One Suitcase, Four Kids! Backpacking Across Europe

(upbeat music) – Morning, everyone Christopher and I are backpacking across Europe with our four small children, it’s a great idea, eh? And I figured I’d show you how we’re gonna make this happen We don’t actually know that it’s going to work, but we’re gonna show you what our plan is I’m going to unpack my backpack, this is it This is an Osprey backpack – How heavy is it? – It’s really light (both laughing) The reason I really went for these packs is because they have a lifetime guarantee that has just, like, no questions asked, and I love that about backpacks I actually have my own junior high backpack that we still use as, like, our Disneyland backpack I can’t remember what it is, maybe JanSport? I think it’s JanSport We’ve replaced it, like, three times I think it’s something pack? Eastpak – Is it? – I can’t remember, but they deserve that promo, but they’re not gonna get it (both laughing) – They get an unsure promo – Oh, might be Eastpak They have replaced it for me so many times So, I recommend looking in to lifetime guarantees on backpacks ’cause they’re kinda awesome, and I think not that many people actually use them, but they are awesome We are going to London, Paris, Rome, and some places around Rome It will vary in temperature London’s gonna be a little cooler, might have some rain showers We’re gonna be, like, smokin’ hot in Rome and Paris from what I have heard We’re tryin’ to pack according to that We are also going to have a couple professional engagements where– – Doing like, meet and greets – Yeah, you wanna look nice for those photos, right? – And the Vatican, you have to not show your knees or your shoulders – So the churches in Italy, you have to have your knees fully covered, and your shoulders full covered So, those are the things I’m keeping in mind as we pack our things First of all, I have a Puffer jacket All of the kids have one of these This unfolds and becomes a giant, big, warm jacket It is not fully, fully rainproof, but I’m not expecting downpours This is for cold evenings, this is for, if it rains, but it’s not like, downpour, serious rain This, I love, I think it’s Petunia Pickle Bottom I got it as like a, yeah (laughs) – That’s the name of a company? – That’s a thing – Petunia? – Yeah, and their diaper bags are a little too cumbersome and heavy for me, so far, from what I’ve tried, I know people will argue me on that, but this little container thing I love It’s a really nice, stain proof, solid material, and I just really, really like it I use this for kind of travel diaper necessity things I have two diapers in here which is not enough for the whole plane ride or a full day, but it’s good as a backup and car rides and some of the day, like if you’re going out for a half day A container of wipes, and then it has a little pocket where I keep teething gel and a little, tiny, mini diaper rash cream Christopher’s backpack has our main diaper supplies for while we travel, but I think it’s nice for us to both have access to some sort of diapering just in case These are our London Passes, and there’s a dining pass, and inside of here we have Oyster cards This is for getting around London and experiencing things in London, I had to pre-order it I don’t know if you actually really have them I’m sure they’ll sell it to you once you’re in London The London Pass has access to a ton of different places in London, and it gives you kind of fast passes through the line, and it gives you free experiences to those, but I mean, you have to pay You have to pay for these And then we also added Oyster cards The Oyster cards will get us around London We are planning on completely traveling by tube and metro, with the exception of a couple flights, but we aren’t planning on getting into any cars We are not bringing a car seat We are also not bringing a stroller The kids can ride for free with us, so I didn’t have to get them Oyster cards And, I thought that was really cool, and I’m really glad I looked that up ’cause I was going to buy some for the kids and I don’t need to I’m planning on finding similar passes like that for Paris Rome, we’ve pretty much accounted for all of our stuff because we’ll be doing that with a tour company that we’re really excited about, and more on that soon Okay so now let’s get down to business with these backpacks All right, I have a hairbrush This is super lightweight, it’s a wet-dry It’s got hair nets, so I’m kinda embarrassingly pulling it down here So this is a wet-dry hairbrush I thought it was the name of the company But, it says Wet Brush Pro This is a brush that works for all of my kids’ heads where they don’t really complain too much about it hurting when I brush their hair So, I could use a stronger bristle, but this packs well, it’s really lightweight, it works for everybody in the family This is a Turkish towel This is the only towel that we are bringing So, if our family needs a towel, which we probably, maybe, won’t even need one, but if we do we will have this guy and we’re gonna share it It dries really fast, it’s also soft enough

