The Journey Begins ! | God of War #3 |

And welcome to another episode of God of War We are about to began our journey as you know This poor…Oh don’t do that, You might fall Whoa…Whoa…Whoa…Whoa The earthquakes have started to come now..Oh whoa..He seems to be awake We have to go from here only right? It might be better if we do not have to go from over here, Is my kid coming? Hey kid…I guess he is not coming, Let us push on Exactly No..No Climbed up on me huh, Why can’t he walk on his own…? Lol my kid is just like me This place is shaking up a lot Well we are saved somehow We both are saved man, I am telling you Cause that dude was just some next level He was no joke at all…I guess we are going from here itself Let’s go man Climb up I understood…Oh well that is nice Now that dude won’t be coming back anyways, I broke his neck through and through For all those people who do not know, We are Carrying our wives ashes To the top of the mountains and that is pretty much our story What is this thing by the way? Oh god are they giving us puzzles too? What did i pick up? Take that there Let me try something else over from here man You don’t worry..See i told you…..I would find something Of course Man his voice So now they are going to keep us giving puzzles now, So basically this has now transformed into Shadow of the Tomb Raider Right brothers? That is the thing right? Try running as fast as me first Why are we climbing up by the way? Oh whoa i am Wait a minute I can hit this right? Well that did not do anything…Except that might come off as a loss to me later He is a full on monkey now Yes? Totally Do not scare me just like that now That one dude was pretty much enough for us now We saved ourselves somehow from that So we can climb up but Oh well i grabbed the chain here anyways That’s cool Well if i grabbed the chain here then what was the need for me to climb..? Oh well no issues, We shouldn’t ramble our brains this much Let’s just keep on climbing up quietly We are just a monkey as of now but i am sure we will be in a fight pretty soon I get the feeling that it might happen…OH good god..That is awesome Just look at the view Do not push him all right…Or fall down yourself First let me just beak this up now So if i am doing this

My own kid will turn on me and say that his dad has gone bonkers Won’t he? If i start doing like this over here He will definitely say that his dad has totally gone crazy “Dad you have gone completely crazy let me just look up towards the mountain…” “I don’t know who that is….” Come on kid “Dad has completely gone bonkers..” All right kid come on quickly now..It is time for us to fight This is no joke that is going on around here…It is a serious task Hey whoa These dudes have a good timing of coming at the right time Oh god where am i hitting..? Oh whoa Hit them…Hit Pista…Or whatever that is Get them…Get them…Get them…Get them You keep at it I am coming now And bam This is not your scene boy Here i come and bam again And this…And this This…How you liking it? Having fun? These bad and dirty zombies There we go They are dead…They are dead…Is that all…? That dude is shooting them full of arrows man…Awesome This is awesome..He is helping me out a bit I do not know what i keep on picking up but It must be something nice Oh missiles I am coming now son..Take that you Speak now…Speak now Had fun? This one died early That’s a good move…That’s nice What? Oh god Wait a minute Let me just transform into that What is it called..? Let me get used to the shield now I mean are these zombies like ever going to stop coming or just Oh my good god Wait a minute Come at me one by one now you assholes Oh i am dead…I am dead…I am dead…I am dead..Running away Oh kid you handle it…I can’t now Take care of it…Take care of it…Take care of it Get them….Get them….Get them….Get them But even my kid is dying Oh no…Not like this Not like this..Not like this I am going to kill you both at the same time…As everybody else Take that brother Come on now you…Come on Getting troubled huh..? I thought you used to say pista (I only subtitle the vids he makes the jokes just FYI…) That’s nice…I needed the health Where are those coming from now..? Oh right From over there huh..Wait a sec now you Wait for now you…Let me run away for a bit now Dude there are like so many here How many…How many…How many of you are here by the way? Take that you first…Just tear..Tear..Just get torn away Aren’t there too many of you guys? Aren’t there too many of you guys..? Keep on hitting them Whatever you are saying you can….Just keep on hitting them Oh god He is dead..Oh wait..He is not Wait a minute..I am not hitting it correctly Hit him..Hit him..Hit him…Keep on hitting him You keep on hitting him kid Keep on hitting him, I am telling you pista God he is too weak i guess So i can just keep them frozen forever huh That might be handy Wait now I am gonna get ya Did he get frozen..? He dodged it Run away kid…Kid just run away Run with me..Just run Just run Thank you This is very difficult dude Oh now i can go into rage mode Awesome Oh wait a minute..Wait a minute Oh whoa whoa…You natista or patista What is this? Why is he calling me sir? Awesome Awesome..Awesome Well that’s cool and all

