YOUR OWN PET DINOSAUR | Robinson: The Journey (Playstation VR)

*Whapposh* Top of the morning to ya laddies! My name is Jacksepticeye! And welcome to Robinson the journey, for Playstation VR Look I’m in space! So this game is about you being a boy on a space station that one, I think and you crashed- hey it’s Ireland! You crash above a planet and then you fall down and then you find dinosaurs I mean the dinosaurs alone is the only reason I want to play this game, so, let’s get in Play game, new empty slot please Ok I wanna- I wanna see some dinosaurs, I wanna- and I thought it used the playstation move controller because one of the things in the game the thing in the person’s hand even looks like a move controller, so I don’t know. I have to use this for the menus so we’ll- we’ll see what happens Hopefully uhm… it still plays well I’m interested, it- I’m curious Above the skies of a distant planet WOOAAAOOW A ship’s journey ends in tragedy One boy reaches the surface But he is not alone. I’m not!? Who else is with me? Oh God [Jack’s character] Higgs, take a look at this Higgs! [Higgs] My scans indicate that this is a high-risk area I agree! [Higgs] On the count of it being a tyrannosaurus nest Oh Jesus tyrannosaurs? Doot Doot [Higgs] Oh my Doot Doot HI! *waves* Come on then Come on then. Aw he’s so cute, she’s so cute, *They’re* so cute. Don’t you agree Higgs? Man this is pretty Why do you have subtitles on? Hi! *Cute chomp* Awwwhuha Ahaha! [Higgs] Stay back, Robin! But I wanna touch it! dooOt doot Why are you using this She? Awwww I fed it! *laughs* [Higgs] *That*, is a vicious predator Don’t look to viscious to me [Higgs] I know what you’re thinking, Pat, pat! [Robin] No, Higgs [Robin] I think I’ll call her… Laika! Laika? Like a boss? *Laughs* Oh Three months later That was very Jurassic Park sounding music doot Cool! Man, this is impressive looking I mean not the loading screen, The loading screens a load of bullsh*t. Uhhmmdooh isdgjsdfgs But, the game itself is very, very impressive looking so Higgs is my little robot buddy and I’m Robin and that was like a ‘and now we’re going to go on a journey through the cosmos together’ I think maybe. Whoooaw [Higgs] Good morning, Robin! Hello! [Higgs] I’m so glad you’re awake, Me too! [Higgs] I grew rather bored without you [Higgs] I start to get a little existential when I don’t have someone to care for take your time I think you’re going to have a big day ahead of you oh god oh Jesus Uhugh. This is gonna make me f*cking sick. >.< Oh god, the movement is horrible Why would you do that! Look! This thing looks like a move controller why wouldn't you just make it so that it works with the move controller I don't get it. Is that BB8 in there. 'Outside of play area' No I'm not I'm sitting still in my f*cking chair Okay. What do we do? I have a lot of research going on. Interactive objects [Robin] How long have we been on this planet Now? [Higgs] 385 days That's more than a year I'm a smart boy (Of course you are) Can I interact with anything else? Now I have a laser that comes out of this That's pretty cool. Can I leave? Ouuhh! I can! Sweet. Aw, there's footprints on it Woah [Higgs] Still this -WOAHH -even after a year [Higgs] Can you believe we used to live on that ship Hurtling through the stars of 67 million miles per hour- HOLY SH*T- she was a magnificent ship wasn't she? [Robin] Other people must have got off as well how long until we find them Higgs? [Higgs] You've done extremely well to survive this long others might not be so resourceful Thiiisss is incredible looking. What does it look like actually on the thing Awh man, it looks so much better in the recording software cause in this everything in the distance is super blurry Which kind of sucks So you guys are probably seeing a better image, but I'm- I'm like in this world Hooolyy F*ck!

