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HSHH [Intro plays] Geoff: So what the f*** is this? Michael: This is 3D Ultra (stutter) Ultra Minigolf Lets Play-Super 3D Minigolf Adventures Exciting Minigames Geoff: Oooohhhh Ray: 3D… Minigolf… Ultra Ray: I’m liking the fat beats that are playing Geoff: Yeah, that’s pretty… pretty dope Geoff: You get to pick your balls, I’m gonna pick this one. I call it Midnight Thunder Ray: Alright, I guess I’ll be this chick Ryan: I was the last one in so I guess I get Thug Life Ray: Actually, you know what, I’ll be the blonde haired girl Michael: Yeah, I’m gonna be this bitch Geoff: That guy looks like you, Ryan Michael: Are we gonna be twins Ray? Ray: Yeah Ryan: If I gain 30 pounds Ray: Well, Courtney’s blonde right? Michael: Can we make out? Ray: Yeah (Assorted mutterings, something about Courtney Hughes) Michael: Here we go, I’m gonna get the monster ball Geoff: Dude, I am s- Michael: M – M – M – MULTIBALL! Geoff: I’m wearing skinny jeans like Gavin Ray: I mean… I guess I’ll… I guess I’ll use this ball Michael: Does Gavin have that shirt too? Geoff: (Laughs) Ray: Control, huh? Three clicks? Analog put Geoff: Sure Ray: Let’s do hold and release Michael: OOOHHHH, I exited the game Ryan: (Laughs) Ray: Alright, well Michael: FUCK! Ray: Invite incoming Michael: Dude, there was no confirm. What kind of game does that? Ray: Uuuuhhhhh, fuckin, where am I? Geoff: Uh-oh, I think the game’s started Geoff: Wait, no, I ended the game Michael: (Laughs very loud) Ray: Alright, Jesus Christ! Ryan: (Laughs) Geoff: God damnit! Ray: Well, we’re still at the title screen Geoff: So we’re doin nine holes right? Geoff: Well I have no idea what… shit Geoff: I have no idea what those nine holes were so we’re starting over again Michael: Now you gotta pick them all over again don’t you? Ray: God damnit Michael: Geoff, you’re not capturing right? Geoff: No Michael: OK, good Ryan: (Singing) Technical difficulties Michael: FUCK! Geoff: Oh, fuck, I’m not counting the number of… oh god, dicks! Ray: Why am I subscribed to Fab? Why am I getting e-mails from Fab? Michael: You wanna look fab, don’t you? Ray: Can I stop this? Ryan: Whatever, I’m a baller Geoff: Yeah you are. You look – I like that outfit better on you anyway Ray: You look like you’re gonna have your way with Michael and I Ryan: I am absolutely gonna do that Geoff: Michael, how are you and Ryan gonna use the same god damn ball, it’s gonna be confusing Ryan: (incoherent) Michael: No, I’ll change. Hang on Geoff: What is three clicks? Geoff: Is that some fuckin M (stutters) Is that some MLG stuff? Ray: Yeah Ryan: Weirdest combination of people ever Ryan: You got the like the blonde, uh, sorority squad and then the emo goths Unknown: We’re recording! Geoff: Who was that? Ray: I don’t fucking know Michael: Who cares? Geoff: Alright, let’s do it! Ray: Hey, we all made it in (Collective YAY! from Michael and Ryan) Michael: Alright- Ray: An eagle is par minus 2. A birdie is par minus 1 Geoff: Thank you Ray Ray: That’s what my screen says Michael: Mines telling me about power ups and junk Geoff: Mines telling me about birds eye views Ryan: Mine says just look around (Everyone else laughs) Ray: CHOO CHOO! Michael: Alright Geoff, this is course number 1 you’ve selected here in the Wild Wild West Dude, are there power ups? It’s actually a sequel to Red Dead Redemption (oh is it?) … John Marston fucking Oh nice, here we go Oh shit I got to go first?! What do I do? Geoff, are you anorexic? Yeah, you’re gavin The purple things are power-ups .. or something, I don’t remember Oh my GOD SHIT! We got a big ball Your ball is growing Why is my ball so big? (you got a giant ball) Will that fit in the hole? You might wanna check .. that with a doctor .. I don’t know (dude, shoutout to wayne) I need to take a cool shower (laughs) Alright there we go Just right at the green Here we go Dude, I’d fuck me (dayumm) Nice! working what’s not so bad o sock ohh you got electric shock power up what is that mean that means you can zap the shit out of them here we go it for men o shit i got a bomb wow nice you shot your brother Tom do all right here we go here’s raise twin sister kourtney’s twin mrs. Arden Kurt oh fuck oh well that sucks well Jeff is looking like Tiger library and holding up haha use the shield power up when we know yet all of the edge all right all right you don’t mess with regular house yeah what you got this like how do i miss with Jeff well you got to first get your ball yeah like red electric shocks yeah that the shit I’ve always close enough i can like it be or something I got you the critical zone for Jeff oh are you grunts well early lead for Jeff I’m like Tiger Woods that the infidelity dude i’ll tell you what they’re not all your words it’s early editing for us look at what’s your name and being somebody to electro ball up and away I’m line up the shot we come on ray here we go you know oh wow well she had not just a pretty face that was a person will also got a nice ass yeah we got a great ass this is gonna do it no no yeah i’m at the beginning its sure it doesn’t be adding for us and they missed the coin yeah it’s pretty awesome that you’re lying all right what ha ha ha ha can you stack power-ups and scammers what I don’t have those retired am so i use a power up I’m you fuck you have sucked hear you’re having trouble like you have some funky angle i’d like to point out that before we started recording Michael was bragging about how you can hold in one every walk haha out of town five years ago I said that all right I think I got this please miss fucking me wheeze men yelling 30 on that means there’s like a wall of his mind I’m gonna go Riley your tag along yeah look at poems yeah – – you fucking okay i don’t actually have you guys that something’s gonna go to bed earlier

