How To Apply For CANADIAN Visitor VISA 2019 – No Show Money Required | 10 YEARS VALIDITY

Kia Ora it’s your boy Michael and today it’s going to be a very interesting video recently I just got my Canadian visitor visa appoved which is valid for ten years and the best part of it is there’s no show money required and there’s a lot of people who’ve been asking me since I posted it on my facebook profile asking me how and what are the requirements now that is the reason why I created this video this is the process of applying Canadian visa as of 2019 if you are interested to apply you actually need to do a lot of research and a lot of reading but I’ve done that part for you to make it easier for everyone just a disclaimer I am NOT the Canadian immigration consultant or an advisor so stay with me until the end of this video so you’ll know the easy step-by-step process and the requirements I’ve submitted and also this is an online application does this is cheaper because you won’t be needing to pay additional costs or fees when dealing wi th agencies but before we go to that video I want to thank everyone for your continuous support as we’ve reached 250 awesome subscribers milestone in less than 3 months I know this is not a big number but for someone new like me believe me it is now let’s get back to the business go to Google and then type in Canadian immigration which is the first one in here because I’ve typed it a couple of times then go to Immigration and Citizenship – click on that you’ll be routed to this page immigration and citizen applied to travel study work or immigrate to Canada apply for citizenship a permanent resident card or refugee and etc etc what you need to go to is go to this most requested for there’s couple of things in here you just need to go here click on this first one sign in or create an account you’re given 2 options you can use the sign-in partner or GC key I don’t have this one because you’ll be needing to use an online banking for sign-in partner but if you do have just click on this sign in we’re gonna use the GC key which is the Government of Canada log in go down here just continued to GC key okay if you have your username and password put it here but since I’m creating a new one just for showing you guys how to do it so sign up you can just the terms and conditions of use I’ve already read through it go ahead and read it if you like just click on I accept and you need to create your username in here there’s these things that you need to follow she should supposed to be 8 to 16 characters no special charcters and no more no more than seven digits okay create your password let’s just go and create one here and continue there’s also checklist in here you need to follow it everything should be checked ticked and then create you recovery question so if in any case you forgot your password or username these are the question that they will ask okay you have successfully created your GC Key living life vlogs it’s good for you guys to also of course write that down or save it somewhere so you won’t forget then click on continue and then the terms and condition I’ve already read through it just click on accept and then create an account just basically your first and last name I’m just gonna create here life and then okay I’m just gonna blur it out you can have the option either English or French make sure to put in of course a valid email address because that’s where

they’re gonna send updates as well create or secure question you will need to answer one of your security question each time you access your account every time you log into your profile you’ll be asked one question that you need to answer there are four security questions in here if you can’t answer the first question and you’ll be given I think two two tries to answer it now if you won’t be able to answer it they will gonna ask you another one and then if you won’t be able to answer any of your security question they will actually lock your account you will no longer be able to recover your account online so make sure to of course write these one I’m not sure if this are case-sensitive question and answer but much better if you can just write it down for your security I’m just going to skip this part as well just for security I know it’s just a dummy account but that’s for security this is your online account where every update will be posted in here application that you’ve submitted it would be displayed in here and this is where the application that you haven’t submitted yet it would show on this part so for us to continue just few links in here at the bottom you just need to click on apply to come to Canada or just applying for a visitor visa we just here yes apply if you do have a personal reference code you put it here but I don’t have any so I don’t have a reference code determine your eligibility to apply online click on this visitor visa okay so find out your eligibility you just need to answer this question truthfully so what would you like to do in Canada of course visit how long you’re planning I’m trying to do this less than six months select the code matches when your passport okay my password it’s a Philippine passport okay what is your current I’m currently in New Zealand or just put Philippines as well wherever you are for this one which country is your passport issued and this is your where your current place or where you’re currently applying New Zealand for me do you have a family member who is a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident and is 18 years or older I actually have my sister so yes you can just click on this information if you want to know more what is your date of birth I’m just gonna put something January 2000 that’s not my real birthday but yeah have you lived in Canada as a permanent resident definitely am NOT I didn’t yet I didn’t even go to Canada and even once so are you a lawful permanent resident of United States or have a green card nope no but yes if you do have have you how are you related to a family discussion button here for example if your parent lives in Canada you should choose they are my parent if your partner same-sex spouse the marriage must be legally recognized in your country okay so I have my brother so these are the family members you can choose so legally married spouse committed partner for at least one year who have not lived together okay so even if you’re not together but you are committed partner you know you’re proof that you are partners you can also do that common-law spouse who have lived together that’s living together this is not lived together brother sister aunt uncle parent or grandparent child or grandchild in others so mine is brother and sister so my sister is there what is your marital status come on I’ve never married single what is your province of destination my sister’s in Alberta Canada so just choose where ever you are going where your family member is okay so sitting here there’s a little visa and the six months you are eligible to apply for a visitor visitor visa to apply in Canada a visitor visa only cost $100 it permits travel to Canada by air car bus train or boat and is valid for up to 10 years processing time may vary depending on the number of application currently being processed just continue create your personal checklist so you’re almost there tests do not submit multiple application yeah that’s true because if you’re gonna submit multiple application it just ruins the whole process and they will just be confused which to process and what not to process just continue find out if you are eligible what is the main purpose of your visit so this just need