Now tell me where are we going..? Over here? There must be something secret that is yet for me to find Take whatever there is Health is what i needed, I was dying from all the combat back there Let’s go man Hey kid You should really keep on following me all the time, We have to go over here Take this too..Just keep on picking up whatever we are getting And you just climb up on me like a monkey already Don’t give me zombies, Give me someone bigger to fight with Not these small zombies Run..Come on…Run Why are you scaring me…You are just Come here…You wanna mess with me..? You wanna mess with me.. ? You wanna mess with me? Come on Come on now i am gonna punch kill you Liked that? Why does he not die? Awesome..Now i can…Now i can enter rage mode Just give me some dudes to fight with now i can just go into rage mode and kick their asses Open it…See what is in it Is this attack’s name I have found a new what do you call it, An attack Did you find one..? No you did not Lol, He looks sad He just got sad..All right man..Pick it up Wait a minute You are jealous..You are jealous aren’t you? This was awesome by the way Of course..Let’s go You seem in a hurry What? He is going to die He..There he goes I am heavy too I am heavy too kid Good Now we both fall Oh my god There’s a whole army behind us Where have we came? Oh stupid person Stop now..Stop now…Stop now..Wait Stop now You guys are going to be introduced to hell You guys are going to be meeting hell Wait guys…Get them…Get them…Get them Get them..Oh everyone is awake now Take this first..Wait a minute This is our chance Now come at me…Screw you guys..Now this is gonna be fun It is going to be fun now How do you like that? Oh that ended pretty quickly That rage mode ended quickly Break them now only…Just break them now only Oh whoa…No stop My ax has gone in Take that first had fun..? Oh god They are hitting my son There is a much loud noise here I can’t hit them every time huh..? I can do it in some time gaps This this this this..Classic move That is a hell of a move there Broke down everything Come here you Eat some punches first Oh good god My front and the back side is clear now right? Let’s go…Let’s go…Let’s go…Let’s go There we go My kid is on the right track Get them…Get them…Get them God i just broke their jaws huh..? They really don’t have it in me…? No one can stand tough in front of me Later Get your ax..Where did my ax go? Take that I..I get tense when they come in groups..Oh whoa I should probably use this when they come in groups The power of hell

Why is he just standing there? Ge him..Get him Get him..Get him..Get him..Awesome..Awesome He will just keep on making those noises but he won’t hit us We killed many here..I guess we have to climb down I guess we do There Tell me what is written on it…? Nice Where…? Where..? Oh my good god Get him..Whatever that is..Get him Oh god he seems strong too..He seems pretty strong Oh i am saved Wait a minute…Get him Keep on doing that “”pista” “pusta” stuff, Do whatever you are doing Get him..Get him Oh god…Why do i keep turning…? Wait..Wait..Wait…Wait…Wait How was i doing that now…? Did it…! Oh good god There you go..There you go That is how we do it We are going correct Get him son..What are you doing..? Get him..Get him..Get him No worries…No worries…No worries That much..That much i can handle Oh my god What are these guys doing..? I am dead..I am dead Even the little dude must be like he keeps teaching me but he is dead himself I know You just be ready You do your job Yeah…You are ready right…? Doe he say father or does he say its name? Stay there dude Stay there i am telling you Oh he is dying quickly this way Just stay there man i am telling you I am telling you There we go There we go…There we go These guys too I might have to run Run away..Gt him kid Oh now they are after my kid Leave my kid alone And leave me alone too No not father…You save me first Oh whoa…They are going after my son Wait now..Do not hit my son There are too many These are tough thugs here Get them…Get them…Get them…You are doing all right My ax is not affecting them at all Well i am Take that first Get them…Keep on hitting them..Keep on hitting them Just keep on hitting them with the bow and arrow Wait..Wait…Wait Oh i have to save him now Oh whoa You take that first How did you like that? I have to increase my health first Oh god….Were these guys thugs or what..? What happened? He is tired from now? Son..Do not get tired this soon Look at me…Look at me Come..Let’s jump Oh right here…Come on then Phew..That was close Who is that..? Is that a ghost? Who is singing those songs..? Songs Someone is singing songs here Let me kill him first only

