【ENG SUB】💕Love Designer EP16 | Dilraba,JohnnyHuang | Chinese Drama 2020

Zhou Fang Can you let me tell you the whole thing Don’t listen to him He’s so full of crap Don’t get me wrong He just can’t cooperate with you well, right? OK What are you going to act? Act what? You do not act, then admit it Admit what? I did nothing Admit what? I told you that I was drunk I know nothing, understand? You were drunk Then what happened with her You don’t remember it, right? I was so drunk like that What could I do Yesterday, I went back I did not take off my clothes It’s still the same as yesterday When you called me I woke up I was in my own room Just in your room? So what are you going to say now If you really do not believe I can call Luna I’ll ask her You don’t mention that name, ok? I don’t want to listen What happened between you Zhou Fang Shall we trust each other, ok? Just trust me, ok? OK Then we can learn the perspective-taking If someday I stay with a man in the hotel and had been taken pictures Do you trust me? Believe or not? I don’t believe But I can’t explain How do I explain? I can only ask you to trust me The news just right be there Let me explain? I can’t explain clearly I don’t believe it myself But what should I do? If there’s something with If there is something If we were in a relationship, then what about now It is absolutely without me The one stands right at you is definitely not me, right? I’m not meaning that That exactly what you mean You just want to say that I didn’t say that, don’t You wanna say that I didn’t say that Just don’t act senselessly, ok? Now It’s your fault Not me Zhou Fang We have a long way to go If we don’t trust each other How can we get along with each other Then break up I did not say to break up I’m not meaning that I want to break up Totally we are not in the same boat Your world is so complicated The news just right be there How can I believe you You can’t believe Even I do not believe Luna We are adults Let me make clear Today I came here I just want to ask you what are you going to do Did I make myself clear to you? Our contract has been expired We do not have any relationship There are not any problems Do you know what’s that mean? What did you do now? What do you want to do? I told you that Zhou Fang is my girlfriend You still do it Just do not want others to be good What is you condition? Say it directly Song Lin I love you for many years And I still love you However, I am unreconciled I want to give myself the last chance Even if it doesn’t take a miracle But at least

I can say Happy birthday to you That kiss was to say goodbye Qin Qing I admire you so much Though you have been gone through backwards and forwards You’ve met so many people who hurt you badly, But there’s no mistress Now you have the pencil boy who treats you sincerely and honestly He could not fight back scold back Look at me I’m not that pretentious What I want is also simple I do not require that he is like the pencil boy, docile and obedient But when we had a quarrel, he didn’t even try to comfort me Am I asking too much? You just require too less So nice to people So he would do it like that Quarrel will test a man You can know if he really cares about you or not If he cares, he would stand at you side to consider for you but not explain for himself He just left without any hesitation You should listen to me Don’t contact with him Do you hear me? Zhou hasn’t gone home yet I called her, but not answered Maybe she is still angry I see Go to bed now You, you are not going to look for her Where to look for Go to sleep, hurry Just walk out Hello

Lin, don’t worry Miss Fang is at Qin Qing’s home Is she ok? Take it easy, she’s fine She is asleep now Qin Qing is taking care of her You don’t need to worry about Ok. thank you Mr. Song Mr. Song Mr. Song Group recording had done In these few days, all of us have been preparing the rehearsal of the final The rest of designers have not signed yet? No These two days Please arrange the time We’ll talk about the latter cooperation You will make appointments personally? Yes Or I go with you? I manage it all the time Chen is not familiar with that condition Qin Qing Are you looking for Zuo? Where is Mr. Song Mr. Song He is in the office Follow me, please Thank you Mr. Song, look, who’s here Qin Qing Is she ok? Song Lin, I tell you From now on, don’t look for Zhou Fang Qin Qing What are you talking about? Stop now Mr. Song Luckily, it’s not boiling water Zhou Fang takes it seriously Miss Fang Mr. Song did not allow me to tell you But I think that you’d better persuade Qin Qing Tell her not to make trouble here Yes You can observe two more days If he dares to bother my friend All of his scandals about cheating female stars will be spread out And What are you doing I’m not done Stop it I’m helping you OK? It’s too embarrassing just now That’s enough I know what you mean You still love him, right? I know that what you did this for me But we already broke up I want to be graceful And what you did online to spread out the messy rumor It’s shameful There are my part How about contract? What do you mean? Don’t you still want to continue to cooperate I’ll pay all the liquidated damages It’s not about money Relationship or benefits And what else? Do you still want to get back together No I did not have confidence in