Sam magnitude hey the trains back soon oh yeah just looking to Center it I don’t know what that I’m gonna get Michael screen for its controls oh whatever fuck I’m doing how many poisons game have just two hundred to get the LC aah I gotta hit that thing okay whoa I it has the LC but i think it’s just – I just don’t want you to have what you wanted . in it I do Michael I don’t have 200 yeah but Jeff ice sure you can get to hunting this game going to do this already using to get the collectibles for the metals same with a bogey it’s a solid reliable six they got you triple click and plus three right there for the true unfortunately all right because you’re looking good regenerate a good start right is you know i don’t know i’m almost allocation or where the snakes all i can ask mark your ball away man I got to get big kiss as opposed to know that can make it through whatever comes out of somewhere else it was music it’s going down sweet hot dog oh shit what you do this so whoever goes first is at a huge disadvantage because all the ducks around yeah no shit so have fun write down what I got your back to ducks down yeah we’re not gonna if you hit him sweet like I gotta can I birds no fucking was gonna wing it walk oh yeah yeah yeah all holy war with the power up all right you know I didn’t get a dog but uh you know kind of close I can get part they can go Courtney ok I’m up next ok here you know ducks notes all glory no I mean no I mean no whammy no whammy we make money not even over the whole oh what’s up and fuck a duck okay it’s coming right back to flow can happen I hate it backwards I want you to be like him write this down arrow was my camera you’ve always wanted was a complete your head what’s it gonna be Wow o LG your old what you’re driving around . Oh something else she bit it back a little bit you’re still it plus 2 that’s ok right all right shut your hole look at ryans ball oh but she had a fuck about it yeah shit on my face and I was not around George – all right let’s not put this is gonna be a are synced easy all right I can take apart and this is the point where ray jumps ahead and never looked back that’ll happen yeah all right right is further out different ways of the whole little value to your left i’m gonna take a look I can’t look one know where I know we’re closer communion wine and I was little more complicated don’t you ever get Ryan home alright so let’s play is going to be this one hole yeah all right i think i can make it over the hills now i remember why we designed and down okay I got this one . i know the pattern oh gee I right after that know about bitch come on Jimmy the ice cream haha when I thought I wanted you doing redwood jeff was working great and i’m already all right all right duck down the fun come on Remmy she’s no fun no not gonna know dude switch him by the whole you know in our general checkup and up being in high school you can do it haha any harder than that my shoot it to the moon Jeff is always a chance you didn’t go well brothers battle in the start of christ almighty all right Mulligan and are you want some popcorn got a go to one person is going to be this application and what we read asshole if you like Michael on the first hole yaxha my whole was harder whatever I gotta do dead yeah there you go welcome to the pole if only I’d done that the first time yeah you got an electric shock you that will carry over to the next round though you can slap the shit out of somebody all right Jeff finish strong not too strong boom hey go beautiful plus 4 so look at the doors anymore but i really don’t know if I could have ray all right we’re going to get a minus one and everyone else is in the positives all right Michael suddenly second place all right all man i was like i did play ball going to do a camera to doing a dramatic camera spin don’t you have tickets are rise and I remember what the hell you sure looks like Mickey Mouse we can get suit I got this if it I just look at my hand over there together is you sit on a throne was that well I go back I got its major lag the ball disappeared kind of thing hang on you actually go below something’s happening i can tell you what all right all right

