The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures – Part 1 – Foursight is 7/10

Hello, there! Since this is a bit of a special playthrough, starting with episode 2, each video will be available a month early for Patrons The schedule for future uploads isn’t set, since it’s difficult to organize four people together, but you can expect a video every 2-4 weeks Since this is a completely new video format, comments and suggestions are very welcome Hello and welcome to the weirdest setup ever Back in 2004, Nintendo had this brilliant idea to make a game which required hundreds of dollars of equipment to play That was pretty great, since no one but the richest kings of Saudi Arabia could actually do it Thankfully, we can sort of middle finger that nowadays and play it over the interwebs Required writing custom software for the commentary, which was recorded in Discord, YT-Premiere-chat-style and then edited in Google Docs… and then further edited over Parsec So, you know. Bleeding edge of text LPs, over here, basically Well, anyway… I guess it’s time for everyone else to introduce themselves. Come now, don’t be shy Oh, come on. The YouTubes don’t bite. Much Oh, uh… Hi, I’m LuigiXHero. I’m Green Link and I’m the only one who’s played this before, so I know my way around Howdy, I’m naknow. I am the player who doesn’t seek revenge for my money being stolen I’m Meatball, aka violet, aka the one that’s playing badly Well, anyway… scrolling by is a story which no one cares about It’s trying to be all serious, and finishes the Majora storyline, but… that doesn’t fit the tone of the game Back then, old stuff happened. But nowadays, nowadays stuff happened. Whoa! I think even when we were playing we basically ignored all the text I sure as hell wasn’t reading. Just kinda tapping the button in a rhythm so that it’s somewhat readable A sENsE oF DrEaD I like how Princess Zelda casually walked out in a nice pretty dress during extremely intensive rain Welcome to the last truly-2D Zelda game Nintendo ever made and a game that looks like it was made in RPGMaker XP I swear it even has the same generic effects as RPGMaker, as you’ll see soon It really does look very much random flashgame 2002 It’s also a mishmash of all art styles known to man Even Four Swords on the GBA has a more consistent and unique style And, goodness, this thing sucks to emul- play We had to replay the intro a few times because of some technical difficulties. So, we’re a bit impatient with it

Oop, there go the RPG Maker effects Princess Zelda stubbornly wearing pink despite her powers being clearly white Ah, but you did not include any black people into the mix. Not very PC, 2004 Nintendo. Fortunately, someone decided to show up to fix this “Four Links wasn’t enough, let’s add a fifth one!” This is why Triforce Heroes has only three Links, by the way. They dropped one to compensate, just the WRONG one Those look very… polygonal, for some reason I mean, this is the GameCube. Can probably handle something approaching a sphere, can’t it? or the ALttP crystal thing. They love referencing that game here, so why not now? Speaking of “consistent art styles”, this area is now drawn with a 3D perspective, because yes Yep, definitely should pull this, considering that guy wants us to He just locked the girls away because of social distancing Yeah. He looks trustworthy. Appeared in a giant flower Flowers can’t be evil, can they? Looks like someone hasn’t played a massively popular indie game Whoops, flowers are evil, CANCEL ALL THE WEDDINGS More evil than Shadow Link is us, probably, which will become apparent throughout the let’s play OWLS No, put those Orlys away. Not this playthrough Everyone’s favorite Zelda character is back Do all owls talk this slow or just you? I mean, to be fair, it is impressive for an owl to talk at all. Definitely needs practice, though At least he repeats himself less Force Gems are definitely not just knock-off Rupees They’re just normal Gems. They’re only called Force Gems because of the tensions that lie between each Link who wants them So uh, map screen, huh This isn’t your normal Zelda I think the “four players” part made that apparent Right. And you didn’t share all the details then, because… ? That really isn’t enough explanation for such an important mechanic CONSTANT LINK NOISES, GOOOO~~! This is going to be quite a mess. I suggest you focus on just one player to keep track of anything Me, since I’m the best. Obviously. I’m green and everything

