easyJet U21837 Flight ► Manchester to Amsterdam | Summer Holidays 2019 (05/08/2019)

the whole top of our network about to black out my idea all stupid focus for everything the mahajan conquer the overuse room lots of complex I’ll still be here today and on the deposit store to monitor also of thanks to do you hold government or the pasta box and entire food application it is a courtroom please are your logic since it’s the other lockers wheels first it’s all myself and other people to view what do you think energy can be magnetic please take your seat please unclear to neighbor other messages I have to ensure a prompt departure this morning is the news when you find a gazebo when are be fastened if you need any assistance mr. has take to ask another person welcome aboard you’re easy to be captain at 4:00 this morning service will get the way just the next couple of minutes the last of the bags to go to a forward hold we came in for power shots the goal appearance behind schedule due to congestion over there so apologies for that what I make of a beard I want softer way we have a flight time this morning off just under 55 minutes and I’ll be doing the flying what’s on the world come back to you with an update the latest weather you can expect it up stir damn join the flight deck first officer keller williams and in the cabbage york a vendor manager is fast but short introduce the rest of the crew and the crew are here for your safety and without it mind in a few minutes so we’re taking through these features of this aircraft and if you can please give out your full attention it every time once again welcome onboard kappa crib already complete we will shortly be closing the doors so please complete any final calls or messages the hounds will download to do this later they took we’ve done in lick holiday before Chris Baker to attain to anyone after European feature that wants to set a Clara for a project a very good one amazing as the welcome board this is Jeff flight now ready to part two of seven to five time around 55 minutes and I said special laughter ladies jet loss card holders need to do wish to become up those cards holder than just ask a member of the crew more details my name is fine a new campaign manager on for today work on the idea of a fantastic teeny review the aircraft are to Emma’s another front is Rachel Sakura here to make sure you have a safe and comfortable flight there’s anything we can do that please just ask the safety of my men are getting to the safety procedures are for this aircraft you’re following undivided attention is really appreciated it is only take a few short minutes and the rest of the flight time is just sit back and relax please pay attention to illuminated signs and crew instructions including the following safety procedures the safety cover fan in your seat pocket contains important information about exit routes oxygen masks lifejackets and the brace position that you must adopt if you hear brace brace there are eight emergency exits on this aircraft cabin crew are not pointing out the exit sneers – please be aware that your nearest useable exit may be behind you the emergency lighting will guide you to an exit in an emergency leave all baggage humble no seatbelt is fastened adjusted and released as shown it must be fastened when the seatbelt signs are on the heirs of light fails masks will drop from above while a master towards you to start the oxygen nose and mouth and breathe hold the mask in place with the strap pull on each side too on your own mask before helping hunters if we let off water take a lifejacket from under your seat from the pouch that put it over your head pass the tapes of actual waste and clean together both strap to adjust do not inflate it inside the aircraft when out something inflated by pulling the taco if it fails to inflate or needs topping

up blow into this tube there is a light and whistle for attracting attention the cabin crew can assist you with life damage for children your tray table must now be stowed arm rests down window blinds open and seat belt fastened further information regarding your safety on board can be found in the in-flight magazine we hope you have a great flight

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ladies gentlemen walkers one saddam where the local time is 25 pass walk the girls still believe in their needs to complete safety related duties please remain in your seat until the seatbelt sign is switched on they take all your personal belongings with you checking in the seat pockets underneath the sea and in the overhead lockers take care when opening the lockers in case anything fall down if you have any items that could be recycled please place them on your seat at the front to rear of the aircraft issue smoking is not permitted until you reach designated smoking area hello chronic devices may not be before you fly with us again why not

download the easyJet which allows you to take full control with our all-in-one app it’s never been easier to book flight check in tunnel boarding practice somehow need your trip in one handy place if I keep applying because today a little forward to welcome you on board again soon

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