I literally do not trust anyone else That is why i am killing them before hand..But they will still get up anyways Oh god who is singing those songs man? I will just enter rage mode as soon as someone comes Screw you man Get him What? Take that first Take my rage mode first..Oh where did it go? Quickly “Fista” that quickly Where are you hitting? Oh what was that? Oh screw you man..I am running for you right now Oh god she is taking me for a ride Is she a witch..What is she? You..You…Just die Very good son You keep on doing that Keep on doing that..She is running away from us now Get her…Get her…Get her…Get her Oh whoa…Whoa…Whoa…God she is getting us Hit her..Hit her Kill it son Oh i am dead Oh brother I am leaving it up to you Get him Keep on hitting him…Keep on hitting him Oh god What was that man? Yeah this is hard So i guess my plan to use my rage mode at that time was not correct then i guess Quickly Very good…Very good Very good…I will land a few from here too Screw you…Oh she dodged us Get her..Get her..Get her…There we go Had fun..? Speak now Tell me now..Had fun? Get him..Keep on hitting him Oh she is really going to town on me here Get her…Get her…Get her…Get her Take that..Take that..Take that Oh i am getting the hang of it now Very good…It is working now…Keep on hitting her Very good..She is gone She’s gone…She’s gone…She’s gone…She’s gone Oh no No..No..No..No Kill her Very good..Very good She’s dead…She’s dead…She’s dead…She’s dead Awesome well we did kill her we should have used our rage mode I got something orange from that It would have been better if we would have used it I can use my XP to improve my skills right? I do need to improve my skills There..? Wait we shall see Let’s purchase this and let us purchase this too Awesome…I do not seem to have the XP for this All right let us continue…What were you looking up there son? He was saying whats up there right..? Well we have to go over here right…What? There is something over here Follow your dad son Oh good god..All of a sudden There you go..There you go…How do you like that? Had fun? Destroyed him Of course..If he messes with me i will kill him He came out of nowhere..He just did…See these guys i do not trust They are going to get up one by one I am telling you for sure Oh my god You keep on getting them Let me change into rage mode This is too much now There we go…There we go My rage mode is going to end pretty soon No There we go…Now why you ain’t talking..? There we go..Now i am understanding a bit Now i can Now that i can play off more nicely it is getting more fun now Keep hitting them…Keep hitting them…Keep hitting them Amazing Now i am getting the entire thing Now i can…Both of our skills Can be combined…Is that for you? What is that like a scroll? Come on let us go over here…We have to go over here