that we’re having it double as a baby blanket So this is also the only little blanket that we’re bringing They have microfiber towels that are really tiny and great for travel, but in our family, we have some sensitivity to microfiber So, we don’t do a lot of microfiber because he doesn’t like the way that if feels on his skin, I think – My skin sticks to it, and it makes me uncomfortable It probably looks strange to you that I disappeared and then reappeared with a baby That’s the magic of editing – They just keep appearing out of nowhere in our house – Do you want– – Poof, baby! – Do you want us to stay here or – Yeah, you can stay here – Okay – Are you enjoying this? Wanna see how we’re packing for Europe? – Are you ready for Europe? You are, okay, he’s all packed – This is my clothing for basically the month Not including my underwear and socks, actually, I did pack a little separate cube, but this is it This is a compression cube, so it’s like a regular packing cube, if you’ve seen one of those If you go like this and zip all the way around, it decompresses, see? So, it’s like that size, which is what a cube’s like, and we can make it even smaller with this second zipper See how there’s this normal packing zipper here? You can squish this down and compress what you’re bringing But, what is in this teeny, tiny cube of supposed clothes that I’ll be wearing for a long time? All right, we have two quick dry shirts They’re not gonna be my cutest moments, they look like athletic gear, they’re lightweight, less wrinkly, and they will dry quickly if we’re washing things by hand So, this is a tank top which will go underneath or on it’s own, and it has a little bra included, so, that’s nice These are some Wal-Mart jeggings, I love these so much They are super soft, they look kinda like jeans pretty much, I like to think they totally look like jeans, and they’re going to be going with those shirts that you saw a second ago – These are actually pretty good for traveling ’cause denim is super heavy, – Yeah – And these roll up tighter so they take up less space and are less heavy – They’re very lightweight, but they still are versatile enough to go with most of my things I am the only one not bringing quick dry pants Everybody else the family has quick dry pants and I’ll show you that soon – Otherwise we’d all be in jeggings, too – Yeah, they wish they had my jeggings – This is a dress This dress is LuLaRoe, I actually buy a lot of LuLaRoe things because they travel really well They don’t wrinkle on me, at least the fabrics that I choose You have with LuLaRoe because some of the fabrics vary greatly, but once you find a fabric that works, you’re gonna, like, yeah, that’s the one This is my dress for meet and greets It’s also LuLaRoe, it’s also a non wrinkle material It’s actually a different material, but this one will quick dry faster I think its very polyester spandexy But, it looks really nice, I really like this dress You watch any of our camping vlogs, I’m basically wearing this dress at all times It’s really cozy, basically feels like pajamas for me And, it’s made of their legging material, so it’s super stretchy and cozy And, I saw somebody post on our vlog, “You wear dresses even when camping?” And, this is more comfortable to me than putting on heavy jeans or, I don’t feel really comfortable in shorts So, this is cozy and airy, and I just feel so good in it So, this is just what I prefer comfort wise This is another tank top We’ll just be wearing underwear and shirts and things like that to bed, we are not that picky about pajamas They don’t have to be labeled pajamas for them to be pajamas So, I rolled up my clothes into here, and now I’m compressing it, which isn’t always a pretty process But, it does work, I double checked There ya go I love that these have a handle on the top ’cause you can just kinda pull them in and out of your backpack, so I thought that was a really nice touch All right, I also packed one fancy, like, bam-o bra, and that’s for my dresses and when I’m doing things like the meet and greet And then I packed a sports bra because I figured that that would be nice for a day on the go and feel a little more cozy And then we’ll be doing a lot of hand washing I don’t know if I mentioned that, but we are gonna be hand washing, maybe using laundry if we have it available, but a lot of hand washing For the flight, I’m going to be wearing my jeggings, a shirt, a tank top, and my fancy bra because this takes up a lot of space I have some walking/tennis shoes These I will wear on the plane, as well The one downside is having to take them off at security, it’s a little bit more of a hassle, but overall, this takes up a lot of space and I’d rather wear the onto the plane than have to carry them around There’s a little pocket in here which I have not yet used That’s the main compartment of my bag There’s some space, there’s some pockets I haven’t used This area unzips all the way and goes flat And, it has my laptop and my underwear I’ve packed some lightweight socks