that was a little something happens I think he got the ball oh I’m here I don’t know what else happened all right let’s see what you got you Michael Christ what I don’t see you hey go now it’s not like it haha Oh little girl last poopoo that is not good folks as well just sit on the ground like a running buddy you’re good i hope it was right online without my bubble that’s certainly not gonna go in the fucking all right yeah all right yeah so can you like tase him with your ball again nobody came to the Shocker thing right shocker so our block oh haha that we’re told haha was it out you knocked me down it’s down on the other course how did you help him I think it might have happened sometime yeah all right let’s uh fucking was trying God’s go for easter very ready Oh made it into the big all right all right that’s my ball right there thanks Jeff you all about that is the whole you know you’re behind the other side yeah over that hill Jeff your brother up as a right people say apparently didn’t make it and I was kind of weird wag call hat on straight and fucking order not doing very black box fucking stand by don’t you go Bridget uh-oh you know what that is but you have a boil our uplink and I get a vacuum or mole are no Saul Bellow bastard you know she didn’t have the suction all right angles like up my butthole here I’m uh not to forget you helped out a Michael though yeah that’s hot damn it and mr. blowhole missed everything right there your balls in my way no put an X gesture a janitor who fired well that do and it’s gone no no you still have a fireball get a whole blows balls away from the whole apt with me all right this is this is the thing right just fucking hit all-powerful real fort my whole key oh this guy get this guy with a burning I am fuckin that was a top shot i was pretty good right very good do this right i wonder if you activate oil near the whole they’ll be a problem did I do that it won’t happen couldn’t you didn’t do it par are you look so far backwards rap yes yeah I’ve really pouty look you just blew my mind right now you got some dsl’s right there dick sucking lips a very nice I’ll take a part of it in my skirt and Michael thank you this seems like a perfect avatar game but I guess it’s a hundred years ago yeah but i think the second the second one has avatar is an input the second one is really hard achievements there’s a second one yeah yeah they made another one of these gyms yeah yeah this game sold pretty well I think we can because we had nothing on a call my god can bounce it in get your nigga like you have something for ya dick is and that’s part night was a good hole for everybody right ray furthering his lead dude for the number two right snakes and used to meet expectations that one course i love that ride do the fucking here with my partner without you sitting yeah you gotta go past it so there’s if there’s there’s there’s a hole right in the center and i will actually give you a whole new one if you people who don’t think I have enough cojones to do that have you done that like I had five years ago yeah I have jeff and will not do it now I was Michael is prime yeah that’s called prime yeah well you know it over I’ll go I’ll clear it that’s fine with me nice canada oh fuck me and it’s the fucking lightning bolt all right all right Jeff you’re gonna go for it you can do things like you got hit slower but your ball get eaten by that thing or just really low kicks know if you look back at the story Jeff’s technique of just railing ball is proven as expected all right can we get the hole in one all right all right boys little too much for english too much racks bills I was gonna hang out here yeah Harry what’s up well I’m gonna marry the girl in the whole here we go see what Ryan can do no didn’t have the juice oh is it is a hole in one yeah one from the lion we go I like when you go out of jax all right that was a tippy top shot going thank you we’re gonna build a house yeah look oh that was happening tap tap tap fall apart Jeff you started off so what did I fell apart in the

first level the bottom of that again will get a birdie you’re gonna wear that all will pay the world jeff is that all part of the plan yes all right ok let’s just cut the bullshit he’s not use the hours for Ray so close rolls in almost two light right now it’s perfect just putting just enough touch on it just like my hips I’m gonna go Jeff Jeff you saved the bar everybody already good at putting is not the whole thing that good but i mean i guess more times or tues greater than negative 3 I gotta make some make up some ground here Ray has to lose some ground and I wash at what point do we initiate fuck ray yeah yeah I think that we should be initiated last forever probably probably should’ve been the first round of the game all right I don’t know where I’m going here ok so you need to go around go around her straight across the flag is directly across ok and there is a lightning bolt directly across just going for across Oh reject why me was that a nice two bedroom where they got a nice bounce bounce with me I mean you gotta go for a obviously don’t be a bitch yeah fucking this probably got a pattern here but there were driving the cars gonna go for it other possessed by the demon children oh this guy a lot like holy one man yeah it is you’ve been sucking Tiger Woods big haven’t you know it’s been for you like other woman ray I was 16 and actually get her suck the powers out of him yeah all right it’s like the tiger year no oil slick nope you were right in the middle of how as soon as he hit nope it oh my god all right line it up I wish I could tell you the pattern but i can get my rejection is early Oh around so go to work right next to Jeffy all right Jeff I think you got a shot how can I can’t use my yet the one has yet