Visiting Visa | Malayalam Home Cinema | 2017 (with English subtitle)

Its alright grandpa, just leave it You don’t understand any of this do you? Huh First you have to know these people to know what’s happening! You need to know what has been happening in their life since last week How about we go back a few days? Come on then Okay? What about me? Awesome, never been better! Shall we start then? Happy Birthday Alex Many many returns of the day so when is the party ? We have to celebrate I hope you live for hundred more years like this Is it okay? Yeah, super This is our George

He is organising a surprise birthday party for his very close friend Alex Can I ask you something? Do you lot have nothing better to do? Its not that, Alex has been with us for a long time This is his last year here He is leaving everything here and going back home Oh I see Just asking, Is this video going to be published on Facebook ? Oh yes Oh my god! Have the juice This is Stella, George’s wife their children Ava and Alwin Thank you! Biscuit Thank you dear Oh dear, Isnít it time to leave for the airport ? Oh yes…will quickly come back Son Please keep this in a careful place inside Whoís at the airport ? I have invited Alex ichayans family from India, but he is not aware of any of this, its a birthday surprise for him I will come back soon So, are they moving here permanently ? No, they are coming here on a visiting visa Nice This is Alex’s father Andrew Alex’s wife Nancy Eldest son Alan second son Aldon This is his daughter Anna!!! Australia is great!!! Come of dear, have the food What is this mummy? This is sushi dear, it tastes really nice What, Susie? Anna, have the food God, how embarrassing Hi my name is Ava what’s your name? My name is Anna Nice to meet you My name is Aldon How snobby! George…Where is everyone? Brother, come on in, I am here Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Alex uncle, happy birthday to you We have a little surprise for you

Wow, you guys? You understood who this is right? This is our dear Alex!!! Alright…so whoís next? You…come on, come on Anna no no no What is this? Nothing like this will happen back in India, look at how he is drinking in public, lucky lad Hi, I am Kevin Alan, Alexís son Oh yeah you came today, right? Up for a drink bro? No, I canít, dad is here What is wrong with drinking some apple juice? Oh okay, I didnít know this was apple juice Hey uncle, thank you, okay What the hell CatchÖ enoughÖ thanks Who do you think I am, your servant? I have been watching you for a long time Who does he think he is Look at his attitude Leave me George, leave me Just ignore it What happened? Nothing…nothing…silly man Anyway, this is Alan Oh yes You are Alex uncleís son right ? I am Dona, his sister She studied here I just came back from India a month ago Oh okay I am so relieved that I met you Now I have someone to speak Malayalam to Its better not to be friends with him Hey, come over These are my friends This is Alan He just came from India today Oh really? Perth is such an amazing place There is so much to see

Have you been to the actual Perth city? Anyway you keep going…lets go guys Thank God! Bro, you donít worry You just need to learn onnly few words to survive amongst these people, No worries, Hey dude and Thanks mate George, thank you so much for bringing them here Can you guys not settle here? They donít even want to go back I know But I want to go back to India and settle there, its been so many years here But the future and education is better here for the kids You know the nature of my job I will only be able to spend only 10 days in a month at home, I will always be travelling, thats why I havenít even bought a house Oh yes, true I want to go back to India in a year and start a small business there, But I will definitely come and visit you guys Okay, whatever works for you You are still watching this? Turn it off before Dad comes and see it You can leave mum, I will go to bed Mum, can I sleep with brother today? Do whatever you want! Mum, can you please turn off the lights on your way out What’s wrong?

