COVID-19: ATX Community Updates & Tele-Town Hall – (April 1, 2020)

you you all right all right good good afternoon everybody we see people are joining rather quickly we’re gonna give everybody a few moments to to get in as you can see we have all our panelists we have sickie who is gonna be my co-host for the evening thank you to the mayor District Attorney Market more sleep Steve Sara Fernandez assistant city manager Chris shorter and district one Councilwoman Natasha Auburn Madison was joining in so we had over 270 people registered right now we had about 130 that’s and we’re gonna give people a few minutes just to get in and get situated get situated and then we get started and we’ll just start off with a very simple poll just to check in with everybody while we’re waiting for people to get in and we’ll we’ll wait another couple minutes then we’ll get started you you you you you you chassé yes mayor okay there we go all right so weird about 150 we’re about three minutes after I’m Natasha I have you on twice so so double the good information we’ll get started in about two minutes you looking at the poll it seems that a majority of us are doing okay one of us cannot wait to get out of the out of the house I think it’s more than just that one person so we have about 160 people in I think we’ll go ahead and get started in inches of time so first we just want to thank everybody for joining with us this afternoon we know with the pandemic of Cobie 19 the corona virus that it’s it’s it’s a constant change news changes every day orders of change and every day and it’s a lot of things that people just are really concerned about and want to know so this is our effort as awesome physicists can I interrupt here real quick yes hey Chaz we’re having anybody else but I’m having a hard time hearing you it’s like every other word you say but then the line is doing tick tick click sound so and then it clicks you off and then you come back cough I wonder if there’s something we need to do the audio oh so when you talk I’m here and you go in and out is anybody else hear me going in and out no in the top so we have you on like a couple of times so maybe sound out of something okay and and we’ll get this situated in a in a second so so again I just want to thank everybody for joining in and we’re gonna start off with mayor Adler who’s been doing a really good job and I think recently just got done doing something similar to this with kvu so at this time we’re going to give the mayor a few minutes just to give us the updates as far as today because they they are

changing rapidly and and then we’ll go to some a few questions with him so mayor Atlee you have the floor jazz thanks a lot for pulling this together these are absolutely surreal times and I can’t imagine that that anybody would have thought even four weeks ago that we would be where we are right now there are two big crises that are going on in our city they’re happening at the same time the first one is associated with the virus if we are not able to get a handle on this and keep the physical interactions down then we’re going to have too many people get it too fast and the hospital systems gonna get overloaded and and people will die the the modeling that we have shows that we could have for the 6,000 people died in our city by mid-august if we’re not able to flatten out this this curve we do that by physically separating by staying home unless our jobs are critical or essential unless we’re needing to go to the grocery store it’s okay to go outside and walk around or the best to do it alone or with the people that you live with we really need to get the physical interactions down what happens to us whether our hospital system is overrun with 20,000 beds which in one scenario it could be whether we’re lacking that many beds all depends on on how successful we are on physical interactions that’s one crisis the second crisis that we have is the economic crisis with this beginning with cancellation and South by we just had too many people now that have lost their jobs or their small businesses have had to close the doors we have people wondering where the money is for the next rent check how they’re going to be able to buy groceries or medicines we’re trying to address that the same way we’re trying to address the health issues the city and the county are looking at trying to get as much money and resources directed as quickly as we can the federal government is earmarked great sums of money that will eventually get to us we have made it so that no one can get evicted that their electric and water utilities will not be turned off for an inability to be able to pay but we’re focusing now on both of those both of those crises that doesn’t make it better we’re just trying to do the best we can and we’re finding that in almost every situation we’re being presented with choices and we don’t like either of the choices but we have to pick the best choice that we have we have a resilient community and I really do believe that we’re going to be able to do what it takes to keep this peak down I’m watching what’s happened in New York right now we can avoid that here if we’re careful and we’re and we’re strong and I think we can and should be but know that there are many people in this community including many of the folks that are gonna be speaking here after I’m done that are just doing a phenomenal job or our first responders please fire EMS are out literally risking their lives putting their families at risk in order to help keep the rest of us safe same with the health care workers and the physicians you know if you want to know what you can do to help them a couple of you something you can do that with them stay home the more we can increase the physical separation more we do keep this virus from getting out of hand that’s the best gift you could give to these people there are people they have families too they are concerned about them as you’re concerned about your own but thank you too to them the economic first responders the people that are out stocking the shelves and restore you know it we have those those are those and the people that are helping to make this city run right now our economic first responders may deserve our thanks police is everything we can do to help protect them by doing the physical separation we have we’re doing we were doing pretty good on this and we need to double those efforts compared to other cities but you know a hotspot can can overtake a lot of the good work we had some people that went away on spring break just came back we added 38 people to our list of

confirmed people yesterday the number today that we asked going to be about the same about 50 of those people are going to be people that over the last couple days said that that came back from that spring break trip it only takes one moment like that one place one person that has an infection in this thing can can spread which is why again and I’ll included for this people should be staying at home if unless there’s a reason why you can’t if you go out make sure you maintain that six foot a separation to go to the grocery store and go out walk around it is hard being at home you know if you know some people that are alone by themselves contact them don’t text and pick up the phone and and call in and and and talk to them and say hi get together virtually like we’re doing here with your friends that’s the time we need to take care of each other recognizing that this time in our homes like this is hard for everybody but if we do this right we can save thousands of lives and and and that’s what the focus is now which I think the questions yeah thank you so much and I want to remind people that if you look down if you’re on your phone and our computer you should see something that can allow you to send us questions that we can hopefully get through as many before we get off the phone um so we have a we have a little bit more time with the mayor I’m gonna run through some of these questions that we came up with and that we got through emails so questions for the mayor we have the benefit of being a few weeks of ahead and to see the potential catastrophe I’m headed our way what are you doing now to reduce our risk in the future well it’s not just me but it’s but it’s a whole team of people the the emergency operation command is meeting daily all the healthcare systems meeting daily in addition to all the task force’s that are meeting you know we started this preparation years and years ago when we set up that emergency response system in the city and in the county we’re not inventing everything new we have a playbook it was thought through in quiet times and now where we’re executing or executing those plans of course every situation is unique and everybody’s working really hard on the uniqueness of this one the first really big thing we did to reduce risk was we we canceled South by I mean it’s hard to imagine and remember that that was just what two three weeks ago it feels like it was a lifetime ago now and it seemed like an outlier when we did it but it wasn’t if you look and see what’s happening right now in Florida next to some of those beaches during spring break or in New Orleans right now after a Mardi Gras that was the right decision for our community to make and that was one of the most significant things we did to lower risk right now we started putting in orders both the county judge and I to limit the amount of physical actions we when we said no gatherings we were I think one of the first municipalities to go down to say no social gatherings at all greater than 10 so we’ve been on the AMA pushing the envelope more than most communities the last order that we did was again stronger than than any city in Texas had done I was happy to see the governor came out with an order yesterday I was good to see that it was a statewide order I’m concerned in that while he expressed a preference for church services to be done remotely at home he opened up the possibility that that could happen and in houses of worship but boy I tell ya I sure would urge and plead with with faith leaders in our community not not to do that some of them have been just incredibly creative in getting services out to people the diocese and and Bishop Vasquez and G V Clark and and the folks at Mount Zion rabbi Blum off it just faith is with us but it will it will take you to appear to us differently and this is a good time for for us to be doing that remotely also we’re taking steps as strong as we can to try and keep people to do this physical separation but ultimately we can enforce that are there just too many people too

