Town of New Milford Coronavirus Update: 18 April 2020

Hello everybody and thank you for joining us today our time our town was our time was a little different today due to the fact that our Board of Finance held their public hearing concerning the budget today so I’d like to thank chairman Walter O’connor and all the members of the board of finance for doing the virtual public hearing so that we could get input on the municipal budget and i’ll be talking a little bit about that later first i’d like to thank our first responders our medical staff our essential workers all for their our town employees are giving community all for your help during this covid-19 pandemic I can’t thank you enough for your continued efforts as we battle we all battle this pandemic so I’d like to thank everyone for that and speaking with our public health director Mike Crespan this morning I like to give you update on the numbers so in the state of Connecticut we have these are confirmed covid-19 cases we have 16,809 in Litchfield County we have 569 and in New Milford we are now at 120 and unfortunately we have three deaths in New Milford so for those families that have a family member that has passed we offer our condolences and our prayers to those that have passed. we’re in the height according to our medical experts we’re in the height of the of the infection phase which will be in the the next couple of weeks so it is very very important that we do practice all of the things that are the protocols for covid-19 whether that stay stay stay home with Governor Lamont’s protocol to social distancing making sure that you’re at a minimum of 6 feet away also Governor Lamont has issued that everyone when you go outside is to wear a mask and that is to protect your neighbor as we all know this is a very very communicable disease and even the smallest decibel of fluid that comes out or even breath can cause someone to get covid-19 according to the medical experts so it’s very important also gatherings it still continued five people or less in gathering that’s five or less very important also to make sure if you don’t need to be out to stay home and then if you could get a little bit of exercise preferably in your neighborhood take a walk down your street again make sure your Gathering is five or less it’s very very important between now and these next couple of weeks as we are still peaking here in New Milford it’s important that we practice these to bend the curve that’s so important and that’s to make sure that our medical staff our heroes are not overwhelmed so it’s very very important that we do that also some of things that we’ve been doing here in New Milford as well I gave a two emergency orders so far the first one as we spoke about before was the suspension of temporary lodgings so that’s homes or condominiums or where you’re doing a temporary lodging we are suspending those currently we also have some of our staff checking those sites to make sure those that are trying to do temporary we’re reminding them we’re also having the New Milford police check on them as well if they continue once warned they will be summons for that and this is all to make sure that we have proper social distancing to bend the curve also I put another executive order in and that executive order was to limit our town parks to New Milford residents only and the reason for that was when we did go out and look at our parks some of our parks were overwhelmed there was no social distancing so we wanted to make sure that our Milford residents have an opportunity to get out and exercise with proper social distancing so we wanted to limit the population to do that so we wanted to make sure our New Milford residents had the first opportunity to do so if in fact you are going to one of our parks and you do see during a beautiful day that those the parking lots are full please please turn around go to your neighborhood exercise within your neighborhood we do not want to

overwhelm our parks which then would put social distancing in jeopardy especially now in the next couple of weeks as we’re going through this this high this heightened part of of infections so it’s very very important next is our town government itself so our town government continues to operate I cannot thank our essential employees enough for being out making sure our town government runs so that you the public can be served and again big kudos to our town staff for that we do have limited hours to some of our departments that are still facing the public and there’s their limited and by appointment only all the town buildings are locked so you need to make an appointment to get into one of those two if you need to conduct some business also we have some of our departments actually going out to visit your Senior Center staff that goes out to visit we have our medical staff that goes out to visit and you have the VNA a health department so it’s very important that we make sure that when they’re out that they have the right of protection and equipment and we’re working on that and I’ll get to that in a moment as well also I’ve been able to redeploy some of our employees which I can’t thank enough for helping us in the tasks that I did I put forward to our economic development team to make sure that we reach every single the Milford business will hopefully have done this by the end of this coming week so that all of our businesses knows there’s opportunities for grants opportunities for employees to continue to get paid whether it be