Shaheen Full Character Guide | TEKKEN 7 Season 3

“Nowhere to run!” “SHAHEEN” ♪ SONG: Souq Final Round | A Grain of Sand ~TEKKEN 7 OST Shaheen is one of the brand new characters introduced in Tekken 7 An extremely simple yet powerful character, Shaheen has a strong poking and counter-hit game with emphasis on 50/50 mixups thanks to his dangerous mids and notorious slide If the opponent guesses wrong, Shaheen gets huge rewards off of it with his high combo damage and scary okizeme Shaheen is also blessed with a collection of some of the best generic tools in the game, having an incredible df1, df2, Magic 4 and hopkick His generally low execution and small movelist also make him one of the simplest characters to pick up, but this also means he relies very heavily on the player’s fundamentals Having high combo damage, amazing wallcarry, strong mixup potential, and some of the best generics in the game, Shaheen is among one of the most complete characters and can fit almost any playstyle If you have excellent fundamentals to boot, Shaheen will no doubt be a devastating force to be reckoned with PUNISHMENT ♪ SONG: Battle II ~Octopath Traveler OST Shaheen has an above-average 10 frame punish with his 2, 3 Although this is +3 on hit, transitioning to SNK by holding df puts you at a massive +10 on hit, though nothing is guaranteed From there you can go into fully crouched for a mixup, or use the SNK stance options to beat your opponents attempts to interrupt the said mixup Overall, this is just one of the best 10 frame punishes in the game due to its high damage and strong mixup potential afterwards Shaheen is one of the few characters who actually has an 11 frame punish, though it does the same damage as his 10 frame However, 4,1 is less rewarding at +4 on hit, so it should only be used in situations where the extra range is necessary At 12 frames Shaheen has a knockdown punish with amazing range in his f2, 3 This can reliably punish mid getup kicks and due to its speed and wallsplat property, it also excels when used as a block and whiff punisher at the wall If the opponent doesn’t do a backroll afterwards, you can also get a guaranteed dash up b4 follow-up On block the string jails, but it is unsafe at -12, though this shouldn’t be too much of an issue if it’s used for punishment purposes only Shaheen’s db2, 1 is not only his 14 frame block punisher but also has everything you need in an all-purpose whiff punisher, being a mid with excellent speed and range As the second hit is a non-jailing high, it can be ducked and launched on block, so try to only use this move when you are sure it will hit While the full string is technically unsafe, the pushback nullifies this except at the wall, where you can be punished at -11 Just like f2, 3, it wallsplats and gives a free dash up b4 if the opponent doesn’t backroll If you have Rage, you can instead convert into the Rage Drive from db2 for a full combo, giving you access to a 14 frame launcher We will discuss his Rage Drive later in the Key Moves section fb2 is a much more rewarding 14 frame punisher This is a high that automatically transitions to a side-switching throw on hit for a massive 55 damage While this seems like a much more attractive option, we recommend mostly sticking to the more consistent db2, 1 for 14 frame punishment due to it having much longer range and being a mid, but feel free to use fb2 if you are confident that it will connect Shaheen’s primary launch punisher comes in the form of his infamous hopkick Though it lacks the evasiveness of Claudio’s hopkick, it is still one of the best in the game It boasts massive range, making it very consistent for both block and whiff punishing Since Shaheen doesn’t have a 15 frame launcher from While Standing, this means that the hopkick is also his 15 frame crouch punisher to punish lows Besides for punishment, this is also one of Shaheen’s primary mid options from his full crouch mixup, and it also tracks towards SSL which is his weak side Being a low crushing launcher, it can make for a great panic move as well, though of course, like most other hopkicks, it is -13 on block, so there is naturally a level of risk for doing that Unfortunately after the whiff recovery was nerfed in season 2, so it can no longer be used as a keepout move, thus this role is now served by his df2 We will go into further detail about this hopkick’s use in his full crouch mixup when we talk about his slide later in the Key Moves section Shaheen has a pretty generic 11 frame ws4, at -6 on block and +5 on hit It’s animation is also the same as Shaheen’s df4 but this move has much better frames Overall, this is a pretty unexceptional ws4 aside from its above average range thanks to Shaheen’s long legs