Well, obviously you’re the best, since you’re the only one of us to have played this before Basically, he’s gonna win. Spoiler alert To be fair, though, it’s been years since I last played so I forgot a lot of the later levels Plus, multiplayer completely changes the game in a lot of places, too Grass Talk to person Stab The fact we were given the ability to see each others’ force gems is precisely how you destroy friendships Yes, salt will be had Mostly from Skawo Mostly from me Quit stealing my Gems, or I’ll sever your bandwidth supply Well, here’s the first case of teamwork in the game Performed increasingly grudgingly as we go along, due to the aforementioned gem-related quarrels As we found out later, the best way to play this multiplayer game is singleplayer. …Which is a bit of a worry Yeah, lots of the level design requires, like, precise, humanly impossible levels of cooperation, which makes it 10 times worse You don’t get situations like this, where stray Meatballs just don’t come for ten years Look at silly me still figuring out how to play the game Not much we can do about that but cry The boomerang is probably up there for the best item in the game… Makes it trival to grab all the Force Gems Oh, good. You really needed that, then Let’s just go Wow. Did you really need that 20? Yes Grass Grass Grass Grass Okay, we get it, naknow I mean, just look at this cheating. Mr. 200-gems-already over here If you’re wondering whether I’m gonna bemoan every single big gem being taken… probably So something I never knew is that in multiplayer if you unlock a door you get 100 force gems I didn’t know you didn’t, in singleplayer Yeah, you get nothing at all Oh, and here’s “Get voted for as the hero of darkness”, the item. Good old fire rod! Yeah, fire rod is cool n’ all, but it causes a lot of collateral damage You might question why I immediately rushed to get it, then. Destruction? Revenge? Stupidity? All of the above? I’ll go with D) You’re… probably not wrong Cool thing is that the game has fire that spreads, kinda like how Breath of the Wild does it later You can still be nice with the Fire Rod, but it’s hard – and most importantly, boring – so, nah Whoops. Guess I messed up most of the playthrough, then Early on, I wasn’t very nice but later on I felt bad, so I left chests and gems for people Picking things up is very hard

To go faster in this game, you can roll like you would in 3D Zeldas, but that’s the same button as the grab button. So every femtosecond you’ll accidentally pick up another player By the way, you’re gonna go around stealing things just like everyone else, naknow Nuh-uh. You have no proof Don’t pretend, changing your mind at the end doesn’t count NO PROOF We literally have video proof we’re commenting on right now Forged evidence Yes, it’s a deep fake of Four Swords Adventures. You got me You’d be surprised what computers are capable of nowadays. You’re going to the liar’s jail While this is happening, I’m gonna explain a bit more about force gems Your sword levels up once the total between all players hits 2000 It has to be level 2 in order to beat the level If you somehow lose enough, it’ll downgrade, as well. Don’t worry about starting the level over though If you don’t have enough (and there’s no way you can do this accidentally) you’ll just get sent back to the start of the level, and the puzzles aren’t reset Those guys over there are real smart Not fair, I didn’t get on the GBA screen yet! Why did Nintendo just decide in the GBA/GCN era that, yes, Tingle is what we want in every game? Because Tingle is the best video game character In which universe? This one False My right ear likes this waterfall, by the way Tingle is so good, he got a game all to himself Three games, even Now it’s Dampé for some reason, which is arguably weirder Nah, Dampé’s been in one game. That doesn’t count. Yet You’re proving my point even more~ He’s not in Breath of the Wild He was in A Link Between Worlds, for, like, two seconds Oh yeah… so he was And he’s in this game, too Oh yeah… so he is Well, anyway, tl;dr: Tingle just told us he’s gonna be a giant dick Cannons are great Cannons suck You have to take turns Yeah… In single player they’re fine. Here they’re awful I love canons personally. They’re great cameras Well, at least they let you know the horrors associated with them early on, I guess? Oh yes, and you also have to steer yourself away from the hole you’re shooting out from, or you just fall back in. Fun I’m using the boomerang to get that force gem early, usually you have to wait ’till later and have to time falling to get it Hng Look, all of our colours! And yellow, which no one likes