to be born healthy emotion okay so which of us well pop haha yeah oh my god yeah fucking shield – and I usually not you grow up for that yeah I believe I do I’m not sure it works right I always want another spot there well no long way all right here we go just good to use around no yeah yeah I left here I can do everything I was very nice shot right oh no dying to get good very closest say Brian could say i’m bad at all wow that blows got this Michael yeah I want to help you out I figured you were Jeff and still be last after that for sure bro right we’ll be live no god damn it was a fucking purple that is a shield like would stop me from getting electro shock from Jeff didn’t use hi Jeff this is for part is the next shot will be for both face rate I don’t have a television screen reader is already looking Ryan very nice all right bar continues to meet expectations your God ride it like a bridge yeah you’re you’re angry dude i wonder if anybody has ever have no strong feelings about is one way or the other just go Jeff we all take turns just go after your next hate light but then I want hello i whack the ball too hard like way too hard the fog Jeff you don’t you can you get always one and then go over to the bathroom or just pee in a cup for his guys on yourself or pee on yourself to go Jeff go captain’s desk job do it I got invite know about all right just running to take me out i’ll be here whack in the ball a couple more times I can start the next level alright so here but we’re like halfway don’t know you guys can just talk about yourself come on you whore come on all damn it poop fucking double bogey well what the fuck’s of boat but we won over whatever ponder I get that but what looks like a bookie I don’t know maybe we buy each stroke she’s it right is a were half right good he just had that fucking cheat like that one shitty whole yeah she would posit because a well we’ll just see when Judge turn there’s no time limit right like you yeah not gonna do anything if you don’t get what the big water nobody lives do you all do i get the honors of going first on this fucking thing yeah I do raised Christ sucks start that sir well you know the route on race car come on to it and and all the power put it in there that was not go over a fuck what up the holy ones that was a anything in this one that was about ninety percent power and

that wasn’t enough should wait what I got a hundred all right all right I’ll do it fucking blast that shit our role is a ball around his wife she’s like Rosa go right over top there we go yeah around the bride stand up for a hold of all right oh they’re so close to a whole one Jeff welcome back from the happy thank you you guys would be happy to know that my urine is clear as dicks awesome Jeff you’ll be happy to know I fucked this stuff as you can see my balls right there it’s not a pro tip i went out i joined away yeah get up we are I want ninety percent power roughly and that was not enough i went a lot of power to and I was enough I redlined it so go all the way at all huh got you know when I was in the Army we used to have to have these things called battle buddies where you had like one of the person you were responsible for each other and now one of the things we had to do was watch each other p is that true yeah sure you’re hydrated you know yellow pea drinks of water clear p good job battle buddy high pot now while watching answers you guys like I’m okay with it all right what’s that again he asked if your penis is ever touched I did what happens on the battlefield stage without the Shan yet so that’s what is a battlefield yes shit that was originally what happened all right all right you got this is right birdie murder and you’re not even overall sweet job Ryan be right back if you see my wife tell her I said hello all right I’m gonna see you later today but holy Sh oh she just H whoa a bitch fuck you oh wow haha that was me haha that was full speed that’s the power of a lightning right there oh yeah i’m glad i’m not fucking with anybody was super fun to me that whatever you want to rock the red no you’re right did I whatever whoever was right next to god damn it Oh rage because that’s not a minute so good we did just recommend one course kind of got ready to go there I was gonna birdie this cunt god damn it that would give they’re going at these things yeah and I once well he sees you got this job holding one right here : 3 hey go good safe it was a random we don’t have full power yeah it depends where you hit ya their full power you have to aim it a little bit ok honey into the curve it’s a good day for you Loki it’s all over for me already getting over for every skinny to look at life or do you know why is that zero is the closest array I met three I think oh shit word space where moon Spurs oh goody i get to lead off on this one where the fuck am I supposed to do you have to go wow you go far as shit teleporter thing is you oh the thing in the middle you get around the corner yeah all right here we go punk no papa was something that was yeah i was going to take it it’s a weird fucking angle you’re weird angle you know I mean I’m Spanish oh alright alright spree power up maybe it’s free power which at the springy thing at least yeah yeah yeahs undergoing last