[Gmod FNAF] F R I G H T [Episode 5] "Around the World in Long Way Train"

Welcome to Subway. Welcome to Subway You are in United States of America You are in United States of America Enjoy the ride. thank you Springtrap Where are we going? Yeah I don’t know WE’re lost Yeah We have no place to live now yeah I don’t know I feel so lost It’s better in… its Better Staying in the arcade games, I miss The tiny this tiny space yeah I miss my Freddy, Bonnie, Chica and pizzeria It’s… it’s Glitchtrap fault dang it Next station United Kingdom Next Station United Kingdom hah so boring Yeah Station United Kingdom, station United Kingdom Next station Portugal, Next station Portugal hey, Springtrap How long How long will This train take

I don’t know Hey Hey excuse me sir How long the train takes I don’t know maybe It’s thousand years great! thousand years I need to sleep now Station Portugal, station Portugal It’s boring! It’s BORING! SHUT UP Nightmare Fredbear I want to sleep Dang it, I can’t take it anymore THOUSAND YEARS Next station Spain, next station Spain You’re arriving Spain, you are arriving Spain oh Ola Foxy amigo amigo Wait, what? you Rockstar Foxy you… YOU yeah, I remembered that time ehehehe you… you… why you’re not dead huh? huh? Shoot me. Pendejo

Let me see How powerful I am COME!!! Right! right! Next station France, next station France Be careful Rockstar foxy It’s a powerful gun We’ve ever saw TAKE THIS!!! Attention please Passengers do not use weapon do not use weapon or fine one thousand bucks fine, one thousand bucks fine thank you for your cooperation eh! calm down amigo amigo Well what happened to you guys? Screw you Spanish pirate Dang it, I can’t hold it anymore dang it, so mad yeah Well, foxy TAKE THIS!!! Oh Whatchu doing Spanish guy? ouch It hurts hey help me ouch You you you How did you… HOW DID YOU… HOW Well since you you Defeat me, that’s how I trained That’s how I trained That’s how I trained to become a

This musician ever so How’s that so how’s that my song (music) It’s terrible It’s sucks well, thank you have a great time bye weee oh! I have a show tonight! weee Hey, got money? How’s my performance Alright. hey, how’s my performance? Alright Station France, Station France Next station Germany Next station Germany DAng it this Spanish guy Dang it so mad yeah huh huh Hey I can help you How can you help me Just watch right Dang it this door! (Dancing…) What… whatchu you doing How’s my Ballora Yeah I’m not interested How ’bout my music wow! That’s pretty good

right Give me the money I need to eat Oh, I have no money too! WOW! We’re the same! I’m starving, I’m so paying full Yeah me too! hmmm… What does this French Lady doing? Alright… Dang it, I’m single I’m so lonely yeah Yeah so sad I’m single too Fox YeAH I’m single too ME TOO ME TOO Hey Foxy watch this I’m no longer single now hey BAby What’s your name I just want apple Hmmm… you look delicious! yeah, come COME!!! hehehe OH! I like that Hey watch out I’m sleeping HAH, It’s ugly but

I like it Wait it hurts, it hurts AHHH don’t try to run! AHHH HURT AHHH… HELP HELP oh, That’s hurt! yeah It’s horrible Yeah I want to vomit huh… so horrible! so horrible! come there sweetheart no, I’m scared I’m scared, no Get off yeah get off well, This is safe now Dang it, it’s locked lelilelipupu, lelilelipupu, ehehehe hmmm… That’s not fun right, Excuse me Can I sit this, please What do you think oh! oh Lord! It’s scary It’s scary!!!