Shaheen has an exceptional 13 frame punish from crouch in his ws3, 3 This does incredible damage, has great range, knocks down, and even wallsplats, making this incredibly rewarding for a 13 frame crouch punisher Since it’s a mid that tracks to his weak side, it can also be used as a mixup option from crouch when you need the extra range or have your opponent’s back to the wall Though at -13 on block, it’s no safer than using his hopkick Shaheen’s While Standing launcher comes in the form of his ws2 This does more damage than his hopkick while still boasting equally massive range Unfortunately being 16 frames fast means you’ll only be punishing big lows such as those that recover staggered when blocked, since hopkick is your fastest launcher from crouch ws2 can also be used as a high risk option from his full crouch mixup, but you’ll be taking quite the gamble as it’s launch punishable on block at -17 KEY MOVES ♪ SONG: The Desert and the Huge Clock Country ~Bravely Default OST Shaheen is blessed with one of the best generic df1s in the game In terms of its frame data, it’s pretty normal at -1 on block and +5 on hit However, what makes this stand out is its range, tracking and incredibly generous hitbox Since it is only -1 on block, you are still left with many follow-up options afterwards This can be stepped to the left, which is Shaheen’s weak side, though it has to be timed quite well and is especially difficult at tip range Even then, it is quite hard for the opponent to get a big punish due to how fast it recovers This is easily Shaheen’s best tool at close range and is just one of his best moves in general d2 is a mid that has great range and tracks towards Shaheen’s weak side It is fairly evasive, being able to go under many highs, though do note that it is not a true high crush While it is a little slow, its range and tracking makes it a pretty decent neutral tool, though not one to be used too often On hit, it’s incredibly rewarding at +8, which allows for a standing mixup between d4, which cannot be backdashed, and b3 which can’t be backdashed, stepped or interrupted due to the frame advantage Both these options on hit allow you to continue enforcing your pressure This is a great move to use against opponents that like to use safe, fast recovering highs as keepout moves to stop you getting in The linchpin of Shaheen’s offensive gameplan is his slide, a knockdown low with incredible range that gives a guaranteed followup SNK 4 for a huge chunk of damage However, it is only accessible from his crouch dash, which can only be input when he’s already in the fully crouched state Since Shaheen is automatically put into SNK after the slide, you can also simply cancel out of it to go for another FC mixup instead of taking the guaranteed SNK 4 follow-up There are two key mechanics at play which make this mixup so strong: Firstly, the window for entering the slide is incredibly large, which allows for great variety of use For example, you can input rapidly to catch your opponent off guard, or purposely let the crouch dash startup animation play to make your opponent panic and freeze up Secondly, the crouch dash animation can be cancelled into full crouch or while standing moves at any point during the animation, which gives you access to a great variety of mids including his hopkick, ws2, ws1, etc This means that the mixup is completely ambiguous for the opponent Also helpful is that like most advanced movement options, Shaheen’s crouch dash realigns himself with the opponents, making the timing to sidestep ambiguous as well Your opponents’ options are limited to mids, since you will go under highs and the crouch dash input motion will automatically buffer a low parry Holding the second df input allows you to get the most travel distance and longest possible delay on the slide, but it will make you slightly more vulnerable to being sidewalked Do note though that if the slide is blocked, the opponent can pick you up for a float combo These are some of Shaheen’s options from crouch dash: Slide: which beats sidestep and sidewalk right Hopkick: a mid which beats sidestep left ws1: a CH tool to punish attempts at floating the previous options, beats SSR, and is safe ws4: A low risk mid that can beat attempts to interrupt with fast mids ws2: A high risk, high reward launcher that requires a well-timed SSL to avoid Ws3, 3: Shaheen’s longest range mid available, which wallsplats and tracks towards SSL Uf3: Shaheen’s orbital. A safe low crushing mid launcher, but is also seeable by sharp players at 25 frames Generally, FC mixups are not challenged with lows, which somewhat limits this move’s usefulness Block & SS: Some opponents can get very frustrated with this mixup,