through unemployment or through different programs the employer has I do know that some of the programs have run out of money but they are going supposedly Congress is working on reallocating some more money so some of these programs can get funded so it’s very important that you make sure even though there aren’t funds is there that you’re in line so when they do put it in that you’re able to access those funds it’s very important also if you can I’ve said this before it’s very very important if you could check on your neighbor if you could call if you could email them especially if they’re seniors just make sure they’re okay kind of do a welfare check or family members if you could do so we’ve talked about these last meetings if you could do ten a week that would be wonderful if we could all do that we could all make sure that our New Milford community has a lot of communication and if needed assistance we’re here to provide that for you or for your neighbor it’s super important going back now to the economic development if you’re a small business owner or you’re self-employed employee or just a regular employee that unfortunately has had to be furloughed or laid off there are programs available as I said you can contact our Economic Development Director that’s Karen Pollard her number is eight six zero four eight eight four oh four nine two again eight six zero four eight eight oh four nine two or you can email her at Kay Pollard peel ll ard at New Milford org you can also either contact me via Facebook messenger or you can email me at p-bass at New Milford org you can also call me on my cell phone at two oh three seven eight eight two six one nine it’s very important that we keep communicating and answer any questions that uh you in the business community may have as we continue to move forward with this pandemic as I’ve said before there’s there’s a new Millford we continue to follow these protocols especially as we are in this heightened face and I’m asking again all of our residents to please follow the rules follow the protocols that way we can bend this curve and hopefully we can begin to lacs and things as we come as we start bottoming out at a future date so it’s very very important as far as the state governor Lamont did issue the executive order where you are required to wear a mask when you go outside it’s very important to do so if you don’t have a mask you can get those made we’re gonna be putting out on our site kind of how to make a mask we’ve had some wonderful community members that have been making masks as well and I can’t thank them enough to help our town employees and help the public at large that’s a wonderful thing I can’t thank them enough for that

I’m also our ambulance first responders firemen policemen as far as PPE and that’s the personal equipment that they have whether it be gowns or masks or gloves it’s personal protection equipment we’ve been working all the time to try and get more equipment to our personnel and we’ve been fortunate in some respects to get some and Kevin Reynolds is on our EOC team it’s Emergency Operations Command he’s in charge of kind of getting this equipment for the town can’t thank him and all his efforts and trying to secure more of this PPE for us also nonprofits that have been essential in getting additional PPE for our town I can’t thank them enough for doing that also those members within our town that are helping those less fortunate whether it be our social services team that’s providing food for those in need our Senior Center doing the same also our culinary school providing meals cooking meals for our seniors and then you have the nonprofits such as the United Way Carmel is covered also in efforts to help those in need and that also includes those who have now been unemployed and looking for assistance you can reach out to our social services department Avaya Butera if your senior you can reach out to our Senior Center and that’s Caroline Hagelin and her team and it’s all about us as a community working together for the betterment for the betterment of our town so I’d like to do is for just a moment kind of see before we go to some questions and then we’ll move into some other topics as well grant Dupree is here with me today a grant thanks for being here and I’d also like to gret congratulate a grant on the birth of his new baby girl so grant grats man thank you thank you thank you for being here so if there’s like to see if there’s any questions that we have so far and grant if you could bring them over to this side so I could kind of take a look and thank you Judy I appreciate that and thank you for the service of all of our as I said all of our first responders our medical staff our sensual employees not only for the town but those that are working in our grocery stores those are working in our gas stations of they’re on the front lines too and we can’t thank them enough for their sacrifice and what they’re doing as well so thank you Judy from Amy thank you any word on the tax appeal hearings yes so the tax assessor is working one of the things that we have been able to do is our virtual town meetings that are taking place the Board of Finance as I said it had one today Town Council had one last Monday as some of the boards and commissions are getting up to speed they are then putting in meeting dates and times so they’re currently working on that I should have more of an update for you in this next coming week when it comes to that particular board let’s see Maryland