FLY TV – Sight Fishing Big Sea Trout in a Small River

I am Steffan Jensen from Fly-Dressing You are watching FLY TV and today we are sight fishing- -for big sea trouts in small rivers Welcome back to FLY TV My name is Steffan Jensen and we are in the south of Sweden today This river is my home water and I know it very well Today we are going to sight fish for big sea trouts As you can see, this is quite a small river The water is low and clear We will spot and choose the fish we want There is extremely big fish in this little river We have to sneak like indians to get close to the fish We have to use everything we have learnt and try our best It is much more difficult when we want to sight fish for sea trout It would have been easier to fish the spots where we know the fish is at Where they normally are But I find it much more fun to spot the fish and see it take the fly It is some of the best fishing I can imagine If we are lucky enough to actually hook a fish, we got a new problem The leaders are quite long and light And the fish is big When the fish takes off, I got nowhere to go There is a lot of dead wood in the water and a lot of big rocks If we manage to hook a fish, we will probably loose 70% of them I think that during the whole summer and autumn fishing so far- -at this point there have only been five or six fish landed Totally, in total I have not landed a single one this year Let’s find a sea trout to sight fish for Ok, so now we have found a fish here I am going to give it a go, but we are extremely exposed It is quite difficult to get down, but we will give it a go There it went It is extremely easy to spook this fish It just took and I do not know if what because of the ducks or us Hey hey, it is back! It is back! There it is Stand still We need to work something out Upstream, downstream I think we will try upstream We are so exposed here So extremely exposed This fish is quite high in the water, I will try with an unweighted wet fly A 103 Ullsock This one is going to be difficult It is just below the surface, we will see We got one shot If the shot is wrong, the fish will be gone I need to see where the fish is standing Hopefully, I can Let’s give it a go, I think I know where it is It is now or never This is the chance One shot One fish gone It was about 20 inches to short It probably landed on the fish’s head I could not see it, I took a chance Bye bye One very important thing, maybe the most important thing- -when sight fishing is your Polaroids

Without these glasses I probably would not see half of the fish Through the camera lense you will see how important and what a difference this is How we can remove all the reflections of the water by using these glasses Here we found a pike that can show you how the camera’s polarization works We can turn the filter on and off We will show you how it works This is what it looks like without filter Can you see the pike? Maybe not Probably not Then with the filter on and the pike is clearly in front of us This is why polarization is such an amazing tool for us I could not do this fishing without it Another important thing about the glasses is the lense colour Down here, we always got low light More or less Not a whole lot of light coming in Yellow, amber or at least lenses made for low light are the best for this fishing It makes everything a whole lot easier The contrasts are so much bigger with lenses made for low light I just saw something flash out here Just a bit to the right of that green thing up there It could be a sea trout I will give it a go It should be somewhere around here A fish! Oh shit! Holy shit! I think it is a good fish as well Oh yeah I just saw something flash down here The second time I placed my fly, this whopper just came and took it It is an absolute beauty Fresh from the sea My knees are shaking Oh man! It could take a while I only got an 0.24 leader There are a lot of branches in the water We got trees and stuff that the fish could get tangled up in Come on I am nervous because I got a long leader and I do not want it in the rough Beautiful fish! No, do not go in there That is the worst place you could ever go Got it! What a fish! Look at that! Beautiful fish! That fly is just anchored Perfectly hooked, could not be better What a fish! Come on Look at that It is just perfectly hooked It is off That little silvery thing in grey and silver Tied on a carp hook as we are dealing with these bigger fish Look at that fish Look at that fish Sight fishing for sea trout Nothing beats it

It is just amazing You should all try it We have to put this one back Thank you very much! It is almost impossible to do an overhead cast in this river I would like to show you the two most used casts in a place like this Where there a lot of hanging trees and a lot of things behind you- -so you cannot move your rod back to far The first cast is the roll cast Firstly, you need to get some line out so that you got some weight to roll The basics in a roll cast is just to keep your fly line, leader and fly in the water Just roll it out I will show you once more with a little more line Drag it towards you Just let your line hang from the rod in the water Then just roll it out A very simple cast, but very effective when you want to cast a short distance The next cast I want to show you is the underhand cast Very effective as well But mostly used in situations where you have to cast a bit farther Or if you have to get underneath trees and into very tight spots When you need to get your fly underneath a tree that is hanging over The main thing that separates the underhand cast from the roll cast is- -I will show you the roll cast again, so you will have it fresh in mind Keep your line in the water the whole time and just roll it out Here you lift the line up from the water, place it and then forward again You get more power and it is easier for you to get your loop a lot tighter You can get into positions where you would not have been able to with the roll cast Again. Lift it up, place it and forward With these two casts you can fish a lot of places without the line in the air That was a beast That fish must have been I do not know At least 14 lbs, maybe even 17 lbs It just went upstreams Let’s go and have a look It is impossible to tell how big it is, but I reckon it is a huge fish I cannot see at the moment, we need the sun to come up again Oh yeah, it has actually moved down a little bit He is coming up and he is in an even worse position than before That is like the fish of my dreams The fish of a lifetime God help us It is standing deep, sulking in the shadow I think it is that fish Perfect Now it is turning This big big fish just took my fly This is a good fish