and may attempt to avoid it entirely by challenging you with high risk moves If you sense your opponent is getting frustrated, remember that you can always threaten with the initial crouch dash motion, and then block or sidestep into the background to see what they will do Even if you aren’t rewarded with a punishment opportunity, the information you gain about your opponent can be valuable in the decision making the next time round Remember to pay attention and learn your opponent’s tendencies It is important to familiarize yourself with the various methods of entering SNK and FC in order to make best use of Shaheen’s slide, but remember that you aren’t limited to these options At any range in which the slide is a threat, you can use the crouch dash motion to threaten your opponent and prevent them from getting comfortable Shaheen’s magic 4 is fast at 11 frames and also possesses great range, making it one of his key defensive options However, unlike other characters, the 4 by itself does not combo on counter hit and requires committing to the extensions to get the full combo These are the available extensions: 4, 1 is a double high string and is the most commonly thrown out option This is also the only one out of the 3 that is a natural combo on normal hit If the first hit lands as a counterhit, this then grants a full combo Due to this being a non jailing high string, the second hit can be ducked and punished on reaction, though this is much easier said than done due to the move’s speed and fast recovery 4, 3 is another double high string that also grants a full combo on counterhit As it isn’t a natural combo, you can be ducked and launched even on hit, making this a risky and unattractive option However, due to the second hit coming out much slower than 4, 1, this can occasionally catch people who flash duck and pre-maturely try to punish, granting Shaheen a counterhit launch regardless 4, 4 is the only option in which the second hit is a mid, thus this can be used to dissuade opponents from ducking 4, 1 or 4, 3 On hit this knocks down, granting Shaheen a guaranteed b4 follow-up If the first hit lands as a counterhit, however, you lose the guaranteed b4 Naturally being a mid mixup, it is unsafe at -13 on block, so make sure to use this carefully depending on how conditioned your opponent is on ducking the 4 string b3 is one of Shaheen’s pressure mids and a good all-round poke This is a pseudo Mishima f4, though definitely not nearly as good On block it is neutral, but it leaves the opponent in crouch, limiting their options and movement On normal hit its properties remain the same, only now with 3 frames of advantage On counterhit, this knocks down, granting a free follow-up b4 This move is fairly linear, so it can be a quite risky to use in the neutral However, it works especially well after a wall combo since it will both beat get-up kick attempts and also techrolling Shaheen has one of the better generic df2s in the game Just like other generic df2s, this launches a standing opponent but not a crouching opponent This is one of Shaheen’s best keepout tools due to its speed and fast recovery on whiff, making this a low risk yet highly rewarding move This can thus be used to dissuade opponents from trying to rush in, keeping the opponent in the ideal range for Shaheen to punish whiffs with moves like his hopkick or db2, 1 While it is safe on block, you basically lose your turn at -7, though it will beat sidestep left, which is Shaheen’s weak side, so you can use this to dissuade steppers, while still remaining relatively safe Being Shaheen’s fastest safe launcher also makes it a great close-range whiff punisher after a sidestep, when you are not 100% sure that the hopkick will connect Shaheen’s df4 is fairly generic This is a 14 frame mid with decent range and leaves a nice distance on block to maintain space control or set up for a whiff punish Unsurprisingly, this isn’t super rewarding on hit at only +2, and is also very linear, so it’s best used to space out opponents that aren’t stepping, or as a quick, long range round ender ws1 is one of Shaheen’s low risk options from crouch It’s reasonably fast at 14 frames, is quite good on block at only -2, and on counterhit even gives +12, granting guaranteed and easily hit confirmable follow-ups in 2, 3 or f2, 3 This also has surprisingly decent range meaning that this is a fantastic low risk option from his full crouch mixup to catch interrupt attempts However, it can also be stepped to the left fairly easily Since you can wallsplat with f2, 3 after a counterhit, this move does wonders to force your opponent to freeze up at the wall and not press buttons while you are in FC, giving you the much needed space to enforce your mixup b4 is Shaheen’s primary ground hitting tool This is a bit like a knockoff demon steel pedal, though unfortunately it’s launch punishable on block, so can’t be used out in the open As it is a ground-hitting counter-hit launcher, its primary purpose is as an okizeme tool, but it isn’t really useful for much else