all our parks should be for local people all the time so Maryland as we talked about before on the executive order right now our town parks are limited to our New Milford residents and that’s all on keeping with proper social distance and social protocols which is a minimum of six feet or greater and that gives our New Milford residents more of an opportunity to get some exercise as long as we can continue to keep with the social distancing so thank you Edie one simple question I’ve asked several times we haven’t seen an answer what is being done legally to block the governor’s order so ad you cannot block the governor’s order during an emergency order you could check out my facebook page where you’ll see I had an interview with our town attorney Randy de Bella and unfortunately the governor’s orders for an emergency orders those are the orders that we have to do I was very much and still am a huge proponent that the town people should be able to vote on the municipal budget that’s their right we’ve done that here for many many many generations we’ve done that during world wars we’ve done that during weather events and I believe myself as you do that’s very important that we have that opportunity unfortunately during his order we have no ability to do that not even a male a male in which is what I was working on with our voter

registrar it’s in our town attorney when his order came down not allowing us to do this so there is no way right now to block his emergency order but thank you for the question that Pat if the governor will address your letter is there any way you could allow distance voting if we could use the current but if not can we use the current budget and then vote then and send out a supplemental bill so Pat thank you for your question and as we’re starting to get more of these questions I’d like to kind of push back a little bit on the budget for just a just a moment for those that are here also talking about Kovan 19 part of the governor Lamont’s executive order was a seven I was basically to say to our form of government where we actually vote on our municipal budget that the public do to covet 19 is not allowed to vote one of the things when the executive order came out was I immediately talked to our voter registrar a town attorney to do a mail-in vote and we had the properer we were bringing in the property the proper protocols and procedures to do such under his order when we received that there is not the ability to do any of that also within the order you cannot do a postponement of a budget and then send out us then do a budget sent out a supplemental tax bill that’s not allowed what you what would happen is if you do overspend after your but after your budget is done is then you would send out a supplemental tax bill to the taxpayer I know it’s very confusing you can go to my Facebook page I see the interview that I did with Randy de Bella that talks about unfortunately our ability to not to do this referendum and as I said before I’m a I’m a super strong supporter that the people should be allowed to vote I sent a letter which I did post on that on that Facebook post I posted the letter to that I did send the governor Lamont I will be trying to call his office again on Monday to see if there’s any way that we could get a waiver or any way that we could do this type of vote but as of right now and the opinion not only of our town attorney but of the cama which is the Connecticut Association of municipal attorneys they all agree that this unfortunately is where we’re at so if you could call governor Lamont office express your displeasure that would be wonderful as well also from Eileen Lynn Deming Park open for boaters if the park stays closed perhaps only town residents who have a boat slip can enter we go on on our boat without immediate family so I’ve got a lot of questions same thing Eileen on this top of her Len Deming so we closed the park fully when we were doing our patrols for social distancing and we had seen where Len Deming lots of our youth were congregating there people using the playground skateboarding doing other activities in the park as well we had to close that part for social distancing especially now as we are in the higher phase as you could see with the numbers ramping up also unfortunately the three deaths that we have here and we want to make sure that we try and bend the curve especially these next few weeks normally Memorial Day is the time that Len Deming is is opened officially so we’re gonna continue to monitor the situation and then make adjustments as deemed necessary as we move closer towards Memorial Day but that has to be in mind that we got to make sure that our numbers are on the decline and not on the incline as they are currently right now so right now we assess these with our health department director my Cressman also our Emergency Operations Command which is Jim furlough Kevin Reynolds myself and mr. Crespin and we do monitor these numbers and reassess and Mike gets these numbers twice a day so we continue to work on those also from from Loretta Oh Thank You Loretta well we’re definitely trying to keep you informed as much as possible with all of our technology so we are doing this here on YouTube and on Facebook I’m also putting out information that I get and in a more timely fashion on Facebook itself also we’re doing reverse 9-1-1 calls press releases any way that we can take the message out to you our community

