W&M Faculty Town Hall

>> Good afternoon and thank you for joining us today and thank you for being here This is an opportunity for us to interact here with what we are doing and how we are proceeding under these Oracle — these four of the circumstances we have to face because of this crisis I want to thank you for not only being here, but also for everything that you have been doing and everything that you are doing for our university, Commonwealth and our country It is very critical to remember but these are not ordinary circumstances What we are all asks to do goes above and beyond what we are prepared to do I don’t need to repeat again, which I will that this is not the circumstances that I expected to find when I joined William & Mary a few months ago I came to William & Mary thinking that this would give me the opportunity to work with wonderful faculty and students collaborate with exceptional scientists and staff members be a member of the community that together we will move forward in so many wonderful ways I was lucky enough to have a few months of that and if these were months that taught me how this institution works What it means to be a member of its community and how wonderful my future is here What I did not expect was to be dealing with the crisis of this magnitude and I know none of us had expected that Again, I want to take this opportunity first and foremost to thank you for everything and I knows that this is not what you are used to doing I know that you had to go out of your comfort zone to do things that you are not prepared to do I know you react enthusiastically and quickly when we had to change everything to protect our food — our students, faculty and staff A very big and enthusiastic thank you There are no words to express how impressed I have been by the solidarity by coming together, by eagerness to contribute to a goal that is beyond what we are expected to do I know these are difficult times, they are difficult times for everyone They are difficult times on a personal level, difficult times professionally The most difficult part of all in addition to the health considerations is the uncertainty that we have to navigate through This uncertainty is not becoming less as we move forward Uncertainty on so many levels and uncertainties that are hard to manage These are feelings that are very normal under the circumstances and

yet, they are bringing forward questions that it would be great not to have to consider and here we are, we have these feelings and thoughts Together we have to figure out how to get through this crisis in a way that brings our institution forward, stronger, in a way that makes us feel better about where we are, who we are working with and what we do And in a way that contributes to a future that’s free of such crisis In order to get there, we need to work together This is something I always see and appreciate In the academic setting, you are never alone You are never on your own doing things You are always a member of a team and it could be defined in many ways But team, to me, is the people around us that support us that we rely on and together, we try to do something together I’ve always approached my work and thinking and away that includes perspectives from different angles When I started at William & Mary I was asked what would be the characteristics of my leadership style I said a few things that I never expected to be so different today What I said was, I value transparency and the building of trust because that creates engagement, and engagement brings feelings of joy and that contributes to the well-being of our community All these things are true today but different Different in the sense that our well-being is at a different level We have to think of so many components of it that we did not have to think of a few months ago Trust, we did not have the opportunity to build this trust For me to see you and get to know you as well as I wanted, and for you to see me operate under normal circumstances that decisions were not as difficult to make Engagement is what I saw in full glory How engaged we all have become and how much more of what we were expecting to do, we are doing I really want to say, how happy I have been to have the schools, the deans, the assemblies on my side working together exchanging thoughts and ideas and hopefully engaging you and how we are moving forward As I mentioned in my note today, there is a tremendous amount of good work that has happened and is still happening and will continue to happen One thing I want is to avoid is having this feeling of separation between us The feeling of us versus them We are frustrated, we feel that this is very tough and it will get tougher Instead, I want to ask everyone to think of how to gather we have then and we will be in this and how this is a crisis that affects each one of us We do not know how this affects our neighbor We do not know their constraints and their problems But if we assume good intentions, if we really expect everyone to perform the best of their ability, we understand that without the support of each other, it would be very hard to get through this We are hoping, through this experience to move forward with our institution in a way that helps us come together, helps us trust each other and helps us see how the community like the one that we have can only succeed if we feel that we can do things that are beyond what we feel that we see and also above what we feel we can do We will do things our way which means that we are going to take the time to ensure that every action and every step we are taking will be carefully thought out and will have priorities that are established that are clear and our people centric because this is really who we are and what we want to achieve Also, we want to ensure that we offer a valuable educational experience to our students This crisis was not something that we anticipated No one did It put us in a situation to not be able to do things