the relationship between you and Wang Zeyang before But you didn’t listen to me How about the result? He cheated on money and took advantage of you So you lost both Now, same mistake Why don’t you always listen to me Can you forget that Don’t compare Song Lin with him Song Lin is much better than him Also in the future If I cooperate with Song Lin, he is also my superior He won’t take benefits from me and also don’t want to cheat me It’s so hard to do business now I want to have my own brand I don’t wanna bother you too often I see You don’t even treat me as part of you I didn’t mean it I will take care of my own affairs, Okay? Leave me alone Okay Zuo Director Come here OK Why are still standing here? Follow your boss It’s always good to follow her What are you doing? Miss Qing asked us to bring all the things back Miss Fang What happened between you and Qin Qing? Did you have a quarrel? No It’s just a little awkward Not a big deal Just have a meal and we’ll be all right Let’s go Song Luo Why are you alone here? Where’s Shen Di? How the hell would I know? I have nothing to do with him Luoluo When will you take me to visit Luna Let me think about it We haven’t had any communication for a long time I’m just focusing on the study Exams are coming up Is this really you? What’s up? I’m not allowed to make progress? Of course not Then I’ll go back first See you tomorrow Bye Bye Song Luo, let’s go together! What the hell!? What’s up? Are you OK? Would you just stop following me? Such a nuisance Hey How boring it is for you to walk your bike You like walk bike? OK, do it Song Luo, Song Luo Song Luo Zhou Fang

I know you’re feeling down I also know that there is a little misunderstanding between you and Qin Qing Let’s have a meal when you are free And let’s talk straight to matter It’ll all be over Hey, Zhou Fang I apologize to you for Qin Qing It’s fine It’s good to have such a friend She can back you up Zhou Fang I’m calling because I want to Song Lin You don’t have to explain it In this world, explanation can’t prove anything We might not know each other well Like now, everything is back to where it started I think it is quite good Zhou Fang In the future, if we meet again It should be in the workplace Let’s make it simple I’ll hang up first Drink less Save me some! Nothing. It’s nothing I… I don’t understand How could you two have a quarrel? It’s not kind of spat This is a matter of principle It goes not that far Now, Zhou Fang is definitely upset She also needs a friend now If you ignore her again, she will be much upset I’d really like to Does she appreciate it? I really can’t imagine that You’ve been friends for years There is no need to get it stiff, right? She has Song Lin in her heart now There is no more need for such a friend like me No I’ve heard that they had broken up Then you can take advantage of it Seize the opportunity, understand? Don’t worry about me

I just don’t want to see your friendship comes to an end indeed OK Come on Er I’ve fixed your car Are you still unwilling to go with me? Okay, here’s the key Take care I Childish Confirm after checking the number of the goods And there is in total three that is the same I will take all the three Okay, take them first Alright Is the address verified correctly? Sure Be careful! Three, four There is still one left Miss Fang This contract needs to be signed Yes Why would you buy so many things again? It’s mask! From someone else Mom, where’s my dad? He went on a business trip On a business trip? My uncles are responsible for all the business in the company Why he do that in person You know well your father’s temper He is reluctant to resign from a leading post He is also unwilling to stay at home So he told me that he would go for a project review Then when will he come back? I miss him already

