Tumble Town Preview (runthrough)

hey everybody today righto previews ik roto type of tumble town but before I go on please turn your subtitles on to the Klingon channel so that way and I make rules couse you know they are and if you’ve done that then welcome to tumble town everybody or rather the Future Sight of tumble town currently tumble town is just a planned main street over here and we’re gonna try and build a whole bunch of buildings on Main Street to score lots of points by using lots of dice by tumbling them in fact and I’ve got the game set up here for a solo run through which means it’s gonna be me and my trusty horse against the outlaw over here who does not have a storehouse or a gold pan like I do nor do they have their own Main Street they would work on if I were playing against Jen she would have her own Main Street and a storehouse like me the outlaw does a very good job of replicating the presence of three other players so basically me playing a solo game is kind of like me playing a four player game functionally and you’ll see how it goes alrighty so all right last thing I got to do is since I am the first player I get to start with two brown dice which are the least valuable building material and I roll them and I got a five and a six the outlaw is a bit different he starts with a brown a gold and a grey and doesn’t matter what his are we’ll worry about that on his turn okay so we are set up ready to go how does it work well here’s a turn breakdown first of all on my turn I’m going to claim a building any one of these twelve I can take and in addition to that I will take some dice and roll them the dice I end up taking from the supply over here is based on what row if I take any of if I claim any of these buildings to build I get two Browns and a brown gray or black if I take any of these I get a gold die and then two other dice of my choosing and if I take any of these right now I would take a gray dye and then to either gray black or brown alright and I roll them and add them to my supply of dice and then I use all the dice I’ve got to hopefully build of one or more buildings and use the powers of buildings that I have built and then finally the end of my turn any dice that didn’t go in towards building I better be able to store them and if I have too many for storage I’ll have to discard some all right so that’s the basics let’s get going what am I gonna build mm well looking at what my options are I think I’m inclined to build this jail and there’s a reason for that my trusty horse has a secret I randomly got the horse that says I at the end of the game I get one victory point for every pickaxe building that I build over the course the game so that’s why the jail and the hotel are the two things I would most like to build because I’ll get instead of two points I’ll get three instead of five points I’ll get six and as well that’s not all this jail is pretty easy to build I just need to brown dice I have to brown dice um and once I’ve done that in addition to the two plus one point I get I get a power for the rest of the game every turn I can once re-roll as many of my dice as I want or need to so let’s say I claim this all right now when you claim a die or a card rather it hasn’t been built yet I put it over to the left of my store house and that means it’s basically a blueprint right now it’s waiting to be built and because I took from this row I take two Brown dice and another could be another brown or black or gray hmm let’s see what do I want well I don’t think I’m gonna need any more Brown because I’m still gonna have two more browns so I should probably take a black or a gray which means I’m taking something that maybe I mean if I take a black I could just start working on this water tower which lets me flip a die turn a 2 into a 5 or a 6 into a 1 or a 4 into a 3 or I’m if I want if I try gray a gray maybe I go for this post office because hey this lets me convert a single gray dye into a brown and a black die so that could be pretty handy um right now I’m seeing more opportunities for black dice with this Town Hall that water tower and this courthouse so I took to brown I’ll take a black as well whenever you take new dice they get rolled and they get added to my current collection of dice although I don’t have to store them until the end of the turn and now a new card comes out it’s a saloon alrighty now I have claimed a building and I’ve taken dice and I have rolled them now it’s time to build okeydoke so this jail needs to brown dice [ __ ] when I’m building when I build something I put it over here and I have to be able to build it all at once I can’t do a partial it’s all or nothing and I do have everything I need to build this I need to brown dice that have a value anywhere from two to five so hey these two dice ideas God these are two threes that’ll work that’ll let me build a jail or I could use the three and the five also let’s say I’d have some bad luck on the roll and I had gotten died rolled Snake Eyes instead of triple at double threes I’m like oh no I can’t build this I’ve only got a five my horse is very good horse has another power once per turn my