There is one more, it just spooked out another fish This will be a fight This is a very very big fish, I think I think it is the big one we saw before It is just We are going to play its game at the moment Let’s see if we can stop this fish It is going around in circles This is a very very good fish I do not know how big, but it is big You have to remember it is very likely It went around a branch Oh no, it went around a stick It is actually by my feet It is a mega fish, so extremely big Oh man, come on It is still on I need to get out here somewhere It is in the next Oh no, I think it is stuck It is off The leader broke Well, that was a monster fish A very, very, very big fish It broke me off I had to try to stop it, but it is useless with these light leaders That was a Oh, I am stuck That was a big, big, big fish It was a fish of a lifetime Fuck I found a fish in the most impossible spot in the world There are no trees, so it is an easy cast See the tail fin under that green thing? It is a very difficult spot to get a fly out Oh, look at that fish Look at that fish! It is a fresh fish as well It is brand new It goes down to deeper water It is brand new Stand still. Stand still Ok, I thought I should show you what kind of equipment I use It actually is very simple A 6 weight rod with a reel to go with that and a floating line That is my basic set-up for this fishing What I think is quite important, when you fish in a stream like this- -when you have all the trees hanging over and there are tight and difficult spots- -I prefer a line with a short belly, maybe 28 feet to load the rod quickly Get the fly out there Another thing that is important for me is my leader I have a 9 feet fluorocarbon leader and I add about 3 or 4 feet to it I end up with a 12-13 feet leader in a dimension that is 0.24 mm I also think it is very important that it is a pure fluorocarbon leader It sinks better and it is more or less invisible for the fish

That is the basic set-up I got two different types of flies Weighted flies This one has a weight on its head It makes it sink quite fast I control the depth with my floating line I can fish it deep and actually quite high in the water When you use an unweighted fly, it just sinks a lot slower This fly is perfect for ground areas or fish that are higher up in the water Or for a fish that might need a delicate presentation I often change flies when I see how the fish stands in the water If I think the fish is high in the water I probably use an unweighted fly I think it is good to have in mind what you dress up in I prefer to dress very discreetly A jacket without any colours, just a pair of normal waders Nothing that stands out from the environment you fish in I am not going down here in an orange and blue Hawaiian shirt I found a fish down here I do not know how big it is Just outside the branches hanging down that dead branch I need to back out just a little bit Change the fly and give it a go What happened when I changed the fly? The fish moved from straight down here- -to up there. I can still see it, but it is quite far down in the water I will be extremely exposed again, if I go down there A runner is coming It is very close Oh, it is gone I tried to get behind the fish, I thought I was I spooked it anyway Ok, that is life Let’s try and find a new fish I actually found a fish again It could be the same fish as before It is difficult to tell how big it is This time it is in a spot where it is impossible to fish I cannot get below or come from upstream My only chance is to sneak down here It is just standing out there, by the edge of the light Maybe if I climb up that tree The fish is still here The only chance I got is to just drop the fly Yeah, it is on I got it Shit, it is in here Come on, get up I have to get in the water Get out of that branch I have a light tackle, you know Come on! Come on, swim, swim, swim away from me instead! Much better This was actually standing in a totally impossible spot I had to climb up that tree to just get a chance to cast I climbed up that tree and placed my fly I slowly pulled the fly in front of the fish It just came and took it

This is a bad situation There are a lot of branches down here A beautiful fish I have to get in the water to have a chance A beautiful fish as well It is perfectly hooked It is so well anchored That is a pleasant surprise Come on, turn around Got it! What a beauty! The fish has been in the river for a while It is not old, but it has a light tone It is not brand new It is light yellow A little grey fly with a silver head A perfect fly for clear water A beautiful sea trout Fantastic He actually took it, when I was hanging from a tree It is amazing to spot the fish and to get so close This fish was in an impossible place, but I managed to get down off the tree Life is good Let’s release it Fantastic! Is that a salmon or what? – It is a sea trout We managed to get some spectators They probably wondered what I was doing when they saw me climb up the tree With a fishing rod and casting a line out! I am just glad to show them what was going on What can you say? Amazing sea trout sight fishing Hanging from a tree I have no words for it It is just crazy I guess that is what you call a not interested sea trout Subtitles: Daniella Falkman Twedmark