to to are read through it mine is just to visit family and conduct business tourism just going around to attend an interview but for me it’s a family visit next do you proof of your relationship yes I do have so if your brother or sister you can actually submit like a birth certificate your birth certificate and your sister birth certificate basically it’s one good proof because your parents will be the same that’s what I submitted the help job in your country yes I do do you own a business in the country where you live in nope do you depend on someone or financial support no because I pay my own have you traveled to other countries in the previous ten years yeah just answer truthfully depending on what is applicable for you next are you accompanying a family member that says status in Canada or has been approved to come to Canada I’ going alone sometimes it is quite confusing with the questions like for the example for this it says are you accompanying a family member has a status in Canada or has recently been approved if you click on the question mark it says this means you will be staying with a family member who is already in Canada or has been definitely this is yes because I’ll be staying with my sister but if you click on this accompanying it means accompanying you means that this person intends to come to Canada at the same time as you so that’s no so no for me next have you been committed being arrested okay that’s a no definitely enough for me hope you have a medical exam or within the last 12 months nope I think if it’s less than six months you actually don’t need any medical but if it’s more than six months at some time that you need to provide medical do you want to submit an application for a family member no I’m gonna go alone so no for me are you giving some access to out your application yes it will provide no I will be doing it by myself that’s a no. in the past ten years have you been have you given your fingerprint or biometrics to Canada I did but for just for this purpose Oh No there are associated fees with this application you will be paying your fees or on you you free exempt question right in here basically just saying are you exempted to pay the fees or not so most probably it will be yes I will pay an application fee that is hundred dollars for the application and something for the biometric which is not that much are you able to make a copy yes copy you can just use a camera or a scanner as long as it’s clear that’s fine okay will you be paying your application fees online to pay online you can use credit card yeah that’s true just yes this is where you review your answer just making sure that every answers that you put in here is correct just continue if you already sure just continue submit application this is how it’s done step one use your account of course you need to log into your own account to submit application step two you save your application sometimes you will be able to complete it in one sitting you have actually 60 days to submit your online application after that you will no longer be able to access it but you’re given 60 days to go back and forth and complete it then afterwards do you need to upload your documents you need to documents all the documents should be in PDF jpg PNG doc or DOCx format the maximum size for each file is actually 4 megabytes we accept this file format it says in you don’t need to sign any application or form by hand because you’ll be submitting this online one file will be allowed per document for example if you have multiple things to submit like for example proof of income or things like that you need to compile each in one in just one document this is just gonna be you will be only be allowed to upload one document each time the step four would be pay your fees okay alrighty the first one is the application for visa temporary resident visa made outside of Canada form IMM 5 2 5 7 you just need to click on this link unfortunately I’m unable to open it using my Mac I need to update my Adobe reader