horse can increase or decrease of die by one so I’d be able to use this horse to turn one of these ones into a two or or this six into a five or whatever now as it turns out I don’t need to use my horses ability cuz I had two threes let’s just go on ahead and put these two threes although there’s more to it than that because I could use any of these one of them is gonna go into storage and I should be thinking about what do I want to build next this water tower needs three dice a black and two brown and they all have to be unique values so strictly speaking I don’t want a black six and a brown six but I could use my door might be my horse to change one of those if I decide to go after a courthouse later on well I need high-value dice because the sum total of all five dice that go into building this courthouse has to be 24 or greater so you need a bunch of high-value dice to build a courthouse which means at the end of the game if I built this I get two points for every building that has a hitching post on it which like like the saloon here which has a hitching post hmm or if I want to go for the Town Hall it has to be different numbers if I want to go for if I want to go this trading post I need ones threes so you know what I think I am going to use my horse to change this six into a five and use this five and this other five and I’m going to save these threes along with this six because that means well I potentially got what I need for this Trading Post I do have a problem though if I want to build the Town Hall one I actually no because down only needs one okay so we’re gonna go with that so I use my horse to change that I needed to brown dice there were two two fives that’s it I have built the J hooray and there’s one last step I can just say I built it I could just leave it here in front of the card it’s it’s somewhere in the territory I built a jail but it is much more lucrative for me to build the jail over here on Main Street because I can get additional points but the people of tumble town have very specific wants for what they want to see on Main Street they want to see a one-story building right here that is brown they want to see a one-story building right here of any color and hey they want to see a one-story building right here that’s brown I think I’ve got the right building boom I place that there and that is two bonus points for me because this die fulfills the single story this die fulfills the single story Brown and boom that in addition to the two points I got for this jail I get two more so that’s a four point building I have built right off the bat and you know what I don’t have to wait I can use this ability right now I could use this to reroll any number of my dice once I think I will I think I’m gonna ISE in case I want to chase after this town hall or this water and I need different ones I’m gonna re-roll this black you know I want to get lower in case I try to build a trading post so I’m gonna reroll that and I roll this three so hopefully I have different number Browns if I want to re-roll the Trading Post so I’m using the jail once to re-roll and I got two more matching dice okay but hey they are low value dice which is what I need to build a trading post so maybe that’s what I’m gonna build in the future because it’s worth four points although unfortunately it is not a pickaxe building which is my secret goal alright anyway so that was it my turn is over uh hey claim to building took dice I rolled them I built I used powers and now at the end of my turn if I had more than six dice that I had used I’d have to start discarding them but as it is I’m okeyday and I am done woohoo alrighty now if Jen were here if there were any other human players they would go through those same steps they would pick one of these they would get three dice they would then roll them and try to build stuff but they would have their own Main Street they don’t crowd me out of my Main Street so that’s fine but the outlaw works a little bit differently he started with three dice on his turn he will roll them and this will determine how many of these cards he’s gonna take all righty all right he got a 3 a 3 and a 5 that means this gold 3 means he wants to take the one 2/3 golden building he wants to take the third Brown building and because he rolled a 5 he isn’t gonna take anything from the grey line so ideally the lot law wants to roll ones twos threes or fours because that gives him buildings and it’s just assumed he built them cuz he’ll just score the points form straight up and whatever his secret goal is he’ll get bonus points for them but he basically just takes them out so this is like two players have effectively removed two cards from the game that I now will not get to build and that’s 7 points he’s looking at but it could be now oh I knew some picture my pickaxe how he took my pickaxe so I know that wasn’t Bo’s point but this could have been a bonus point depending on what his goal is all right so um I’m finding out what his score is but um because he took a card from here

