Rahim & Dana react to "Introduction Guide To Mamamoo"

(Subtitles by Thea, @a.c.laske on Instagram) Rahim: How often…? We have to practice that again. Good morning and welcome back to Youtube’s best channel with the clumsiest intros It’s a new experience every time. I hope you have a nice day…start of the day…but maybe you watch this later in the day Rahim: And that’s Dana, my special guest. Dana: I’m a regular here. I’m just your guest…no, you said I’m just special Rahim: You’re my special, you’re not a guest anymore. I hope you guys are doing well. So…so…so many of you said, we should react to the Mamamoo introduction guide We MUST do that. MUST! So, we’re doing that now. Especially because we’ve reacted to the Queendom performances and they were really good Dana: The stuff we’ve seen of them before that was also really good. Rahim: Yeah, but the Queendom performances are special and it was live and so on (G)I-dle’s performance was really cool as well but I think Mamamoo always gets an extra point because they bring these crazy live vocals to the table. And that’s really dope Dana: Totally! Rahim: And even doing this in a TV show, where this is not at all typical. We know that now. That’s a statement And that shows how much confidence they have in their voices. Ok, we’ll watch the introduction guide to Mamamoo, that all of you sent us. Let’s go! Rahim: Perfect! Dana: You can turn this off. We’re done! Rahim: We’ve seen this before Oh wow, they haven’t even been around for that long It’s four times. We have to remember this! Dana: She’s so cute Dana: I already have goosebumbs again. Where are we, 1:30? Rahim: That’s exactly it Exactly, these crazy live vocals. She did this on Queendom too, where she’s seemigly half a meter away from the mic and you can still hear her Rahim: There you can see how powerful and strong her voice is. But was that still Solar in the last clip? She looks so different with light hair. Really beautiful. Dana: Yeah, I think that was ‘Starry Night’ You really liked her in that video, where she had the white hair. You were enchanted Rightfully so. (Blond Solar got us all dead. Let’s be honest!) Rahim: It really suits her Dana: Totally! She looks like an elve Rahim: She’s doing that too? Did you see how she just casually flipped the sticks? The drum sticks With this attitude too Pole dance as well And she’s still singing live while doing that? That’s live. She’ still singing live. You can’t be serious. (That’s just the Solar way.) Rahim: That’s live. Dana: Yeaaah Rahim: While she’s spinning on the pole Rahim: She looked like…what’s her name? Chung Lee? The street fighter character. Wasn’t her name Chung Lee? Dana: Right. I think so

Rahim: How young all of them are Dana: What year? A ’92 liner? But I’m also young Dana: I’m also young. Rahim: Right. You’re also around that age Rahim: What I’m always really impressed by is that these women or these young ladies look so petite but they have this attitude and powerful voice and now especially with Moonbyul as a rapper Rahim: That’s a statement. Dana: It’s fascinating. Rahim: It’s crazy Rahim: The snaps… Dana: This is so dope But she kinda has tomboy vibes, in my opinion Rahim: Tomboy? What does that mean? Dana: Don’t you know that? Dana: A bit androgenous. She’s tall and really skinny… Rahim: But I think this is just the case when she’s wering suits or sports wear and ties. Other than that… Dana: No, I do get these vibes Rahim: Like right here, with the cap and tie. Dana: That’s not tomboy anymore. That actually Rahim: Is that still Moonbyul? Dana: Yeah, but we never heard her sing. Or maybe she did it in a song but back then we didn’t know the members yet Rahim: She’s also such a good singer? (We stan real queens.) Rahim: Look at how cute she looks right here But the fact that Moonbyul is such a good singer is nuts I didn’t know about this I mean she needs to because she also sings the harmonies but I never heard her sing all alone Dana: That’s also tomboy-ish Dana: ’95! Dana: ’95. Rahim: Oh, wow She’s the youngest, right? (Nope, Hwasa is the maknae.) Dana: Yup. Look at this perfect face! Rahim: That’s dope. I really dig stuff like this with achoustic guitars Dana: I could cry again when I see her Rahim: What video is that? I really like it when women sing only with an achoustic guitar as background music. Dana: Wheein ‘Easy’. Rahim: We’ll search for it later