that are supposed to dry quickly, I’ve got my sports bra, and then I did something special Travel underwear, what is that? Well, it’s underwear that quick dries and it’s supposed to be moisture-wicking and it’s supposed to travel really easy and pack up light and wash really easily So, I only purchased, I think, three of those So, going along with the hand washing concept, I have some laundry detergent Like, six packets, which I’m really excited about This is a laundry bag, so I put it inside this little tiny bag and then it looks like this Sometimes, when we’re suitcase packing, I usually put it back in a spot in a suitcase and I love that, but since we’re gonna be doing it a little differently, I made sure to pack this bag I also have a clothesline, it’s got clips, it’s gonna hang up near the bathtub, or whatever That’s our whole laundry system in this area In this zone, I have sunglasses, I have a portable charger I love this one, I have it in pink, too, and it’s really cute but I don’t know where it is right now It has this thing right here, and I don’t have to carry as many cords, it also converts You still need a little cord to charge it that’s separate, but usually with these portable changes I feel like you’re always looking for a cord and you can’t charge the thing you wanted to charge because you can’t find your cord So, I like that this is a mophie, here’s another area here There’s also, if you do have another cord, there’s a spot right here, and you can charge two phones at the same time, so I really like this, it works very well for our family Toiletries, so I have hair ties, this is a shower cap because I love a shower cap, because I like to take a shower but keep my hair nice Toothpaste, this is a Tide Stain Remover, I feel like we’re gonna need that a lot This is Visine but it’s for itchiness in your eyes, and I get kinda itchy, I think, from some allergies I have some little travel brushes from Sephora And then, this is an eyebrow pencil from, it’s Anastasia Beverly Hills, and then it also has a little thingy here so I can And then I have blush, deodorant, and foundation A beauty blender, this is LipSense lip gloss This is kind of a lot of space for lip gloss, but each one, I apply it and it lasts all day, so that’s really awesome for me I packed three of my favorite colors I love LipSense products, they’re kind of weird and chemicaly, but once you get past that part, they’re awesome, and they do work, and I really like them I like the colors That’s all I’m bringing for makeup Those are my toiletries In here, I have headphones, and a little splitter in case the kids wanna listen to something on my computer and they can’t all plug in and I want them in headphones, if we’re maybe on a train or something Then I have Wet Wipes and a hand and surface sanitizer This is my toothbrush, it’s an electric toothbrush It’s so tiny and compact and it’s called something sonic? Pencil, pens, gum for the kids when they’re freaking out about their ears being in horrible pain when the plane takes off and lands Okay, this is my favorite travel hack Looks a hot mess, but these are, I think, dog poop bags, maybe? I got this bag of just a huge amount of disposable plastic bags when Duncan was born to dispose of his diapers, and it goes inside of our diaper bag We also use this, it’s my favorite hack of all time It’s gonna sound so simple, but it’s so important I use it for trash bags while I’m on the airplane If you’ve ever flown on an airplane, you might be aware of the fact that it takes a really long time for the trash to come by, sometimes you need to throw things away, especially if you have four kids, and the four kids are eating a million things, making a million different messes, and all that stuff ends up landing on me And, it used to just really get me very anxious and tense, and I’d have a trash pile on my tray, I’d be, “Where’s the person with the trash bag?” “Where’s the person with the trash bag?” And, I’d just be eagerly awaiting for the trash bag to come along? I don’t know if this is really relatable content This could be just an issue that I have, but it is very important to me So, I figured out that I can bring my own little trash bag, and now what I do is they come by, and every time, I hand over a very full bag of trash I’m just like, “Here ya go!” I keep it down by my feet and I just fill it with trash as the flight goes, and it’s so amazing, and I can use my tray for my drinks Makes me very happy That is it for my bag We are a family, so some of the things that I’m going to need that weren’t in this bag, are going to be found in Christopher’s bag, and even in some of the kids’ bags – Okay, this is my bag The front pouch has diapers and wipes because I’m going to need to access those frequently, I feel like A cool feature about this that Jess pointed out before is that it opens up all the way, so, apparently you can have your laptop right here

