First Sight

it’s 1030 here in the city of seattle traffic looks good on i-5 however a three car fender bender mine comes back up on I 80s drivers pass through it’s a full 40 degrees outside and winds up to 25 miles per hour oh I can’t please anyone please please I mean I can’t you please can you tell me what’s going on Lions it to the dark a new honking of the traffic down full of artists mark hunter after a car crash three weeks ago is young poverty lost complete vision due to his injuries he now has been transferred to the Seattle treatment facility for rehabilitating cases or he will be trained to function normally despite the slightest it’s unclear as of now the audits will ever be able to continue with his profession now let’s turn it over for today I’m her early morning forecast good you’re here I was getting worried I’m sorry I didn’t catch your name they give you a visitor’s badge correct okay you know you’re supposed to wear that on the front of your shirt from what I hear it won’t really matter to my patients the patient’s name is Mark and the first thing we teach here is that everyone is treated the same no matter what buddy seeing if this is a treatment setting Amy mark is a very special man and it’s our duty to help him yeah I heard how special he is rich artiste and all that alright that’s enough you’re here is a courtesy I’m sure there are plenty of other community service projects that would be better suited for a common city of you such as yourself listen lady you want to move me somewhere else that’s fine doesn’t bother me any and by the way none of my evening was common oh you think you’re something special don’t you let’s just see how special you are after a car shooting I don’t think they’ll be necessary mark I’m sure I can find you someone who would be better suited for you don’t worry i think we’re perfectly suited what makes you say that well from what I overheard in the hall you want to be here as much as I want to hmm are you sure I can yes I’m sure all right well I guess I should leave the two of you to get acquainted refreshments are on the coffee table mark thanks very Stevie thanks won’t you have a seat once your name I didn’t I didn’t catch it before Amy Amy well I’m mark nice to meet you when you in for theft where’d you steal long story how long is long long enough well I think I’ve got enough time for don’t you hi papa sorry what just checking maybe well I can assure you I’m a 100-percent blind a perfect 00 I felt that too I think do anything no the IRA lives are coming very strongly from that corner sorry not joke what exactly do you want from me mr. hunter mark please and I’m not exactly sure what do you want for me Amy 50 community service hours wow you stole from the wrong person well at least your shirt what what do you want maybe I’ll know the next time you come I keep having this dream it’s always the same one I can see you again my hands are on the steering wheel cars are passing me by the water on the

pavement shiny glittery and unimportant I’m driving start to veer off I’m losing control and suddenly the car is upside down the seatbelt is digging into my shoulder I feel the center of gravity changes it rolled and rolled the payments getting closer and closer and I realized I realize I’m going to die I don’t want to die I don’t want to see my life flash before my eyes so I opened them and nothing visitors badge fifth time you’re here you think you’ve learned while your visitor’s badge goes by now anyway Mark’s going to be a few minutes late this left session ran a little long what did they talk about their anyways what to me well if it’s a session that means therapy so what did they talk about so mark how are you doing today well doctor I’m about as blind as I was yesterday so justice grabbed me thanks for asking though what’s the point do you mean to be insensitive it’s a reasonable question yes tuck hope somehow miss Thompson sometimes it helps to talk to someone who can sympathize sympathize but not improvise he has group meetings for empathy groups of blind people well yes if you want to be so crude about it do they have groups for deaf people too yes of course what up for the blind and deaf ones like Helen Keller miss Thompson should be so rude and inconsiderate all the time I hope you haven’t been waiting too long saved myself haha mark you’re improving I’m impressed Thanks I feel a bit like a dog what why did I find you no no there’s a reason I’m able to guide myself so well when y is that a mean hogs all the cookies do not promote some of your boys I don’t think any further evidence isn’t it I don’t put them in the same place every time though do I know but I can smell them hence the goal yeah I caught on pretty quickly after Amy hit them on the mental okay I thought this is Davis wait what what happens here stays here as part of the Vegas agreement agreement yes and Amy if you haven’t noticed technically we are still here so I didn’t break any rules mm-hmm yours Judy hi I almost hate your dinner yes hmm hey I think we need to revise the rules of our biggest agreement well I will leave you to it so what were you talking about last time you know they’re pretty comfortable with signs once you by yourself for a while you get used to it uh-huh now I know we were talking about I was asking you questions and you were giving me one word answers hey Jason point Amy silence is the one thing i hate right now sound is basically my only means of communicating no it’s not oh no I mean you still got smell like you said and don’t forget touch you could Ryan grand and I’d have to respond somehow but still you’ve got a couple of fall backs well since i don’t think i’m going to smith you i’m waiting to sniff me back let’s stick with talking shower Amy you’re killing the blind man at this point I might as well be death because I’m just talking to myself all right all right and you how did you know this time I get to ask questions fine ask away Amy I was thinking gee okay um do you

