a subpar guide to wayv

Hello and welcome to my shitty WayV guide video WayV is the fourth subunit of NCT in the first subunit based outside of Korea The group is based in China and they debuted on the 17th of January 2019 with the Chinese version of Regular originally performed by NCT 127 WayV is under the Chinese label Label V, which is technically run by SM Entertainment The reason for this is because Chinese-Korean relations aren’t the best so in order to work and market in China, the unit has to distance itself from any of its Korean brandings This is why NCT is not in the name of the unit. There are subtle references to NCT WayV stands for ‘we are your vision’ which may reference the outro tracks from the NCT 2018 album, OUTRO: VISION Their single album is also titled The Vision The group currently has 7 members all of Chinese descent, but of varying nationalities Only 3 members are from mainland China. The other four members are from Thailand, Hong Kong, Macau, and Germany respectively The group has been working on a project known as Rainbow V in which they split off into groups and create their own choreographies or covers Incredible! SM giving their idols creative freedom? Sounds fake but ok Anyway, let’s get into the members Qian Kun is the eldest member and leader of WayV Before joining WayV, He was technically part of NCT U because he sang in the Chinese version of ‘Without You’ but WayV is really his official debut He’s from the Fujian province of China and his position within the group is main vocalist Kun is seriously the biggest dad friend I’ve ever seen don’t call him mom, though It’s his biggest pet peeve He’s an extremely talented pianist and often comes up with his own arrangements Kun is WayV’s resident punching-bag often teased for being the oldest Okay, this was a while ago, but I’m still really impressed and I feel like everyone should know that Qian Kun once punched a fire out Kun is a very good cook only adding to his parental image It’s complete

Wow, this is really– It leaves me speechless Let’s get it The next member is Ten, WayV’s Thai member Prior to joining WayV, Ten debuted with NCT U His positions are main dancer, lead vocalist, and lead rapper Ten is known for being quite sassy constantly teasing his members He’s still learning Mandarin and often makes mistakes because of this he sometimes speaks and writes in English in order to communicate Ten is well-known for being one, of if not the, best dancers of his generation Despite the fact that he’s constantly clowning the members. He’s actually quite affectionate with them One of Ten’s many hobbies is drawing and graphic design which he is quite skilled at. Is there anything he can’t do? Honestly I am going to design a logo for RainbowV Right now, right now, like right here in this practice room with WinWin! Yay! Let’s go bro! Okay, guys, I hope you like the logo Next up is WinWin from China’s Zhejiang province In addition to WayV, WinWin is part of NCT 127 and NCT U his position within WayV is lead dancer WinWin is one of the younger members in NCT 127 But in WayV he takes on the role of an older brother to his younger members He is known for being naturally cute and no one can really resist his charms

WinWin is trained in traditional Chinese dance and because of it his movements have a unique kind of grace to them A lot of people know him for his quiet demeanor but WinWin has really come out of his shell recently And he’s honestly quite funny and charismatic Yo what’s up – What’s up man He really enjoys acting and would like to do more in the future he’d better book a drama soon I’d watch the shit out of that Lucas is the next member from Hong Kong, before WayV He debuted an NCT U for their last comeback, BOSS his position within WayV is main rapper The same open time Key를 가진 waitress Free 해보여 웃을 땐 baby face But 바빠 보여 everyday 혼자만 Burger and sandwich, coffee and tea 적힌 메뉴 리딩 전문 이 안에 넌 주기만 해 받긴 하네 빈 잔 쉬는 시간 당장 필요해 보여 대신 말해줄까 You need a coffee break Lucas knows his own worth and is notorious for being extremely confident in his looks and abilities He’s extremely tall like, really tall he’s a damn tree Lucas is quite fond of filming rather boyfriendish type videos on Instagram Idk, I think you just have to watch them to understand what I’m talking about Do you want some coffee? He is a true overreactor especially good at making different faces and noises

Woah Wow Woooow Wow Lucas is very charismatic and has a personality that kind of larger than life. He is a really natural entertainer I’d first just like to personally apologize to [Xiao Jun] because there’s actually no way I can get Daniel to pronounce his name properly I typed in at least six different iterations and none of them were remotely close. Sweetie, I’m so sorry Not that Daniel really pronounces any names right? But this is honestly a new brand of awful Anyway, next up is XiaoJun(?) born in Guangdong China. His position is main vocalist Hey make any changes show? [XiaoJun] comes from a family of musicians and is very interested in songwriting The province he is from is well known for the cuisines strong flavors and Because of this [Xiaojun] has made some rather strange food choices. to quote an article from China.org: “To the people of Guangdong, everything that walks, crawls, flies, or swims is edible” He is very high energy and known as the mood maker of the group He’s got a really beautiful voice that I just feel like we all need to appreciate for a moment [Xiaojun] is quite sentimental and seems like a sensitive soul

The next member is Hendery from Macau. His position is lead dancer ♪ Post Malone – Wow. ♪ Hendery is very patient. And as such he has no problem acting as Ten’s Mandarin teacher He’s constantly smiling which is a wonderful thing because he really does have a beautiful smile Much like the rest of the members, Hendery is a giant goofball Okay, honestly there’s something undeniably sweet about Henry’s entire personality he’s just a really pure soul and I love him He’s extremely dramatic, particularly in his reactions to things his members say and do The final, youngest member of WayV is YangYang, it’s unclear whether he was born in Germany or Taiwan

But either way he spent a significant portion of his life going to school in Germany and his parents are Taiwanese His positions our main rapper and lead dancer Okay idk about y’all, but it seems like most people assume YangYang is a calm person and a vocalist upon first glance, but is really the opposite As mentioned, YangYang is German and speaks German and English in addition to Mandarin -Multidimensional group I want people to feel that we are, we can handle every kind of concept and That on stage we’re, we can be cool we can be We can be handsome. We can be cute and under stage. We can be like down-to-earth and be funny He often serves as Ten’s translator thanks to his English and Mandarin skills He’s a big sneakerhead. Enjoying buying and collecting sneakers is a kind of hobby YangYang is quite mischievous often teasing and cranking his members It seems they let him get away with it since he’s so damn cute Well, we’ve reached the end of the guide Hopefully you’ve learned a bit or at least found this guide somewhat entertaining. Stan crackheads, Stan WayV