*laughs* This is cool! I want more dinosaurs! [Robin] Where’s Laika gone to? [Higgs] Why don’t you try calling it? It?! Laika is a precious little bean. Okay! [Robin] Laaaika! Laikkaa!? [Higgs] That beast is up in it’s hole hiding from shame I’d imagine Shame? [Higgs] I’m afraid we have some work to do before you can play with your pet. Best you take a look around Ooh. Can I not move any fucking faster than this Come on man, this is annoying I want to be able to move around super-speedy Muuushroom I’m here little dudes Do I really have pets? Okay This thing looks broken [Higgs] I’m quite sure that your friend won’t come out until we’ve fixed this mess Okay. How do I- how do I fix the mess? Levitate objects! [Higgs] If only the wick’s was online, then you could lift that up Okay so- [Higgs] I’ll do that So I need to get the wicks online Whatever that is [Game voice] Trapped by a hat is a big piece of like yeah you will be able to let it out until we’ve dealt with the havoc it has caused ok so to get the thing online got it okay she’s a football in her mouth wait so I can use this but not the others does that go on this but what do we do with this what’s your suit energy levels Robin you won’t be able to lift anything if it runs out oh ok press x to throw objects oh nice let’s do anything with this okay imma just look around that’s fine hey it’s clementines hat wow haha wow nice i don’t think so why couldn’t those things but not the others I don’t get this ok let’s put you in here up here we go don’t do that what hey you’re not telling me why your box just how I like things orderly good work there yeah I’m trying to your toys you’ll first have to fix the power situation ok about that ok power situation i got it i’m gonna follow this cable and then fix this thing I will be hunky date right are you scanning something you freaking me out Higgs well there’s your problem there was bones and shit in my everything you see here the water turbines cloned that’s nice see I say must have tipped Mario’s now we got some fucking power going up but I could look at hates what’s up pigs look at Higgs ok press x to switch to Higgs what wow holy shit everything super tiny know haha oh my god oh good move focus on the lines of press x to distribute the energy ok this would be the correct about two energy to each device what that I just do ok so good to feel you swear affect our should be flowing now the weeks we’ll be back online everything’s back online i did it haha even greater than I thought I was the hell is this what’s going on God moving forward you move this feet moving back or side to side you move with this meat oh it’s obnoxious ash can you get them that back oh god this fucking fish everywhere what is this thing what’s going on I find that when it did like a comet slowly but surely i’m trying to run faster up okay hi there it is get it to drop that ball before powering it’s not like we can buy another one come on like that don’t worry about cakes drop the follow-up work on your training so that he doesn’t blow a fuse

down now big test cannot remember how to play hide-and-seek had a good day fed-batch follow me you gonna get the ball get the bar i’m sorry i’m sorry i didn’t mean to I’m okay we’re going this way like I come on like her want to play hide-and-seek it’s too far away call it over ok come on hello you can start the hide and seeking okay 10 9 8 7 6 5 far 321 ready or not here I come where she height my god was i suppose you should keep looking Robin what was that sound you’re in the bush yes walmart like a are not inherently hiding place Oh about you what does it got for that is a Higgs unit get your head away from her before some serious damage is done there’s precious data in there we should scan it in media if you’re like c-3po I don’t like you enter scan mode precious information a how did you get here we don’t just blow into your friend must have brought him here the report teeth marks on the panel’s it’s amazing up going out information you have to put your I get it all in the unit sent ahead of the Esmeralda to lay the foundations of our society all rights of your history ok that’s pretty cool wow dude i would love just like a documentary thing for the playstation vr I could just sit in a room like this like you’re looking at a cinema screen I just watch movies come on you are coming to tyson 3 correct I don’t know how long we’ve been here my clocks stopped functioning i’ve sent you another image of the surface but my cameras lame don’t care press in like it when you put your laser okay go go gala like that I need to scan her but I can’t touch any of the red ones have to get all the green ones it’s moving now have it barked at them go raw that you see you later branches things but your friends will probably come otherwise thanks for all your help today Robin while maintaining your room doesn’t always work but it’s vital to your survival angry that’s what i can see you later by not listening progress are not to adventure ok i unlock something else down here and I want to know what it is it’s that thing this is the power distributor already go right down to the edge and visit all the dinosaurs I want to see bigger dinosaurs banner dinosaurs that one day your friend will be just like that monster out there i think Maggie’s tall and very hungry Oh like it’s not like that like is cute like is my friend the hell are all these things it’s another hot much tougher a scan this no thanks what is this hey that’s back skin lame as a book well got creatures can successful ah so infant areum can see what the book is creatures people are cool nice ok i’m having to waste time reading fucking menus your infant area now thanks look at this date of this thing to think we’ve spent so long trying to keep dinosaurs out of our camp and now we’ve got to let one hit let’s fix the Scarecrow it’s going to need to arms and a hat to be useful the multi-tool will fix this up in no time okay and how do I do this nice ok i just had to put it there and they let go thanks very good haha i did it look at