members especially during this stressful time in this pandemic so we’ll continue to do those if we do need to do more of these live ones we’re doing these right now once a week we’ll do so so thank you Loretta let’s see there’s no third one from Sandy Joe let’s see so the 120 cases for New Milford include active and recovered cases it is all not new cases is there somewhere where breaks where this breaks these numbers out so uh sandy Joe yes so I’ve asked our health department director to see if there’s a way that we can begin tracking those that have recovered and where those where those are where those are out so we’re working on that right now and I hope to be able to provide that information to you we did hire an additional three nurses within our health department staff to track these cases so I’m hoping to be able to provide that information hopefully next week or it a little bit later date on that so you are correct within this number there are some that are that’s some that have recovered or some that half that are staying home rather than being hospitalized and hopefully I’ll be able to break those numbers out for you but one of the things that we are seeing is a definite trend as you can see the actual numbers day over day they are increasing especially these last few days so as our medical experts have said we can expect this for these next couple of weeks as they feel that this is the the kind of work we’re cresting to the peak so again I just can’t emphasize enough I know it’s been difficult for especially residents staying home as long as they can and cooped up it’s just very important that we do follow these protocols especially in these next few weeks to get this been this curve I’m also uh let’s see let’s see if from karo if we can’t can’t vote can you please keep the budget the same as last year due to so many people are not working so great question so the process was kind of caught in this in the stream of how our budget process works so how it begins to work just so everybody could kind of understand the budgetary process and here in New Milford is first the department heads there’s two sides to the budget there is the municipal side and then you have the Board of Education side so we’ll take the Board of Education side first so they do their own due diligence then that goes through the board of education and then the Board of Education then presents their budget after review to the mayor then the mayor makes the recommendation to the town council in that same tract here on the town side I to all of our department heads we review their each individual budget we then come up with on the expense side their their budgets after we after we talk about it and then we also look at the revenues so that’s monies that come in from the state and grants that’s also revenues that some departments get whether it be the town clerk the building committee Park and Rec Senior Center to just name a few where these funds come in so we try and make sure that we budget for revenues once that’s done that’s the mayor’s budget I then present that to our town council our town council then during deliberations which is a joint meeting with a town council and the Board of Finance we then go through and talk to department heads we also talk to the Board of Education and superintendent then after that joint meetings they break that’s adjourned and then the Town Council does its own deliberations the Town Council then makes whatever adjustments they deem they feel necessary and then they move that to the Board of Finance that’s where we are right now so the Board of Finance now starts with a public hearing where they can hear the input from the public and that’s what they did today this morning starting at 10:00 and again I can’t think chairman O’Connor enough and his board and the Board of Finance members for doing that public hearing virtually today and they will then on Wednesday have their deliberations where they have the opportunity to make amendments or changes to the budget how they feel and then normally what would happen is this would go out to the voters for a budget for them to vote on it and it would either pass or fail and with our Charter change each one both the education side and the town side are on their own so they pass fail so it’s a bifurcated budget this year because of Governor

Lamont’s order executive order now what happens is after the Board of Finance makes their adjustment it then goes to the Town Council the DAO council then reviews whatever recommendations is the Board of Finance makes because at our charter they can only make category changes not line-item changes if they do adjust on both sides of the budget if they adjust the education side if there was a reduction then the Board of Education would make the line-item reductions if they reduced the town side then the town side the board of it the town council then would make their adjustments line-item to match the the decrease if any to the budget if there is a change that the town council feels needed to be done by 2/3 vote they could change the category itself so and then according to governor Lamont order then whatever that would be that would be your budget one thing that I like to address the public as well that is spoken is once the Board of Finance completes their review and their deliberations on Wednesday it does go back to the council I’m going to inform the council that we will be looking at this in June that gives the council plenty of time to get public input and also to see if there would be any changes that could