up to the shine oh yeah beautiful shot hope no one lightning bolts you or something just suck a dick if you do also if you don’t I mean mixing paint onto the one generated so what I didn’t so let’s get the whole one looks good on you you know you’re going through a fucking to help order was and I don’t what’s what’s happening oh I want you two to worry if this motherfucker gets it fucking hole in one all right was everything when I better just read it well shit good everything went better than expected all right i got this ryan he’s doing you did last time no fuck haha well we are going I can never know what I’m going to get some air time on the ball all right let’s bring this bitch I’m gonna try timing is very important here oh yes very nice all right like a triangle yeah i sowwies maybe want to have chef what had

happened what happened to Jack you gotta tap it in like that just do a rain did you fuck me great further is his lead I should have been an eagle right how many years has it been since you played this game fucking for my achievements almost five actually most singers hosing the five and a half years just hosing us who ryan little hard a little hard a little over but i’m on the right side you are on the right side you can save part well I’m email a it’s already going for a raise or who you’re right just wants to remain at 0 K good if he said that is soooo Jeff you got this hey you go beautiful job yeah beautiful shot with a finger pistols how about so disappointed I like your wrist band matches your belt thanks man all right got a dresser is properly the right what’s the importance all is well ha ha ha I just working my way closer you don’t have to get like an infant forgot got it vocolo never know how dude Hulk smash out the halloween party model is that I’m looking pretty good so let’s write completely gets fucked in these last two whole guys let’s fuck right let’s do what Kurt what would they write but it took me a minute doing some pinball action apparently all right ok I don’t know what this is a whole you know it’s like that song pinball wizard by that bad like creed or something yeah all right what is gonna be great to watch for all four of us all the whole there are you hitting that sure I’m Jeff so these are so this is the basics what’s the goal here the goal i think is to get in the hole there that is pointed in the middle ground but no I think on the left the green of the yellow yeah that’s what price will be here for a while no no yeah we’re gonna be here a long fucking time I’m all right with that guilt I think it’s gonna get it if you get in those holes that will change where it spit your ball out that you can get a hole in one and you can also get a fucking like free shot from that or something all right Jeff it is your turn how do you get the bumpers be on your screen yeah that’s growing turns out it does say that what do you know undeceive doctor get in there you can’t always get your dick yes you want to see where the other end you that comment is it’s like fire ball hit up there yeah you know there you go you got a free shot all right just reduced your strokes 20 so can you get a hole in 0 yeah yeah : knows what they don’t get if you get in now what’d you get nope still get it you’re gonna walk again come on oh wow now what now we just the wait for your ball with all the way left and roll all the way back to the right yeah get up speed that’s how pinball works you know you gotta wait for your ball to roll around the bottom that’s when I walk away people suck Smosh Jeff got my butt you like it bocce ball all right we’ll have to watch this two more times this is going right going to get like a fucking multiplier of like time a thousand all right we got immediately really happy we got that excellent just gotta go exactly the way I wanted to have you come on see if you can see you can beat this game if you get into can you get multiple three balls or multiple negative balls where the fuck you get negative on the image below zero that would be amazing he’s almost always got the whole 1i think of you in the yellow the whole that’s what I’m trying to but I’m gonna be here for a while it’s a physics are fucking just amazing music so hard that’s why they go to college hello watching the ball ok i’ll keep using my flippers pretty so what do you watch Michael what are you watching on TV right there walking dead never one well you know a good fit it’s never going to go anywhere is it I mean oh holy lot of a bit I don’t have us like right at the border he was like what all right we got him there we go no c’mon we gotta go you dare tilt no sir go hard don’t shake the machine he’s up price got to go back and now we have to wait for the Royals laughs then and then dinner every day not working – all right now we’re in outer space ryan and grab the increase burger hey we just bought fly off the map and we can grab early on for a minute but look here i am fucking edge I can’t wait for all four of us all right i’m gonna hit ever here we go i think i’m in for the love of guy would we only have to watch this one more time