that shit man that’s what I like that whoa whoa haha oh so i would say Perry fuck off ah a little bit of basketball a that man why don’t you shoot some hoops I’m trying to get my fucking way yeah that’s Kobe but fuck you oh good so cool be able to see them I’m hearing something else so whoa i would like spring on the source how do we do that ah this thing opened oh my bad oh don’t go through thanks appreciate it hey I’m are dirty adventure because i’m staring at me look freaking me out man mom this morning i stopped receiving a signal from the groupon ah night we don’t want to run out of food let’s throw running out of food suck can I see more dinosaurs oh I mean baby t-rex cool but i’d rather see like a big giant thing thanks your sincerity Jackie boy trying so close almost there stop Alvin like yeah hey hey processing yes tonight haha that good enough I don’t want to do anymore this is not incredibly impressive holy shit at that one straightaway but I know what these are whoa i want to visit here when I come around the holiday so this is farm to the right but death is left i kind of want to see what that has to offer if that means bigger by the dinosaurs that I am all of forest adventure Robin it’s dangerous but i have to explore uncharted areas we can live here safely by the pod forever there’s living Higgs and then they’re surviving that yeah it doesn’t even have a shower fine haha turn back at any time I got a jungle sharps definitely dangerous see me alone with his part of dangerous even if there is a huge unit holy shit speaking as this call i’m gonna just keep exploring Higgs you can go fuck yourself you can go back to the part if you want to Ramon stirs and things please you don’t need to risk your life over a Higgs unit I’m just shut up you ever stop talking hello like how we got this job doesn’t look dangerous in the slightest move oh god oh god okay okay Dino babies having fun this is called along our dinosaur space on the bait 10 and like his mommy oh God get down Jesus Christ but you have any guns good they’re leaving I don’t think they’ll go very far why should scan them jungle floor shite balls scammed and I she’s so cute look at her adorable face!4!%!^@^&@&1 o, hi der haha i want one I want an adorable predator that might kill me what you’ve shown me what off we go where Oh declaiming like a spot of climbing you remember what to do Wow hands holding on tightly oh god oh god this is not how climbing works about your pet is perfect yeah my better judgment I’d say the higher we go the less like it is you’ll be beaten by raptors after yes i think it is Robin get up here quick I want you to see this

one is in skateboard now don’t touch anything let me take a look first oh that’s a scape our legs this there wasn’t it you could he’s gone take them torn from his dog perhaps by some vicious animal displays as loud as fuck right there is a Higgs unit can’t be far the hell am i hearing are grabbing ok I can’t grab these things why find a way to make those fungi clothes water seems to be the key water I’m gonna get some water okay well I’m gonna need this episode of Robinson the journey here I feel like I’ve done a lot in it already and this video is just been going on for fuckin ages by now I’m let me know if you guys want to see more than I can definitely continue and gonna be continuing in any way probably in my own time so but it’s really fun I mean some of the controls are weird it’s a little different than I was expecting it to be when I saw some of their gameplay for new job and especially since again the move controllers just look like they belong in this game but then you use this to actually play it seems like a missed opportunity but the visuals are very nice and the sound design is very nice so it i’ll have to play more of it to see if the gameplay gets a bit too repetitive and those types of things but so far very good i love dinosaurs so it just makes everything better but anyway thank you guys so much for watching this episode if you liked it punch that like putting a face like a buzz and maybe 10 ish ish thank you fail you dudes back lol hi im so bored if you read this say something in the comments you are awesome. stay like that. dont listen to the others the dinosaur jokes