have any family yeah my parents I have two brothers and my dog rip it rip it it reflects his favorite pastime then can you be like a guide or something dogs aren’t allowed until both owner and dog are properly trained seems wrong yeah well oh um well where’d you grow up in the suburbs of Seattle does your family still live here yeah my parents still live in our old house and my brothers both working in law firms in the city where are they don’t they visit sorry bad question no it was a good one when I’ve been asking myself quite frequently lately I mean ever since I was five when I began my art career they’ve supported me in all of my endeavors push me to work harder it helped make my name as big as it is now or was they were here after the accident but ever since they found out I won’t be able to continue my career they’ve been distant friends same deal I’m sorry it’s not your fault do you miss it what my arse yeah god yes more than my sight but I guess they go hand and hand I suppose sorry again it’s not your fault it is for bringing it up hey yeah you can ask me a question that you want okay what did you steal anything but that but it was a sauna by a different question is it difficult being here with me what do you mean you know oh oh you’re blind I totally forgot nice try ah mark you’re really not that different I did I don’t know it feel that way but trust me I’ve met people who are harder to be with it’s actually kind of calming to know I can come and mess with you three days a week oh well I guess we’re gonna have to make our visits a little bit more interesting partly maybe come on why don’t we we’re going to reflexes more why don’t you let your guard down trust trust but I trust you it’s it’s you who doesn’t trust me you’ll thank me later for what being cautious all right all right reflexes all right okay just hit by me like a high five like a high five yeah go for it hey right one two three what you missed don’t even bother Amy I can smell them hi mmm mmm so I figured it out what what I want oh and one of yous died okay now keep an open mind Oh God oh my god mark do you want to steal something wait

you’re comfortable with that you’d be surprised all right spin it ask okay I want to try you draw me yeah like a portrait hi and how do you propose doing that by touch you even said it’s one of my backups look we know each other now and I’m comfortable with you and I think you’re comfortable with me too Amy I need this chance chance I need to try and draw again it’s like there’s something missing from my heart and I can’t take it anymore losing my sight was enough I was barely aware about but I was extremely aware of losing my art and I can’t accept it I need to at least try well why can’t you try to draw something else like a tree or something I have but the problem is I’m not connected with the subject I have to go by memory and not by something I can feel and and understand well I’ll take you to a tree and you can feel and understand that a me as an artist I specialize in portraits it was my way of telling that person’s story it’s gotta be you Amy nurse duty is to busy in and I don’t have anybody else what if I say no I guess we just forget I ever asked it’s Vegas right thanks it’s not that easy I mean we’re still here so it’ll always be here won’t it hovering well since I won’t be able to see it time bad joke I just I don’t even know what you look like do you know how frustrating that is it’s been over a month I mean I I know you’re not ugly nurseries told me so look whatever problem you may have with her nurse Judy is always honest so what is it look I know there’s a chance that it will suck and you look awful foot there’s also a chancel it could look good and I could show you what I see or hear I guess I don’t know that’s it isn’t it you don’t want to see yourself to you why won’t you let me try Amy don’t you know and you’re beautiful let me show you you can’t because I’m not okay I’m not beautiful enough people have seen that and told me so I said I’ve even seen that that’s why I agreed to this visitation it’s easy to be with someone but they don’t really know you that’s why you’re always on the defense with no sir isn’t it are you like that with everyone got it it must be tiring let me help you what what can you do mark a blind man tells me I’m beautiful great what the hell is that fruit you can’t see don’t you get it other people can see what I don’t know what you mean you just you you get used to it you know I I lost my parents when I was really young and I just pushed straight and fostered here I mean foster care doesn’t give a crap what happens to you as long as the paperwork checks out the parents never kept me I change homes after a few months sometimes after just a couple of weeks and I know what I’m not good okay mark they wanted some