be made as we continue to ask the governor for an opportunity for our public to weigh in on the budget I’m coming back to some of the questions let’s see from Susie who are those getting sick in our town how are they getting sick or they essential workers need to know as our numbers are rising so Susie some of the people there every day every day people about 10 percent of those are within the same household that had a Cova 19 case already in there and unfortunately some of the new the new Cova 19 people that have infections are actually in our nursing homes as well so it’s very important again as I say as we keep our protocols we do our hand hygiene which is one of the most important things that’s like 20 seconds under the spicket well as high as water as you can tolerate with going up to your wrists under your nails if you can if you don’t have that hand sanitizer is the next best thing and again six feet social distance so it’s not just segmented to one area or one person or one socio-economic stratosphere this Kovan 19 is hit everything and everybody every kind of sect of person age or whatnot so it’s important that we all protect ourselves next from Ed let’s see again and it asks the same question so again and I’ll answer again is there is no way to legally block an emergency order done by the governor of the state of Connecticut you cannot do that again go on my Facebook page you can see the interview I did with our town attorney Randy de Bella and you could see that not only attorney to Bella but also the cama the association municipal attorneys all agree with that same process we cannot have a mail-in vote which I was trying to get done we can’t have any kind of budgetary vote which is very unfortunate so again I am a firm believer that the rights of our citizens should be allowed to vote in a municipal budget as they always have all from Keisha are the mass gonna be mandatory and when will that start so a great question and actually that believe I believe that starts on Monday where it’s being required to have a mask when you go outside and we’re going to be posting on our Facebook play there’s ways that you can make them we’re gonna push those out there’s also community members here in New Milford that have done a wonderful job of making masks for first responders for the community as well and we’re gonna see if we can get some more of those made that we can donate to the public as well for those that don’t have those um so Monday is when I’ve been told that’s when when it’s gonna be required to have a mask and the reason for the decision to do that isn’t so much as you protect yourself is that you if you’re asymptomatic because this is such an easily communicable disease or virus that you may not even know you have it

and just your breath or even a little droplet can cause someone to get infected so it’s by you wearing your mask you’re protecting your neighbor or someone that’s just you’re bypassing you’re helping protect them so that’s the reason for the mask let’s see from jean-marie how are the parks being patrolled if here are out-of-state cars and a lot of next X Harry Brooke also were a lot so Jeanne Marie we have our New Milford Police Department they are actually patrolling the areas our parks I’ve asked Chiefs Rudo to make sure that we do those those patrols they go out on their first run and announce on a loudspeaker that these are town town residents can come into the parks they will then make their next round and beginning to issue tickets for the those that don’t obey with our order so it’s the New Milford police that are patrolling areas I can’t take the police enough if you do see out-of-state licenses and they are kind of near their car if you could just point to them the sign that’s there and let them know that they will be ticketed if they do go into the parks that would be greatly appreciated and again we are patrolling those areas on the next is from Pat thank you to attorney to Bela were very lucky to have attorneys caliber guiding us through this crisis absolutely attorney to Bella’s been with the town for many many years as I sat on Town Council he’s also town attorney to other towns over in the northwest quarter and we’re thankful for attorney to Bela to continue to be our town attorney and help us especially through times like these so thank you attorney to Bela and again for those who’d like to know more about the budget process and concerning how we’re doing things and here in New Milford by executive order please go to my facebook page my mayor page and see the interview that I did with our town attorney that kind of goes into more specifics as to why we cannot unfortunately have a referendum vote here in New Milford whether by person or by mail next is from Greg hey Greg thanks so Greg said he’s watching so I appreciate Greg you’re watching us here in New Milford again I can’t think I’ll take just a moment real quick I cannot thank our community enough whether it be our first responders whether it be our medical staff whether it be our community those giving and paying it forward our nonprofits that are helping those in need our town essential employees the essential employees are working in our stores that are open our restaurants I cannot thank everybody enough for pulling together in this pandemic that we’re having because we got to get through this together so I cannot thank everybody enough and seeing all the wonderful signs that are out supporting our essential workers supporting our medical staff