he’s gonna take these dice because he took a card from here he’s gonna take these dice although what he always does is he always takes 3 brown 3 gold or 3 gray or black depending on what this card says so says he’s gonna take because the default is gray he’s gonna take 3 gray dice 3 Brown dice 1 2 3 and 3 gold dice now he doesn’t use them I’m sorry oh wait no no he didn’t take any grey dice cuz he didn’t he rolled a gray 5 so he didn’t take any gray dice I take that back all right so the remaining dye in the supply the dice that is our timer once two of these four Depot’s or mines I think they’re called are have been reduced to two or fewer dice ie once two of these Depot’s are almost completely empty that’s what triggers the end of the game so it’s like two other players took two cards out and took a bunch of dice and we are hastening towards the end of the game and that was it for him every round he just rolls his three starting dice and that allows him to take one two or three cards and three six or nine dice or sometimes he won’t take any but we’ll see what that hat come all right back to me and oh he revealed a carpenter there’s another one and you know what I maybe I mean even though like there’s no wait huh well well maybe I could build this thing because I have to brown dice now all of them have to do 24 grand on my to brown Dicer or low level but member I could reroll to dice and remember when I take this carpenter I will get three more dice I could take three gold and I can start working on building this carpenter which says at the end of the game in addition to the six plus one secret point I get I’ll get two points for every bulger in my town although I don’t have any vultures yet but if I have that then you and actually oh my gosh there’s no vultures out did he take vultures no he didn’t okay so that carpenters kind of attractive to me but there’s no guarantee I’ll be able to build it right away plus it won’t give me any special powers that let me manipulate dice so I think I am going to continue to target this trading post because this is nice what this trading post is at once per turn it lets me convert I can give up any one of my gray brown or black dice to draw another gray brown or black tie and reroll so that gives me flex a flexibility so I need yeah let’s say this is why I’m gonna try and build because I’ve already got three of the five low-level dice that I need to build it so now I can take I must take a break I can take okay well I can build this with anything let’s go on ahead and take another green black all right there we go so I roll these I want a roll low low low low and I almost did in fact I did okay so and now I’m going to bomb build this trading post I need all I see so that’s a one that’s and I could build him with anything yeah it’s a two that’s a one two three and I’ve still got this for which I could use my horse to turn it into a three or a five if I want based on what I might want to do in future but let’s not worry about that so I have built this and this is an interesting thing this was a single story building both spaces of it because this is a pyramid design this is considered in every one of these spaces a single or a two-story building and also I didn’t have to lay it out like this I could lay it out such that the colors work well and I think yeah looking because I’m think I’m gonna put it right here in this spot where we want to see Brown next to gray look at that that’s gonna be perfecto so let’s go ahead and build this and this part of the street wants a single-story Brown a single-story gray and a single-story of anything I’ve done that that is three bonus points for me so that’s actually seven points I made off this thing and if I wanted right now I could use this power to turn this gray into a different color I’d reroll it then I could reroll it again and I could increase or decrease its value by one let’s see now so oh and I want that black Smith and that black Smith needs pairs so I’m happy with the gray I’m gonna want to collect some more grace to try and build this black Smith fingers crossed the outlaw doesn’t take it so anyway that was my second turn I built my second building I’m starting to fill up Main Street it is the outlaws turn again and let’s see what he’s gonna try and rustle up for himself all right he has taken that and that and that oh he’s getting a big haul but he didn’t take my sweet sweet black Smith so he gets three Brown dice and I see when it when he’s taking one from here he either takes brown or black or I’m sorry gray or black it’s showing a gray so he takes three gray and he takes three gold and he takes all of these

