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Boss, Zhou Fang is here These are some clothes I have newly designed They have been presold online And this is the introduction to our brand and the future plans Do you know what you lack? I don’t know Chen Chen Take her to the east warehouse 2 Go Yes Ms. Zhou, this way please Since the plagiarism last time, this factory has become the important place that the security personnel should be prioritized Mr. Song forbade strangers to come in He often says details determine success or failure Whatever price clothes are, they should be made perfectly in quality This is good So are the texture and stitches at the pocket This kind of clothes is more or less the ordinary one in all the clothes this season I’ll take you there to take a look at some other clothes You are very well meaning No wonder you permit me to go to your warehouse How about it? I gained a lot from those clothes I even felt a little bit hit That’s right Talk about how you feel about them I think there’s a long way to go No wonder that you always look down on me and says I act blindly But if I want to make progress, I need to watch and learn more and improve my brand Therefore, I can close the gap with the excellent designers The brand I showed you is a very new local brand owned by my company Their company’s designers will also take part in the contest Do you see the difference? I’m a little sure about this A little sure? If I haven’t seen the competitors, I will not be sure about it But now, I have a goal Let’s just forget the design I saw a ready-to-wear clothing in your warehouse It may be the most ordinary one in your new products this season But even if it’s a ordinary one, its lining and the stitches at the pocket are finely sewed My skills are too bad Only with a good technique can one do things perfectly But you are always anxious for success and trying every way possible to make your brand more recognizable on market It’s useless

I have seen your works It’s all about gimmicks with no inner connotation I hope you can concentrate on your design and infuse your attitude and your ability into your works You understand? I made so much of it? You were not Will you join the competition? Sure With what? This? Maybe in my dream Okay I’ll consider your suggestion I’ll leave then Only with a good technique can one do things perfectly But you are always anxious for success and trying every way possible to make your brand more recognizable on market It’s useless I have seen your works It’s all about gimmicks with no inner connotation I hope you can concentrate on your design Show your attitude and ability into your works What are you doing here again? Yeah A new car? It’s from the company Oh, and I heard from Qin Qing that you’ve come to the competition Tired, right? Before your car finishes maintenance, I’ll be your driver Yes, I have joined the competition But It’s not clear if I will be selected It doesn’t matter. Only if you tried your best Go Alright then. Let’s go Please Can I copy that after you finish? You can’t read yourself? Sure I can’t Okay Poor boy What a wanton man What? What are you talking about? Shen Di, am I right using this metaphor? Yes, you are right Is it right? You are taking your math homework How could it be right? Oh, my aunt is coming back at this point of time Right? Yes I’ll go to have a look Do your homework I’m going downstairs for a walk Hey, back So fast Who, who is that guy? What guy? Do you know him? I don’t know She got a boyfriend? She just didn’t tell me What are you talking about? He’s not her boyfriend How do you know it? I just know it Xiaodi Your aunt has come back You should go home now Okay, I’m gonna leave then Bye Leave me that one Okay Go do your homework Go! Go! Go! Wait Weren’t you going for a walk? It’s too late Well, yes She’s back There will be no coincidence You I haven’t finished my homework Qin Qing Qin Qing Qin Qing It’s my fault. Can you stay? Please Stop following me I really know that I was wrong What did you do wrong? I was wrong for everything Anything you didn’t like was my fault Since you don’t know why you were wrong, then just forget it Then tell me Why I was wrong? Qin Qing I Would you please leave here?

