GTA V Prison Break Heist: Get The Plane!

hey youtube all right we’re good I already get bucks surely but I about that 12 thing of those things I swear I cannot eat I eat two of mouth full I was it about the four pack and I have one case do you think less so mr. krest said we should talk about heinous will you work but not here hey me Russell no dude definitely me so there rebel in the bank roll everything relate but cool i’ll get set up she already done this one yogi at me I’ve did it a few times actually sorry Leon my dress said you might be able to help me out with something well I did everyone else on that square it’s not me you’re gonna be helping and I want understood that I am NOT you just gave a purple a bystander doing your eye off the trip at the crew wraps not an offer of employment so much has an opportunity and well anyway that’s the technical but the point is sometimes our fair and legal justice system makes mistakes you gotta have superheroes one such time 30 chances professor Maxim Trankov ski you know the professor he’s way ahead of remember t3r the setup lead amor incised on overconfident Paulie much cologne or sociopath tedious egomaniac control freak genetics yes you don’t ignore development engineer hey guys but definitely not a people person so I bad thing about hosting my school’s do espionage along with everything else you know money taken away you don’t remember well lucky you exceedingly vain and selfish absorbs man brilliant at everything he does yadda yadda yadda makes you want to puke it’s a goddamn traitor I mean he’s a rat but he pays bra [ __ ] car serrated for a crime commit but well let’s just say money talks and he is going to walk so we got a few things to get ready all right so right so a 27 57 wish like we have their standard on your i all you got a lot of video upload you know what i mean and no use grad all right first things a plane then we got a bus and then well two things we got the inmate transfer schedule button rash mouse keys car more on that later let me show you we need a plane I get a professor out of the country it’s currently being my bro Broadway nice transnet on a street gang the vod’s you an airplane the bus need a standard bolingbrook transport oh yes apically your route from lead obey and I think that’s we’re gonna be able to get hold of oil you get a hard copy ok in May transit schedule at the hell has this transmission Yost a brush Joe an unarmed played cool you might not have a problem that’s a two-person job monochrome acts cuz gather to handers are guys so I don’t tackle it open oh we believe it’s about to be sure this one rio by luxury car theft ring you can okay mr. krest sent you guys a ride except meet your hop to Carl’s well roll Trotter I read it after we get there at the same time and keep budgets together I’m defecating my car though draw Rob’s nervous breath he’s on her face right okay LOL was i was making the money i’ll write you was [ __ ] up your hair out rocks already go [ __ ] it up yet all right let’s do it mm-hmm plain highbrow defecate cooking cool stuff on he’ll be looking at oh yeah he wants to be fun I’m not gonna tell us I’ll suck it fly I think I’ll stick to the ground team oh my god love you want me to do it yeah I’m not very I’m never yeah how do it okay or you just get the car with me proud look at a hat police you know what you talk about what ye no playboy gonna be looking sex all i had like stuff done I’m ready let’s go follow Oh yet every yoke of the cool mass worth it oye shirt ready to go now once everyone has their freaking ready up there no nyan maybe a schnitzel move gtb may said he’s ready talk to retro yeah I got to camp happy

look sexy I don’t think a [ __ ] for real who’s wearing I get a sweet on me and all right we’re just hop in the car me get there at the same time the same please watch that 800 rebel we never don’t worry Los Santos singer so making any attempt McKenzie airfield logistics or as yet undecided goin highlight but go in with a good supply of ammunition armor I guess I before their field is under Lagos control they’re using the plane to make crafts key runs across the border that means it’s already set up to take rush Gonski out of climate in radar visibility macabre story spits agregar don’t the fact they’re much better i drug dealers with high affinity to go in the gym think is very good yeah well he does not always forget that thing it’s all your stuff flavors I I tell the highest multinational decent screw you at work their principal interest is in drama very night and big office Loewenstein human liver distribution and juicer sales that repel an account kilo of coke is ronita bless you you’re gone with a cord of cabin para cima it’s a slap on the wrist and eternal now it’s bad state senator that I learned about their on the guards a relatively flat I our countrymen persevered England head off the hair thanks again but we all were likely thing I don’t want dismantle any criminal networks as you know is gonna help us safely oh wait that’s not something that they would do but it’s Oh ok I can’t let it forget it just feel like Lords hey we do we’ve dodged feeling an effort you’re gonna [ __ ] Rock take it a short Oh I play then I got something better over the hill in the box they said all take a shortcut plant resistance Oh is the priority here don’t ya real bear not now showdown think about taking that brought into the sky how we get the plane gets shot up back down no boss 5 there we go I’m out here get punched me oh it is plain I’m getting covered all right nobody

who’s next crowd loved his spot that I got over here behind this is this is but before I can see freaking as a picture of a space cadet gotcha I got you oh he’ll get killed you just take a boat Barlow we are don’t lean of what what you do Morgan kitties you do that there’s no way there’s some or even third roommate or why would you do that clickers no need for a shade bruh nobody knows why are you even older we didn’t we had that we had that mission beat 2 i’m sick i was the easy shut up retro well that was an easy win i was gonna blow up the car at the grenadin it ricocheted babble thing hair up or you re recording the video or nah hurt others you can go it and glad you won’t Morgan high-grade you right now work your nation’s bro tell her I’m throwing another one baby just told you gots members are getting to know oh that means to care dude rad unless you engage these bastards there’s only one way this is going make a plan then executed no matter how good the plan Diaz expect sustained resistance maintaining the integrity of the plane as a priority this man just go through to the sky-plane get shot keep on down cover story becomes vago cell is the plane John would cover me you mean got a boring top I like this if you want to go kill fryer that’s how you been back a guilt trip right here on life just water Franco on the bus thank you for this like must be on his way home raha yeah baby drink up to crew great fittings I get you back dang oh who shoot me off he covered really

I’ll be right here but may pull big boy but be back few weeks empathetic reporter and they’ll get fingered for the clear up a straight traffickers we’ve got leave don’t want to get him I’ll get more gotta pull out my car yeah God whose don’t get in my car where’s my door not gonna close I’m done the Japanese move that far the bread coroneted hit play around a fesse on a paper like stay in here stripping deal with how’s this view morning fallen on the water now I would not expect any more action to play County oh I wish you’d stop goofing around I’m record right this is nothing to come back to the city mr. point we did rob get it wrong hey Robert I’m getting a peaceful day of the car pack guys Sully I know I can do go Gators in the past maybe I’m gonna be a backseat mayor I should kill you in force restart Thank You Pepe college you’re [ __ ] yet all would kick you off and ice cream comprise we have eggs life just daughter nas whatever just like you know take a dip can I get some new research driving down women let’s go there’s gonna be a perfect landing maybe I think that cars crowd you you I

oh nice kitty are you all good do you feel I want to be so sick when we both died and it’s gonna force we’re not gonna calm down get in the ocean no no one set up not hot past oh look you know I got a old baby need that means I got some tekken kills on him good set up fellas I rank up now gotta get bucket