as we want to do That does not mean what we offer to our students, what we are thinking of doing in the future should not be to the level of which is expected of William & Mary The proposition that we bring to our students need to be high quality pain this, in order to do this, we need the engagement and involvement and creativity of you, the faculty of William & Mary I know that William & Mary is a great environment and shared government is important I could not appreciate that more than one I have seed — have seen these days One of the shortcomings of having Of wanting to communicate everything as quickly and openly as possible is that sometimes these communications are not very clear That could lead to misunderstandings or rumors or misinterpretations What you have been getting from my office from the leadership of our institution is what we know under the circumstances of today and under the certainty of what we are operating None of us knows exactly how to do this and none of us knows perfectly well what will happen in the future Sharing with you what we know which might be incomplete or perfect it’s really the best way for you and us together to become this group that tries to solve everything together It was mentioned, I mentioned several times that the fiscal year in 2021 will be tough There are certain things that are not entirely dependent on our control into there are certain things that we cannot avoid There are primary source of income in our — is our incoming class and students Since we are a small institution, small portion is coming from the Commonwealth except for fixed cost which we definitely need to pay The other two sources of revenue are very unpredictable at this point Yes, we have been doing well so far but it is expected that things will not be as smooth as they would ordinarily be We might go through 10%, 15% or even 20% loss in our budget, it’s not something that we can definitely pinpoint today with accuracy, we do not know what the reduction level is going to be for fiscal year 21 But as everyone had heard leaders say, we had prepared for the best and prepared for the worst That is being considered, it’s not because we know for sure that this going to happen This is what we want to think that we will have to deal with so that we can prepare ourselves to be efficient and effective in how we approach things pain — how we approach things I know that we can figure out creative, positive, supportive way to get us through this I know things will get better, so what I want to ask you is really engage with us share your thoughts, not just your concerns, what you think we should be doing Solutions are good to consider Praise for things that are happening well This is a community that comes together in a way that is both optimistic, positive, creative, but also in a way that supports our solutions and our path forward I’m going to stop here so we can focus on questions that have come through The format of today is not unlike the other townhomes We have — other townhomes We have questions that have come in The leaders of our assembly will be the facilitators of our

conversation And we are going to go through questions and answers and take additional questions if we have time and that will be the best part of our time Then I’m going to stop here and turn it over to Tom, and David >> Thank you, Peggy The first thing that I want to say is that I’m very appreciative of the communications that have been going back and forth between the faculty assembly and the administration The assembly has been so busy The response times are often hours then weeks Some things take longer to figure out but trust me that we have the institution and our best interest in mind as we try to navigate through with the administration as to how we can best handle this David, do you have any comments before I asked the first question? >> Just to reiterate the point that yes, we received lots of consultation from administration that they are coming to the faculty assembly as the faculty representatives routinely and they are listening to us We are trying to do the best we can to relay faculty concerns upward and administration information to everyone in the faculty >> It was announced to there would be a small group focusing on short-term solutions for admission how we might D densify campus spaces, can you elaborate on how these teams were put together? >> Yes, course This is a very significant initiative from the presidents office Actually, the thought of how we are going to go through this and what will happen as we get through this to get us to the other side has been a critical part of our thinking How to address all the components of what we said, the group was a plan ahead team was formed based on the steering committee of the strategic plan There have been a lot of work that happened during the process of strategic planning that would inform It was expected to inform us as we were moving forward under normal circumstances It makes sense to think that this group could really provide a foundation on which we could build our resilient response to what we are going through Based on the strategic planning committee with recommendations from the faculty assembly, faculty were added to the groups and also experts Student experts in the areas of IT, finance, business and other things Primarily, the groups were formed in a way to ensure that we have representation of our constituent groups in the best possible way with the faculty assembly and every faculty member that was appointed on the committee with this faculty assembly I want to add one thing, there is, on the presidents website, there is a graphic that shows how the committees are and how they are related to one another As I mentioned before, because we are William & Mary and we want to do things in a shared manner which is really the broody — of the beauty of responding to a situation, we created several opportunities for people to participate in solutions and in decision-making and bringing them together in a clear, diagram that shows the relationships is a way to show how all these things are connected ultimately together to get us through this >> We have some questions related to workspace safety