and as long as there’s nothing on top of it, it can go through the security thing open, and you don’t have to take your laptop out? Thought that was pretty cool The charger is right here I’ve got a folder that we’ve made with all of the information that we’re gonna need while we’re in Europe Up top here there’s a little compartment In here, I have headphones and my reading glasses This compartment I’m using mainly for electrical stuff So, I’ve got a camera right here, this is the camera that we’re gonna be making all of our videos with I have another camera that’s just like it that’s gonna go in right here, it’s not in here right now, but we have two cameras just in case one breaks or we have something happen, which has happened in the past before and we’re left without a camera This way we’ve always got a backup Inside here is all of our charging cables for our watches, our phones, and I recommend getting the shorter ones if you are traveling They make these shorter ones, and that way, it doesn’t take up as much space, they don’t get tangled as easily while you’re traveling Inside here I have a hard drive These are LaCie hard drives, they’re really durable, and they are padded so if they fall or stuff, these are great, I love these This setup here is an adapter cable, so this will plug into the wall, and it’ll give us two American outlets and four USB ports This comes with five different adapters that you can swap out We’re only going to three countries, and yes, all three have their own style of plug, so this one’s for France, this one’s for Italy, and it plugs in like that, and then this one is for the U.K., and it also plugs in like that It not only changes the shape of the plug, but it also changes the wattage which is safer for the outlet as well as for our appliances I also have two of these These are chargers for our camera batteries We also like to scrapbook while we’re traveling, so there is a scrapbook in here I’ll show it to you in a second, but this is where I’m keeping all of the supplies for that I’ve got a glue stick, I’ve got an eraser, I’ve got pencils and pens, and this is also where I’m keeping my toothbrush It’s the same kind of toothbrush Jessica has, and I put it in upside down so when I take it out, it’s ready to use, but when I put it back in, it’s going back into it’s little tube thing It just holds it there, I thought that was pretty cool Also on the side here, I’m keeping this little thing We use this a lot when we travel It’s kind of like a little tripod You can also hold it like this so you can talk to the camera like this It’s not a selfie stick, it’s like a selfie handle I have this which is all of the medicalish stuff that we carry with us So, in here we have things like Advil, and a little first aid kit with Band-Aids and Neosporin We also have stuff like nose sprays and eyedrops and stuff We also have some melatonin and magnesium supplement in here which will help us to sort of adjust to the new time zones This is my jacket, I don’t have one of those cool, flip it inside out jackets like Jessica and the kids have, but I do have just a regular jacket in here and I used one of these compression things to keep it small And then all my clothes are in here In here I have two quick dry shirts, a dress shirt, quick dry pants, quick dry underwear, and socks, and quick dry shorts And the last thing I have here is our journal This is very similar to the one Jessica and I brought to Europe on our honeymoon Here are all of the kids’ backpacks This is Parker’s, Bailey’s, Jacob’s These actual backpacks totally fold up and compress So, if for some reason, we get to a point where we don’t need the actual pack, we can fold them up and hide them in one of our backpacks So, I’m just gonna go over these very quickly You’ll see they’re not as stuffed as me and Christopher’s, we try to keep them lighter for the kids Bailey has a little sunscreen, her toothbrush I got a three pack of little journals for the kids, so they each have one of these, and they all look pretty much the same This is their main entertainment, so we’re not packing them books or anything else We’re really encouraging them to write and to draw and to glue things into this that they collect on our journey, and this is it We’ll see how it goes Bailey’s also in charge of our Rick Steves French, Italian, and German phrase book She’s already gotten really excited about this, and she has little times where she sits down and tries to teach all of us how to say different things in these languages I’m so glad that they had French, Italian, and German We shouldn’t be needing German on this trip, but we need exactly French and Italian So, how cool that it’s in one little book You can get language translations online This is kind of extra, but I feel like it helps the kids because they’re trying to learn languages So, I felt like this was an important part of our journey Bailey has her headphones in here She prefers the large ones because they don’t hurt her ears like the ones bother her, so she has some room in her backpack