We’ll do a separate reaction to that one. I would be interested in that Dana: I love her outfit and her hair Rahim: Did you see those moves? They are sovereign. It’s unbelievable You can’t be serious. And she’s still moving like no big deal Dana: She even jumped. Did you see that? Rahim: She just switches into what almost feels like whistle note register Crazy, man! Crazy! Dana: I’m getting goosebumbs again…I really like her cardigan. Rahim: Those aren’t songs that you perform like it’s no big deal. Those are world hits that you don’t even touch unless you sing them at least just as good as the original performer Ok, we need to check out a lot more of the covers they did Dana: Look at her collarbone. How beautiful Rahim: You have to starve yourself a bit… Dana: Are you saying that I’m fat? Rahim: You have to starve to get that collarbone. Dana: Ok, then I’ll do that. (Dana, you’re perfect. Don’t worry!) Dana: I wanna see it too. Rahim: You have to almost starve. Ok, we’re at Hwasa ‘Twit’ was it, right? That was so dope Dana: I got goosebumbs Rahim: That’s the U87 by Neumann… Dana: Your go-to… Rahim: My go-to mic. It’s not there anymore. You don’t have to move Last week it was still standing there, now it’s behind the wall Btw, this room continues on that side. There’s the piano and my mics and so on Btw, I’ve seen these headphones in multiple videos lately, the Sony ones. They are getting used in studios as well…but actually not that often Rahim: They are getting used regularly but the ones we have are actually the go-to headphones in studios. Dana: We’ve seen them on BTS. Rahim: Right, for example I’m just surprised that I’ve seen these so much in this video. They get used a lot too but I think they’re a bit more expensive. Other than that, go check these out. Link’s in the description box It’s crazy how precise this is. And when you think back to ‘Twit’ which was a Pop, R’n’B, Hip-Hop, Urban kinda song. That’s something completely diferent Now this Big Band stuff… It’s unbelievable. This variety she has. You can see her precision just through the way she’s moving her lips to form the vowels

And this is not even her first language, so Oh, that’s Korean now But the other one was in english How controlled…you see that when you look at her throat too She can do that as well The volume’s a bit too low Rahim: This attitude she has! Dana: SHE’S SO DOPE! (Uh-huh!) Was it her solo track, where I said that she has a resting bitch face? Rahim: Yeah, right. Dana: Genius! Rahim: But I also think that it has something a bit lascivious. When she’s doing these sexy songsit seems lascivious, erotic…like bedroom eyes The variety again. But she has this sophisticated…straight-forward attitude. Especially when she’s rapping. It’s really cool From rapping straight to singing Didn’t we see this? We definitely need to go to one of their concerts What kind of songs do they perform in concert? This is so sick That’s dope. Really cool songs What was that? How does she do that? They definitely have fun What happened? Ok, they definitely have fun. That’s dope Goosebumbs. (I think we need a goosebumbs count for this video but it’s a bit late for that now.) Rahim: Now, intentionally just the ending parts where they go all out. Dana: Omg, I love these outfits

Rahim: There were dope ones before… Dana: But now really dope. Rahim: Also funny, that they’re all wearing the same shoes Dana: Did you see Hwasa? Her face Rahim: But here as well What’s the problem? Why is the volume so low right now? That’s unfortunate Spanish? Dana: What? Rahim: What is she saying? Dana: Omg Rahim: What was she saying? Dana: That as trainees people told them that they wouldn’t be succesfull because they aren’t tall and skinny like models and not as beautiful in a traditional way. You have to see that Rahim: I had to switch off my phone because it vibrated a thousand times and it got on my nerves Isn’t that? Dana: Look at these faces! Rahim: Dope! That’s where the attitude is coming from. Really powerful! Everybody can learn from this I mean it’s about personal preference but I think that they are so beautiful. And when you have that and you’re a strong performer, and the attitude and those voices on top, then you’re good on so many levels Dana: But I think that’s also why they have such strong bonds, because they weren’r accepted at first and they had to fight together and push each other to get there Rahim: They’ve only been around since 2014 They probably had a hard time as trainees Their vocals are incredibly strong, as we’ve witnessed again in this video. We have to see them in concert Rahim: It’s unbelievable… Dana: But i can’t forget to bring tissues…really not. Omg Dope! That was a really cool introduction guide to Mamamoo. We definitely learned something I hope you did as well. There we’re probably some of you who didn’t know that much about Mamamoo. If you did, please leave a sub and ring the bell for your boy That’s me, Rahim. Go check out Dana’s channel as well Where she’s talking about beauty and fashion. She went to college for that and is a total expert Dana: I have a degree. It needs to be good Rahim: You’ve wanted this since you were a child. You’ve always worked towards your goal to work in this industry and A label…for fashion…we’re on it…leave a sub Dana: Mine as well and Instagram. Rahim: Follow us on Ig. There will be a lot of content for you. And the more people subscribe to our channel the more we can do

Especially for you… Dana: Could be. Rahim: It could be…We*ve been preparing something especially for you guys It’s gonna be lit. Tysm! Until next time. Bye!