Particularly, the planning for the reopening maybe in the summer and of the fall Regarding safety guidelines, how we will accommodate at risk populations and how we will deliver instruction and research In particular, if we reopen the campus and resume teaching on the campus in the fall, is the University work down guidelines rules and practices that will protect students and instructor from infection? Will there be limits on class-size? Fresh air circulation, temperature checks? >> Of course, as I have mentioned before coming to the president has mentioned, the emergency management team has been meeting regularly and thinking of a lot of measures that we need to take to ensure safety This is our first and biggest concern How we can reserve — resume what we would love to do but under safe circumstances I don’t have the answers to give you today because this is ongoing but what I can tell you is assure our community that we will do everything in our power to ensure that safety measures are in place Yes, all the things that you mentioned are really under consideration We don’t know how we are going to be in the fall, what we know is that we want to be. We have every intention of being in person assuming that it is safe for us to do so and with consideration to sensitive groups of the population that will not be able to have the same safety assurances that others will have We are working very hard toward ensuring how we return is safe and also productive and takes into consideration everyone’s concern to the extent possible >> Following up on that, faculty members that have underlying conditions that might put them particularly at risk would they still be required or expected to teach in person? Would they have the option perhaps of teaching entirely online in the fall? >> Absolutely Our intention is to be in person But, we cannot ignore that what we do will not be the same for everyone We will be very attentive to the needs of the sensitive groups of our faculty and students and staff members That I can assure you with certainty I do not know exactly how we will be able to return fully and in person in terms of if this is going to be doable for everyone, but we will have options for people who do not feel comfortable because of concerns to do so >> Would there be procedures for replacing an instructor that fell ill during the semester? With our colleagues be required to replace them? Would they be compensated for replacing and ill instructor? >> I understand that there are procedures in place at every department to replace ill faculty and this will be done at the departmental level HR will be involved in terms of benefits and other considerations For the people who have been affected and we will make sure that we take care of our people without compromising the quality of education we offer >> Will faculty with research labs be allowed to begin new experiments in the lab in the fall assuming that proper social distancing is maintained? >> Yes, this is a big question They are looking at protocols, best practices, safety measures, and they are in close contact with sponsoring agencies and faculty Dennis is going to guide our decision with respect to best operating practices to be sure that we are continuing research in a safe way and you will hear the word safe many times today because this is our number one priority >> We talked a little bit about what may happen when we come back in the fall and trying to make sure that conditions are safe and hopefully not have to replace faculty who get ill, but if someone does, that we have that under consideration Before that happens, we would actually have to handle a lot of hiring that is in the pipeline that might be out there and currently on hold because of the situation

Can you tell us how we are handling those hiring actions? >> As you have heard, not only at William & Mary, but most institutions that I’m aware of, they have a hiring freeze I call it a hiring pause because we want to ensure that how we do things at William & Mary is not extremely affected by this What I mean by that is that yes, we I don’t think that we are able to continue hiring the way that we were planning to do That means commitments that have been made, and needs that have been determined for summer and fall, they will have to be addressed Because I want to make sure that we do in the most objective and most accurate way possible, I created a group with a mission-critical exceptions review team This team that comprises representatives of the faculty assembly, deans, schools, financial people It’s a small committee and it looks at the things that we were hoping to do but not able to do We can reprioritize that as essential without compromising the financial future of our institution We have to be conservative We have to preserve We don’t know what’s coming and to ensure that we do it in a way that does not compromise our other things, they are discussing information that’s coming from the department chairs, coming from Dean’s, and being discussed so we could have a determination whether we can move forward with this So far, from what I’m hearing, the committee has dealt with more than 130 requests They have been very diligent in discussing and examining and making recommendations and accommodations for each one of them I’m eager to ensure that we make decisions on this as soon as possible to ensure that uncertainty and planning well for the future is maximized Mission-critical has become a key worth that is being used I want to clarify that mission-critical is not something that can be summarized by three bullets Mission-critical is a determination that has to be made locally as well as globally with respect to William and Mary We have the overall goals of what the president expects the institution to be able to continue to do during this crisis How these goals are are applied are different What the role in my personal involvement is common — involvement is, they are reviewed where these positions are asked to support With respect to the sunglasses — these things that we are to expect >> What I hear you saying is that we are making decisions on those positions and they are being decided and communicated out Can you talk to the issues of sabbaticals and how they are being handled specifically? >> Isaac — as I said before, our goal is to ensure that we do not create obstacles Obligations that have been made up of four and commitments that have been planned — that have been made before, and commitments that have been made we will honor If