what the fuck the next time we play i’m just gonna look we do part to its gonna be nine holes of this Oh Ryan why don’t haha what is bad with that when the ball falls out i think it will fire somewhere else that is the most useless piece of shit everywhere that’s not been as the flippers well this well you get it straight into that all you got it went straight to the gold whole got rejected and then with complete around yeah just changing your changes where it spits it out i think you’re good yeah thanks see ya your fun hippie well haha the ball to a little cluttered ass shot right all the world’s gone no it’s nice piece of all you use that like right at the hole they’re like oh is it gonna mean I can see it maybe it disappears when you score you want to get your whole my voice is powerful haha fuck me a little much but uh huh just a bit much all right what’s this fucking Jeff what do you have that face you look upset change that’s what other things bruges nice Jeff eagle eagle ok all rights here we are just like asteroids you know anything they’re just it’s just the record right I went all the way into the orange pushing up eagle god damn i went into the hotel raise business yes all right say what you know about the man he could put look right so all we need to do is get ready to get like a 20 yeah this last hole ship keep flying in a circle oh man – 12 is almost got a commanding second lowest i was a cold water over so I can get back to zero yeah totally forgot about that this bitch almost over yes one fuck look at this whole I want to play more what this game is left me wanting more what the fuck is this yeah so there’s grab him alright alright no problem what’s that thing in the background the big yellow thing a feeling this mean holy shit Jeff oh no what is happening yes ball in orbit Oh fucking fuck escape the gravity of the planet all right what happened i don’t even know I didn’t learn anything from that all right I’m gonna fucking user happening that’s great what happens all right yeah right jump right rolling around should jump there you go yeah I’m just following orders man ok so the holes over there somewhere that’s on the other challenge on there we go home right that’s looking good having some rolling like a ball the ball well meet again there’s the hole right there was not that right all right I think it important for you to know check this out oh and the other ways Michael remember this one this is crazy this allowed just legal blowhole old it off oh the blow is brian we’re there we’ll hit a little too hard the past and around direction yeah I know fuck yeah yep that’s so original I would have never thought of it nice one jeff i’ll try it one day I’m gonna cut this video out of order to do probably a little bit haha little soft well I thought about what the fuck it wasn’t something you did can’t hit that the name zoom out right can you left trigger yeah but left trigger that’s so it’s kind of working on with your app because i’ll demonstrate how do i put it back already I’m just one is going to bounce it off the wall yeah right you got this little bouncer up Oh ray fucking hit my ball sorry that’s teamwork we’re trying to make sure you smash raise ball into outer space yeah kinda in the way but is it though no shit just black so i need to go right on the other side if you run you hit up that crater ok with double backflip actually hanging on goro crater right and continue what little tappy tap tap tap just around the block there we go playing it safe look like a bunch of threes i might get a four I was going to smash the shit out of rays borrow you gonna get it – that’s because i hate you didn’t hit me over here yeah I would have done that very nice eagle yeah did i win who comes last place you want you just hit the sign you’d get out of everything hit the Sun you gotta one up where am I describing a passageway keep going that way he was scratching his ass hole is my camera do that I can’t see my character fuck it my god you’re really doing right now know it always starts like that which i guess is a terrible but have to be adjusted Jeff finally hit the ball activated the blowhole o.o a nice yeah that was a lovely shot their right to the whole global is kind of annoying all right ready to bounce and right ray might actually get a car going to just take it easy on this one you’ll have to settle this – 15 maybe a little Oh No

yeah no no I was a little too much this work at the 20 by the way his ball in outer space all right right up here and do this full red Ryan do it it’s tricky done already already that was a good game SSX tricky as extra is only a game talk about to do with the afro anything is no login box but you know anybody made that all right so then currently we have rain first time taking nice and slow this is because i have the strokes despair all right Jeff you got this Jeff fucking bitch so you could do all the goddamn time you gotta love you fucking prick where I think you could be at what a plus-10 on this round yeah go ahead and read do it for fun oh no I mean that something ray got first Ryan’s and second Jeff I think I may have taken 3 i’m pretty sure yeah double bogey yeah I’d dicks let’s take a look at the fire rats i had a bad hole after the nine holes – Saturday and – fucking seven a manageable back to know you are out there that part holy fuck Jeff I not much to be said good job good effort shut up everybody stop let’s play is over