Shaheen’s f3+4 is a double mid string that doesn’t really have many uses out in the open, but is instead used mostly as a combo ender If you do land it out in the open, it gives 5 frames of advantage and forces crouch If you go into SNK, you get +13, giving a guaranteed SNK cancel d4 or ws4 However, its primary use is typically as a combo ender, since it gives incredible okizeme These are some good options after f3+4 in a combo: If the opponent does anything other than staying on the ground, a SNK cancel ws3 will catch them If they prefer staying on the ground, crouch cancelling into a b4 will hit them while they are grounded If your opponent likes to use get-up kicks, you can use a SNK cancel ws1 to get a counterhit for a nice chunk of damage If your opponent is more hesitant, you can SNK cancel into crouch to enforce your full crouch mixup Thus, while f3+4 isn’t exactly a good neutral tool, this is a fantastic combo ender that complements Shaheen’s 50/50 mixups and pressure b1 is Shaheen’s only useful plus on block mid While it is slow and fairly linear, it gives +1 on block and forces crouch If you hold down afterwards, you can recover in crouch yourself, allowing you to go for a FC mixup, or use ws4 or ws1 to catch attempts to interrupt it Shaheen’s only semi-useful string comes from his 1 jab, which on it’s own has decent range and is otherwise generic, at +1 on block and +8 on hit 1, 2 is a natural combo with slightly worse frames at -1 on block and +5 on hit There are three extensions available from this, however they can be tricky to use The main strengths of this string are that all options are delayable and track to both sides, so they can prove useful against trigger-happy opponents or those that like to step after 1, 2 1, 2, 2 is a delayable counterhit fishing string in which the third hit is a mid The whole string is natural if the first or second hit land as a counterhit, and if the third lands as a counterhit on its own, it thens grant a full combo Due to how delayable the string is, this is a great way to test your opponent’s patience While this isn’t safe, at -11 it’s not too risky to use every once in a while considering the possible reward 1, 2, 3 is the only safe option from Shaheen’s 1, 2 string The third hit is high, and you can transition into SNK by holding df afterwards You almost always want to do this, as it goes from -8 on block and +3 on hit to -1 on block and +10 on hit The entire string is guaranteed on a backturned opponent, and a SNK cancel into ws3, 3 is guaranteed on most characters, making this your go-to punish for certain moves that recover backturned 1, 2, 4 is the only option from Shaheen’s 1, 2 string that knocks down and wallsplats on normal hit, but its also the only one that isn’t a natural combo on counter-hit Its use case is pretty similar to 1, 2, 2, though it is far more rewarding at the wall than out in the open While it is unsafe on block at -13, the pushback does make it impossible for certain characters to punish, making it quite useful in a few matchups Be careful when delaying this option, as this does make it steppable to the right Shaheen’s Running 2 is one of his wall bounce moves On block, this grants 6 frames of advantage, and is Shaheen’s only other plus on block mid aside from b1 Unfortunately, this move is quite slow and ridiculously linear, making it fairly weak for a pressure tool This is best used at the wall due to its wallbounce property and reduced pushback, though even then this move isn’t exactly a great tool to throw out most of the time Shaheen’s only powercrush comes in the form of his ff4 This is a reasonably fast high that knocks down and also wall bounces This move is best used at the sweet spot where you are close enough to the wall to get a wallbounce, but also far enough away that its pushback renders it safe, as it is -11 on block In the neutral, this can also be used as a “get off me” tool, due to its armor and pushback, but do note that being a high, it can be ducked, and is also very weak to sidestep left Shaheen’s go-to homing move is df3, a mid with incredible range and a decently fast startup speed On hit, it gives a ballerina stun for huge frame advantage and also wallsplats While it is safe on block, at -9 your turn is effectively over Be aware of the very large recovery animation which makes it easy to punish heavily on whiff This move helps to cover the linearity gap in Shaheen’s wall game, as most of his best moves at the wall can be stepped fairly easily As a bonus, it will also instantly screw airborne opponents on hit for a float combo f4 is a faster, safer and more damaging homing option The main caveats with this move however, are that it is a high, meaning it can be ducked, and it also has shorter range than df3