If you don’t love me, then just run me over We just don’t match What do you mean? We are perfectly matched Qin Qing This is the last one we show you If you like it, just go for direct ordering Thank you for your support and care We will start the live streaming at ten o’clock tomorrow Bye bye Kai Come here Miss Fang What’s wrong? You stopped the production of our clothes in the factory All of them? All of them How much money will we loss? Anyway, Those are not many, actually I will talk to the factory in person Song Lin is right No detail, no quality I was too eager and I led everyone in the wrong direction Go then Okay. I got it Wait Get some of the clothes in the live streaming to me Miss Fang Why do you need those? I will do some adaptation to them Miss Fang, Miss Fang, Miss Fang Hurry up! What? What’s wrong? It will be banned to taking off clothes in the live streaming What do you mean by banned? You didn’t turn off the live streaming Mr. Song has done his best in this project And he came up with lots of constructive ideas You deserve the title sponsorship But to guarantee the diversity of the show, we have discussed and decided to let BaiSai Group to be a part of it, too Well, now that you said that So No problem Zuo Let’s talk about the show As for the participants, we have finished the first round of selection There are less than ten places left The registration will finish in three days And Today most members have turned up I mean we can use this opportunity to discuss how to make the show more interesting Talking of interesting, I just saw a video from a designer It was quite interesting What video? Show us Ok It’s not surprising Some young people today can do anything to be famous Zuo We should pay some attention Our show can’t be vulgar just because some abnormal factors

Renew clothes in five minutes The craft can’t be satisfying But it’s very creative Turn “waste” into wealth. Interesting Mr. Song, how do you think? In the next period of time, we will have to meet very often Please take care We have known each other for a long time, haven’t we? Maybe. How long? About seven to eight years That’s a long time Thank you for your special care these days Every time I solved the problem you have thrown to me, I will draw a lesson from it I’m wondering what lesson I will draw this time Mr. Song, you are so humorous So are you We have known each other for so many years But it’s the first time we cooperate I hope it will be a happy cooperation I’m looking forward to What? I heard that Yuan Yiwei will join the competition You are well-informed Here are some stories about her I have gone through so much relationship Then? This is good for both you and me If you want to break her news, you don’t need to get my permission, right? Sure I don’t But I would like you to know that I respect your opinion Such low-level hype like following and secret-shot Do you think it makes sense? What you described as low-level hype is a ladder upward for many people Don’t you know the search volume of your show? You have to keep it snowballing to maintain the heat That’s the only way that can help you get public attention The interest here the interest here clearly Your so-called advertising will in the end steal the show and deviate from my original intention of the show If there’s no flow and it doesn’t take up other’s time Then it’s useless I hope you can put that pride down and look at the feedback of the outside Then you will know that my approach is so perfect Then you can go to claim the credit from the TV station I just don’t want to lose my own value in front of such dirty reality Dirty? Mr. Song There are at best two conditions of the interpersonal relationship Emotion kidnap or interest kidnap I hope that I will be the first one But Don’t lose interest just because of the wired self-esteem of man After all, in my eyes, you are a rational businessman Yes I’m a rational businessman So stop all the thing you are doing I will use my professional way to attract attention I should have Fine, I promise I will clarify our relationship after it’s finished So our show can get enough attention while your image will not be influenced You’re smart But in an uncomfortable way My smartness is to match yours Go for me if you need me And you will Zhou Fang is back Why is he going upstairs? I think you should leave It’s not the right time for me to go home What about Song Lin? Song Lin? He can handle his own thing He can’t He’s stupid Then I go home now? Go! Go! Hurry up! Aunt, I’m back Hey I’m coming