many places it’s going to happen only if as a community it is important enough to us so I want to save lives there are a lot of people in our community right now that are gathering in place as I Drive over town I see the pickup basketball games going on that shouldn’t be happening now people at the spillway barton springs shouldn’t be happening right now we really do need to focus on this as the most important thing we could help with risk and then beyond that while we hope to flatten curve and work within our existing health capabilities we are planning for first surges that go go beyond that by working with some of the most susceptible populations first in a nursing home and those experiencing homelessness but for everybody in this community to try to protect the first responders who are out to have the health care workers are out having to deal in the front trenches with this special accommodations there that’s where most of the tests right now are being focused because ultimately that reduces the risk for the all-city all right Thank You mayor first of all also thank everybody for all these questions we are going to try our best to get through as many of these as possible I do want to ask and Chas I’ll try to give shorter answers so you and I have about 10 or 15 more minutes so a lot of questions are coming up about people that are experiencing homelessness and I think this question from Nicholas Thompson kind of puts it all together very nicely he says so I know that the city Boston released a plan last Friday on how to protect people experiencing homelessness can the mayor speak on that and how that relates to shelter in place for those without shelter well you have coming up with me later on on this town hall meeting it’s just a city manager Chris shorter I think is doing just a phenomenal job of being the team lead on this issue and he’ll be able to speak in greater details but at a really high level he has acquired and put into place right now a place for people to go to be able to to quarantine or to find isolation if they if they don’t have a home he has a hotel it has about almost 300 rooms in it it’s available for for healthcare workers and first responders or travelers that need a place to quarantine but but but also significantly for people experiencing homelessness when we find someone with a positive test we can remove them from the general population from the the group that they were in we can take the people that they were immediately with and isolate them as well to see if they if they happen to have have caught the virus I know that the city’s pursuing additional hotels so as to increase that capacity probably some that are just dedicated to those experiencing homelessness if we need it shelters are screening clients at intake to be able to alert us to the situation’s they’re piloting a program right now that that’s looking pretty good for emergency meal distribution for people that are experiencing homelessness or dealing with food insecurity issues the parks department has opened up five controlled shower access areas the other ones Foundation as a mobile hygiene clinic at six locations around the city two libraries have opened up with bathroom access we have two public toilets that are available downtown this is a focus not only because those folks are most susceptible but because in times like this this is really about those of us that are it’s it’s everybody taking care of everybody else thank you for that another question that has come up what role do you and other City personnel play in ensuring our community is building an adequate supply test PPE and other essential medical supplies well you know I where there is another task force that is in charge of procurement they’re also bringing in some some other folks from outside government to help with logistics there have been a lot of folks in our community that are helping to source supplies but we have a task force that is focused on nothing but trying to get us the the greatest quantity of the person protective equipment the the masks and the gowns that are needed by health

workers all the way through making sure that we have a ventilator supply they’re taking a look at taking equipment that that isn’t being used primarily for venerating for ventilation ventilators c-pack equipment helping people with sleep apnea and anesthesiology machines so we’re looking at everything but again I’ll say that that we have all the supply we need if as a community we can push down this peak we have it we have it right now if we can push it down but that means that people have to be religious about not not going out and gathering unless it’s critical and it’s essential to the extent that we don’t do that or the LEAs comes in and begins to to really drive up that peak that’s what we’re planning for right now and planning for it at different at different levels so around so that we make sure that we can keep everybody as safe as possible thank you thank you I’m another good question over a hundred doctors signed a letter asking for better communication from the city designating three hospitals for Cova at 19 patients and converting the convention center to an isolation area for folks not sick enough the hospitalization people just want to know how you respond to that well it’s really important that we communicate well and probably as if everybody’s diving in in the immediate moment on a crisis it’s probably we’re not doing the communication part as well as we should because everybody was focused on on keeping people as safe as possible in that moment but it’s really important that we do that we do a lot better I really appreciate you organizing this town-hall meeting I just did one on one of the TV stations and every evening I can I’m trying to go on for a few minutes just to raise some of the things that I saw and I’m thinking about and I’m a posting that on my on my Facebook page but with respect to doctors there been a lot of communication with a lot of doctors thousands of them in our city but not with all of them and not as well with the doctors that are not aligned with the healthcare system as we’re not doing as good a job with it with the doctors that are not aligned with the three health institutions in our city we’ll do better we have just embedded into the emergency operation command physician with the area society so that he’s there and can report in real-time everything that’s happening as many different ways as he can to do that but we will continue to try and do better and better with communications better better with a dashboard I urge everybody to go to Austin Texas go back slash Coakley at 19 there’s a dashboard there’s great information on that website thank you and I think it’s important for us as a anti-racist organization of social justice organizations to ask this question what is your reaction to the recent reports racism against the Asian community as well a set of black community because we’ve seen due to you know the president’s ongoing remarks that this is the China virus that even in Austin people have been discriminating against Asian food markets and Asian businesses so just one know your thoughts on that it’s it’s it’s it’s absolutely horrific those incidents that have been described and it is it is not Austin and we need to talk about it and and elevate it because it is it’s it’s so patently wrong I will tell you that the language used by the president and the in the naming of this virus you know and we had the it was another pandemic that got started here in the United States mad cow and we didn’t refer to that by United States City it’s just the wrong thing to do because of the stigma associated with that it was disappointing to see that that happens there are the folks in our Chinese American community and in our asian-american community in this city some of the communities that have stepped forward the quickest and organized in order to try to bring support and relief to the effort in our city raising funds sourcing supply houses for for for equipment for the city so to see anybody in our community and fortunately these have been I hope just really isolated incidents of people that are just incredibly wrongheaded and dangerous that’s not what our community is about and and we have to call that

out anywhere and everywhere that we might we might see that so we have about three four minutes left and I’ll in the portion of this Q&A with the mayor with these two questions a lot of people just want to know and I really think this will probably sleep over to police chief Manley in a few but a lot of people want to know how do we ensure that the stay at home order is actually effective like how do like how do we make sure it’s being taken seriously how do we make sure it’s being actually like mandated in as much as it can and then a really good question something has come up to me a lot over the last couple days is what kind of any economic relief can city leaders provide to small business owners who are being impacted by the corona virus pandemic well as to the first question I repeat what I said a second ago because I think it’s really true we cannot enforce our way to success here there are too many people too many places in the city we don’t have it would be an impossible thing to actually police or enforce unless people do it I mean obviously the orders that we have have the force of law we can find people and we can put them into jail and our public officials are out reminding people if they’re if they’re in a group that they shouldn’t be doing that before that that group shouldn’t be there to start off it’s us talking to our neighbors and it’s talking to our friends it’s creating the social and cultural and community expectation among ourselves that if somebody’s not doing this if they’re not taking this seriously that they are putting all of us in danger or they’re putting people’s grandparents in danger they’re putting and we this has to be important enough to us individually so that collectively we accomplish what it is we want to accomplish we have all the enforcement arms it’s going to be enforced but that it will not determine whether we’re successful now we’ve got award lists and we’ve gone with this we’ve got I want this badly enough and it’s got to be something that we talk to each other about so that we normalize that especially when people are starting to get tired here being inside too much and they they want to bust out I understand that now is when we need to hold each other responsible and then and then and in check and then the last question you ask Jaz was what there was if anything on the local level as far as economic relief what can it be you know people just want to know what can be done so the city right now and I think the county – is taking a look at all the social service spending that we have to see if we can redirect it to the things that are really most fundamental in terms of housing and groceries and and and and medicine the council passed some resolutions last Thursday put some of that moving forward I know that there’s going to be another resolution that’s going to be coming to the to the council coming up at our next meeting I think that the mayor pro-tem Garza has been airing that on the council bulletin board but all of the council members are involved the same way everybody jumped to support councilor Flanagan’s last week jumping the support and contribute to how we can take monies and get them into the hands of people either directly or through organizations that maybe best match to get resources out but we recognize the immediate need and like I say we’ve taken action both as a council and then me with direct order making sure that there can’t be evictions in the city our city staff has made it so that no one’s power of water will be turned off in this period of time we recognize the immediate economic need and are trying to address it just absolutely as quickly as we can we have money that’s available to bridge small businesses until the SBA loan faucet gets turned on here toward the the mid or the latter part of April so reach out to the Economic Development Department in the city we recognize the immediate need we’re trying to move on it again mayor thank you so much for taking time out to join us here for our first ever tell a town hall yeah I know you’re busy but if you can stick around for a few we’re gonna try to get to some more questions and also I think the mayor is gonna be able to see and answer any questions that he sees in the Q&A cute but right now we’ll go over to city who’s gonna do some Q&A with our lovely Councilwoman Natasha Harbor Madison and then we’ll follow up with the police chief and then we’ll go from there so it’s lucky go ahead for jurors all