Ohh what is this..? I can enter rage mode again Take it…Take it But how will this open..? What is the way to open this..? Oh my health is full i do not need this What is that thing…? Oh what is that thing…? Now i understood So if i collect them the chest will open right..? But where..Oh there it is One more The third one must be here only Oh stupid Aim a bit higher Science is being applied here too But where is the third one..? We might have to look for it The third one should be near here somewhere For this..Oh right Come on kid Oh there is the last one no..? It is the remaining one i guess Right there Right there..It’s pretty far away Wait now..Let me break this first Come on Come on “boy” Come on “boy” “”Boy” Come on “boy” What’s going on over here then? There seems to be no noise or anything over here Where…Oh it is right there…See Yes of course Let’s go…Let’s go…Let’s go…Let’s go…Let’s go We might find something nice here Might find something nice…Might find A new attack Probably Something is better then nothing so Oh no the frozen people are back here again Hit him..Hit him..Hit him There we go…There we go Well you will…You have to work on that What working dude…Nothing is working over here All right so my ax does not seem to be working on him Good…Good…Good…Good Feel my punches then My punches are working then..Come on then Take that son Broke him man…Completely shattered his face That was cool Why was my ax not working though? I think i might have to upgrade my ax then i guess Then it might work…So what is the deal with this then..? How will this open..? Oh my I can just keep on hitting them like this..I do not have any other option Oh god these are like way too many controls No…I am saved Very good..Keep on hitting them son Keep on hitting them son…Keep on hitting them son Very good..This was the chance It will be fun now Take that…Oh whoa..They are gone They just fell down Wait a minute Wait a minute Oh god there are too many of them Just wait please They are dead….They are dead….They are dead Oh god This is a shit ton of confusion right now So these guys are emitting fire That’s the thing huh Now what…Had fun? I am just hitting everything whatever is in front of me Going great Tear him up Just tear him up from the middle..Awesome Oh my god…Too much confusion for me to handle Too much of confusion Let me take that first Now come at me COMEEEEE I like rage mode so much I like rage mode so much Was that it..? I can’t turn off rage mode by myself? Can’t i? Wrong…That was the wrong time for to me turn my rage mode on Totally

But our work is done so we cannot do anything now But how can i break that? Like that That was useless Let’s go man Well this was just pretty simple Well you are just a kid now so it is not possible for you Take it They all are lying around dead For me Exactly Good point Let’s open it Looks like the main bad guy might walk in What? What.? What? No…No…No…No All right..All right look..There we go…How do you like that? How do you like that? Surprised huh..? I really surprised you didn’t i? Yeah..Yeah of course Totally…Totally…Totally…Amateurs Oh my god Who is that now..? He died in one blow What? Hey Who..? Who are these people? Anyone else? Is there anyone else? I am gonna hit you in your head..There you go No Who is this? Oh no..My kid Good…Good So his name is “atr”..something right? You are safe right? That kid did great What happened? Our kid is getting stronger Very good But why is he crying? He killed A human…Is that why..? God look at those thumbs His face is covered with just his thumbs Oh god…Who are these people? Oh god what is that? They are changing Come at me now…Had fun..? Had fun..? Had fun..? Had fun..? HAD FUN? LATERRRR Wait now Oh god where did i get stuck..? oh good god Oh so he won’t hit anyone now? Why isn’t he shooting his arrows? All right so this is not having any affect on this one..But it is affecting his minions Come on…Come on..Come on now How..? How…Didn’t i surprise you? Surprised you, Didn’t i? Surprised you didn’t i? I surprised them An amateur..He was just an amateur in front of me Exactly So that means that the humans Only turn into these monsters..There are no other life forms The humans are the one who keep on changing That’s the thing huh He said drop the chain didn’t he? Oh god..These controls are so hard to understand…I keep on forgetting

What button does what…During the fights In general i do remember everything else…This This…This..This…THIS Even my kid must be thinking that i have gone crazy again I am coming up Do not..Oh what? Drop the chain man….Oh wait…I will tell him to drop that chain Drop it..Drop it I am getting the feeling that someone is going to grab him The…The chain Exactly Someone is going to grab you i guess….Don’t stay there There we go There we go That;s cool man, Just drop the chain Drop the chain man..Do it quickly Do i have to fight more of these..? These bad zombies..? Do i? Are these the zombies that will be there for me to fight against? I mean give me someone big to fight with…I am after all a god And not some joke All you are giving me are these stupid zombies I think we should continue this in the next episode Let’s see if we do get another main big bad guy to fight because the real fun Is in killing the big guys I shall see you in the next video then