OFFICE ESCAPE Pilot Episode – PREP (Tarifa to Vladivostok Road Trip)

Excuse me, best way to Vladivostok? To where? Vladivostok I don’t know what is that Vladi, Vladivos#% This goes to Vladivostok? And what is that? It’s one city in Russia Haha, city in Russia, heh Than no, we are still not going there, hah Way to Vladivostok? Way to Vla… I’m not understanding you… Vladivo..skok? You don’t know where it is? No, I’m not understanding you, if you tell me Excuse me Train to Vladivostok? To where? Vladivostok Vladivostok? Yes I don’t know what is it. Vladivostok? Yes, it’s a city in Russia A train? Listen goat! Excuse me fish, do you know the way to Vladivostok? After getting sick of the office Thank you I decided to to take on a project of my own And do a large trip from Tarifa, Spain to Vladivostok, Russia On the way I will be doing a bit of skiing Kitesurfing Snowkiting Paaa SUPeeing? And some ski touring As nobody knew to tell me the way to Vladivostok, I had to find my own route Here it is Here it is Spain, France, Italy Slovenia, then Croatia, Serbia Bulgaria, Turkey Georgia, Azerbaijan Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan Again Kazakhstan, then Russia, Mongolia Then Russia Again, Vladivostok there I am It’s approximately 20,000 km I will be sleeping in my car, cooking in my car, around my car And I’ll be doing videos of these things and the things I think are interesting Nice locations Little bit of vlogging Having fun with it These are the thing I really like to do And traveling So, yeah, what can go wrong, I dont think anything can go wrong CHAPTER I – Elevator to Piau Engaly How would you really enjoy spending your life? Freestyle, and before Alpine skiing Nice..nice Also competition, no? Yes AFTER SKI DRUNK SPA

It’s a documentary, it’s not a vlog It’s a documentary about what? What about what? Documentary about what? Aaa on myyy… trip Maybe I had my towel somewhere But take it So drunk Fly pelican! Don’t, but, but don’t, don’t CHAPTER II – Peniche Air Bed *NEXT STATION – Nuevos Ministerios* *NEXT STATION – Hope* *Hope* Hi Can you clean after you have breakfast at least in the morning?! And pay the bills, I already told you 1000 times! What makes you itch, what sort of a situation would you like? We are going to make a risotto, we are complicating the things significantly

Cheers brother! How do you say it in Serbian? Cheers (Ziveli) I said it a bit strange It’s very nice man, f*&k, bravo Raul PICK IT UP – feels good, costs nothing All this vine, bbq We ate 1 kilo of meat Like this more or less? 1 kiloovmit kilomit… it’s like a kilometer Thanks CHAPTER III – Metro wind to Fuerteventura *There is absolutely no possibility of having any pleasure in life at all without skill.* *Money doesn’t buy please… ever.* No skills – no pleasure Fuck, fuck, fuck Cheers! Hi! Which one goes first, Lola? This one This one looks very nice And we close 20 minutes and we eat BEACH PIZZA DELIVERY Coming food 😐

Here comes the food Is this 10m Ozone? Yes, 10 Ozone Then this is your order Ah, thanks Girlfriends gone *Extreme sports* LAST DAY, EVERYBODY’S GONE It’s a bit cold, maybe it’s going to be too humid to sleep here I will try Try. Top accent Getting ready for the bed I was waking up a lot, but in the end I slept like 9 hours I’m gonna see the sunrise now That’s nice I didn’t sleep very well, but I didn’t wake up tired That’s because of the freedom Let’s throw a rock down So on the trip it’s going to be a bit colder to do kitesurfing, but it’s ok I have my 6mm diving suit, and I’ll enter the water for sure Bye, bye Fuerteventura CHAPTER IV – Madrid preparation *Better to have a short life that is full of what you like doing, than a long life spent in a miserable way.* Bojan this way I’ll do it, I’ll do it Fuck

Going to the pool for some cardio training Thanks Maki You are welcome Maria is in charge of my lighting settings I’m going first time snowkiting I’m very excited It is still dark outside It’s quite early We are going close to Avila Preparation for the trip continues Let’s see how I do Hi Bojan, I heard things about Vladivostok