On hit, it knocks down and grants a guaranteed dash up b4 Similar to df3, it will also instantly screw airborne opponents It’s also occasionally useful as a keepout move due to the short recovery animation f3 is the slowest homing move Shaheen has This is a low crushing mid that has great range and grants 6 frames of advantage on hit It is also the most rewarding option on counterhit, as it gives a full combo While this is decent, its slow speed makes it a little susceptible to getting floated out of, so its use case is a little situational d3 is a quick, high crushing low with great range that tracks to both sides While it is neutral on hit and recovers in crouch, you can also transition into SNK at +4 on hit While this low is very useful, it is at best -14 on block if you SNK cancel perfectly If you don’t cancel it perfectly, you can potentially get launched on block, depending on your execution Despite this, d3 is still Shaheen’s best low poke from standing, so make sure to utilise it well Shaheen’s d4 is slower than d3 and lacks the high crushing properties, but it is safer at -12 on block and gives +1 on hit It is one of the few ways for Shaheen to reliably collect frame advantage in the neutral It has similar damage and range as d3, but due to its lack of high crush and slower speed, d3 is still the generally preferred low Shaheen’ d3+4 is basically a generic d4 This is a high crushing low with great tracking that is incredibly fast but does low damage Thanks to Shaheen’s long legs, this has more range than your typical d4 and is even unpunishable by many characters when blocked at tip range Just like other d4s, this is just a great low poke to annoy your opponent and close out rounds Shaheen only has a single command throw in his df1+4, which is a 1+2 break Despite being his only command throw, this is actually quite decent due to the knockdown position, giving Shaheen some decent okizeme afterwards These are some of the okizeme options available to you after the throw: If they try to stand up immediately, doing an immediate db2, 1 will beat this If they hold back to wake up, doing an immediate df3 will catch them If they decide to stay on the ground, you can get a dash up b4 instead If they decide to sideroll, you can do a dash up d3 These okizeme options make this a slightly above average 1+2 command throw Shaheen’s only stance comes in the form of Stealth Step, or more commonly known as SNK In SNK, Shaheen gains access to several new moves There are 2 ways to enter this stance: You can either tap df twice to manually enter SNK, or hold df after certain moves to transition into it, which should be your primary way of accessing SNK These are the following moves that can transition into SNK: 3, df 2, 3, df 1, 2, 3, df db2, df f3+4, df d3, df f2, 4,df And his Rage Drive Do note that while in SNK, you are completely vulnerable since you cannot block However, you can cancel out of SNK by holding db during the animation This will automatically put you into crouch, giving you access to your While Standing moves or a full crouch mixup This is especially important as it makes the stance far more ambiguous, rather than just limiting Shaheen to his SNK moves As such, while most SNK moves aren’t exactly threatening, the stance being cancellable is what makes it dangerous You can also go straight into stand block from a cancelled SNK transition, making some moves safer than if you didn’t transition to SNK at all Let’s now get into the SNK moves, of which there are 6 SNK 1 is a 12 frame high that gives +12 on counterhit for a free 2, 3 or f2, 3, similar to ws1 This kind of acts like a pseudo jab to test how willing your opponent is to challenge the stance, since this is the fastest option out of it Overall, this heavily varies in usefulness depending on your frame advantage or disadvantage when entering SNK SNK 2 is a 15f mid with an evasive hitbox This move can be more useful when transitioning to sneak without frame advantage as it will beat jabs and most fast high interrupt attempts, though it is not a true high crush Thankfully, this is safe at -9, and even has fairly decent tracking, being able to beat sidesteps to either direction Though do note that it can still be sidewalked SNK 3 is the only launching option out of SNK This is a mid that automatically switches sides on hit for a full combo, and is virtually identical to his ff3 While this is very rewarding, it is unsafe at -12, and can be sidewalked even if you enter SNK at a massive frame advantage This is most often used in combos, since this is Shaheen’s highest damage combo ender, making it an ideal choice if you are not going for the wall