just supporting our community and also little things like Chiefs choirs ringing the bell every night at 8 p.m down at water which firehouse – the First Congregational Church doing the bells in tandem – the parade’s that we have for our first responders and older and younger citizens by our first responders and by our public at large all everybody coming together during these hard and trying times and just making New Milford proud and then though for strong ice again I can’t thank everybody enough for that because we’re all in this together next is uh Nyree does abandon or scarf count as a mask anyway you can do to cover your face that’s very very important also we’re gonna be put in posting out on our site social sites here how to make a mask and then again as I said before we have our community wonderful community volunteers that are making masks and a matter of fact we had pretty good donation from a couple people here for our town employees as well so I cannot thank everybody enough to make sure and as I said before Monday is a governor Lamont is requesting that we all wear masks when we are outside and then from Bernadette do people outdoors on their own property have to wear masks also is gardening etc I would suggest Bernadette to play it safe if you could and if you have a bandana or a mask to wear a mask will be getting more information on the governor’s orders later today and on Sunday which I’ll be

sharing with the public but I would just recommend it’s better to be safe than sorry it’s basically when you’re out in public that is your own private property but I would recommend that if you can at least cover your mouth area and your nose area let’s see don’t understand this is from barsik mr. Comstock I don’t understand how the governor can make an unconstitutional order not allowing the vote isn’t this taxation without representation so I agree view a hundred percent I’m a firm believer in the fact that we here in New Milford have the ability through our Charter to do a municipal election I’m sorry I mean yes to pull a vote on the budget other cities have a different form of government where their legislative body puts a budget out and that’s what it is but here in the milford we have the ability to vote during emergency orders though the governor does have the ability to stop those and having talked to our town attorney our town attorneys talked to many other town attorneys and unfortunately in this pandemic his order supersedes what we can do here in New Milford I have written a letter to the governor to ask if there was any ability to amend his order or to allow a waiver for New Milford I’m hoping to have a response next week but as of right now there is there is no vote here in New Milford let’s see from Tammy if we don’t have Facebook where can we get the information so where we can get the information is if you don’t have facebook is I’m doing reverse 9-1-1 calls so to do that you can go to Connecticut alerts that see T alerts and you can sign up and that puts you on that also we’re doing press releases as well and you can also call or email me at p-bass which letter P for P and then bass like the fish at New Milford org or you can call me on my cell phone 203 seven eight eight to six one nine again it’s getting out the information in any way possible with updates and also with any questions that you may have as well and we’re going to continue to do these as I said before weekly if needed we’ll do more of these livestream opportunities as well if needed let’s see let’s see it’s for Tony thanks Tony I really appreciate that appreciate your watching here today as I said the more information we can get out to our residence the better it is entirely for our community and again we’re trying to make sure that we bend the curve these next couple of weeks are gonna be where according to medical experts this is where we’re really gonna have an increase in infections so the more that we can bend the curve especially during these heightened times the better it’s gonna be for us as we begin in later times it could be anywhere from the next few days to the next few weeks when we see these numbers go down or we can try to get back to some more normalcy also up from Paul Murphy want to thank town IT director absolutely in the commissions and committees for the viable making it viable for our teleconferencing so absolutely so what we were talking about a little bit prior to was some of our boards and commissions as we’re beginning to come back online we have gone to the go-to meeting platform where we’re able to remotely do meetings as per governor Lamont’s order so I had tasked our IT department our IT director David Watson to bring that platform to the town and also to talk to our commission members department heads on how to come up and work this process I had my first one last week and I know our Board of Finance chairman Walter O’Conner now has had two I know our Zoning Department has gone through at least one meeting and more of our commissions and boards are going through these as well so I can’t thank everybody enough can’t think David Watson our IT department as we continue to do new and innovative things to continue to move our town government forward so thank you all so I want to thank the Park and Rec team real quick for the Easter egg hunt they had was a great activity that people stayed in their car people made wonderful looking Easter eggs for for