it’s just basically a straightforward document that you need to fill in all the information that you need to supply like the name the family members and your work and previous places where you’ve stayed and other things travel history so you can click on this your previous passport used within the last 10 years if you have 2 passports you need to submit those things entry and exit stamps which be already on your passport study permit or work permit in your passport expired or valid visas and the boarding passes as I said you need to compile it because you’re only allowed to compile all the pages in one file and then submit it invitation letter. iI have a sample of an invitation that are from my sister which looks like is the copy of the invitation letter that my sister sent me and this is the one I have submitted as well I have just changed some of the information so the red ones are the things that you need to change heading goes like a Canadian Embassy immigration section of course the date regarding letter of invitation for my brother or whatever relationship you have and of course the name of the applicant so I am writing this letter of invitation to support the visitor the visitor visa application of my brother so this is a sample itinerary or purpose of travel my son and this is the name of my nephew born October 10 2018 will be baptised on May 19 2019 at Alberta Canada just put the complete address here and my brother is one of the godparents you are inviting him to have a three weeks vacation so that we could also show him some of the beautiful places to visit Alberta has to offer my husband and I will cover for his food and accommodation while he is even Canada but he will purchase for his own round-trip ticket and travel insurance the following are further information about my brother name applicant the date of my birth or they feel birth I should say the address were you currently located applicant occupation your work and also the company that you are affiliated so my name is the name of the person who is inviting and their birth date here a Canadian citizen and my spouse the name of husband or if they’re married and the person’s birthday as well permanent resident are currently residing at so their current address so I am a pharmacy assistant at London Drugs Limited in my husband is a component technician at 3 points by aviation both here in Calgary Alberta should you require additional information please do not hesitate to contact me at the phone number and my email address or Gmail whatever they have sincerely the name for inviting so that’s plain and simple so that’s example of the invitation better next one is the proof of means of financial support there are so many information that you can actually supply I only sent them I didn’t provide my bank statement what I provided is just my employment letter and tax reports any or either one would be okay but the more the better so I only provided the tax report and also the employment letter or your CEO and that’s gonna be a digital photo this is the requirements you just need to go actually to your photo Center and have his dimensions it should be 600 x 600 pixels per inch and things like that so your your photo Center would definitely know what this our purpose of travel you can provide this itinerary your travel Canada but since of course you don’t have your ticket yet because you’re still trying to apply you definitely I didn’t have that you’re itinerary this one I also submitted same thing invitation letter – invitation that it already includes what is the purpose of my travel so the invitation letter and the purpose is basically the same when I submitted a proof of relationship marriage certificate if you are married birth certificate yeah since my sister was the one who’s inviting me to go there I submitted a precipitate of her birth certificate and my birth certificate that shows that we have the same mother and father and vision document naming us a parent now and whatever proof that you have to of course show them that you are related and just upload it here family information family information you just need to click on this but since it

doesn’t open on my end again it’s saying the name of your siblings and things like that used to open this and then once you have submit once you have answered everything is to upload it optional documents I didn’t submit any of this for the fees as I said 100 for the whole application fee and $85 for the biometric next in here but since I didn’t supply all the information in here yet then I won’t be able to do it just just for me to show you what the things that it’s needed should show next in here just if you have problem with the uploading your documents there are some things that might help you here how do I upload documents can I save my application return and my document my documents are too large to upload how can I reduce the size there are basically instructions in how to do it so once you have all the things that’s here you will be able to click Next in the next page you will be paying the $185 now I’m gonna go to my page my own account to show you what happened okay so this is my my own profile this is gonna show you guys what is what happened to my profile and what what I did so I’m just gonna blur some information in here just for security purposes again sign-in is why you need to write the question the security question and answer except because you will be asked for those security question if you won’t be able to answer it you’ll be given few tries and it’s still not and as I said you profile or your account will be locked I’m just gonna blur this out I’m just gonna blur some information again but this is my profile I submitted March 7 and it was approved already You can click in here the details of application status medical if they need you to submit a medical exam it should show here if they are require additional documents it would show here as well if they need interview additional biometrics or background check and everything just this is a current status so final decision says in here your application was approved check your email your message below for details so this is what happened to mine I basically submitted it March 7 2019 confirmation so once you already have made the payment they will send you with this information that saying you have successfully transmitted your online application on March 7 with your receipt number I’m just going to blur that with the receipt and in few minutes or less than an hour they will send you this which is basically submission confirmation this is just an email saying that they have received and just to confirm that you are sending an application for going to Canada and then in a day or less than a day they will send you this biometric collection letter so this is just instructions on how you will this is a confirmation email that they are needing you to provide your biometrics which is as I said photo and also fingerprint biometrics letter instruction letter yes there are the first application to IRCC for one of the following temporary resident which is basically a visitor visa.Temporary resident and visitor are the same what are the things you need to bring copy of this letter you just need to print this out and a passport or travel document that you referred in your application so note that this letter is also proof that she already have paid the biometrics the 185 Canadian dollars and you have a claim and exam exemption for the biometrics if you are exempted to pay what you need to do next to do next you need to take this letter so you need to print this letter with you and go in person to any biometric collection service point to have your fingerprint and photo photograph taken if you are outside Canada or United States you may go to Visa Application Center most convenient for you if you don’t know where it is you just need to click this so where do you give your fingerprint just need to go there for example my countries New Zealand so that is here New Zealand Va see it’s located in Auckland for example if you’re in Philippines that’s – this is in Cebu and Manila if you want to create an appointment you just need to click on their website let me just click on that if you want to know their location you