Welcome Okay. It’s done You are amazing! It’s a piece of cake Hello Hi, uncle Un.. Uncle? This is my nephew, Xiaodi I heard a lot about you from Zhou Fang Who’s this girl? She is the sister of my landlord I’m half a best friend of her Come on I’m demanding at choosing my best friend Successful. Please open the door Door closed Luoluo Luoluo Where shall I put this? Wait You hurt your hand? It’s doesn’t matter Xiaodi Fetch a Band-Aid in my bedside cupboard Ok No, thanks. It’s OK It’s a new wound I’m okay, really Where are you? Why is the TV still on How could it be possible to be scratched I’m at Zhou Fang’s house What are you doing? Hurry up! I will let it go if I didn’t see it But I do see it Why are you coming back so late There’s a guest in Zhou Fang’s house I am just curious and chat for a bit How was that guy? Really nice He’s from a scholarly family and he’s so educated Xiaodong is amazing He had got two master’s degree You have just seen him once and you call him brother? I raised you for more than ten years But I have never heard you call me like that He is younger than you Or else what can I call him? By the way he shared with me a lot of experience in learning English And he offered to teach me if he has time I’m at home, too Why don’t you let me teach you? Do you have time? Besides, he is humorous and patient without a trace of pride particularly seen on a good student Not like you. You are always pulling your face This designer is good She’s graduated from London Fashion College with her own studio Zuo Our enrollment is about to finish But this one keeps annoying us We have received her materials for more than once And And every time it’s different Zhou Fang Is she the one who flooded our screens days before? She really came to register Yes We have searched the information about every register And her original brand has just set up Zuo I heard you and Mr. Song both know her? Yes But Mr. Song had mentioned early that we have to be fair and impartial We can’t lose justice Sure But she is a friend of Mr. Song, after all I think we can give her the chance, right? You can have a discussion and make the decision Ok Hey Mr. Su, you are right She submitted the application Ok I see I have met the assistant of Su Yushan today and talked briefly with them They mentioned Miss Fang also The assistant of Su gave special attention when he heard that you know her And he said he could give precedence to Miss Fang There is no way to prevent absolutely What do you mean? I hope Zhou Fang can fail this time Why? If she’s chosen, then our relationship will be exposed soon Then Zhou Fang will be a competitor who relies on relationship behind Do you think she can bear it? with such a strong character? Let me tell you. Gossip is a fearful thing Till then all the effort and all the confidence of Zhou Fang will be ruined by those gossips It sounds reasonable But it’s not the final result

The thing I’m most fearful Zhou Fang is to be aimed at by Su Yushan I remember that day Su seems to quite appreciate Miss Fang They had much interest in Zhou Fang, didn’t they I won’t believe it was because of that video that Su Yushan knew Zhou Fang You mean he will use Zhou Fang for purpose He wants to utilize Miss Fang to go against you? Mr. Song, are you suffering from too much pressure of work? Too nervous? See You and Miss Fang are either a couple nor families How could he? I hope he can’t But Mr. Song What you say and do always goes straight to the heart of the matter But every time you mention Su Yushan, you will make an ambiguous statement I’m so confused now Were there some stories between you two? They were all small matters But unsolvable matters Tang Jie, Youyou, Kai Come here Hurry up! Which of you has the best luck? I have never won when playing cards I’m a poor fish I’m not okay either Forget it. I will go myself It’s no big deal It’s just a competition Alright What do you want to eat? I passed Are you drunk? What’s up? Papapa What? You are proven wrong Didn’t you look down on me before? Through my relentless effort and struggle I finally received the invitation of WanFeng Is it surprising? It’s a notice, not an invitation All right Don’t defend yourself I know you have lost your face I just want to let you know that in this world you shouldn’t look down upon anyone Every person is possible to realize their own dreams What? You don’t believe me? Do you want me to show you the notice? Quiet He sent me Luoluo is sleeping I’m just here to tell you that I succeeded Ok I’m off now. Bye Wait What? You refuse to buy it? Let me take you for a drive I have been in a draught all the way Don’t move Let’s go Actually, when you said I was not good before I then always thought I was not good I always felt myself worse than others Then I began to think, it was not right Was it because someone quit the competition? Or was it because you were pitying me? Let me win deliberately Then I call the pencil boy Pencil boy is Xiaozuo who you know Once I hear his response Then I think my heart is steadfast Rookies like you