I was like, “Fine.” I didn’t wanna at first but then I was like, “Okay, that’s fine.” And, you don’t want to be on a plane or somewhere where you need headphones and then don’t have headphones, we have been there It’s gonna be a long flight and we want access to the movies Wow, look at how empty her bag looks, this is so cool Her clothes are right here This is her jacket, almost the same as all of her clothes Here are her pens for journaling She’s going to be sharing these with Parker and Jacob When the kids have really good behavior and we’re traveling, I will give them little cookies on occasion, it’s like their little treat Bailey really made sure that I brought those I’m gonna show you a couple things in Bailey’s clothing bag, and I don’t think I’m gonna need to show you anything else for the boys because I’m gonna kinda cover it with Bailey’s things, but, she also got quick dry underwear I really went with the the theme with quick dry, stain repellent type clothes for everything, and I wanted it to fold down really compact, and also not wrinkle That was my goal when packing and ordering things for the kids for this trip Each kid got one of these These are super lightweight, quick dry pants that convert in to shorts, so you can unzip them at the knee, they become shorts I think we’re gonna mostly need shorts, but this is so that they can go to the Vatican, and any other church in Italy, and be able to get in and be respectful This was a hard purchase for me, because I was, “Oh, man, these are so expensive,” but I think they’re gonna be really valuable for us just over time We’re only getting one, and hopefully they last You might have noticed Bailey wearing these outfits in our vlogs this summer These are from Gymboree and Bailey loves them, and I love them because they’re super convenient for all of our traveling and the various activities that we do They look like a dress, like a decent summer dress, but they’re kind of like a swimsuit material, so Bailey actually wears these swimming, and they’re quick dry, and it’s kinda harder for girls to find quick dry clothes I feel like it’s really easy in the boys area to find, just, all these quick dry, cool, like sportsy sort of things It’s really hard for Bailey because she doesn’t have as much quick dry stuff, and that was what we really searched for for her with this trip And this is my favorite one, I was like, “You have to bring this one,” ’cause I think it’s so cute, and underneath there are actually shorts built in, as well, so she doesn’t have to worry about her underwear showing, she can just play And she loves these so I’m really glad that Gymboree has them, and one more of those sort of active dress swimsuit things The kids also have a water bottle We love these water bottles, we’ve been using them for years This is from a company called AVEX There aren’t any extra parts to clean So, there’s not straw going down through the water bottle If you have children and you need to get a straw that detaches and always gets lost, you kinda know what I mean when you’re avoiding straws It’s pretty leak proof, we’ve obviously had our days It has this handle which the kids like using They’re gonna put it in here They can also have it lopped through a carabiner, but they’ll be putting it in these pockets I can also see all the mechanics in here, so I’m not worried about mold, and it’s all dishwasher safe These water bottles check off every box that I’ve got as a mom So, these bags all came with little carabiners, and Parker found his and was very excited He was, “What can we put on it?” And, he found this ruler He’s so excited about his ruler He’s like, “I’m gonna walk around and measure things.” And then he started measuring things all over the house with his ruler and he was so excited So, I’m gonna have to break it to him at some point that this really isn’t practical to backpack around Europe with I don’t even know, it makes me sad to think about it I thought it was really cute, though He’s also gonna have his water bottle Parker’s bag has the kids’ toothpaste in it Probably end up buying more toothpaste, but Christopher and I have toothpaste, too, so we’ll all share Sunglasses, his journal, here are