SNK 4 is a fast, decently tracking low poke It is very punishable at -15, though this is covered somewhat by the threat of the high follow-up, SNK 4, 1, that will instantly screw attempts to punish Even though SNK 4 on it’s own gives a guaranteed followup with b4 on CH, the risk-reward with this move is considerably not in Shaheen’s favour, so this is seldom used outside of combos, where SNK 4, 1 is a primary screw move SNK 1+2 is a tackle and the only throw out of SNK This isn’t super useful as it’s pretty easy to break since it cannot be cancelled and he doesn’t have any other throws out of SNK Just like an Ultimate Tackle, this is broken with 1+2 or 2 Overall, this is just a fairly gimmicky move that doesn’t really have any decent use case SNK 3+4 is both the only power low and the only true high crush out of SNK Unfortunately, it’s very slow and even seeable by sharp players at 26 frames On block it’s also incredibly unsafe at -19, making it launch punishable by the entire roster The only merits to this move are that it high crushes, knocks down on hit and gives a minicombo on counter-hit for a decent chunk of damage However, due to its incredibly high risk for it’s relatively small reward, this move is generally not recommended to be used The final key moves worth mentioning are Shaheen’s Rage Art and Rage Drive Shaheen’s Rage Art has generic properties and is pretty unexceptional This is an armored mid that is incredibly unsafe on block and does a huge chunk of damage on hit Shaheen’s Rage Drive combos naturally from his db2, so can be used as both a 14f launching block punisher and an excellent whiff punishment tool as well Unfortunately since the second hit of the rage drive is a non-jailing high without a mid option to mix it up with, there is no reason for the opponent not to duck and launch if it is blocked, meaning it can’t be used as a pressure tool If your opponent is asleep at the wheel and blocks the second hit instead of ducking it, you can transition to SNK at +19 for a SNK mixup, or from there cancel the stance at +8 for a full crouch mixup instead It can also be used to screw an additional time in a combo for some crazy wallcarry Overall, this Rage Drive is best used for punishment only GAMEPLAN ♪ SONG: Last Surprise ~Persona 5 OST Shaheen is a very well-rounded and fundamentals focused character Thanks to his great generic tools, Shaheen can fit nearly anyone’s playstyle, while his low execution barrier and simple combo routes make him very approachable as well His excellent 50/50 pressure is the main driving force for his offence, while his good all round punishment and excellent magic 4 also makes him well-suited to a defensive playstyle However, while his 50/50 is strong and rewarding, it can sometimes take a lot of conditioning to utilise as Shaheen lacks good approach tools, plus-frame moves or damaging lows from standing This can mean that when facing a more defensive turtling opponent, Shaheen can be forced to take risks to open them up, and can struggle to make comebacks His small movelist can also be a hindrance, as he lacks any abusable strings or gimmicks, so players will need to rely on solid fundamentals to succeed with the character In the neutral, Shaheen relies a lot on simple pokes like df1 or d3 up close Effective use of df1 can do wonders to limit an opponent’s movelist to fast moves, and can also be used to set up whiff punishment opportunities when combined with Shaheen’s above-average sidestep d3 is the go-to low poke in the neutral, due to it’s incredible range and tracking Make sure to use the transition into SNK to test their patience, which is extremely helpful in order to start setting up your full crouch offense In the neutral, you should always be paying close attention to your opponents’ movement patterns Since many of Shaheen’s key moves can be sidestepped or sidewalked to the left, be sure to dissuade them from trying to step him with tracking moves like df3 If your opponent is constantly stepping to the left, you can even gamble with a hopkick for potentially huge rewards If your opponent is being predictable with their approach timing, try to use df2 to catch them out Shaheen’s defence is also incredibly strong just outside the range of his df1, thanks to his great whiff punishment tools like his hopkick or db2, 1, and his magic 4 string which can make opponents very hesitant to push buttons