cards so I won’t be building any of them I was going to his supply new ones come out and if the outlaw is lucky enough to take three cards and nine dice in a given turn he does suffer a little bit of a penalty he’s like he pushed himself a little hard he takes one of these negative twos and he has to give back two dice which he always something the human players would sometimes do I could give back a die by using this power so he’s gonna have to get back some dice and he’s gonna give back dice he has the most of so he is tied for gold and brown so that means he instead of giving back to if he had the most gold he’d give back to gold but since he’s tired of this he’s gonna get back one of each all right so I went back in the supply and again the the game is going quicker because he’s just pulling stuff out and you can imagine he’s using all these dice to build all these buildings or whatever but he’s an outlaw he’s not doing that he’s just stealing stuff okay so that was it for him and the countdown continues once two of these depots are down to two or fewer dice it’s over but in the meantime it’s my turn again I’ve got to grab a new one and I’m gonna grab that blacksmith while the grabbing is good that gives me oh no oh no a black and to grace or browns that’s okay I’ll take a black I’ll take to grace Oh roll them bones and I will use my trading post to turn this black I’ll put it back into another grey and okay I know I need two pairs because I’m trying to build this so can I do this yes I can there’s a pair and I’ll use my old trusty horse to turn this five into a four and I have built the blacksmith noise which has a very nice power but first of all well come back to that where am I gonna put this on the street things are getting a little bit tighter now I can bet this building in such a way that it actually goes off the edge that’s legit and as you can see hey I would have made that happy because it’s a it’s a level two and then I wouldn’t get any bonus points off of this is that the best I can do I mean I could do the same thing over here as these are both the same this wants to be a goal there’s no gold in my building but hey if I put it like this then I get a point for being a size one and a size two so that’s two bonus points but I also miss out on a potential opportunity because the points you can get at the end of the game for building on the Main Street well there’s just you know lining up the right dice but there’s also a point for every alley you create so let’s say if I go like this which I wouldn’t do this is I’m this I haven’t put a single gold but let’s say I had a single gold like have I built part of this dance hall I might do this I’d put that single gold there there is now a space if you at the end of the game space is still empty a single space between two buildings that is considered an ally and that is a bonus point not except I’m not gonna do that because that doesn’t benefit me at all but if I wanted to create an ally I could go like this it’s a little wasteful I get a point for being those two and I get no bonus points but I do get a point so I got two bonus points for creating that alley right there let’s go with that okay so I have installed my blacksmith and my blacksmith has a one-time ability so far all the buildings I’ve got had every round you can use it this is a one-time ability I now for free get a brown a gray and a black dye and add them to my supply gray which is good because I was out of dice and I have increased my storage I can now store up to one two three four five six seven eight nine dice so I could build up for a really big building and I don’t have to worry about running out of space to store them okay so that was that that was pretty good the town Main Street is starting to line up sorry and I’ve got two pickaxes pretty nice and OH two vultures I tell you I’m so desperate to get this carpenter now because it’s my secret and two points for two vultures alrighty well hopefully hopefully this outlaw doesn’t steal it boom the outlaw takes the hotel and the outhouse and the train station okay I’m fine with that he takes all three of those I didn’t care about any of them and again he takes three black three Brown 3 gold 3 black three bottom three gold and because he went on a rustling spree he stole way too much stuff he loses two points and now he has to give back two of whatever color he has the most stuff and that’s not black or grey one two three four five six seven eight one two three four five six seven eight right so that means you have to give back one of each of these okay as you can see the supply is running out of gold if I want to build any gold buildings I better start grabbing gold buildings you get these dice but because he keeps taking them and again that’s

exactly what another player would do players could make a decision to right off the bat just focus only on gold buildings so they give themselves in game scoring bonuses and they literally pull all the gold dice out of the supply because then that means nobody else will be able to build them once there aren’t enough gold buildings left because even if you have the ability to like convert a dye into a gold or something like that if there aren’t any in the supply you’re up you’re out of luck let’s see here so that’s pretty good and it is my turn again and the Carpenter is here and so is this post office but now I want this carpenter because I have two vultures and I can try to find some more right so anyway so that’s gonna be that and I get to take oh yeah I take a gold and I could take two others it’s gonna be two gold add them and I did not roll as well as I would like because this carpenter I need five dice and all told they have to be twenty four and two of them have to be