people have signed contracts, if there’s plans in place that we address those and really look at these things from this perspective Things are not black and what he even though — black-and-white even though we want to preserve what we can This is not to compromise other commitments that have been made Moving forward, starting fresh next year, it would be a great opportunity to take a better look to see how much and how deep we can go in these areas and that will give us a opportunity to do a better job at defining what we do For the time being, it has been very good at looking at these things and ensuring that we do not really break commitments that are important and plan for a while >> A number of questions have come up about restrictions on the immediate use of funds, maybe I can try to group the questions together Why were private funds caused and in particular, what about the private funds that have a very narrow and well-defined purpose >> This is a very good question I understand the difference between restricted funds and unrestricted pain here’s what we are trying to do Not everything we do can be funded through the same sources Not every dollar can be used on everything As we look at certain things that will not be able to be funded, we have to keep our options open These are things that we cannot use other funds are available to do that There are certain funds that are very restricted and that something that we do not want to really. We cannot We have to respect the wishes But overall, our And for me, the knowledge that we have positive doing certain things until we have more clarity with respect to where we are going to need to re-shift things or move expenses around so we can address our needs is very critical Our priorities are two main chain — to maintain our workforce, and the last measures that we have to take, the absolute last are measures that we have to do with salaries, with employment, with positions We will do everything we can to avoid getting there and that means that sometimes restrictions of that kind will be asked because to me, it makes more sense to preserve our people and their likelihood then just to expand resources on things that we were planning to do on normal circumstances I have to clarify that we have approved certain kinds of funds as you know, so we are not taking a draconian approach for this, but expenses that can be interpreted a little bit more broadly will be interpreted more broadly to ensure that we reserve as much as we can >> Can you comment on what might happen with William & Mary centers that rely almost entirely on external funding? >> That’s a very good question We hope to see that funding from external sources continue at the level is that we have had it so far But we also work to ensure that infrastructure and circumstances are put in place to ensure that in case we see a drop in these external funding that we have the capability

through what we discussed a few minutes ago to support our operations while we are expecting better days Our intent is to ensure that we put a lot of support into efforts and continue to solicit and base — and be successful A revised Provost research can confirm that but at the same time, we will be prepared hopefully through a prudent financial management to support when we need to support Circumstances that are beyond our control >> We have been talking about situations where we might get into a revenue shortfall, or reduced revenue situation There are questions about how we will handle decisions related to positions and compensation It is a William & Mary considering downsizing overhead costs by reducing things like administrative positions? >> I think this is also a question that needs a little bit more discussion We have institution — we have instituted mission-critical budget planning approach which is really to egg — to examine everything Not just faculty or staff positions but also administrative positions and any kind of expense will be looked at in the sense that we will have a look at how we have been doing things and what are the priorities that we need to preserve and how we will be able to create up the annuitization that will ensure that we remain true to our value This is really part of what this could entail I cannot really give you an answer and I hope we do not have to compromise or reduce any kind of position This is the goal, but as I said, we don’t know, that’s the reason why we are going through an exercise that will enable us to start from a clean desk We expect this process to bring forward I want to clarify this is not a central process It is a process that’s happening in the schools at the local academic units to ensure that it captures everything that is critical and important to the schools and to our institutions Through this, we expect to figure out better ways to express our financial crisis then going into significant cuts If we have to do this, it will be It will not be limited to certain categories We will do it smartly in the sense that we will not compromise our ability to move forward but we will do this together and sacrifices we will make together We will all feel the consequences of this, not some of us Everyone We are doing our best to ensure areas where we cannot afford to lose anything will be preserved and areas where we can really save more we will do that Overall, when we reach a point where we need to make cuts, it will not be done in isolation in certain areas It will be done in a way that ensures a fair and open process >> If we got to that position where we had Tuesday take — where we had to take some actions, will administrators beginning with the President and Provost take a salary cut of the same magnitude? >> Absolutely This is one word that I cannot phrase differently If you permit me, I think I’m a little hurt by this question I’m a little hurt because I never thought that this would be a question As I mentioned before, we are a community We are in this together It would never occur to me or the president to do something that will affect our people and not us I’ve never worked harder in my life I’ve never really have done things that are more difficult in my life and I’ve been an administrator for years I feel the sense