The project review must take long But he didn’t tell when will he return after all? We’ve not gone on a trip together for a long time Mom How about this? We sneaked in front of my dad Then give him a surprise How about that? Forget it Your father doesn’t like someone bother him when he is working Mom Why do I always get the feeling that you kept things from me? All right, I’ll tell you Yes! Recently, my waist relapse The Doctor told me not to move about and take a rest at home What’s wrong with your waist? Did you catch a cold a few days ago Maybe Well, It’s not so bad I’ll be fine with more rest Then I will often go home to accompany you Let me accompany you to do physical therapy No Why did you suddenly behave yourself? Your boyfriend Zuo, right? How about him? Fine He is busy with his work It occurs often that though I called him, he didn’t answer It seems that you are very keen on it this time You are jealous, right? Mom In this world, except you and my dad, I can live without anyone else The silly girl You’re talking nonsense All in all dad and mom can only accompany you through this section of journey I still hope you can find a reliable man for your whole life Again!? On the whole, we can reach a consensus But we can cover the rest of the details in future We can talk about later Alright Thank you, Mr. Song for providing us such a perfect platform I wanna thank you for enabling the public to know more about the development status of our domestic garment market Thank you for your hard work My pleasure Then I will leave you in peace OK Goodbye, Mr. Song Hello, Miss Quanye Miss Quanye, nice to meet you! Are there any other designers? Only Mr. Song and other leaders Mr. Song is very approachable You mustn’t be nervous Maybe we will work in the same company I came for cooperation, and I have no time for chatting Quanye, it’s your turn Come in, please! Thank you Mr. Song, Quanye is here Hello Nice to meet you, Mr. Song Sorry to keep you waiting Have a seat What a surprise! I can’t believe that you interview us in person, which flattered us a lot It’s okay Tell you the truth Mr. Su from BaiSai Group has come to me during the semi-final recording But he didn’t know the reason why I participated this contest was all because of you I have read your myth of business experience for so many times Maybe Even I spend the rest of my life, I still cannot reach the height and achievements which you’ve gained But if I have the chance to be the designer of your company, my life is worth it Okay, let’s back to business I’m sorry I am so excited to see you About the business condition of the brand development and studio, I have already arranged the data well Please have a look I pay a little attention to the conditions and other factors related to work Help yourself eat more Coming Are you Qin Qing? It’s me. What’s up? Mr. pencil boy prepared these flowers and and snacks for you Okay,

Leave the things And you can go You can get off work on time today? No But I asked the director for leave It’s okay for me to go back before ten I don’t need you But I need you So please be generous Did you have your supper? No, I’m keeping fit What’s up? Look at you! Qin Qing Actually, I go home after overtime work I really miss you I want to call you But I’m afraid of interrupting you Sorry You are unhappy But I am not with you I’m a bit hungry now Hungry? I bought you the mixed nuts Have one Wait a second What are you going to do? You’ll see This is the contracts for designers Keep well Okay I’d like to go Okay! Good bye, Mr. Song! Come on I wanna see you It’s not easy! Are you working overtime every day? It seems that Song Lin is harsh on the employees This is what you want Please sit down Sit down before talking! This is what you want I didn’t get it Why do you come if you didn’t get it? Mr. Su I don’t want to continue Is something wrong? If you think the money is less, talk straight with me It’s not about money I don’t want to..anymore To what? I don’t want to feel sorry to Song Lin anymore Right? It seems he is nice to you Some things are just to be kept in mind Have you ever think about the consequences if we put the issue above board You helped me I’m really grateful In the past three years, I have got much information from Song Lin But I have not right and the ability to get involved in the personal animosity between you and Mr. Song But I’m just asking you to set me free Listen carefully! In this world, the hardest to pay off is the debt of gratitude You are senior employees here By rights, you are even not qualified to resign The debt of gratitude you covered

is to pay off to Song Lin or to me? OK Even to Song Lin, do you think he would keep you in his company or not if he knows what you’ve done Even he keeps me, I’m too embarrassed to stay Before I came here, I have handed in my resignation It seems you’ve made up your mind Do you think you will have another chance to stay in this circle without me or without him? Mr. Su I will pay you what I owe you Listen up! There are many mistakes in life that you can’t make Just now In just two minutes, you made two mistakes Do you know what I hate most? Betray!