ASMR 중국 고법(古法) 머리 청소 Ancient Chinese Head Massage [ENG SUB] 古法头疗

Are you doing scraping? Yes May I massa ge your forehead? You may Is this ancient massage? Yes Wait a little while (dialect)

I will go to pour some water (dialect)

Are you comfortable? Very comfortable I want to go to sleep You can go to sleep Is this TCM? Yes It is very fragrant What is that? This is ginger paste Applying ginger paste When I start smearing this ginger paste, It will feel a bit cold Because it contains mint Mint is refreshing and invigorating It decreases inflammation and kills germs And later on, It will be slightly warm Because it contains ginger Ginger can strengthen hair and prevent baldness And dispel some of the scalp’s damp heat OK It also contains sea salt The sea salt makes it a bit colder Because sea salt can decrease the scalp’s inflammation and kill its germs These are all TCM herbs, right? Yes Right now, my scalp…

Yes You are unable to describe what it feels like, right? It feels very refreshing And also feels scorching But it is very comfortable This has the function (effect) of strengthening hair, doesn’t it? Right, it strengthens hair and prevents baldness Prevents baldness Is this for blow-drying hair? No This is… Steam For steaming hair This should be steaming That is…the steaming makes it so that those TCM herbs Can be more effectively absorbed into the scalp The one right now Might be those TCM herbs… The effects are too strong Now they still feel very refreshing And scorching Correct It is not scorching It is refreshing Refreshing I want to sleep Here, tilt your head down slightly OK. I will blow-dry your hair People these days rarely comb their hair Their head’s blood circulation is very poor Actually, it is important to comb your hair often Right, it can promote blood circulation People these days Rarely comb their hair Like elderly people in the past who all combed their hair Everyone had a comb These days, you won’t be able to find a comb in anyone’s house Very comfortable Now my head feels very light Very comfortable Your scalp should feel especially ventilated Yes Really Very fragrant We’re done OK, Thank you Thank you Very comfortable I feel very comfortable right now Especially comfortable