righty thank you guys and thank you mr mayor for that for joining us folks just really concerned and really curious and I think you cleared up a lot of questions that they had Councilwoman Natasha Harper Madison from district 1 are you there and are you yeah me yes hi there I got off of my mobile device and jumped on the computer and it’s considerably better so yeah thanks for telling me to switch it up I’m glad you can join us you’re okay you look well so thank you for I appreciate it the kids are gonna hide for about 27 minutes and then and then yeah we’re gonna hear what homeschooling sounds like okay yes I know all about that too um so let’s get to it I think folks are curious about from the policy point you what our policymakers are doing how you’re approaching this this crisis so just a bit of an update I think to starters that would be great I’m sure so I mean I think the mayor touched on a lot of what’s immediately relevant but this is one of those times where it’s recognizing we haven’t always had a district representative system a 10-1 system this is one of those times where we are able to say yes we have to address these issues as a body and as a collective effort but this is really one of those times where the glaring opportunity for us to specifically put some focus on our districts i’ve got 80,000 people that stretch over 46 square miles and the school districts that effect district water pflugerville Manor del Valle and Austin ISD and we just we have a lot to take into consideration we have you know very wealthy people people that are you know existing in the margins and then everybody in between so we’ve had a lot of pretty long days my team and I we’re doing our best we’re showing up every day and doing our absolute best but the the need keeps arising you know Chaz pointed it out and I think one of the previous folks who had a question about how are we addressing the needs of small business owners and we’re talking about every possible industry and some of those that folks don’t even think about you know that are being directly affected right now we’re talking about homeowners we’re talking about renters we’re talking about elderly people young people and and all the folks in between so there’s a lot going on there are a lot of moving parts one of the things that my team and I’ve been trying to make a concerted effort towards is getting some collective effort around maximizing the efficacy of our way of not having too many different initiatives that are happening concurrently where the folks aren’t talking one another so the mayor sort of pointed already you know we we are recognizing there’s some gaps in communication one of the things that we could all collectively do is say if you know somebody working on a thing hand it to and I think as a as a municipal body we’re really just trying to figure out like who is that point of contact for food economic services one of the things that we really bump it up into that’s been that’s proved to be problematic for us and we still are trying to find a solution so if there’s anybody on the call that has any ideas anybody on the call who is already engaged in an initiative so diapers minstrel products and incontinence products people need those things and one of the things that got brought to my attention today is their denture adhesive and the special toothpaste that they need for their dentures so where we’re starting to compile this running list what do people need and what are they short on and who do we need to make the community quarterback who’s the primary person because I think in so many ways there are a lot of well-meaning folks but just too many initiatives and we definitely have to recognize that the city’s got a finite budget and then from the federal perspective when that money starts to come down those dollars will be finite what we don’t want to have happen is that multiple initiatives that are working towards the same goal fight over the same buckets of money so we just we have to tighten up right now and that’s something that we’re facing something that we’re also facing is it’s a difficult subject to discuss but the truth of the matter is domestic partner violence cases are dramatically

increasing people who were already in situations where mala stationed pedophilia was a part of their reality those situations are increasing so my team and I are putting together a list of relevant resources that include everything from air B&B locations hotel rooms private rooms that people are offering up so this is another one of those opportunities for us to collectively as a community recognize everybody’s Airbnb all all of your reservations cancel from March to June so if you have a space that’s just sitting open and it’s more appropriate to have a mom and her four babies go to your 3-bedroom 2bath house than a hotel room then please offer up the resources my office the city manager’s office Ronnie Gonzalez and I have been in communication about it like just putting together compiling a list of resources were places where people can go just anecdotally from my personal experience my husband moved out a few days ago if for no other reason we’re recognizing that as a firefighter he is coming into direct contact with Kovac 19 I’m immunocompromised and so between me and the kids it’s it’s not safe for him to come back to this house after being exposed by way of his work so they’re our first responders who are meeting places to go I mean we happen to have a place for him to go but that’s a point of privilege and we recognize that wholeheartedly there are families that don’t have that option so I think one of the things that collectively we could be doing is compiling like an asset map of sorts like places where people could go resources for folks by way of hygiene sanitation etc and we’re talking about people experiencing homelessness and beyond that’s very important as well I don’t know that there’s anybody on the line that represents Austin Independent School District but just making some observations about what’s transpired thus far and you know the announcement around the kids going back to school on May 4th well your parents said he you know that the span of time between May 4th of May 23rd when they would get out these kids are probably not going back to school this year in which case the digital divide is a major issue and so we really need to be talking about one how do we make sure to like expand access to broadband and to make sure all these kids have access our scholars the access to devices their parents need access to devices somebody sent me a list yesterday which is really great it’s a comprehensive list of work from home opportunities but it turns out you can’t you can’t do it if you don’t have a computer if you don’t have access to Wi-Fi so I mean there are just some major questions and concerns that the constituents in District one have and I’ve been trying to make a concerted effort to just be as honest and forthright as possible where I have an answer I’ll answer it where I don’t I promise you I’ll do my digging and find the information and where we’re honestly just gonna have to do this together much like the mayor said you know we all have to find it as important as one another does and so there’s it’s everything is moving really quickly it’s all extraordinarily fluid there’s a lot going on nothing is rigid and we all need one another so I just want to leave it there for now but just so everybody on the call knows we are working 19-hour days I mean we are putting in the time and the effort and recognize it with the needs and the concerns are and absolutely doing our best we’re all recognizing that this is an unprecedented time like nobody on this call has ever experienced anything even remotely similar to this in their lifetime and if we’re lucky you won’t again and so history will be kind to us by recognizing what it is that we did collectively as a community to take care of each other during this unprecedented challenge yes thank you for all of that so you know questions have been submitted and I think it’d be important to try to address some of those but I do appreciate your efforts and streamlining processes it brings to mind all the things that we’re doing now that could up in the past maybe we just didn’t have time we’re all at home now but hopefully things that will stick in the future there’s no reason to really go back right so you mentioned you put out a call to you know folks with real estate