can’t make me violate a principle What do you mean rookies like me? That you don’t understand What they need is the kind of person like me That is down-to-earth and inspiring But it’s not because of these labels It was because that I have made great efforts I’m excellent, right? I can’t tell You’re just jealous Would you like me to praise you to make you happy I don’t lack of praise I’m really excellent I’m really excellent I’m really really excellent Really really really excellent Zhou Fang Zhou Fang You really want to join the competition, right? Of course If I don’t want to take part in the competition, why did I do all that preparation? Well, now that you really want to join the competition I should tell you something clearly in advance After you take part in the competition, you might encounter a variety of problems You should get ready for it What problems? Competitors are better than me, right? It’s OK, I don’t care Actually, I’m in I’m already happy The reason that you are in is that someone lets you win deliberately in fact But it’s not me So after competition started, there might be many strange things You should think it over ahead of time As your friend, I should avoid being suspected But if I pretended to know nothing, I would be in bad mood Who let me win deliberately? This competition is not sponsored by Wanfeng Only sponsored Now it is also sponsored by Baisai Baisai is the old enemy of Wanfeng What’s it got to do with me? Baisai Group’s CEO Su Yushan has known our relationship in a mysterious way So, this time just because it is he who has played tricks What’s the relationship between us? Why is he helping me? He’s not helping you Instead he is taking advantage of you I don’t know either What does he want on earth? It’s hard to tell now Never mind, let’s go home If it is the case, I will quit And give this chance to those who are more qualified I am unworthy I don’t mean that you should solve the problem in this way Why are you telling this to me? Good morning, everyone Congratulations You guys can successfully pass the mass-election and come to today’s Tian Cai Designer’s Competition Site I’m the director of this competition Firstly, let me announce the qualification rules of the primary round The jury will grade the works of 15 contestants Then, based on the marks, we will continue to weed out five contestants Today, we will focus on resort style to imaginatively design drawing and create After competition starts you guys could go to shell fabric district and choose your own shell fabric within the given time At most three kinds You should finish your design and creation within eight hours Good luck The countdown is beginning Go there Please let me go What is that designer doing? One should think over first then he/she could do things better Interesting I was looking forward to it Thank you

Her brand has been newly established Possibilities in the future are various However, she reminds me of an old friend Don’t be influenced by me This is just my personal subjective consciousness If she could satisfy you, I think Mr. Song should also appreciate her Senior fellow apprentice, how do you now just to? Zhou Fang has started to compete Once I have finished my work, I’ll hurry here The traffic is too bad How about Zhou Fang? I don’t know, we can watch it later Qin Qing How about Zhou Fang Not bad OK I have something to do. I gotta go I’m around Bye Is he your boyfriend? Now he isn’t What’s the matter? Don’t ask me any more Have a look at Zhou Fang Hello You don’t need these fabrics, right? Yeah, they are waste fabrics Why do you want them? Could you please give them to me? Sure Thank you You are Zhou Fang, right? Yeah, I’m Zhou Fang You have been chosen for hours But you just choose these Not finished yet I appreciate you No distractions And put your vigor in the design drawing Thanks for your appreciation, Mr. Su I’m just a worthless designer Worthless designer? You are indeed different Well, I don’t bother you Concentrate on your design and relax See that you do Ok There are only one place left Why not announce it at the scene? You have taken a long time to discuss Zhou Fang So you know Mr. Su really well? I don’t know him He only talked to you just now How can’t you know him? Sorry to have kept you waiting for a long time Director, hurry to announce the results Zhou Fang, congratulations If all goes well, in the next two months,

you’ll stay busy What? Everyone thinks that my work is more respectable Why is she qualified for the second round? A competition does not mean anything I think this quota has been left for the closely-related one Closely-related one? Who? Do I have to mention by name The work is over there We can see However, it is not only me that has such ideas If we get the results on our own Your skill? Don’t you feel shameful to stay here? If you guys have some dissenting opinions You could propose an application to assessor Well, adjust to welcome promotion event I passed OK, we’ll talk about it later How about the results? I passed See, as I have expected, you absolutely have no problem Still unhappy? I’m a little tired, I will go back Let me escort you Thanks, please leave me alone Let her stay alone