Nothing Drink this, you look deep, whats the matter? I know there is something WellÖ Tell me, Let me see if I can help you Its not going to happen But, tell me first…then we will decide if it will happen or not Well I am going to Australia next week What… to Australia? Yes, I am going to visit my son in Australia Are you going there permanently? No, I am going on a visiting visa I will be back after two weeks He is not going to come back Please donít bail, nothings going to happen without you catching up with you guys is the only relief Where will I go ? Go there, Marry a white lady and live there happily Be careful She is listening to all of this from above She will understand! Right sister ? You

Don’t blame me I heard everything that you were saying, you have been lonely for so long, go there and marry a white girl, and by the way he is very caring, unlike you but, you left me I understood everything what do you understand? Go there, Marry a white lady and live there happily I wish I had friends like this I know someone who can help you Help me? Whoís that? There is someone Where is the guy you told me about? Just wait he will be here in a minute There he is! Hi guys Hi Grandpa, he has told me everything This is nothing We will fix this I am going to leave, just a tad busy Look at him grandpa, that is the sort of attitude that you should have We probably need to work a bit on your looks What do I do? You tell me Before all of that, have you actually found someone? there is someone Oh nice, donít worry,

we will make it work What is it grandpa? Where are you? I am out Can you come here? She is exercising in the park I am with Alan now I canít come now He will ask me where I am off to Oh okay, thats fine then Are you wearing the clothes that I told you to wear? Yeah Sunglasses? Yes, Yes Then what are you waiting for, go and impress her What do I do Oh my God grandpa, go exercise with her or something Really? Should I? Yes just go! Okay then Does she go this way? Yes I have seen her here There she is, there she is Come on Run grandpa, we are not going to catch up with her if you run at this rate my muscles hurt so much after exercising yesterday Come slowly then I will go after her, try and find her house Didn’t you see? It is one of these So you didnít see? I did, but I didnít clearly see No, I think its this one Which one? this one? Come on We have to confirm the house Lets do one thing knock on the door give a random persons name and ask if its that persons home is that going to work? Just give a name Just ask if its any Elizabeth’s or Jennifer’s house Really ? Should I? Yes We have to confirm the house, donít we? Just go, go Is this Ramani’s house? What did you just do? Did you not get any other names? I couldnít think of any other name Where were you ? em, I was showing grandpa around the botanical gardens Can you please come? I hope this idiot does not tell that idiot anything I got this for you No!!! This is what I call dedication, You have to have guts to do something like this I have guts, just tell me what to do Hi guys Hi This is the perfect time Just go and tell her I love you

What is this? She likes chocolates, doesnít she? Just give this to her Everything will be fine Excuse me Yes Stand up What? Stand up What is this? Actually, I love you! Oh my God! Oh shit He made it? All set? Yeah, all set Where is grandpa? Its alright grandpa, just leave it Guys is everything alright? Grandpa, is everything alright? Alright…alright This is her address in Sydney Why is Gransdpa and Kevin here? I don’t know You have taken the tickets, right? Yes, its all ready Lets go then, I will drop you You might be thinking where Alan is off to, right? We have to know what happened in Alan’s Australian life for the past week, don’t we? Oh wow, you sing good Who, me? Oh yeah I have a show next week, just practicing for that Are you ready? Lets go then Do you have any other plans today Alan? Our cousins friend is coming from Sydney today She is studying there She is coming here to get a transfer to the Uni here So we have to go to University afterwards we can hangout If you are free, join us I am free Lets go then Where are you? Oh I saw you, just turn around Hey

Hi Come on This is Evelyn This is Kevin, my brother This is Alan, our friend So, come on lets go and hang out Oh actually I have to go back today itself Firstly I need to organize the uni stuff I have already booked the return tickets So I am not sure if we will have time to hangout Of course, come on Its all done All done? Congratulations Congrats Thank you I have to see a professor Can you guys wait? One minute Hey, is it that Chinese professor? The good-looking one? So you have fixed everything right? When are you moving back here? Next semester Most probably, it will take about 6 months Oh okay So what are your plans Alan? Are you settling here or going back to India? I actually want to settle here, but not sure if that will happen Evelyn, do you have to go back today itself? Can you stay for 2 more days? Oh no I have to get back before Aunt goes on holiday Are you staying with your relative? Oh no, she is not my relative She is an Australian It was so hard to get campus accommodation when I came, so my friend arranged this for me Aunty is going on holidays with her boyfriend I have to get there before they leave to get the keys Hmm Ok guys…lets go Did you hear? Pranavmohanlal is going to act in movies! I am telling you, he is going to smash it! Jeethu josephís film right? Yup, thatís the one Evelyn, I have to tell you something I had an affair back when I was in year 9, after 3 years of relationship, she came up to me and said that this wont work out as the parents are against it That hurt me so much but I learnt one thing though not to trust anyone bluntly Where are you?