Airbnb s and if people want to provide information is the best for them to email you how can they contact you also in terms of contacting you the lists that you’re compiling for people who are experiencing domestic violence where like they find that and when I think a contact in my office directly is is the best fit and for no other reason even if we aren’t the direct point of contact being able to forward that information to who is the direct point of contact I think in a lot of ways like I said everything’s fluid right now so in a lot of ways we just don’t have systems in place that are like a singular point of contact so it’s I’m sorry Elizabeth I’m opening up my office like let us be your initial point of contact and we will reroute your concern whatever it is if it’s about food insecurity housing instability hygiene items whatever it is if if you have a question or a concern definitely send it to if I’m your council person send it to me if you have another councillors and send it to them and then they can send it to the appropriate point of contact because I think otherwise like you said like being more efficient with our systems there’s just too many points at contact and so instead of offering a person a 17 page long list of resources just make the direct contact with your council office and then let us direct it to a singular point of contact who will subsequently help you have but any questions any concerns as it pertains to anything if you’re if you’re a d1 hit us up if you’re in D 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 or 10 hit up your council person I think this is really an ideal opportunity first so I’ll recognize that we’re so fortunate that you have a council person whose job it is to protect you and your interest in your needs and concerns definitely contact your accounts people thank you yeah our friend Kelly Coleman asks what are your thoughts on cash assistance to families that’s complex I’m gonna say anecdotally the fact that pawn shops are open right now from a legislative perspective pawn shops are considered an essential business because they’re considered a financial institution that scares me and my team and I are working on what are options there and how do we remind people during this very difficult time how to protect themselves you know but when you’re in need I mean you go to where you think you’re going to be able to provide for your family so I have some deep concerns about cart blush extending cash financial assistance if for no other reason there are so many people that we deal with from the financial literacy perspective who are really gonna struggle regardless of how much you hand them in cash and so you know without this sort of err condescension with the recognition of the fact that you know there’s a certain degree of paternalism that comes with you know there being a caveat to hand in a person cash and people have immediate needs so I will say I’m still working through where I am and where my office is in terms of how we’re gonna move forward on that because it’s complicated for me very very complicated I have just in the last four days some stories anecdotally that validate every concern I have about just handing people cash I think where we would be better is to figure out systemically how do we make certain that broadband is available to every member of our community how do we make certain that there’s no food insecurity how do we make certain that people are recognizing that this will likely be the great equalizer of our and an opportunity for everybody to sort of pivot and shift and figure out what does it look like next you know as opposed to sort of waiting around indefinitely for what happens next like you you take you know that control that power and figure out what your next steps look like I think we’re all doing that to some degree so I appreciate the question Kelly but the truth of the matter is I’m still I’m torn as to what I believe the appropriate resolution is it’s tricky thank you for being candid about that Alan and thank you for being here I think we need to move on to chief Manley okay and I just want to thank you for your time and for being really forthright about what’s happening for your office in your district so thank

you so much having me I appreciate it right chief Manley you were there he’s okay can you hear me now all right yeah we can hear you so I think folks would want to hear from you just first of all just an update and what’s happening at APD how your officers are staying safe health-wise and keeping their distance and you know if they’re at all sick and you know what general information you’d like to share with us about safety in our community sure I’ll start with kind of a status of the department as has been reported to this point unfortunately we do have two positive cases for Kovac 19 at the Austin Police Department right now one being a police officer and one being one of our civilian employees so we’re monitoring them and they’re getting the care that they need and we’re obviously very hopeful that they will make a complete and quick recovery we’re taking steps just like we’re asking the community to socially isolate and and have that safe distance to the extent possible we’re asking the same of our officers but when you’re on the frontline along with our brothers and sisters and fire and EMS and the medical workers that’s not always going to be possible I think we’ve taken steps to minimize unnecessary contact given the circumstances we’re in right now we have amended response protocols calls that in the past we would have had an in-person response to that now we’re asking the community to use our technology our online reporting sources so that we can both keep the community and our departments safe by minimizing those interactions we have a process in place where employees who believe they have been exposed to cope at 19 have resources to get tested if appropriate and then we have a process in place for employees whether on duty or off duty who begin to exhibit symptoms of either koban 19 or a flu-like illness can report that and we can ensure that they get tested so that if they are in fact sick that we can make sure that we address them as well as others in the in the department that may have been around them many may know that when a police officer starts their shift we go to what’s called an initial briefing where we bring that shift in they sit down with their supervisor they go over the day’s events they go over priority areas and this has proven in other police departments as we’re seeing to be an area where we can see the virus spread so we’re moving that into an online format as well – when officers show up for duty they’ll get straight in their vehicles and supervisors will either communicate with them through their computer terminals or on their phones to have that important exchange of information but to do it in a way that is as safe as possible so the one thing I can say and I feel like I will speak for for fire and EMS as well is that the men and women of all of your Public Safety’s agencies are showing up every day and they’re doing their job and unfortunately you know in law enforcement you face threats every day it’s just the threat that the officers are facing this day is one that can follow them home has has been discussed so far great alright so let’s talk a little bit about the public health orders and how APD is handling that there’s been a lot of questions about this so the goal of the public health orders is public health in general and reducing the spread of this virus and so we’re wanting to know how are y’all reacting to any violations and you know I’ll say for my own personal point of view is your response more about this public health purpose rather than punishing people for the violations address through explaining the roles and giving warnings considering that people may have viable reasons for being out of their homes maybe their homes are not viable maybe there’s domestic beasts and that type of thing so explain to us how y’all are approaching this and also in an effort hopefully maybe to steer people away from jails which we know can be hot feds for this virus as well so this a little bit through that absolutely and I’m actually gonna start by reiterating what the mayor said at the beginning this is not an issue of going to enforce our way out of citations arrests whatever this is only going to be solved by violent by a

voluntary compliance we need people to cooperate with the orders that have been put out by the mayor on the advice of those in the medical field that know best and we know that social distancing that quarantine that isolation works we just need the community to cooperate so we are getting calls from members in the community that are observing violations of the orders that are in place and our focus is on education on making sure again that the community members understand number one the orders and that the conduct that they are engaging in is in violation of those orders and the need for them to not do that for the really the safety and health of everyone involved the goal is not to go out and issue citations and make arrests because again that’s tying up the officers for longer than necessary it’s creating a lot more unnecessary contact where the virus can be spread either into the community or from the community back into the department and so our efforts are focused on educating and and making sure everyone is compliant in that matter all right I did talk a bit about homeless and shelters that are being put in place are y’all how are y’all handling almost interactions interactions with people who are experiencing homelessness or is there more Torey Aman raids that type of thing can you lead us through that sure and in the realities we don’t do raids on homeless per se we do do cleanups whether it be in conjunction with either state officials or our local sate partners right now those for the most part are on hold because we’re waiting to get all of the appropriate PPE that’s necessary for the folks that are going in and conducting those types of cleanups we do recognize that our homeless community here in Austin is probably one of the most at-risk groups outside of those that are at risk just because of age or medical condition given either their access to medical treatment or just you know how hard life is on the streets so we do still have our host officers that are out there and with the regular patrol officers if there are calls for service then again the approach is through that education prior to the approach being through the enforcement and I know in conversations that I’ve had with the sheriff that we are seeing the numbers of people in our community that are being jailed for the low-level offenses decrease and I think that’s a result of everybody kind of understanding the importance of the social isolation I’m sorry as well as the dangers that that really exists in confined communities like like a jail and we’ve heard I’m so folks been talking about getting stopped seemingly randomly can you address that sure I do know that the first day the orders went into effect there were a few instances across the region really it wasn’t just here in Austin I know of agencies outside of the immediate Austin area as well we’re officers who were very focused on doing the right thing trying to enforce an order that they knew was geared towards public safety you know in the middle of a pandemic we’re asking people where they were going and if they had proof that they were going to a location a business that was an allowable place to go under the rules we’ve now had the opportunity to put out specific direction to our officers I know I’ve had conversations with the sheriff and others to where we’re educating the officers on what the expectation is and that is number one you’re not going to stop someone for the sole purpose of determining whether or not they are in compliance with the orders that we have in place on staying home staying safe and then secondly if you stop somebody for another reason whether it be a hazardous traffic violation or suspicious activity related to criminal activity it’s okay to educate them as far as what the order state as with the importance of the social distancing and making sure that you are engaging in one of those allowable activities but we’re not going to be asking people to prove that so there’s no need for companies to issue letters to their essential employees so that they have that with them or to carry any specific kind of ID again this is one where it looks like we’ve got I don’t know over still over two hundred people on this call this is where we need those that are on this call that have influence within your neighborhoods your neighborhood associations your work all of that we need you to help us influence everyone that you communicate with on the importance of following these important orders that are in place people always ask what can we do to help you can protect those that are out there