brown so what have I got I’ve got ten fifteen um right so what can I do well um alright yeah I could use my Jail to re-roll stuff and try to roll this higher but before I do that I’m gonna use my trading post and turn this black dye into another brown dye as I need another brown dye and I would have rolled off the table and it’s a one oh and I don’t believe the rules don’t say this but I’m pretty sure the horse does not allow me to roll around and turn this six into a I mean look at me look at my prototype rules I’m pretty sure I looked at that before right yeah yep there’s no roll around so oh you failed me but hey I’ve got this jail I’m gonna use this jail and I’m gonna reroll this Brown I’m on both these to be high high high die come on show me them big dice we oh that’s not that is not a five and a six or a five and a four that I needed to finish my carpenter house oh dear well I’ve used those powers I could still turn one of them a little bit better or a future fat I could turn that green is something else now there is something else I can although it doesn’t really help me much right now you may notice that in below my storehouse I’ve got a gold pan that is a reminder of a special power that everybody has at all times anytime you want you can return a goal to die it has not you know been built in a building you can return a gold die to the supply to get a basic so basically gold or wild colors functionally you can get two matching colors and turn it into anything you want including another gold which I can’t do right now or you can use two matching numbers and convert that and you send them back to supply and get anything you want so you can see how it’s not at all uncommon the players might return stuff to the supply in the same way that the outlaw keeps returning stuff to the supply but none of those powers are gonna give me the high numbers I need right now to build my carpenter so this round I am not building anything sadly so I mean check out a store mall and you know even if I didn’t have my blacksmith over here I do have enough storage but that was the end of that turn alrighty and now let’s see oh and then a new thing came out and don’t take the dance hall although oh shoot I just realized I was not looking closely when I set up I had to take this dance hall and this dance hall out of the game cuz these are for three plus players let’s remove them and it’s another dance hall what the heck and it’s another dance hall what what the alright there was a courthouse and as you can see there are a whole bunch of cards that weren’t in here so I just took out three dance halls and so I put these back as a replacement and there we go a land office okay sorry about that folks have been bit and paying more attention when I was setting up all right so um right what’s he gonna steal this time he’s gonna take that and he didn’t get a gold and he’s gonna take that okay so that means he’s just gonna take three Brown and three gray and these two buildings all right now um you’ve seen what happens if he gets to take all nine because he rolls all low if he rolls all high feel like rolls three fives or sixes and he gets nothing he does still get a benefit he gets to shake off one of these negative twos if he’s earned any and he gets one of each color die and oh my goodness we’re running out of Browns Browns are running low we’re and we’re running along grays if we run out of these browns and grays that could trigger the end of the game and if there’s a player who thinks they’re in the lead they might just try to grab these and gobble these up as fast as possible to trigger the end of the game of course the outlaw isn’t gonna do that he just takes whatever anyway that was it for him back to me and so now I’m gonna have

two buildings on the go cuz I didn’t finish my car and that’s okay you can build multiple buildings on a turn if you’ve got the dice for it so what do I want well you know I want that post office turn a single black and that’s pretty nice and it’s worth the extra point all right Bailey let’s but if I’m planning on trying to go for this again I’ve got I’m gonna need two reroll two dice and I maybe I maybe I should go and grab another gold building so that I can get another like account another couple of gold dice and another Brown die so I’ve got more of them so I up my chances of building the carpenter hmm but which of these would I want would I want the schoolhouse which gives me three points for every pair of two-story buildings I’ve got would I want the Land Office that gives me three points for every pair of double-wide buildings I don’t have very many of those or for the church six points for every full pair of the four and I certainly haven’t done that either hmm I am tempted about that post office but that post office will not give me any more gold which means I’m just gonna have to reroll this gold and potentially change it to hopefully so I’m but I’m gonna do it anyway I’m gonna take that I’m just gonna focus on what my horse says is best I trust mr ed and so that means I get a black and I’m gonna take to brown so I can have my chances of getting a high brown that I need and