Why are you taking so much time to buy 2 packets of chips? Ohh okay I will be there in a minute But, I am not sure how to tell you this My dad has been working here as a business consultant for the past 17 years My mum is a housewife I have a brother and a sister I want to be a business consultant like my dad in the future Today,I have decided to add one more thing to my life But, I do need your permission for that My permission? I know we havnít spend much time together, but I feel very comfortable sharing my things with you If I come to your place with my parents after I settle in my career and ask for your hand, will you say yes? Can we go? Lets go, come on See you after 6 months then We will have so much fun when you come back I am going back to India next week Come on, letís go Did you not get any other names? I couldnít think of any other name Where were you ? em, I was showing grandpa around the botanical gardens Can you please come? I have to tell you something What is it? You know Evelyn Yes, Evelyn What about her? I really like her Bro Seems the whole family came to Australia to find a lover What did she say? She didnít say anything Are you crazy? This is not a movie bro! You have only seen her for one day, how can you propose This has to be a joke! Hey bro is serious It’s a joke for you both Oh my god, Evelyn is calling What have you done? Hopefully she is not mad at me Hello Hi Dona How was your flight? It was alright Howís everything there? Everything going good Dona, Can I please have Alanís number? Alanís number? mmm He is actually here; hold on, I will pass the phone to him Hello Hello sorry If I made you uncomfortable that day, I was just being frank I will finish my course in 2 years after I settle with a job if you are still interested I am not against you asking my parents! Huh Did she say yes?

Yes Sis, seems like it will be a headache for us You know Alex uncle doesn’t like me at all Kevin, Can you do me a favour? What favour? My dad goes back to work today He will only come back after a week I need you to come with me please help me to get permission to go to Sydney Bro I donít think itís a good idea! Your dad hates me he is still blaming me for ruining the party Please, please bro She is better at these things she will help you get the permission to go Can you please ask your cousin for Evelynís address? No! Please I wont be able to see her after this I am going back to India next week I just want to give her a surprise No matter what you say, I am not going to do it! Hello Have it Thanks Aunty Hey uncle, Mm Tomorrow is Kevinís friendís birthday party What? Yeah! Oh yeah yeah Can Alan please come with us for the party in Bunbury? Well Dad, Its just a matter of one day Can I please go? I donít think its going to happen Oh its okay You can go! But be very careful! Whatís the deal between grandpa and him?

Whoís that with them? This is her address in Sydney Why are Grandpa and Kevin here? I donít know! You have taken the tickets and everything, right? Yup,itís all ready! Ok then lets go, I will drop you Alan, why are you here? Just a surprise! Aunt just left for holidays with her boyfriend I am going back to India next week I just wanted to see you before that You could have just called I donít know what I would have done if aunty was here? Are you not going to invite me inside? Oh sorry, come on I did not expect you here at all Thatís me! Relax Evelyn! Aunty is gone, isnít she? Come and sit here Oh my god! Whoís that? Who could that be? I told you Alan this is not going to end well! Evelyn, Donít worry just go and open the door I will take care of what happens next! Hi Oh dear…I forgot my bag Thank god sheís leaving Hi dear there is someone in my house No…don’t call the police I will manage it Please come quickly Leave me Tell her, tell her Oh my God…you gonna kill her Boyfriend and girlfriend meeting lady Leave me Dad!!! I will have a six pack after 6 months, you just see Oh yeah? Lets see I didnít expect you to leave so soon Alex

I thought you would be here for at least one more year wonít work out like that dad needs to be there with us in India for a lot of things! Please wait for me No matter how long it takes, I will come back I wanted to settle here, so did Alan But I dont know why he is saying he wants to go back Come on let’s go we have been talking here for a long time Come…come So let’s wait for their next Australian visit!!! I wanted to get slim in the gym here but nothing happened