protecting you every single day whether that’s your public safety officials whether that’s your medical individuals or as was mentioned earlier those in the public sector that are working in those essential industries the groceries and all of that that allow us to get through this by following the orders by staying home by being smart that’s what’s going to get us through this with with the least amount of loss thank you for that I think we have time for one or two more questions so we do know that there are federal dollars that are being poured into local state and national and federal law enforcement are you planning on going and submitting grants and all that for those funds and how do you plan on using any funds that you might get sure if we have the opportunity to put in for grants federal federal or state grants based on what the requirements of those grants are then we would absolutely seek to do that I know that some of these grants that we are looking at are specific towards things like PPE with the equipment that is in such need right now of whether through federal grants we could get more than more of that to have that on hand both for where we’re at today and again to show the importance of having a cache of this type of equipment so that if we were to find ourselves in a situation like this again we had that on hand so we would definitely look for that I think a lot of the grants that will come out will probably be more at the disposal of our elected officials and leaders towards helping a community recover economically from this this pandemic and then many of them also will be geared towards the medical community for again that vital equipment but those that are geared towards law enforcement we would seek to get those so that we can ensure that we have all of the valuable PPE on hand so that were prepared for however long this lasts right well chief thank you for being here today and for answering all of those questions there are more in the comments I think there will be a little bit of time at the end of this for Q&A so if you will stick around for a bit and hopefully we get to another one or two of those questions I’m going to toss it back to Chaz who is going to speaking with our district attorney Margaret Moore Chaz can take it from here thank you also I just want to again shout out all the people that are still here we have over 220 people here also shout out to my local news stations Fox KXAN and cable you are streaming this on their website so we kind of like the item right now so going on to district attorney Margaret Moore we have a few questions for you when it comes to keeping not only the people that are in the jail which we’ll be talking to sheriff Hernandez about but people that are still going to find their ways going through the legal system at this time we want to make sure that they are safe that they are taken care of that we are doing everything to flatten the curve from your perspective so first we just want to start off with a few updates from your office and then we’re getting some few questions well we’ve been working hard yeah the the courts have been operating in accordance with an order that came down from the Supreme Court and the Court of Criminal Appeals that has given us the latitude to operate remotely and we as of this week are not having any live dockets the everybody’s at the county has pulled together to get the courts the inmates at the jail the defense attorneys everyone in a position to be able to conduct court business remotely we have sent most of our folks home to work work from their homes to minimize their exposure which leaves a pretty small rotating group of folks to be able to go over and deal with anything that comes up in court all of the focus of court activity at this time is on people in jail there are anybody out on bond those cases have been put off until May jury trial in some instances will be won’t be taking place until June so we’ve been able to make a very substantial reduction in jail population by focusing entirely on jail cases my

office’s my people have been proactively screening cases to see if a person appears to be eligible for a personal lawn and act proactively reaching out to the defense representation for that person to see if a something can be worked out the focus in at this point is entirely on having in jail only those people who do pose a risk of some sort of violence to to the community we do rely heavily upon our police partners to keep us informed when they make an arrest but I can tell you as far as our bookings are way down to last day of March yesterday was down to I think 31 usually it’s a above the hundreds I was trying to look at numbers while I’m sitting here talking but if you with 41 excuse me but you know if you’re talking somewhere in the of above a hundred you customarily down to the forty something then you know a big shift has taken place and it’s taking place in our courtrooms we went from about 2,200 people in the jail down to 1600 a little above 1,600 today so the court system they’re working hard and we’re really trying to make sure that the sheriff is in a good position to keep the the virus out of the jail well good thank you so much and I know you’ve been working very hard so we’ll just go with a couple questions and then we hear from us lovely Sheriff so this is a question that we that we got it is not a matter of if but when the Toronto virus will enter prisons and jails according to health experts the consequences of that eventually could be devastating Cova 19 outbreaks in prisons in jail will spray it quote-unquote like wildfire due to close-quarters unsanitary conditions a population that is more vulnerable to Coba 19 and the large number of people that cycle through the criminal justice system so with that being said what is your plan as DEA to reduce the spread of Cova 916 both within our jails and prisons in the communities where they are located are that what I’ve been describing is it was our plan we knew from the beginning that we needed to give the sheriff as much room as possible so that and and to minimize the introduction of the possibility of the introduction of the virus into the jail so a couple of things went into place here very early on one of them was a an order that was entered by both misdemeanor judges and the district judges for felonies to suspend warrants for it minor low-level offenses we had a specific list of nonviolent low-level offenses so when the police will made a stop for some reason they they would not bring that person into the booking area hopefully that would also help the police minimize their contacts with folks because they don’t have to to to arrest them and bring them in then on top of that we have our automatic personal bond orders that are in place we have had to slightly modify that with the governor’s order but it does still put us in a good position to move people through booking and get out on personal bond when they’re charged with the non violent type offenses and they’re otherwise eligible for the personal bond get them out so they’re no moved into the general population of the jail these were very significant moves by the judges the county attorney and I both had worked really hard to put together the the orders that they signed and it’s been a truly collaborative effort to see that folks that don’t need to be in jail are not in jail all right thank you so much so Oh like we literally only have two more questions so this question we have from the audience quote unquote will you immediately decline to prosecute low-level offenses that don’t jeopardize Public Safety well I don’t know what they mean by decline to prosecute is is