Yellow Link wouldn’t work anyway, because of his hair Die, you monster. Get the beating of my stick! Naknow, stop beating up that poor river zora One thing I most enjoy in this game: is when you’re doing something on your own and suddenly you look and everyone is there, WAITING for you And then it’s a panic attack of “what the hell do I do to get there”? I like the whole “spam the zoom button” to call people. It’s great And then someone always comes out to help you. But you figured it out JUST THEN Which sometimes doubles the time it takes Much of this game is “Is someone looking at me failing?”At least, in my opinion. Anxiety upgraded~ Oh, absolutely Someone is looking at you failing if they’re following you in the video, naknow TO THOSE WATCHING THIS: PLEASE DO NOT LOOK IN THE LOWER LEFT CORNER OF THIS VIDEO. THANK YOU FOR YOUR COOPERATION Throwing people over to other platforms sucks really hard. It’s usually a very precise throw Well, you ARE throwing a person exactly of your weight. ‘ts gotta be a little hard I kinda dislike how that animation just immediately pulls you out of whatever you’re doing at the time You’d think this would be a one time thing, but no. It does this EVERY TIME I guess it’s, uh, a good indication you actually managed to collect the 2000, but, eh. Really unnecessary You also get a situational charged spin attack now, which usually ends in disaster, so… that’s pretty great That was a good sound I actually genuinely like it due to how they harmonize perfectly Sidescroller swimming is absolutely awful in this game, by the way. And it gets worse when there’s enemies I don’t think swimming is that bad I love accidentally watching someone else’s screen That was also a good sound Tasty GBA sounds with extra CRUNCH Admittedly, sometimes I’d look at someone else’s screen if I was present on it, and navigate myself through the section that way. More fun, honestly. Maybe I’m just weird No, I am I did that too sometimes The reason I might not mind any of these controls is because I’ve got barely any input lag Oh yeah. I have almost a full second of delay. It’s like playing an N64 game on the Wii U These three jokers are all across the pond from me Skawo highly enjoyed the platforming sections Haha, a Hylian. Point and laugh, everyone! Oh, shush That was a secret, naknow. Now everyone knows Also, it should be mentioned, Meatball is colorblind. Playing as a Link that looks like naknow’s Well, I can tell between players but when there are puzzles that require colours, it gets bad

I like the little screen of shame whenever someone dawdles too much GAME DESIGN First of the many enemy-spams this game has The best thing is, sometimes one person gets a million enemy kills this way, and you can’t ever catch up again “Ouch, that hurt. I lost many hearts.” Surprisingly, said nobody When’s the next enemy spam screen, you ask? The next screen, of course They were so proud of their outstanding level design they just had to do it again And there’s a gem shower. Game likes to do that a bunch That seems like it would be extremely painful to everyone involved. CONCUSSIONS FOR ALL Think of all those sharp corners. Shudder There’s the evil balls that prevent you from beating the level without a level 2 sword Remember when Meatball wanted us to play the European version of this game, as it would give us another 1000 Force Gems sporadically? Haha, fun times That’d be fun. I love luck-based things. My favourite game is Mario Party 10 It’s actually not that. It’s if you get an enemy combo of 90 or something. Which… isn’t possible. But since I’d not played it yet I didn’t know that Tried to end the level fancy but ended up making it take longer Aaaaaand that’s the first level, I guess Now the best and worst part of this game. You get to choose who wins The part where friendships are ruined First results! You can’t do non-votes either Well, you kinda can… ? Just vote for the same person twice Being helpful gives you more points than being a bother takes away, though Yeah, for the longest time we thought voting for hero and darkness would equal out but it doesn’t I did not know this at the beginning, unfortunately… And by unfortunately, I mean I wasn’t nice at the beginning of the game Oof So… :} The best part is when you’re the last one and since we could all see each others’ GBAs, everyone is watching you Oh gee I WONDER WHO WON~ The one with the soot on themselves. Hard worker, they are. Very handsome too Mr. Went Out Of His Way To Get Extra Gems He Didn’t Need™️ Can’t believe ittttt~~ Guess that’s it for now, see you guys next video, where we stumble around in the dark for half an hour