Parker’s clothes Pretty much the same thing as Bailey’s, just quick dry everything and some of those pants that turn in to shorts He has a bag for his Puffer jacket, and then Parker is in charge of carrying the snacks and the baby food, so this is mostly for the airplane and for when we’re waiting for the plane, and then we might have extra snacks that we definitely use throughout our trip whenever we are starving and can’t find food We’re gonna need a lot of baby food for the airplane ’cause our baby likes to eat Again, his bag’s pretty empty We can flex and put things from our bags in his bag if we ever need to, and his will empty out as the snacks go down which will probably happen right away Jacob’s bag, oh, he’s got his big headphones I forgot, Parker has some small headphones in there somewhere, too, he’s okay with the small ones but Bailey and Jacob like the big ones Jacob has the colored pencils So, Bailey has markers, Jacob has colored pencils I asked him 15 times if this was enough, but he was good with this He says he prefers colored pencils, so he’s in charge of those, but the pencils and the markers will be shared by all the kids His jacket, Jacob’s clothes, and then Jacob is in charge of the baby’s clothes Just a little, tiny pouch He has sleepers, one’s short sleeve, one’s long sleeve, one’s tank style, his little shark swimmy outfit that he wore camping I mostly packed that because it’s really cool and lightweight, and it’ll clean up and wash up really fast and easily

if we get into a situation, which, knowing Duncan, we probably will get into a situation We aren’t planning on swimming None of the places we’re staying in have pools, and I feel like we’re gonna be more out and about than we will be lounging poolside But, if we emergency have to swim, or get into some sort of splash pad scenario, all the kids’ clothes are quick dry, Bailey’s dresses work as swimsuits, the boys’ pants could just as easily be considered bathing suits, and Duncan will have his little swim outfit Jacob also has his little allergy medication It’s half an ounce so it’ll go on the plane easily We made sure that every liquid medication, anything that we brought on the plane, was only two and a half ounces because we wanted to make sure we could bring it on the plane and not worry about checking any bags So, another heavily debated topic, which I think we’ve come to an agreement that it was a really good idea, was the need to bring on one roller carry-on bag I really wanted to bring one, Christopher was like, “No, we can do this with just backpacks.” I fought for it (laughs) So, here’s our carry-on bag This is our one piece of luggage that we are bringing to take our family of six to Europe for three and a half weeks, almost a full month Right now, a lot of what this is filled with is a little excessive This is the one baby item that we are bringing So, we’re not bringing a Pack ‘n Play, or stroller, or car seat, but I got this little travel chair So, it’s kind of like one of those camping travel chairs that you would use, but for babies Unfolds like this, like that, it has a clip, it has a little tray The reason that I thought that this was the necessity above all necessities is because I just need a place sometimes where I can strap my baby So, Christopher really didn’t want to bring a stroller because a lot of traveling through Europe includes tons of stairs and cobblestones, and train transfers, and things where he didn’t want to be constantly folding and unfolding a stroller If you turn around for a minute in a hotel room, you wanna be able to keep your baby situated in a spot for him to eat his food, for him to hang out with his siblings, for him to listen to a story, just whatever So, I wanted to bring this with us We can also use it as a highchair when we’re at our hotel and need a highchair in the room or whatever We can also use it as a highchair when we’re out and about I think it’s cool, I think it’ll be worthwhile. I could be wrong I snuck in an extra dress for myself at the last minute Don’t tell Christopher Everybody in the family is bringing one pair of shoes, except for me, I need to wear dresses to things But, when you wear tennis shoes and dresses, it doesn’t look cool I still do it, a lot, but I wanted to have some nice shoes so I brought my flats in a bag to keep the stank away from the rest of our stuff They do pack flat, but those wouldn’t be that great for me for walking Rome all day or walking Paris all day, so I do have a tennis shoe, and I have the flats, and then everybody else has multifunctional shoes So another complete excess thing that we’re bringing is an instant camera and film I love taking pictures, I love the idea of journaling and scrap booking I’m not great about developing things So this exists so that the kids can see the Eiffel Tower and the Coliseum, and want to be in front