a symptom we our focus is entirely on violent offenses now people who pose a risk to violence some of them may be and charged with something that looks like a low-level offense but for instance a person may be arrested for a you um unauthorized use of a motor vehicle but if that person has a history of offending and is as in just recently happened also in possession of a ski mask and a weapon and does appear to pose a risk in that person you know we might be prosecuting that person but really the focus right now is on not whether we prosecute or not but it’s whether or not they they need to remain incarcerated so our focus has been on streamlining the examination of jail cases so that we can get folks out of jail that don’t need to be in the jail and I think that’s a great segue to the next question and then I’ll just ask the last one at the same time so you can answer both um so this question is do you plan to expedite as much as you can getting more preach out defendants released and then the last question for you before we go to the sheriff is as you know and you recently spoke on it a little bit earlier the governor has issued an order prohibiting release without a bail bond for people with a history of any violent offense but that does not preclude setting low bail amounts would you support recommending low bail amounts if the person doesn’t present a current threat of violence well we do support that what what but that’s a slight mischaracterization of the governor’s order it addressed personal bonds and of course Travis County has a very very robust personal bond system anyway and we have as I’ve said was saying we’ve streamlined that with this automatic personal bond for certain low-level offenses but we do have a to where the governor’s seem to be expressing his concern was the release of violent people who have a history of violent offenses and we had already we’ve been focusing on the the more violent offenders now ever since the threat of the virus became well we activated the the Emergency Operations Center on March 2nd so from that day to now we’ve been all very aggressively examining our processes so that we are as I said trying to keep folks out of the jail that don’t need to be in jail to ensure public safety and then the last question on as far as planning to expedite more pre shall defendants release do you have anything to say about that that’s what we have been doing so all of my intake lawyers and my trial teams because there’s no trials there’s no hearings but bond hearings all of our focus has been on looking at the folks who are in jail and saying and then if we see someone that the defense lawyer hasn’t even contacted us yet we reach out ourselves and say hey looks to us like this person should be eligible for a personal bond are you setting it are you requesting it and then we don’t oppose when we ourselves have decided that that person does not pose a risk we have n proceedings where we do impose a defense motion for release on bond but it’s been situations like multiple aggravated robberies serial sex offender that’s the kind of situation where we as the state’s attorney step in and say no we would oppose that release but when we see a person that should be released we are proactively reaching out and saying hey we need to get this person a legit well thank you so much district attorney market more glad you could join us and we also because we hope you can stick around to answer some Q&A at the end but now we’re going to go to last but not least before we get to Chris shorter sheriff Sally Hernandez which in you know to us we we thought it was so important for you to be on this phone call because right when the pandemic started the the population that people was most concerned about was those that are incarcerated so I would just want to give you a few minutes ago updates about some of the really good things you’ve been doing at the at the jail and then

we’ll get some questions Thank You Chas and thank you for this opportunity because I cannot express to you how proud I am of the men and women that work at the Travis County Sheriff’s Office for the last 12 not been preparing for this just in the last few months for the last 12 years the men and women at the the tribes county sheriff’s office in Corrections they have an annual inspection every year and that’s the report card where they can wear the Texas Commission on jail standard comes in and reviews everything that we do inspects our jail and for the last 12 years we’ve been getting we’ve been passing and doing a great job at the jail so when this rolled around we they they what they’ve done is their training and their experience has kicked in and I think one of the greatest things that we have been doing is the communication that we have put in place we started communicating about Kovac 19 late January early February we have a briefing and not only do we brief everybody in our office we also briefed the surrounding law enforcement we keep them in contact and updated with things that are coming out of the the Emergency Operations Center but and I know there’s a lot of concerns like what are some of the procedures that we have in place but I want to go over just I want to go over some of the numbers real quick margaret touched on some of these but in February the beginning of February through March 14th the average daily booking was a hundred and seven people a day now after the March 15 through March 31st our average is 60 and and what does that mean for our jail population and in March March 13th or 2020 there was twenty two hundred and thirteen people in our jail and today we have sixteen hundred and forty nine people that is partnership in pure form that is the the people in law enforcement working alongside the prosecutors and the judges doing what we know to do on March the 14th I reached out to all of the local law enforcement and I sent a letter saying help us only arrest those that you just absolutely have to you have to do it by statute there’s no other means and everybody responded very positively and that that is why those bookings keep going down and and I’m very happy that we have procedures in place I know you’re hearing all kinds of things about Ryker in the jails and in New York but we have when somebody walks into jail we have a screening process that they go from being asked questions and if they don’t answer the questions they get automatically put in quarantine we’re not going to take any risks right and then if if they show any kind of symptoms we’re going to put them into quarantine if they don’t bond out and if they stay there and we’re going to have to keep them and they’re going to go on into to transfer it into del Valle well then when they go to del Valle they’re put into another ten to fifteen day quarantine before they’re they’re put into general population some of the things that right off the bat we did was we had to stop visitation we had to stop programs we had to stop things from people coming into our facility so to do that we knew that we needed to reach out to the people that do our video visitation and we asked them to reduce the fee for that video visitation and they did we an already clean facility but we upped our game on keeping the facility clean and sanitized I know there’s a lot of talk about they don’t have soap and hand sanitizer that’s not true they do we we have it posted all the procedures on how to stop this virus about washing your hands and and keeping your hands away from your face and all of that it’s posted in both English and Spanish we’re doing everything that we know to do I mean it’s games on and the men and women at the trebs County Sheriff’s Office that’s exactly what

they’re doing game is on and they’re working really really hard for the people that are in our care in our custody well thank you so much for that and I think it’s really important for people to know the answer to this first question how many people are incarcerated locally as of today and I gave you it’s 16 hundred and forty nine people and I think it’s really good for people to understand the number before all right like that’s a pretty significant drop of the amount of people that we’ve been able to get out of out of jail that are not you know a risk to the community so if you want to talk about that for a second we can but if not you know well I think has that a number of us have already did that I mean it the virtual courts that I mean everybody is hands on deck trying to make virtual courts work when you talk about how many district courts we have how many county court at law courts we have and don’t forget the mental health docket I mean all of these judges are operating at the magistrate court that’s all done through virtual court rooms and that’s everybody working together County I TS are i TS the DA’s office they’re IPS I mean it’s really everybody working in partnership making it where people aren’t being moved around and just like Sookie asked the police chief we just want to know if you have any staff that have tested positive with showing symptoms of the corona virus well today we we got no we did have one staff member that was in a in a different country and she came she was on a visit she came back in the country never came back to work she self quarantine she tested and it came back positive and we actually got word today that not only I mean she’s retested and it and it came back negative so but that had nothing to do I mean we did have a staff member but it it was she didn’t require it in Travis County nor did she come in contact with the jail or anybody in the sheriff’s office okay and and we have about two minutes so I’ll just kind of put these last two questions together um it’s a statement and a question in a questionnaire it is essential to figure out who is at heightened risk for people at heightened risk before people see a judge I have bill set are you taking any steps identify people with heightened health risks to cover 19 and then how many of the 1649 people in our county jail are at the greatest health risk you know examples elderly immunocompromised etc you know I don’t have that number chance I will tell you that we do have as a unit that we have specifically made for people that are 65 and older we are again taking all the precautions everybody’s taking their temperature before they I mean there anybody that’s coming in and out has to have their temperature taken we’re taking all the precautions I don’t I don’t have the breakdown on that on on I do know the elderly and I know well I don’t want to say elderly but the 65 in above are in a unit of their own okay thank you so so I do have one more question because a lot of people keep texting me and I don’t want to get beat up if I don’t ask you do you know are you aware of the amount of people that were released without secure housing and then you know just a kind of pie in the sky question not to be a curveball are you willing to work with you know advocate groups community groups other elected officials and city leaders to kind of keep this new normal of keeping people out of jail that are not public safety risk to kind of keep the jail numbers where they are today well first of all I don’t know the number of people that have been released and it’s no secret I mean I’ve been saying this for a long time put me out of business and our community safe right and so we’re doing everything in law enforcement to keep our community safe and yes I’ll continue working with the VA the county attorney and judges to do all that we can to keep people out of jail we we don’t we don’t want anybody in jail ask the chief and all the local law enforcement I don’t want anybody to come to jail and sometimes we don’t always have that option right because we’ve got to balance Public Safety along with along with this business I mean that’s part of the business well sheriff Hernandez thank you so much

