Destiny 2: Exodus Crash GM Nightfall Guide – No Exotics, Rituals or Pinnacles

I’m really tired, but you’re using CC, so it’s ok I told you that I wanted to do a no exotic, no ritual weapon, no pinnacle weapon, platinum rating run of the Grandmaster for those of you who may not have those weapons around Looking back on things, if you’re the kind of person who is going to attempt a Grandmaster Nightfall, you probably have a bunch of those things, but I digress Here is a run of the GM Nightfall Exodus Crash without the use of exotics, rituals or pinnacles for Season 10 I mention Season because our loadouts are very heavily driven by seasonal mods and you will have to adjust your strategy in future seasons Our loadouts are the following: For our power weapon, we were all using swords Yup Swords Swords using basically every mod in the seasonal artifact, scavenger, Disrupting Blade and Passive Guard We are all in on swords because these Overload Captains do not mess around and neither should you Even during our normal run with meta guns and all of that, most of our killing power came from using Divinity to stun and debuff, then swords, partly because Eriana’s and Divinity are still broken where Eriana’s only deals about half damage if there’s a Divinity debuff on a target But yeah, you need heavy, fast damage on these Overload Captains otherwise they will just spam regen and swords have just enough ammo to let you do that a lot during the run I highly suggest using any and every mod that can generate you more sword ammo, minus heavy finisher, you shouldn’t need that as long as you’re cycling through your weapons We also have 1 person on Overload Rounds on a hand cannon with Timed Payload to really guarantee the stun or to stun other targets quicker since Disrupting Blade takes 3 hits to stun an Overload Captain Finally, two of us are on anti-barrier, but fortunately there are not many Barrier targets in this Nightfall Otherwise, I think all of us were using snipers, Eye of Sol, Beloved and Sole Survivor You only need solar damage and only for a few targets, mainly the giant shanks We ran a 1-1-1 comp, Ward of Dawn, Quiver and Well of Radiance, no exotic armor, balanced group composition 2 Warlocks running Phoenix Protocol gave basically infinite Wells during the run, so we definitely had to adapt to that I’m pretty sure we all had Minor, Major and Boss Resist mods on as well For the intro, as you’re probably seeing, we’re just taking it slow, just killing enemies The Pike Dregs are more or less a one-shot, so you’ll want to snipe them, the Vandals will one shot you if you are 2 resilience or fewer and you don’t have on Minor Resist Overload Captains hurt as well, in case that’s not obvious You don’t want to burn lives to the Pike Dregs, just be careful for them They’ll sneak around corner or drive up on you and if you get anywhere close, you are just dead For handling Overload Captains, there’s a couple of ways to handle it The first is just YOLO sprinting up to them as a group and smacking them until they are stunned, which honestly worked way more often than I thought it would, to the point where that’s what we would do sometimes The next is to have someone on Overload Rounds shoot the Captain to stun it first, THEN run up and kill it Or, you can have your Hunter make you all invisible, walk right up to the Captain and smack it with swords This is basically the strategy for killing all Captains By the way, I’m gonna let gameplay roll and then I’ll just chime in when I have more to say, I’m also gonna edit some of the empty parts out to keep things moving This room is the meat of the strike, it is where you will probably struggle the most,

although the boss isn’t exactly a pushover either There are many Overload Captains spawning in and while most of the other things that spawn aren’t the most threatening, not taking them seriously will lead to wipes Sit on the middle plate until you get a wave of enemies to spawn in, then get off of it The idea is to kill everything that spawns before starting the next wave because otherwise, you’ll have 6 Overload Captains spawn in and that’s no good You definitely will want to kill all non-Champion targets first, unless they start to push in on you, then just try to fight them behind cover We utilize the left side of the arena next to the main plate so that we have cover So, kill enemies, hop on plate, spawn in enemies, kill enemies, you get it At 50%, Barrier Servitors are going to spawn in Hold off on killing them for a moment, as you’ll want to wait for a couple of waves of shanks and other enemies to spawn in first to kill them When nothing else is coming in, kill the left servitor then immediately back up because another wave of enemies will spawn in, including more Overload Captains Once you’ve killed everything again, kill the other servitor You’ll have a couple more waves of enemies to kill before 100% When walking out into the patrol area, be very careful of the pike dregs

I’ve had as many as 8 roaming around, snipe them, just get rid of them The spider tank can be killed easily by going off to the far right side and sniping, just be sure to kill the enemies behind you The room before the boss is a game of waiting for the wanted target to leave It takes too long to kill for literally no benefit at all, just be patient and let it go away This is the final Overload Captain of the run The boss is rough, but manageable

The idea here is to make the boss go away as fast as possible since, well, it hurts, really badly We’re using swords, which you’d think would leave us pretty vulnerable, but with Passive Guard and 3 people spamming attacks, the boss will stay stunlocked until he goes away He’ll respawn pretty quick after the 1st, 3rd and 5th time he goes away, so just be ready for that When the boss is not in the arena, you will be trying to kill electric shanks as quickly as possible so that you can roam a little more freely Do not be afraid to use sniper ammo killing these shanks or vandals We rotate to the opposite side of the room from where you enter after the boss goes away for the technically 2nd time, it’s the first major enemy wave of the fight This is to create as much distance between Barrier Servitors and the boss as possible because the servitors will make the boss and other enemies immune when it gets close Since the boss is faster than the Servitors, you can kite the boss to a section of the arena that does not have a Servitor, deal enough damage for the boss to leave and then handle the rest of the arena I would prioritize killing non-immune enemies first before doing anything else When you’re dealing with the Servitors, you want to stun them via Anti-Barrier Rounds and then kill the enemies they were making immune before you worry about killing the Servitors They are not very threatening damage wise, but the immunity is really annoying The boss will come back after that Servitor wave and this is where you want to nuke the boss because it’s over after the kill

He’ll spawn in with melee weapons Damage him enough to have him do a quick vanish and respawn, then on that final respawn, use everything you have When he does the quick vanish, try to sneak in a couple of kills on ANY targets in the area because they’re very annoying After you kill the boss, you’re done This took us a few tries to do, although we did have a couple of really dumb wipes, like this one Believe it or not, Grandmaster Nightfall is doable without exotics, pinnacles or rituals with swords And not gonna lie, this was a lot more interesting and satisfying to complete than just with regular meta weapons Hope you enjoyed Thanks for watching and I’ll see you next time