This is enhanced further when Shaheen gains Rage, as his Rage Drive can be used to punish any small mistake very heavily Once you catch your opponent out with your df2, magic 4, or make any successful block or whiff punish, it’s time to go in Make sure to follow up every combo, advantageous SNK transition or knockdown by going straight for the FC pressure This is your best chance to collect damage, and you shouldn’t waste it this is the backbone of his offense and what makes him such a formidable character As previously mentioned in the Key Moves section when we discussed his slide, Shaheen has many options to enforce or maintain his pressure, and your opponent has to take a big risk to avoid it when using it in an advantageous situation ws4 and ws1 are good fast mid options to dissuade your opponent from attempting to interrupt or challenge the mixup Once they become more patient, you can begin to go in with his slide or other power mids like his hopkick or ws2 If you don’t want to take such a risk, you can simply block at any given time as well or just stick to the previously mentioned low risk options What you choose to do from Shaheen’s crouch dash depends very heavily on what you think your opponent’s tendencies are, and should be changed accordingly based on how they choose to adapt when facing the mixup Naturally, going for a more rewarding option also means it is more risky if the opponent guesses the mixup correctly, so it is important to weigh your options and risk to reward ratio properly before deciding what to do Shaheen has an above-average wall-game, due to simply having good wallsplatting moves and high damage wall combos Unlike many characters, when you reach the wall as Shaheen it’s often better to take it down a notch and instead go on the defensive, since you now gain especially large rewards from most of his whiff and block punishment options Db2, 1, f2, 3 and ws3, 3 all wallsplat, and Shaheen can use f2, 3 to wallsplat after a CH ws1, snk 1 or (1, 2), 2 For Shaheen’s full crouch offense, ws3, 3 replaces hopkick as your mid option at the wall, since it also fully tracks to SSL, but has greater range and will wallsplat Shaheen’s FC pressure is at it’s best at the wall when you’re at the tip range of ws3, 3, as here you can also use it as a fast, hugely damaging whiff punisher while staying out of range of most mid pokes or panic moves which your opponent may want to use to interrupt the pressure Be especially ready to pull the trigger in this situation Shaheen is a very basic yet flexible character His low execution makes him easy to pick up for newcomers to the game, while his great generics and simple gameplan make him a popular choice for players with good fundamentals, particularly as a tournament character, where those qualities are especially desirable Shaheen is a character that will be as good as you are a player, and can let you drop some of the burden of learning your character to instead focus more on learning Tekken Despite the lack of a decent approach tool, his full crouch mixup being so ambiguous makes his offence still incredibly dangerous, albeit risky His above average punishment, great pokes, and decent keepout tools also make him suitable for a defensive playstyle as well In many ways, Shaheen is one of the best examples of a “Jack of all trades”, being so well rounded in nearly everything that makes a character strong, with a slight emphasis on poking and 50/50s When paired with a player with good fundamentals, Shaheen is no doubt one of the most formidable characters in Tekken 7 COMBOS ♪ SONG: Last Surprise ~Persona 5 OST Hey everyone, thank you all for watching this video guide on Shaheen

For some bonus information that was not included in the video, please check the description for the extra notes listed There is also a link to a written document of the script used for this video in case you need it I’d also like to shout out some amazing people who made this video possible Firstly, massive shoutout to Joey, a great UK Tekken player who wrote the large majority of the script and helped to co-narrate this video with me I was honestly pretty hands off in terms of writing this time thanks to his amazing work on the script, and this video definitely would not have been made as quickly or as efficiently without him Secondly, a shoutout to Wayne, who previously had worked with me on the Claudio guide He also served as a minor co-writer for the script, and was also the one that kind of gave me the push to make this guide when I was still contemplating it, so in a way he was directly responsible for making this video happen Another shoutout to Tecklee, who created and constantly refined the Tekken Input Generator app to help speed up the combo notation making process, which I first started using for the Claudio guide Finally, another big thanks to Sean, who has continuously supported this channel with great music like the one playing right now, as well as captioning several of the other character guides like this one All of their social media links will be in the description below, so do give them a follow Please also follow me on Twitter and join the Discord server if you’d like Thanks once again for watching, and I’ll talk to you guys in the next one Take care! ♪ SONG: Skyline ~Prod. By RaiN