that I’m doing my best when it comes to this but if it does, it will not exclude some people and definitely not the president and myself I expected that by now we would feel this that we were in it together and hope to really see more of this Yes, absolutely >> One questions specific to graduate students Will the currently enrolled graduate students still be continuing? Well offers that have been made to incoming graduate students for the fall, will they still be honored? >> I believe so, yes >> Another question related to students, >> Dated — David? >> I think David just froze >> Tom, can you? >> I don’t know exactly what he was going to ask as that follow-up, but we will’s — we will wait and see if he comes back on Another question we had was about how we, STUDENT: Working with other universities in Virginia, and perhaps outside of Virginia to look at and help deal with the situation? >> We are in continuous contact and we are going through this together The level command magnitude and reactions of the communities might differ a little bit but we are all in this together We plan together, we work together, we lobby together I have a great appreciation for the solidarity and communication and interaction between the public institutions of Virginia and as only all brace for this crisis I can tell you the group of provosts that I have been interacting with, it’s a new group And I’m very happy to say, this is a group that I started by reaching out not because I was curious to see what was happening but because I needed to hear from people who have been going through what we have been going through and feel the support from our universities in our Commonwealth Yes, the short answer is absolutely, we are working together with our own particularities and cultures and perspectives but overall, yes >> I got lost their little bit, so maybe I can jump back in >> What have we learned from the other universities and how they are dealing with things and a second related question, has there been any attempt for the universities to get together and allow me directly to Richmond, to help deal with the Dessa — deal with the deficit and make sure higher education is treated well within the Commonwealth? >> What we are learning as I mentioned to Tom before, that everyone is dealing with similar issues We are bracing for financial impact, not everyone will feel at the same way There are particular strengths of each engine — of each institution that will come in play Right now, everyone is focused on how to interpret where we are epidemiological he l y and see if we can defer what we know on how things will be in the summer and fall One question that’s coming very frequently is what will happen in the fall You heard it through these questions, we hear it all the time This is something that occupies the majority of our planning conversations and activities The other major Virginia institutions are on the same position Regarding lobbying, this is the goal of the reasons for the Council of Presidents that our president is a

member of There is a concerted effort to ensure that our issues and the significance of those issues and the impact on our state are understood I have to say, from what I’m hearing again, this is really what I learned through the president and statically had the support of the Commonwealth and it is understood that this is not an easy situation and it will not be resolved quickly But it’s good that people feel that we are doing an important thing which is what we have been helping all along but what we do is appreciated and recognized for what it is And how it contributes to the future of our state and of the country And we have a partner there Long answer to a question I wanted to say, yes that we feel efforts and the Commonwealth have been very receptive >> I’m sorry, I think that got cut off Some are graduates or interns, if the campers — campus was opened, what is summary search students and interns be allowed to work on campus? >> At this point, we plan for fully online summer Because it’s highly unlikely that the circumstances that will ensure safety for everyone will change in the next few months But, our focus is is on the fall and on being in person and hopefully this in addition to creating a way that would — what we would do it all >> Just looking through the questions in the chat I don’t see anything that we have not directly covered >> I either think they were parts of our questions that we had asked already >> Perhaps another question that faculty have been concerned about is if there will be an extension for their tenure clock due to the disruptions of scholarships due to the pandemic >> This is something that I mentioned very quickly We have not come out with specific language yet We are trying to ensure that we resolve any and big UAD and how we have this We have our faculty back and we know how difficult it is to be thinking of our future in tenure and promotion and other circumstances It will be held with numbing gal with very specific language very soon >> There is there about what your business — your biggest concern is our back end of that, what can we do to help? >> That’s a wonderful question, you I’ve been trying to address everyone’s concerns today, trying to answer as much as possible during this time My concern this all not like yours I am first formal a faculty member I’m a chief academic officer and I feel on shoulders the weight of our academic side of this Docket of this institution I wanted to do everything in her power besides — everything in our power That are strict ?