perfect little kid that they could fit into the mold anything the one day when I refuse the mold one from my foster father’s parents are supposed to protect you it hurts when they don’t it makes you feel empty and ashamed like I was different and by being different I was also unwanted you know I I’ve accepted that about myself i am the hell invited forget it great idea what’s wrong with it it’s been working all night he only fall asleep about 20 minutes ago it’s just frustrated need someone who can understand and I can it’s a friend not a doctor or nurse hear it what if I don’t want to be it why does someone’s counting on you or because you’re counting on him maybe both well it’s time to face it because it’s already happened where’s your visitor’s badge I excuse me that man that is extremely important maybe it’s because he makes me think the little brother that I always wish for if it’s my maternal instincts kicking in your mom two girls both in junior high anyway he’s important to me because he’s a beautiful heart he’s been left to tend it himself it’s time that he found someone who will help can you think that’s me not at first I didn’t but I understand now I know that if I were to give you the rest of your hours now it’s still come back wouldn’t you maybe you would go tend you’re not just a visitor anyone mark my baby here you I’m sorry I can’t I try I get it baby are you there what at night were you there after the accident when I first realized what had happened there was someone there by the car after I woke up they couldn’t tell me I wanted to tell them thank you I wanted to let them know was it you luck it’s time to tell you when I stole okay well um it was late at night I was on my way back from the grocery store traffic has been pretty bad all day so I decided to just walk as I was walking I heard a car published and I ran into where’s this out and there was this car slammed into a tree I was a cat in the road stupid well i didn’t know if anyone was alive I wasn’t sure what had happened but I did hear an ambulance yet so I looked inside and it was you your eyes were open but they were line yeah I didn’t know how to calm you down so I just it was you yes but they took you to the hospital I mean I couldn’t tell the cops anything and you know I wanted to see you but it was family visitors only and you know people like me and I looked at very highly but I mean I still wanted to make sure you were okay I couldn’t get your eyes on my head so as I was going out the lobby

there was this in turn going out on a smoke break and I kind of pick pocketed espace key hi them so you’re not a common sitting me and no we were caught hence the 50 hours community service but how did they let you in didn’t they know who you were I’m pretty fast on my feet just made something up I’m sorry I didn’t tell you that’s why you never wanted to tell me about yourself but I don’t get it why did you say people like you well because I’m different and you still can’t see that do you want me to now with everything out in the open yeah so I can dry you Amy sorry i still like to mess with you and yeah here’s your chance really yeah but first have a cookie it’s finished how do you not with me please can I see it nope why not we’ve gotten pretty comfortable with that she started torturing mark come on why can’t I see it just giving you a taste of your own medicine felt bad no the eyeroll lives are coming very strong okay here goes it’s upside down no it’s not how would you know think I’d know I look pretty it’s how I see you I just wish I could see my own work it’s wonderful believe me looks like you still have a career after all our lit up why me guys ready he’s are eaten all of my cookies oh I almost forgot I have a present for you to come on mark down the lobby it’s about time how did you get him in here he’s not allowed still tacky wait Judy’s help go play with your dog park come in anyway so how do you feel beautiful that’s how loves supposed to feel I think you’re right good job with what ten day