Victoria High Country Part2-风雨无阻,目标DARGO淘金小镇 02

G’day guys ,its 8:30 roughly Still a bit cold in the early moring As we are on the top of the mountain, so the temperature tends to be low as the altitude is going up Put on a thicker coat as well today,we are going to hit some difficult tracks then we will get to a small town probably would stay over night at Waterford or Dargo depend on track condition and other situations orighty, we will start packing up after brekky then we will start our off-road adventure we may encounter some serious tracks we will depart from here , along with ZEKA (SPUR) Track ,then Wonnangatta Track. and then keep going down to the sourth probable stay here as we mentioned before ,we would camp at Dargo or Waterford Anderson slept in the car as he didn’t set up the tent yesterday we drove past here yesterday, and we found this place is so beautiful now we’re at the entrance of ZAEKA(SPUR) track

it shows very hard from the map Lets rock it shows difficult from the map, but i don’t really think so Road condition is fantastic as well as the Weather track doesn’t get affected by the heavy rain yesterday its still pretty dry there are some falling down trees at front we have to drive through with care, also the track seems a bit narrow is this bacca? I am not sure, but it is looks nice you gonna try? never eat out in the bush that something you are not 100% sure it’s dangerous it’s not that difficult track so far but it is a bit narrow and be careful when you go through there is a cliff on one side there are a lot U turns in here, can’t even make it with full lock sometimes so I would recommend if you can slow down, slow it down anderson wants to try one more time

it was a downhill, he is gonna go back up on the hill he picked the route which is I just down the hill there are lot of cross axis, a bit harder I think see Wrangler is cross axis’ killer Do you wanna try another one? another one is too difficult I would’t go alright just keep going but. not long ago, we met another down hill route which has more difficult cross axis now…Andersen has another chance to show off but, this time stop stop stop drop the window turn this way look! listen to me you will tip over if ya keep going this way turn this way straight, just keep going straight keep straight keep straight finally he passed and very excited for this monent

Andersen how do you feel about that? that was fantastic, super fantastic you almost tip over yeah, but so cool we have a lot of fun so far but the problem is coming too right ,finally we are out of this track and heading to the town because the jeep has’t enough fuel to go on its gonna be a long night I think what a beautiful place! it’s very beautiful I feel like driving on the prairie Me too, if there is no mountain after the “prairie” we are heading to the forest again However, we have more troubles coming ahead it starts raining outside and track is getting slippery we also have to cross creeks and rivers it has a lot of fun, but Jeep doesn’t have much fuel left we have to get back to town ASAP before anderson use up his fuel but track condition no that good, we can’t go faster The rain is getting heavier looks very deep it’s fine no worries I feel slip on this track because the rain here is a steep hill

I am worried about Anderson and his Jeep are you alright Andersen? yeah all good, mate keep going up the hill, this is a long steep hill about 2 km Wet and slippery cause the rain make stone wet and slippery I can feel my tires start to slip The warning light is flashing I think we are on the top of this mountain after a long steep hill are you sure we are on the right track yes, I am sure Wow, look at the clouds below, so beautiful yeah, It’s beautiful The fog is very heavy here Very low vision, need drive slowly Feel like a wonderland while driving in the fog we are about 2 hours away from Waterford Sam, wait me for a while at the front of intersection ok however it’s late today now it’s 6:40pm let me remember in the ep01, we had a similar situation will arrived very late tonight surely be careful, there is a steep hill copy that sorry, not that steep, easy easy they are looking at me This is cool than raising tiger(my German Shepherd’s name) be careful, they may cross the road looks fine would you wanna me help? no, I believe 4L can conquer it you know what, we are in the track still, its nearly 8 o’clock

this hill is very steep let me show you very steep hill and also some deep cross axis’ Andersen was gone let me rock steep hill A medium length hill it’s getting dark so quick yeah, over 8 pm already the fuel smell make me headache, I have to drop down windows its dark outside ,and we still on our way to the town fianlly, we arrived Dargo safely, although we met a lot of trouble and luckily to booked a cabin to stay over night i’m so tired and exhausted now it’s 9:43 pm we just arrived Dargo Hotel it’s too late to camping, so we booked the cabin instead we gonna take a hot shower and get good sleep here We have gone very long distance today and……bad weather Andersen is come too Andersen didn’t add fuel, cause it’s too late, fuel station is closed he will add fuel tomorrow, anyway we already in the town and fuel station is near by let’s have a look at the place not bad really it make me remember the story of Snow White and Seven Dwarfs yeah, have kind of this feeling it will fit 6 more people or a big family The small cabin bringing energy to tired us There are hardships and happy moment during the trip if you like to watch our video, please like and share and subscribe

thanks for watching, see you next time