Final Fantasy XV: The Journey Begins – Part 2

Ryan: Welcome to part 2, everyone Just before we get started here, I took out a cutscene here I’ll go into detail on that a little more later after the main opening cutscene of the game here Oh, man. So, like, I love that cutscene so much There’s a lot going on there I’ll talk a little bit more about it when I get a chance Same with what I took out First of all, before we go too much further here, you’re about to hear something that’s never been on that I’ve never done before which is recording myself singing Because otherwise, I get a copyright strike for this beautiful, beautiful song by “Florence and the Machine” So I figured I’d just sing it because its way better if it actually accompanies the video but maybe not when I’m singing it So I’ll just give you guys that heads up that maybeeee cover your ears if you don’t wanna hear me sing the song when we’re pushing the car (beautiful song melody starts in background) (Ryan sings “Stand By Me”) (not sure if you’re lucky or not for not having audio) (singing continues)

(singing stops) Now we must never talk about the singing Oh, holy crap! You look like a potato! Alright. So, some things to address The first cutscene that I took out there I will show that later on If you wanna watch it I felt that…what it does is it shows basically some major spoilers from the end of the game Potentially I don’t know if its a red herring, just there to mislead us Or like, you know, the way the future could potentially be But I feel like it sort of ruined a bit of the end game for me Knowing what I’m going to go towards and all that I don’t really like that I’d rather just be surprised at the end of the game Cuz now I know what to look for And, like, when certain things happen, like there’s a certain part of a character that changes slightly so if that happens, I’m going to be all like, “Oh well. I guess we’re near the end of the game.” Unless that happens very soon On another note, look at these 8-bit sprites in there Those guys are friggin’ awesome I absolutely love that I want more 8-bit stuff in this game I still like the older ones, like I said before, I really like Final Fantasy 6 I will put the cutscene in the end Like I said, it does contain spoilers if you wanna stop watching the video there will be, like a good couple of seconds where I’ll say like, “Hey, piss off if you don’t wanna get the end of the game potentially ruined for ya.” Otherwise, it’s a very good cutscene It’s pretty cool And I like it. But kinda wish I hadn’t seen parts of the end of the game already And try not to spoil this game for myself at all Cindy here, I don’t…. I’m not EH I’m not a huge fan of her I don’t like that Alabama accent I’ve been considering actually playing with the Japanese audio instead And I might do that the second time through so I don’t have to worry about trying to read all the subtitles for the story Because as, like I said, I’d watched Brotherhood already And I listened to that and my- the voices of the characters are cemented to me as the Japanese voice actors that are in that Although I dooo…..kinda like the voices of the guys in here Just… Cindy is just too much. That…friggin southern accent And Cid’s not even southern! I don’t- Why is she I don’t get it Actually, I’d be interested to see other people’s opinions on Cindy, because of just, I mean, there’s a couple of other reasons I don’t like her but I won’t go into too much detail for other stuff cuz its just a waste of time And yeah, I’d like to see what you guys think of her As a character Maybe as the game goes on, she’ll develop more

and grow up mayb- who knows I’m not gonna be too harsh on her Her accent is like, “Eh” Other than that, she’s okay This is the little, like, This is the level up menu So, I’m just gonna go through this and look at stuff and find something and when I do I’ll bring it back So yeah. I just levelled up there And, uh Finally get to actually exploring the world here This beautiful, beautiful world Like I’ve been saying, I haven’t been doing active voice recording with this, so this is all after the fact but I think I might change that just cuz it takes a bit more work at the end to go back through everything, like, six times And figure out what I wanna say and where I wanna say it It’s a little more it’s less organic And I’d rather just have it recorded as I play it Just means I can’t play it, like, at all hours of the day So I don’t have people keep interrupting me with phones and stuff Since I started editing myself though, not as big of a deal Cuz I can just cut things out and I’m able to figure out that and I can just re-record it Like I am now Or…record over top of stuff if I need to Also totally thought this guy was the person I was supposed to be seeing But he’s actually in the diner I didn’t find him until I came back from my quest Which didn’t affect anything I don’t think? I know one of my friends triggered an event on the way back here that I didn’t But I wanna see if I can find next time I’m playing There is so much friggin sword noise here

it’s ridiculous Unfortunately, I was really hoping that cars would react in some way to me being in the way Other than just stopping Also, really wanted to be able to get on top of them That kind of disappointed me, expecially with the height of my jump But, whatever. I also tried this, like, with a shorter car over here But, again, same thing. It’s just not doable Cuz it’d be really fun Just jump on a car and get carried away From your party. That’d be pretty funny So I got an achievement here and I don’t know why I think it might have been attached to that cutscene Or I dunno if it was delayed. But I didn’t do anything for it So I dunno why I got it You know, I could go to that shack over there But that one looks way cooler And maybe it has some stuff inside of it Nope! Nothing Can’t even get through this little half door here This thing, though, looks like one of those giant, like,

strip mining things they have at Russia Or like the giant mines So I went this way and kept going because I saw something on the mini map there which is like a, it’s like an ore resource But, uh I guess I got spotted Cuz I don’t see who it is But someone got a little grumpy And uh That someone turned out to be, like, 6 someones And then those 6 enemies brought their 6 friends And then some birds showed up out of nowhere And shit just got out of hand real fast And, uhhh, I almost died And it was really cool fight cuz its just super organic And it just got naturally more difficult as more enemies were showing up And it just turned into a, like, great fight and something that I was not expecting at all These friggin birds kept getting away! And, like, I hit him a couple of times here I wish I’d get him on my third time, that would be awesome Also, found out you take fall damage But, yeah, it kept fucking getting away Cuz, I mean, they’re flying, and they don’t really have any magic range attacks yet I guess I could equip a pistol Cuz I guess Noctis can use like every weapon And yeah, the bird almost killed me Almost did me in there Ah! Finally! I can steal the eggs from your nest that you’re protecting It’s all I want. It’s to just steal your children It’s all I needed was, like, ingredients for eggs and bacon in the morning It’s all I came here for So I found my first piece of equipment here

And, uh, I’m just gonna customize my party a bit And I will be right back So now I have a new outfit on. This is the one that came with the Deluxe Edition of the game The, uh, I think it was like King’s Raiment? [It’s called Royal Raiment, btw, but close enough, Ryan] It boosts my health a little bit so that’s why I’m wearing it for now. I’ll probably change it out for something later Equipped him with iron bangles well for more health And, uh, changed a couple of the other guys’ outfits I think I only changed Gladiolus’ outfit And I think I left the rest the same What do you mean “The colour’s amazing” ?! It’s gold. You live in a castle Have you not seen gold before? So I really like this bit coming up here Some of the people might disagree and say like, the game’s interfering with the way you’re playing it But I like that Ignis interrupts me here and says “Hey, I’ve got a plan. Another way we can do this.” Or you can do it your own way Anyways, if you want, but I like that you can, you know, there’s a strategy here And that they’re telling me about it That’s all the time I’ve got for this episode I will see you guys in the next one Up next, is gonna be the spoiler cutscene from the beginning of the game that I talked about Thanks for joining me, guys See you next time So this is going to be the cutscene from the beginning of the game that I took out Like I said, there might be spoilers, it might just be a red herring I don’t know what’s the first cutscene It’s really cool But I’m not there in the game yet so here you go So this is where the beginning of the game starts Thanks for joining me, guys. If you’re still here See you next time