for joining us I know you have a lot of things to do I’m gonna ask you to stick around for another couple minutes 9 to 10 minutes so we can get to some Q&A but in closing I thought it was really important to hear from somebody on the third floor two people that that actually run the city and know the city more instantly than maybe anybody so that’s why we invited assistant city manager Chris shorter he’s just gonna give us some closing thoughts and remarks from his perspective as assistant city manager and then we’ll get to some Q&A so Chris you got the floor all right can you hear me okay yep yeah so I just really want to start out Chas thanking you and Sookie and really the entire Justice Coalition for pulling this together we need as many of these kinds of forums as possible especially given that many folks are at home looking for information looking for answers looking for clarity so it really means a lot that you have taken the time in the effort to pull this many people together in one space I’ve been doing a lot of these calls and video conferencing to do to conduct the business if you will of the city and it just really means a lot that you are pulling the community together in this way I also really want to acknowledge and thank the mayor and council member Harper Madison for their leadership throughout this entire crisis it has really meant a lot and not just councilmember Harper but really all of her colleagues all the council members that we’ve have been fully engaged and I just really want to acknowledge and thank thank them I also want to echo what the sheriff said just the real sense of pride that I certainly feel in that others feel and seeing the city county staff pool together in the way that that we are seeing every day I also want to just thank folks who maybe are in government staff who are in government or outside of the government who are leaving their homes every day to support and help our cities and counties most vulnerable it it really speaks speaks wonders in terms of their commitment to this community and it is there’s there’s so many questions about this virus that are still unanswered and so for folks that exit their home every day to support our city’s most vulnerable is again a real sense and source of pride for me I posted two links in the comments section one a link to our general Cove 819 response efforts a lot of great information I saw the question about sort of where to get good information and that’s a great place there was also a question about our homeless response until I posted a second link that’s specific to our homeless response and some of the social safety nets that we’ve put in place to serve our homeless population and I’ll also say that there’s an interactive map I think someone asks the question about what kinds of services are available and so services like showers hand-washing stations restrooms how we’ve leveraged our facilities within the city our libraries and our parks and recreation sites to provide a place for our homeless population to go and get these basic hygiene things done so again if you have questions I would ask you to please do check out those websites it’s good really good information I also saw in the comments section a question about whether this was as serious as we are taking it and I guess what I’ll say is that 871 people died in America yesterday yesterday and I’ll pause for a second and today we’re not done with the day yet 835 people have died and so as we look at the news especially local news and we see folks out at our recreation park at our parks in at barking Springs and on our trails I really just want to and I know the mayor mentioned this at the opening really strongly urge that for those who don’t understand the implications here and how many people were losing and I’ll also add to that that while the age group 20 to 40 aren’t those who are most likely hospitalized

they are they are the most likely affected so they are carriers and as young people we aren’t the ones who are getting ill I shouldn’t say we am a little bit but uh but but we are the ones who are carrying and so I have a grandmother who is in her 80s I call and I make sure that she’s okay make sure that food is delivered for her but I’m not I’m not going by I’m not dropping in and so we need to be thoughtful and conscious about what this virus can do and what it is really and be very very thoughtful about speaking to our friends and our neighbors about staying home there was a question asked about what support we’re providing to vulnerable families what support we’re providing to businesses a lot of really good information is on this the tooth is uh if you follow those two links good good information about what we’re doing for both one example in terms of business support is online courses that would have cost a small business four weeks ago are now being offered for free and so if you’re a small business and you need help with unjust better understanding back office administrative support accounting systems these are all resources that are now on on our online and available to you for free there’s also a lot of work that we’re doing around making sure that we’re providing resources and I will say that this is the start that there’s going to be a pretty significant recovery that has to take place not just for businesses but for individual people and so we are certainly as a city and as a I’ll speak for the county only because they are a part of our Emergency Management for response and efforts that we are at this point right now planning and working with our council members and leaders to make sure that when we are out of the crisis response that we are following up quickly with the crisis that is economic recovery hotel rooms were mentioned and I will say briefly that we are acquiring contracts with hotels we are we have already secured one isolation facility that is really set aside specifically for those who are confirmed positive for code 19 that that is not just our homeless population but anyone health healthcare providers our first responders even our own city and county staff who may be positive or who might be symptomatic in awaiting confirmation via tests so there that resources there and it’s almost a 300 bed facility and we will maintain that contract throughout this crisis I’ll also say specifically for the homeless population our most vulnerable we say often that we want folks to stay home but for those who don’t have a home to go to we want to make sure that we are providing hotel rooms not just for homeless who might be confirmed or symptomatic but for homeless who are high-risk so we are certainly acquiring more hotel contracts we have one that we announced today another coming online next week and will continue to move in that direction where there is a need we’re also working really hard on food access and doing a lot of work with third parties not just government partners to make sure that we’re leveraging restaurants and commercial kitchens to to provide for food access not just for the homeless but also for vulnerable families a lot of information and updates real-time updates about these services are going to be placed on the website on those two links that I included in the comment section so again invite you to not just look at them today but to continue to go back and look and look at them as we go forward this this is a serious challenge for our community in that and for those who who are taking advantage of our parks right now barbecuing on barking Springs sort of not practicing social distancing protocols I really just want to urge you to stay home this is really

life and death there’s no other way to put it I so appreciate the time and the ability to talk to so many and I’m certainly available for questions and to follow up a call if in when when you organize it well Chris thank you so much and i know it is 501 i’m gonna ask you all for maybe just five more minutes i see the mayor got back on the line we’re gonna go through maybe a question a piece of these sickie I’m gonna need you to help me out but I guess this first question can go to Steve Manley dis returning more and sheriff Hernandez and I’m just gonna like summarize a lot of these questions it’s a lot of questions that we’re saying about and chief I want to thank you for going through the questions and answer them I saw you with Ty binoy it’s a lot of questions about the undocumented community what plans the protocols if any do we have to protect those individuals during this time and then I guess so to also go back to the city side what financial services are available to the undocumented community here in Austin and I don’t know who wants to start with that but Welch a stingy directed at kind of the law enforcement side first I guess so there’s nothing that’s particularly different as far as an enforcement or an education on whether you’re documented or undocumented I think we realized that we have to go the extra mile when we’re working with our community that is the undocumented community here because of you know sometimes trust issues that exist based on state legislation that breaks down that relationship between certain communities and law enforcement so we’re just really increasing our efforts there to make sure that they recognize we are still an entity they can come to if they’re experiencing any type of victimization but also that they also understand the importance of the messaging and the orders that are in place to protect everyone through the social distancing okay Oh see Sheriff and it isn’t something I was just gonna reinforce what chief Manley said where we’re still not concerned about their status we’re you know we’re concerned about their safety and even during this this Co good 19 we’re concerned about their well-being and and for them to know that and get that message out thank you so much I think this one will probably go to the mayor or Natasha she said online unless you have some connectivity issues or maybe even Chris Patrick Moorhead asked the I think a valid question you know we’re doing rent relief we’re doing relief for a lot of different people but what about you know what about the landlords that are not getting the money that is rightfully owed to them at this time you know is it any relief for landlords are people that are relying on payment of some sort during this time and I may be that may be a mirror Chris question you know III will have to Chazz if you don’t mind just because I don’t like to to sort of misquote what this what serve it what the city is providing I know for sure evictions have been placed on oh not sure what support landlords and let me let me specify me be clear that the evictions aren’t holding in diction’s evictions and allowing for renters to not pay or pay some portion of the rent doesn’t mean that the that that rent paid payment is forgiven it just means that we are holding for this time period whether that’s 30 days or 60 days their requirement to pay so the funding is still old what I want to do though is go back and Chas I could pass through you or Sookie information about what we are what we are doing specifically for landlords there may be some relief package that I’m not aware of and I don’t want to misquote what the city might be what what the city might be doing appreciate that and what we will do for all the questions that we are definitely not going to be able to get through today we will compile this list and we will send them to our panelists and they will either answer them I’ll have somebody within the department that they were can answer them and we will send his back out okay and I also clarify on that question because I see in the comment section

