J‘ Whoa—oh—oh—oh J‘ l was born by a mother J‘ At the school of understanding J‘ And raised by a sister J‘ Who taught me I could be standing J‘ At the age of seven J‘ I fell in love with Blackie J‘ And nothing could come in my way J‘ When women go smiling J‘ | start running J‘ When women go talking J‘ | start blushing J‘ When women start asking J‘ Why I keep on falling J‘ Why I keep on falling J‘ I can’t stop running away J‘ They call me Little Love Child J‘ With a thorn in my side J‘ You shouldn’t be talking to me J‘ They call me Little Love Child J‘ With a thorn in my side J‘ You shouldn’t be talking to me J‘ Whoa—oh—oh—oh J‘ Oh—ee—oh J‘ Whoa—oh—oh—oh J‘ I soon turned eleven J‘ l was lost and separated J‘ It was head over heels J‘ That got me stimulated J‘ Like John McEnroe J‘ My sky kept on falling J‘ I knew I had something to say… J‘ (Crying) Look at me I’m getting all blubbery and soft—shelled It’s okay, honey Next thing you know, I’m gonna put a little pink pom—pom on my tail I’m so sensitive (Sammy) The day l was born, the odds were I wasn’t going to make it, and I didn’t have a clue as to what I was supposed to do Ray showed me how to have fun, and the meaning of true friendship And then I met Shelly She makes me complete, gives my life meaning, and that, by any measure, is pretty great As for the humans, I must admit, we ’re going to need their help more and more, to protect us and keep our oceans alive and beautiful Looks like the little ones made it out pretty good this time Yeah, sure looks that way So, where did we say we were supposed to meet the women again? Tristan da Cunha Tristan da—what? — It’s in the middle of nowhere – Any humans? What can I say? You know they’re everywhere (Child’s voice) Hello? I’ve got this one Go for it Hello? Hello? Is anybody up there? Hi there Hi. I can’t get out Could you help me? I know exactly how you feel Let me give you a little nudge to get you started The first steps are always the hardest What exactly am I supposed to do? Just put one flipper in front of the other and you’ll be all right J‘ Ooh, ooh, ooh

J‘ Ooh, ooh, ooh J‘ Sometimes I get J‘ My head in a dilly J‘ Feeling so lost J‘ Ticking you off J‘ Now, boy, you know me well J‘ I’m that kind of feeling J‘ That kind of soft J‘ That kind of silly J‘ But when I’m in doubt J‘ | open my mouth J‘ And words come out J‘ Words come out, like J‘ Baby, there’s a shark in the water J‘ Water J‘ There’s something underneath my bed J‘ Oh, please believe, I said J‘ Baby, there’s a shark in the water J‘ Water J‘ I caught them barking at the moon J‘ Better be soon J‘ High in the sky J‘ The song that I’m singing J‘ A sweet little lie J‘ I cry wolf, cry J‘ Rabbit out the hat J‘ Yes, that’s what I’m bringing J‘ Some tricks up my sleeve J‘ For noticing me J‘ Oh, yeah J‘ I wouldn’t cause you any harm J‘ ljust want you in my arms J‘ I can’t help, I can’t help myself J‘ Baby, there’s a shark in the water J‘ Water J‘ There’s something underneath my bed J‘ Oh, please believe, I said J‘ Baby, there’s a shark in the water J‘ Water J‘ I caught them barking at the moon J‘ Better be soon J‘ Better be soon J‘ Right is right, rules are rules J‘ This is more like April Fools’ J‘ Ooh, I’m just winding you up J‘Ohh… J‘