of it or whatever, and take the picture and stick it in their journal right away, and we’re done I love that, and I’m really bad about scrap booking after the fact So, this is big and clunky but totally worth it So, as I said before, we’re not bringing a stroller to Europe I thought, when we planned this trip, that our baby would be walking All my other kids were walking around 13 months Duncan is now 14 and a half months He’s just starting to take a first step here and there Kinda threw us for a loop, it’s okay Lots of babies don’t walk til now I just kinda thought he would So, we are bringing a baby carrier I am not good at the baby carrier thing While this is a great one, I just don’t have the stamina and the endurance to carry around my one year old all day However, Christopher loves it I was all about bringing a stroller I was like, “We can do it, it’ll be totally worth it.” But, he was like, “No, I’m gonna carry” “this baby all throughout Europe, it’s gonna be awesome.” So, more power to him I’m super impressed that he can do that, and that he loves it so much, I think it’s just awesome, he’s a great dad It’s so sweet that he’ll do this, and this is how he’ll put Duncan down for naps while we’re on the go, as well So, that’s pretty much everything We do have little piles of clothes that we’ll put on to take our flight, I showed you mine But, I don’t really need to go through everybody else’s things However, I will show you the shoes that I got for the kids They are all Crocs, I know that can be controversial fashion wise, but it’s what we do The reason we are such big Crocs fans is because we travel and we like to get wet, and we like to play, and the kids like to walk, and they like to be able to slip their shoes on and off really easily, and they like to not wear socks Parker got these new Crocs, they have super cute little edges These look the most like typical Crocs He really, really wanted them, I was like, “Okay.” But, when we went to buy their shoes for Europe, Bailey and Jacob got more of what I was expecting the kids to get

So, Jacob got these, they kinda look like tennis shoe, water shoe things, which is what I wanted Bailey totally won the Crocs game this year This is exactly what I wanted in shoes but my feet are too wide to wear most shoes Bailey lucked out, she’s got normal human feet These are just super lightweight, look really cute, black so they match with just about anything I wish you could tell how lightweight these are, they’re so lightweight And then, this is kind of like wetsuit material So, the whole thing is a quick dry shoe so she can go and play and splash if she has the opportunity but she doesn’t have to worry about being in soggy shoes all day Some of you might know the feeling of going to Disneyland, or a place where you walk a lot, but also has one water ride, and you get on it and you’re so excited, but then it splashes your shoes and your whole day is pretty much ruined Well, that’s where these come in You can do things like bring sandals, but we were really trying to keep it to one shoe per person So, these, especially, are very versatile shoes They kind of still look like normal shoes, but they can do all the cool things that Crocs can do And Parker is five and he’s just livin’ his best life So, this is everything that we’re bringing with us to go to Europe for almost a month We are a family of six, and we have a baby who’s one year old This is the biggest trip we’ve ever taken together as a family, and this might be the least amount of luggage we’ve ever taken together as a family (laughs) Even for like a weekend trip we usually pack more than this So, we’ll see how it goes This is gonna be quite the adventure And, if you see us out on the street somewhere, crying ’cause we don’t have a stroller, just be nice We’re going to be sharing all of these adventures on our YouTube channel so make sure that you subscribe and check out those videos, they’re going to be so fun, so cool, and hopefully educational, too We’ll also be posting on our Instagrams and on our Twitters All those social media links are in the info box down below so just click and expand and you’ll see it all there There’s a lot! And we love when you guys share your experiences in the comments section You can share tips to help us, but you can also share tips to help everybody else who’s watching this video so that they can get ready for their traveling Please, please, please add to the comments, and just make this a discussion, and let’s educate and help each other out Au revior! (baby laughs) – We’re gonna build these at the same time, I think Bailey and I will work on this one, and you guys will work on that one So, my goal with this is to make it kind of like a Muppim, but with Legos and facts Let’s not get our bags mixed up, that would be a problem (shouting) Oh, they’re off to a rough start!