mean to you I think it should be here contact us yeah contact us contact us Manila would be in this Gil Puyat, Makati City and Cebu is in Rosales Business Park something to schedule your biometrics so click on this three prepare your application it shows in here what are the things needed for you you just need to print out the letter earlier the letter sent to you with instruction and also your passport you need to also get that when you go there but before you go to any of the places in here you need to of course schedule an appointment you cannot just walk in and unless it says that it is okay for you just walking but I think it’s better for you to just call call them I think they do have a phone number yeah the phone number here you can just phone them it’s much better for you to phone and they will give you a confirmation number in what day and what time you are what you prefer to go to to go toy provide your biometrics let’s go back here once you it took a while for me because when I when when I scheduled for appointment for the biometrics it’s already full so it took me two weeks I think for me to be able to be provide my biometrics as the reason why March 8 to 25 but anyway I want you provided your biometrics they’ll send you another email they send you this email showing that you have provided your biometrics and it is valid for ten years as you can see 2029 03/19 and then once you have submitted your biometrics you just need to wait so if you’re wondering how long the process time is so I will include the link on the description down below you can just check on that what are you trying to apply for she just used here so temporary resident visiting temporary so she is that a visitor these are outside or inside or whatever outside so you need to choose what where are you applying from so for example if you are from the Philippines so the usual time would be 10 days which is not bad you may need to give biometric application in this the best passing time doesn’t include the time it takes to send application through by x0 the time you need to give your biometrics for example if you’re in Canada it doesn’t have New Zealand it takes same days . 10 days as well if you’re in India, takes 12 days so depends on your place where you’re trying to apply it differs once they have reviewed everything so you the last letter that you will be getting is a reference that your application up for temporary residence a decision has been made and this is where I was a bit worried because basically they won’t tell you if it’s approved or not they just gonna say that a decision has been made for application we require your passport to finalize the processing of your application so you need to provide the passport document with a copy of these letters again you need to print out this letter that they have sent you also there must be at least one blank page in your passport another one is your passport must be valid for the duration of your expected thing of stay good thing my passport I just renewed it and then valid until 2028 so as I said here please note that we cannot issue a visa beyond expiry date on your passport if so basically if you only have one year your validity on your passport then you need to reapply again because that’s the only time that’s the only duration of time that they can provide even if they provide 10 years but that’s only how it is also your password must be received but the IRCC within 30 days from the date of this letter because failure to do so could result in refusal of your application so please ensure their copy of this that is included with your passport because there’s it going to be the same place where you will be giving out the biometrics and where you will be dropping your passport it’s the same place they will ask you if you want to to pick up the passport or if you want to have it delivered to your place I think

the delivery is $28 so it’s kind of expensive so I opted me picking up the passport myself nice and easy and I got my passport I’m very excited actually to go to Canada which would be thinking maybe mid next month I’m really excited to visit my sister and see nephew as well so that’s how I was able to get mine my visa approved believe this is a helpful guide for all those people who want to apply for a visitor Canadian visa if you have any question just leave your question in the comment section down below and I’ll try to respond as soon as possible I really appreciate all your support if you’re new to this channel don’t forget to hit the subscribe button and notification bell so you notified in my next video and smash the like button again thank you and for now BYE!!!!