their yard so that people could go and look at them that we also had an application an app where you could go and see the Easter eggs off of your off of your app you could click on and see the addresses so it was a wonderful endeavor thank you to Laura Murphy and they Park and wrap team for that wonderful enterprise thank you from Letty how can the tax assessment be valid now it was a week before shut down tax payers will be on unemployment so who can pay taxes so a great question there’s a couple of things there was a in that statement there’s a couple of different things the first being the tax assessor if you feel that your taxes or are are not valid or not done you can call the tax assessor’s office feel the value is a little different we are going through a Reeve al as far as property taxes themselves at the last town council meeting the town council voted to defer property taxes which include more to vehicle taxes until October first so you have until October first to pay your property taxes which include your motor vehicle taxes without penalty until October first I’ll be talking more about this through our social sites later on today and also on on Monday and Tuesday the do the thing that I do ask is if you have the ability to pay or town taxes in July please do so in August please do so that helps us fund our government as we continue to move forward but for those that can’t afford it you have the ability to defer those taxes until October 1st now when you go to October 2nd and you haven’t paid it then the additional annual penalty which is 18% is then accrued back to July 1 on your taxes so that’s very important to know so I glad to answer that question for you I’m Andrea next is uh from Linda thank you I appreciate it we’re all working together as I said before to keep our town government running and again I really like to thank our set our essential employees who’ve been the frontlines whether it be our police fire or ambulance our DPW staff our Park and Rec staff are essential workers that come in every day and do our town buildings and continue to move the government forward I can’t thank you enough and our residents essential workers stood in their stores restaurants it’s all a collaborative effort for you our residents here in the mill free so thank you and they’re just saying now assessing home values is not valid so that’s something you can take up with a tax assessor currently the tax assessor is doing their revaluation now and with the new technologies that they have they feel quite confident that they’ll be able to assess the properties also from Pat and we have we hit the peak of the virus in the milford yet speaking with our health director mike respin we have not as we continue to see multiple numbers increasing every day right now according to the medical experts between now in the next couple of weeks this is the time that we are supposedly peaking in New Milford but that is with the thought process that our residents and those visiting our town are doing the proper social distancing doing the proper things if we continue to do the do those the medical experts to tell us that these next two weeks should be the peak if we don’t follow those things then we’ll continue to peak even after the next couple of weeks so it’s very important that we do this so that we can begin to be on the down side which then will allow us as we come down to open a few more things up so it’s very important I know a lot of people are getting claustrophobic a lot of people are really antsy wanting to get out but it’s very important that we follow these protocols especially these next couple of weeks to make sure we get through this this heightened numbers for infections let’s see next I do so a client kind of thing can I park at add a spark and will I get a ticket so currently Suzy the town parks if you’re a New Milford resident then you will not get a ticket if you’re a resident when the police do their patrols they will ask if they run your plate and see that you’re not in a Milford resident they will ask you for a form of ID if you’re not a New Milford resident then you will not be allowed to go to Addis Park if you are an mo for a resident you’re allowed to visit the town park at your leisure I just ask

again if you visit any of our town parks you see the parks are full please do not go in and make the parks the parking more excessive or maximize / maximize the parks as we need to keep our social distancing that’s very important especially at this time again I can’t thank you the public enough for your continued efforts here as we go through the pandemic we’re a wonderful community here all working together especially during these unprecedented times to get through this together real quick on the economic on the education side schools are continued to be closed until May 20th where they the governor will then reassess whether schools will continue to be to be long distance learning or if they will go back to school I can’t thank our teachers enough for their doing this this educational long distance learning are and their staff our administrators everyone involved in the education process here in New Milford it was a ramp up short-term ramp up to do this so I appreciate everyone’s efforts in you know getting our kids into social to a long-term long distance learning so I can’t thank our teachers and staff enough for doing that here in New Milford next from Steve our knowledge is that there are only three childcare facilities open to serve the community that is correct right now Steve I do believe a couple of daycare