these get rolled and added to my supply and oh yeah that Brown came out well and so now I just need what am I on now ten 16:20 I just need a four or I need this to be a four or greater so let’s go on ahead and Ken can I build this right I still have a brown and I’ve got a black but I would need two more black and I could turn a bra I could do this once so I could turn like this brown into my second black uh-huh so that’s done but then I still need one more and let’s see if so I’m planning on turning this into something and hey I’ve got two sixes here I could turn these two sixes into another black but I’ve already given that up so I could turn these two sixes into a black but then I wouldn’t have the brown anymore so I think I was going to leave those alone and so I’m not gonna get this post office done shoot shoot shoot the boot but I do want to get this post ops done this six isn’t gonna do me any good because this needs to be a wonder of your four so I am going to reroll this in this and I’ll worry about that gray later hoo hoo you know if I build this first it immediately gives me another brown and another gray so hold on a second hold on a second before I reroll let’s say I do turn both of these no no no it still won’t work oh good but no kami I could turn both of these into whack so I could turn this remember this is a wild I could turn this into a brown I could give it back turn into a brown and I could do that if I want the post office right now you know the post office this is I mean I just need to get this built by the end of the game I need to get this post office built sooner than later so I can get that power and the thing I was saying is if I have any black dice left over after I do all this I could immediately get two more dice out of it so but I’ve got all the good dice for building ah all right but if I still if I do this although button I promise these needy ones the fours I do not have good dice so I’d have to reroll and try to get these all lower hmm so do I do that do I give up this gold make it my other black let’s do it alright so the carpenter will wait I’m gonna give up that gold and I’m gonna make it another black and it comes in and it’s a three good that was good so I’ve got two of the things I need here and now I’m gonna activate this and reroll all of these cuz I want all of them no I’m going to just reroll well let’s see I could just use the horse to turn this into a four and it’s done then I just reroll these my timer you roll all of them and save the horse all right I want all these to be twos triple twos that’s close enough five oh wait hold on a second what am I doing here oh did I mix myself up somehow right oh yeah so I’ve got what I need to build this and I’ve still got that okay I just didn’t need to redo reroll that I was just rolling something actually didn’t need to be roll alrighty so I have built a post office it is a level 3 building with a brown on top and you know so there’s nothing over here that cares about that but here’s a level 3 that wants to be next to a level 2

which isn’t too ideal here’s something that just wants a level 1 Brown this is a level 3 and then a level 2 with a black on top what tech let’s just going ahead and say I built this right here that’s a bonus point because it’s low 3 and unfortunately this is not a level 2 it’s a level 1 so I don’t get a point for that but I built that blacksmith right on and so I’m saving these dice next turn next turn I will get that oh wait oh wait oh wait oh wait oh wait so I’ve got this post office I could use this power right now but it says give up a black dye to convert and that was the thing ah well I don’t have any black dice left so I’m not gonna use that power that means if I thought this through a little bit more I’m probably could have come up with a better plan so I would have had a black guy left over at the end and then I could have turned that into two dice before the round was up cuz you can use these building powers as soon as you get them say anyway so I’m still saving up I got room for my carpenter built enough stuff that was that and you know here’s the deal the game might be over right now because if he takes three grays and three Browns that means to Depot’s are down to only one left and so let’s see let’s see if the outlaw is gonna end it and if he does I’ll feel pretty stupid that I didn’t finish my carpenter ah let’s see what he rolls alrighty he is taking the gray one he’s taking the brown he didn’t take any Browns he did say right so he’s taking three gold he’s taking three gray and no brown hue alright I’ve got one more round folks and this is it I got to do it this round as you can see the games getting close to the end anyway um we’d be from you even though it’s playing against human players chances are human players we’ve been gobbling these dice up as well as you can see if I take any of these then it says hey take three of any that I want so I just want to get this carpenter built and so let’s remind ourselves what we got here I’ve got ten sixteen twenty just need a brown four or I’m sorry a golden four and I could build this carpenter so and if I aren’t and that