also mentioning electricity utility so water power those though there are there is relief there for sure and so there’s clear information on the website in terms of the ability to hold any disconnection or disconnects related to electricity order that those disconnects were not happening and have been put on hold or for the foreseeable future yep thank you Chris so I have one more questions in Sookie I’m sure has some and then we will in the discussion here for today and I guess this goes to share Fernandez again and maybe even the attorney on this returning market more and please Steve manly Wow you know and I was personally speak for me I’m really grateful for the the work you all are doing to keep people out of jail and to get people out of jail but as we know we have a lot of people that are incarcerated are experiencing incarceration that have mental health issues that are that don’t have secure housing that don’t have secure jobs are there any programs in place are there any kind of any assistance to help these people if so what are they if not is anything that nonprofits and organizations and advocates can do to help get those people can connect them because it is great that they’re getting out but they’re if they’re getting out two to nothing I think that’s a concern for a lot of people I can start it and so like I said the mental health docket we have it where they’re doing the virtual court so there are people still working on it there’s people still in the jail that are over our programs that are still working with people with mental illness integral care is up and running they’re not out but they’re there they’re still working on cases so people are still actively working with our our mental health clients and so business it’s just slower because it’s virtual court and but but all of the things that are in place that were in place before are still in place they’re just being happy they’re having to be modified because of just the social distancing in and we’re just having to do it differently um I would agree with that we both the county attorney and the district attorney have a dedicated prosecutor to handle mental health cases and the goal is always to find some something that will engage that person in services to address the reason why they’re in jail and when when mental health ‘its is seen as the driver a mental health issue or a substance abuse issue so they’re getting as I said a full focus of everybody’s attention right now is anyone in jail and particularly someone like that but we also recognize it just put them out on the street it’s not the best thing to do in many instances they need to be in hooked up with something that will give them assistance so that’s where we’re allowed on the services in the community through muscle through integral care and there there was a question Chazz that was asked that I think is real important about well now that we’ve got the jail population down this load doing what we’re doing do we think we can keep that up and I think the answer is largely yes sorry computers live we have put into place some things here that were already in the works because we saw it as a better way to handle to handle bookings and to handle on personal bond process so yes I think a lot of this will endure I think this ability to do proceedings remotely is going to be something we’re going to want to continue because we’ve had issues for many years sheriff with your folks having to transport folks from Dell Valley down to the courthouse and and maybe they walk into a courtroom for you know 30 2025 minutes and then they have to go back and nothing really happened I think some of these efficiencies or we are going to persist and I think we’re going to do we’re going to learn from all this and it’s a it’s an opportunity for us to

do things better thank you so much Sookie do you have any questions that you want to power together yes I do just two questions dee Moore I really do appreciate your talking about the changes that have been made and that there are things that can stick I think that’s really important not to snap back to where we were there’s sure didn’t seem to be a strong need for it if there wasn’t now I feel like with let’s just move forward and continue to shrink our jail and prison populations but in tied to that to our Tucker’s asked are you reaching out to the parole board on cases where people can be released like you’re doing with gel case honestly we have not had a contact with the parole board we’ve been entirely focused on active cases here okay so no I haven’t seen no we’re not at this time well um thanks to Tara for that that’s really good food for thought especially for people who are parole eligible and who might be at risk at great health risks so um maybe we’ll have more on that from you soon yeah that’s not information we would be necessarily we get informed when someone is eligible for parole but we don’t know what their condition is right so um we give those cases it it is our practice to decide whether or not we have an interest in protesting a parole but it generally is entirely to do with the the severity of the offense and the harm that was done by that person and the potential they posed for future harm so but we don’t know about their health condition is certainly okay and they’d be an interesting battle each day more thank you for reading those questions the last one I miss for our mayor a lot of folks are concerned about our elderly population and we’ve have two questions specifically from our elders one person asks they say my husband and I are 81 and 75 respectively we are in Hawaii helping our son and his family home score grant rest when might we when might we be able to return to Austin is it likely that we will have to fly through LAX and the second person says I currently live in Austin ouverture Mueller 55 plus active adult community our average age is 75 years old we have over 150 residents living here recent city of austin state home advisories and enforcement focusing on assisted living facilities nursing homes memory care and extended care facilities have ignored the high concentration of the vulnerable elderly at the many active adult communities here in Austin question are there plans for the City of Austin to reach out to the many active adult 55 plus apartment buildings that have been neglected to ensure that management is in compliance with mandated koban 19 safe practices so two questions when can folks come home and what route will they take if it’s through LAX and also are there plans for the city to reach out to the apartment buildings to be sure that they’re in compliance I think I think the mayor is I think we lost him that is fine I’ll I’ll just sort of jump in on the nursing-home piece I’ll say that in that AP that our Austin Public Health has a division of staff responsible for going out when the bar and restaurant order came out were responsible for going out and working with restaurants and bars to make sure they were in compliant that same group is responsible for along with code enforcement responsible for ensuring compliance around nursing homes and other facilities so let me say to that person who asked that question if they are in every one if there is a nursing home an apartment building a restaurant bar who is not compliant what they would

like to notify us about please feel free to call 3-1-1 and we do have staff who are working every day to make sure that these kinds of things are enforced and I will say that from a nursing home perspective there are a number of other authorities and entities that are also providing regulation over how what kind of exit and entrance happens who can come visit all of these things so please do sort of let us know where this is in which nursing home this is and we can we could certainly send a team out to help educate all right thank you for that Chris thank you all so much we’ve been well over our time limit if you all have any last thoughts this is the time to do so but you all have said a lot so if you have nothing else to say I’m looking around not seeing any head movement no thumbs up alright great thank you for all the people that have joined and this this webinar with it was recorded we’ll be putting it on my Facebook page we’ll send it out an email blast and we will try our best to work with all these elected officials and city leaders to answer the many questions that we were not able to get to today and we will be doing as many of these as possible I think next week they’re gonna try to do a teletón haul about the food security of food insecurity for some instances situation here in Travis County to let people know where they can go get food if they need help with food and things that nature so once again thank you all thank you awesome for being a part of this Thank You Councilwoman Natasha Arbor madison police chief manly sister city manager chris shorter and sheriff Fernandez district attorney market more the mayor in his absence I’m sure he’s busy and my partner in crime Sookie thank y’all so much we will see y’all next time thank you you