centers do have the ability if you need to to provide daycare for for our residents so you may want to check with those to see the availability I know here in the our health department is working closely with our daycare centers both open and closed to make sure that all the protocols are being followed and see that the needs are addressed let’s see also the Education Center at the United Methodist Church can accept children and are working with children online lessons too so that’s great to hear I appreciate the Education Center doing that for residents and being open so that’s great that’s one of the daycare facilities open Steve thank you for telling for telling us about this also kind of getting back to the nonprofit’s whether it’s the United Way Carmela’s cupboard our culinary school whether it’s our heroes hometown heroes providing different fppe stuff to our first responders as well to our faith organizations the faith church doing allowing the United Way food food truck to come in our Connecticut Food Bank also they’re doing the giveaways getting a local restaurant restaurants to provide food and then giving that away all of this is just benefiting our community and I can’t thank those people enough also the ones to pay forward that you never hear about whether it be at the at the drive-through at the coffee window to pay the next person behind them or someone that you know picks up groceries for a senior and drops it off or for someone that’s a kovat 19 and quarantined in their home as well and also quickly for those residents that leave the state that do come back I ask that when you do come back to self quarantine for 14 days it’s very important again as we’re going through these heightened infection days that we do everything possible we can to bend the curve let’s see absolutely from Barb our town workers are all essential workers absolutely as I said before whether it be our number four police department whether it be our DPW whether it be our organizations like our fire department our ambulance hospital workers town employees that come in every day to move the town’s business forward absolutely also essential workers in the private sector those that work in their stores those our work in our restaurants I can’t thank everybody enough for doing that hard work or contractors that are doing road work all these people are essential employees to make sure that we as residents are safe and the town government moves forward so I cannot thank everybody enough for that also the volunteers on boards and commissions

like the ones today the Board of Finance on a Saturday morning doing a public hearing so I can’t thank them enough so from John when will the boat ramp open it to town park so I’m assuming John that you’re talking about Linda me spoke about this a little earlier but for those that are just joining us landowning Park was closed due to the fact on our patrols we had a lot of youth that were congregating they’re not practicing social distancing they’re on the playgrounds skateboarding a lot of other activities we closed that down for social distancing as we continue to see numbers ramping up in New Milford we are keeping that park closed if the numbers do go down Len Deming Park historically has been opened on Memorial Day that’s the start eight so we’re gonna continue to assess this on a daily basis only that park is closed let’s see if we have any more questions here concerning economic development again those that have a small business and looking to get more information on programs that are available some of these programs for your employees or for your business some of the monies have been run out but we are telling our business community please to continue to apply as Congress the president has asked Congress for more funding and it’s better to have your application in than to get kind of more into the back of the line as this funding does come in if you have any questions concerning those right now I’ve tasked our economic development team and we’ve redeployed some of our other personnel which I can’t thank enough to try and reach out it to every business in New Milford I’m hoping to have that accomplished by the end of this coming week and if you have any questions now you can call our economic development director Karen Pollard again I’ll give her her give you her number it’s eight six zero four eight eight oh four nine two and it’s kay Pollard pol l-ard at New Milford org you can also reach me at p-bass at New Milford orb or also reach me on my cell phone 203 seven eight eight two six one nine all so let’s see as I’m looking at some more we have here let’s see from Jennifer yes Jennifer it’s a wonderful thing that we have such a tight-knit community here everybody working together to make sure that our residents are safe secure and the best possible way we can during this pandemic again if you can just continue to practice these social distancing policies gatherings to less than the less than five people five people or less in practice to stay safe same home protocol can starting on Monday wear a mask do your part we can bend the curve and we can get back sooner to more normalcy again I can’t thank everybody again today for tuning in I appreciate it again we as a community if we continue to pull together do the wonderful things that we’re doing now we’re gonna beat this thing and we’re gonna do it sooner rather than later so again I like to thank you all god bless you god bless your families and talk to you soon thank you