would leave me with the gray and two others ah drat oh yes okay okay so okay okay okay okay so if I take something from here and I choose to take say two golds to up my chances of getting what I need and plus a gold can be a while and I take a black right so if I’m gonna take these but I got a pick which I’m going to take because here’s the thing this black could be converted into a brown and a gray the gold that’s left over can be anything plus this other gray I’ve got means I’ll have four dice but is that good enough alright this black no it’s a brown integrate no and this um ah drat right drat drat drat oh but I can turn I can turn yes okay so I’m gonna try and build a train station two before the game is over alrighty covering up my horse for now um so I’ve taken nice no I just I I looked at my hand rolled them roll them bones all right and I needed a four I got a four boom I’m gonna build this carpenter this turn now can I build this did I do this correctly I need four dice I’ve got three I will convert this black into a gray and a brown which I have to roll but now I’m short of black um but I can convert this gray no I don’t need that gray but I need to do this to increase my dye count shoot I don’t think I can do this all right annual obviously if I’ve been thinking a bit longer I might have done a little bit better here but right so I do that I get these I’ve got these and I convert this so I’ve got to Gray’s – I’m you know – matching color I could convert into something but then I’d be down to only two dice and I needed for total dice to do this and I don’t have a way to get more dice so no I actually I cannot quite do this can i yes i oh okay here’s the thing if I take in the general store instead I could have done this because I’m trying to build this general store I will give this up to get another gray and now I will use this to turn this Brown into there’s no more gray ah I could pose I could turn this into a gray and I could do it and I can’t so okay I can time folks sorry to interrupt here but it turns out I could build the building I totally forgot I’m such a dolt always always watches the Klingon subtitles turned on folks anyway whenever you’re building a building if you choose to you can use an

incorrect die or even more than one incorrect die to get the thing done wrong color wrong number etc for every mistake you make you take one of those little negative two point tokens that the outlaw has been getting up till now so I totally have what I need to build this thing and I completely forgot oh man and c’est la vie let’s continue with the preview I’m gonna put myself out my misery I’ve got these four dice left over in storage which is a shame then that I didn’t get the building that gives me points at the end of the game for having dice and storage all right but anyway the last thing I do is I build a carpenter which gives me two points per so that’s four more points off of this plus six points nice and where does it go all right it’s a level three all right so this wants a level three yeah let’s just go with that I’m missing the chance to make a point by getting an ally yeah Oh No now this wants to be a level one shoot but no no no all right so that’s a level three so I’m not getting a point for an ally but I am getting a point for that and a point for that right there so that’s two points plus the six plus the nine ten so that was a pretty good final turn and that’s my final here’s everything that I built I didn’t get the chance for there’s no penalty for failing to build something there’s no bonus for having leftover dice unless you actually have a card that says there’s a bonus and yeah I triggered the end of the game before the outlaw could and it’s going to be my oh wait actually I write I think he gets to go again doesn’t he doesn’t he yes yes yes he does so let’s see show me what you can take you’re gonna take that you’re gonna take that you’re not taking that so this was five more points he just snagged and no more dice doesn’t matter and five more points he just snagged and three more and he would have triggered the again into the game if I hadn’t triggered the end of the game and so that’s that so what did he like he liked horseshoes he got one two three four horseshoes or five horseshoes plus all the rest of this right five minus this so he’s at 1 6 11 16 21 24 29 31 36 40 154 41 47 51 52 53 54 55 60 points Oh though he has different difficulty levels if you want if you’re playing I just played on medium where there’s no changes so for me so what’d I just say 5060 I don’t remember um I have 3 9 14 18 20 see and then my horse says 20 20 oh well that was like 22 I say 29 14 18 20 21 22 23 24 because of the horse 24 and then right 24 25 26 27 28 because of that and 28 and now I got to go back and check here make sure I got these all right 28 29 30 for those two alleys 31 nothing else there 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 oh dear folks I did not do very well in that click solo playthrough of tumble town if you want your some final thoughts now you can get that I in the top-right corner screen or follow the show notes in five four three two one