When you see things that are strict, the only thing I have value above everything else is our people and their ability to support their families and do their jobs This is a concern of mine You should know what I know to the extent possible Everything I hear and now, and very eager to share with you because together we could figure out better ways of moving forward I want to walk this fine line between sharing and creating rumors for making people feel anxious and how I can share in no way that gives you what I see so you can understand what I’m coming from when I’m trying to help decision-making with what I know I want to really repeat We talked about $100 million the other day In arts and sciences I want to repeat that this is a worst-case scenario But, having said that, just thinking of $50 million is not an easy number either Yes, I know thinking of the magnitude of these amounts is daunting but if we do it smartly through all of these bodies and groups and minds that we have, we will be able to find a way that will not be as bad My first concern is how we can ensure that we remain intact in terms of our positions The second one is exactly that, how I can communicate with you in a way that makes me included in how we make decisions shows you how tricky and multifaceted and multilevel to this process is And that we create this kind of mutual trust that enables us to share without feeling overly disappointed and anxious You guys asked what you can do for me? Actually, what you have been doing I have received a lot of encouragement from many of you I cannot tell you how important this has been and how critical this has been to rely on getting me through this All of this, the president, myself We are in this 24 seven these days Just to give each other the benefit of the doubt when we make a mistake or when we revisit acquisition, when we are thinking out loud ways to do this This is critical and important Also, just to say well done You did it, it was in person — it was imperfect, it didn’t worked but — it didn’t work, but it was well Feeling that we have the support of our community is priceless This is a really all I ask As you get to know me, and we get to know William & Mary That we get to know each other as who we are Rest assure that what we are doing is not benefiting someone else It’s really what we want to do to ensure that our community benefits as a whole >> There was a couple of questions in the chat that I will bundled together to deal with enrollment The first I think I know the answer to which is the budget projections for next year are based on the assumption that will likely be some reduction in undergraduate enrollment I think that’s the major driving cost and the deficit we would likely see You do have any numbers that you can share with us on the effect we have seen already on international undergraduates students or enrollment? >> I’m not My numbers are not as of today but what we have seen is instate holding strong which is great

We have seen out-of-state being fine so far This is early, so we don’t really want to jinx anything international have been affected But not severely yet And we hope and plan and we are doing everything we can to ensure that it remains this way I’m very cautious about this because I know that things can change I don’t know what’s going to happen with this virus We don’t know what’s going to happen with international travel or visas No know how things are going to be in July, but today, we have to be cautiously optimistic that if things remain, we will be in person in the fall That we are not going to be in a horrible situation regarding our enrollment Sometimes you say something out loud and it happens differently This is what we know as of May 1 which is the date of deposits Again, long way to go, a lot of effort and I want to thank our faculty that have participated in every opportunity they could to interact with our incoming class, to work with our returning students, it is very critical that they maintained — that we maintain this level of engagement because this is what it’s — this is what William & Mary is I’m not the person to answer this because I don’t want to give you any information that’s not up-to-date I will defer to my colleagues on that Questions that will be submitted will be addressed Even if I do not have the perfect answer for you, they will be answered Either through our FAQ or our next open hours if you are willing to come I want to take this opportunity to thank the groups of faculty who attended the first two and actually I will take every opportunity to interact with you in person in addition to the email communications or the indirect communications through other services — Other sources >> I think with that answer there, that put us in a good position to be thinking about ramping up I think there is one question that is out there in order for people to manage the uncertainty, what can we look for in terms of timelines and actions for the next big update what can we expect to hear some more about decisions and the path forward? >> There are certain things that are not dependent on us We expect to know as we learn more, we expect to have the next major milestone in this process to be in June Mid June and late June, we should have a decision on how we are going to be back in the fall As I mentioned a few times today, our intention is to be in person with the caveat of what we discussed Sensitive groups, or changes that would occur until then Mid to late June I think we will know the other big chunk of major decisions concerning our path forward I want to thank you both Tom, David, and I don’t know how to do this without your

support and encouragement The knowledge that you bring to the executive committee, all the assemblies have been trained — have been fantastic but my relationship with the faculty has moved forward in a very secure way My steps are much more stable when I know that you have been part of the process and you have been great to work with Thank you for this I remain committed to continue working with you and our faculty and our staff and every part of this institution to make decisions under these uncertain circumstances and it will be to the best of our ability in helping the Association — the institution get through this Thank you to our faculty who are watching and I want to ask you to continue being involved asking questions, thinking creatively, doing your best to ensure that you are hurting and rest assure, that you are and that everything that you say and do are always, always. We always have that in mind as we move forward and we are very appreciated Thank you