Shiva – Full Episode 32 – The Animal Train

Where is Shiva? I hope he hasn’t gone to the railway station Sorry, friends. I got late Let’s go quickly. I hope the animal train doesn’t arrive and depart Well done! Well done! Well done! I hatch such amazing plans that I feel like appreciating myself Hey you idiot! Look what’s arriving over there A train is arriving, boss! Even I can see that, you idiot! You’re really a very idiotic person! I mean, which train is that? Either it’s a diesel train or a coal train or an electric train or Enough! It’s useless talking to you! It’s an animal train There are trained circus animals in it which are found only in snowy areas For example, a penguin Polar bear Seals, etc Not monkeys like you! People are so idiotic! There’s no snow in Vedas city at all! Then why are they bringing such animals over here? An indoor snow jungle has been made outside Vedas city These animals will be kept in that indoor jungle and exhibited to people If we capture this train then we can demand millions of rupees from the government! Well done! Well done! Well done! Go ahead! Come on! Everyone jump in the train! Okay, companions! Just ensure that no one in Vedas city becomes suspicious We’ll stop the train in the city only for some time Then we’ll take the train outside the city and capture it And then, we’ll demand Rs.100 million from the government! Friends, all of you know that there are animals brought from the Arctic and Antarctic in this train They are trained circus animals The moment they will be left in the Vedas snow jungle all of you can go there and see them performing various tricks. – Wow! What’s the matter? Why are they standing so stiff? You all are clapping and waving And there’s no reaction from them at all Such a big responsibility is there on their shoulders So, obviously they will be tensed Hey Reva! I saw a hand coming up

Then that attendant who was standing there bent down suddenly And now, he has stood up again That guard surely has someone down there who’s showing us his hand Come on. Let’s inform inspector Laddu Singh about this Inspector Laddu Singh, there’s something fishy in this train Look carefully at those people who are standing They are not at all looking like animal attendants Then I saw a hand coming up And then someone pressed it down You check behind And I’ll check at the front Oh! Okay, Shiva! I’ll check behind! And you check at the front Go quickly! Shiva’s suspicion was right Run outside! Stand quietly right there or else! Come in, mister! Some children have come inside and they have seen everything Take away the train from here quickly! – Okay, okay! Eddy! Rudy! Reva! It’s so much fun! – Bye! – Sir! Eddy! Rudy! Reva! Where are they? I don’t know, Shiva! I couldn’t see them They are in that train, inspector Laddu Singh And they are in danger! Come quickly! Bye! Bye, bye! Bye, bye! Hey! Hey! Hold on! Sir, get your motorcycle quickly and follow me Let’s go quickly! – All right! Sir, the train might be coming from this direction What do we do now, Shiva? I’ve called the police force They might be arriving soon We can’t stop this train! Inspector Pedaram, I’m going in that train. You follow me We’re coming! Be careful! Pedaram! You uttered “We’re coming!” and you only sent me! Sorry, sir! Oh no! How is this boy flying? From today onwards stop praising yourself, Mr. Shabaaz Singh He should be praised instead Driver uncle, train’s wheel got punctured Mr. Shabaaz Singh Stop the train. The train’s wheel got punctured You will always be a car’s driver It’s a train Train’s wheels don’t get punctured He is making a fool out of you I will teach this boy a lesson Where is he? Let me turn on the glue tyre It will stick here Oh wow! Kid, where did you come from? Uncle, don’t call me a kid

What should I call you, if not a kid? Shiva. My name is Shiva Mr. Laddu Singh, take them somewhere safe Okay. Come on! Follow me. Come on! Mr. Laddu Singh Help! Help! It’s an offence to raise a hand on an officer Let’s go to the next compartment through this window It seems empty. Let’s go – Yes, let’s go Oh no! I am doomed! No! No! – Udi! Hurry up! Come on! Fast! Yes! Why are you after me? Come on now! Now you can’t harm me Oh! Whom should I hide behind? Wait. Let me see Why is he brushing his teeth? Open the door – Reva Perhaps he brushes his teeth before eating Shiva, we are stuck – Open the door! – Help! Open the door! – Help! Mom! Mom! Somebody help me! Open the door! Help me! Very good! Very good!

Sometimes I feel like patting my own back Now both this jungle and and the animal train are mine I will demand 100 million from the government Boss, a boy came flying on a bicycle and he thrashed us Boss, he beat us a lot Everyone is injured What? That boy! That little boy has thrashed all of you Come on! Kid, you thrashed my men Very good! Very good! Now you will see what I do to you Shiva, I am on your side Sorry! Have this snowball fight later First catch that kid Do you want only me as your lunch? So many goons are here Eat one of them Go brush. First brush your teeth Brush! Go! Brush! Help! No! Mom! Dad! Leave. Come, lunch Very good! Very good! You are very good at fighting You have cost me 100 million Now you will get 100 million slaps in the jail Right Look over there Good! Very good! Thank you, Shiva! You saved both snow jungle and the animal train Yes. I saved Shiva He was in so much danger Right, Shiva? Shiva, tell us the truth Did you help Mr. Laddu Singh or Mr. Laddu Singh helped you?

Mr. Laddu Singh has caught all of them We were just watching Lie! It’s a white lie This kid… Sorry I won’t call him a kid Shiva is a very good boy He has caught all of them I was busy saving myself from the polar bears and the penguins