《花千骨 │The Journey of Flower》第16集 官方高清版(霍建华、赵丽颖、蒋欣、杨烁领衔出演)

[Fire of the Heart 心之火 (Xin Zhi Huo)] sung by Julia Peng Jia Hui 彭佳慧 and F.I.R. 飞儿乐团 (Fei Er Yue Tuan) When yearning flew across the night sky, it twisted around the fingers, and left behind a beautiful image like a dream When infinite cherry blossoms fall, a thread of sadness and regret sweep across me as I remembered that feeling So much hurt. So much resentment. So, so much pain! So much love. So much hate. So, so much mess! OH~ One whose love is too insane, that is a willful squander One whose love is too insane, that is a willful squander Every reconciliation after a fight, we hug, kiss wildly and surrender One whose love is not mad, is not fit to say they have loved before One whose love is not mad, is not fit to say they have loved before I’m not asking for tomorrow, eternity or a future. Your glance lights up this moment with me in it It’s enough The Journey of Flower – (Hua Qian Gu) Episode 16 – What’s wrong? – He is Seven Murder Faction’s spy! You dared to Man Tian… You – Are you alright? – Why did you kill him? We still have a lot of things to ask him I saved your life, yet you do not thank me You – What’s wrong? – Qian Gu, are you fine? I’m fine. Shi Yi Senior Brother He really is a spy? Senior Brother, you were correct That spy was Yi Shang Piao The knot in my heart has finally been settled This suspicion is not baseless Yi Shang Piao normally hides his abilities But at the Immortal Sword Assembly his actions were cruel and did not show care for our fellow comrades Other than spies, we have things to be more careful about Don’t worry, the disciples we have sent will be there to help tomorrow Qian Gu, now that Yi Shang Piao has been taken care of, there should be nothing to worry about You should be relaxed, but I originally wanted to bring him back to Immortal Sect, and let Teacher question him, but there is no chance for that now Man Tian was a bit too rash, she is not as thoughtful as you I will speak to her later Ni Man Tian, you don’t have any support now – Stop being such a busybody. – I just want to tekk you, that you are free now This is a chance to restart your way of living Please come in

Outstanding Heroes Higher Than The Cloud – Sect Leader Fei Yan. – This is a critical time, no need for formal greetings Right now disciples of Mount Winding Feather, Mount Cloud Coil etc. have arrived Now you guys have arrived too. My heart feels very safe Let’s cut the talk. Please enter Ok Li Meng Honorable Superior, is there something you wanted? Li Meng, quickly go to MountTai Bai and meet up with Shi Yi Senior Brother Disciple obeys Flow of Light Harp? Hide this Harp in your cauldron And when you see Little Bone, give it to her immediately Honorable Superior, how can this harp be taken outside of Immortal Sect If a demon stole it, the consequences are dire Such a big responsibility, Disciple is unable to risk it I have already placed a spell on it, only Little Bone can unlock it In the hands of others, it is a normal harp Honorable Superior, did Shi Yi Senior Brother and the others come across trouble in Mount Tai Bai? And now they require the Flow of Light Harp I must guard Immortal Sect, so I cannot be at Mount Tai Bai That’s why, just in case, you need to bring this harp to them immediately Disciple obeys Disciple will leave now Greeting Shi Honorable One, Ru Honorable One Senior Brother, bad news Seven Murder’s army has arrived at Sky Mountain today What do they want to do? Why are they surrounding but not attacking? Senior Brother, should we send more people to strengthen the current army? Not right now I believe that they have other plans Seven Murder’s declare for battle is your first official mission. You must remember to be careful Do not be rash. No one should act without my orders – Understand? – Yes Don’t worry Teacher, if Seven Murder comes I’ll surely fight them Yun Yin wil also send some Mount Zu disciples to Mount Tai Bai but I don’t know when they’ll come Sect Leader Fei Yan, are there any movements from Seven Murder? I just received an urgent air mail from heaven a while ago, Seven Murder’s army already attacked today between 5-7 a.m They are requesting immediate support from Tai Bai But today is August the 13th only, that is two days earlier than the agreed date Seven Murder was always corrupt and can do any evil thing Why would anyone trust them? They must have done this knowing that we are unprepared, so that they can infiltrate Then why did they make such a big fuss and send a letter of challenge? Wouldn’t it be easier for them to win if they just ambushed us like this? I think that they are purposely diverting our attention As we believe that they will attack Mount Tai Bai we will send disciples from all the other sect’s to support Mount Tai Bai The journey is harsh is will take at least 2 days At this time, when we our attention is diverted they will attack Mount Tai Bai, Immortal Sect or even Jade Cloud peak And in this way, we will have fallen into their trap This is very likely, but Seven Murder has a limited amount of people and all of them including Shan Chun Qiu have been sent to Sky Mountain They do not have enough forces to attack Mount Tai Bai If our disciples want to come here, it will take at least 2 days At that time, when everyone arrives I think they will make it on time Then we should all rush to Sky Mountain Hang on! Junior Brother, you have been injured I have already sent other disciples to Sky Mountain You and the rest of the Immortal Sect disciples can stay here to guard Mount Tai Bai This is a good idea Li meng Senior Brother, why are you at Mount Tai Bai? Honorable Superior sent me to find you Our people are at Sky Mountain already Good

Your plans surely are beautiful We’ll first finish off Tai Bai Once Fei Yan is thrown into confusion, we’ll obtain Tai Bai Mountain’s Fantasy Dream Bell Then when people rush to help Tai Bai, we’ll turn back to Sky Mountain Then we’ll immediately go attack Jade Cloud Peak and Chang Liu Mountain Subtitles Brought to You by: The Dancing Fingers- Flowers @ Viki – Oh no. – What happened? They must be using the No Return Ink-stone to lure people away and attacking the vulnerable side Where will they go next? Right now, the strongest reinforced place, is Tai Bai Mountain This entire mountain is full of enchantments and spells Yet the Seven Murder Faction still showed up here How did they do it? Little Fei Yan If you hand over the Fantasy Dream Bell, I can let you live Tai Bai Disciples, form magic front A little Taoist is using some magic, Very bluffing person How do you think we should act? To defeat the sect we must first defeat the leader Call for Bo Ruo Hua -Sect leader, are you okay? -I’m fine -Qing Shui, Man Tian, protect the sect leader to the main hall! -Yes -Don’t worry, I can go against them. -It’s fine, you have me here Custodian of the Law, I have already investigated everything. The Fantasy Dream Bell is not within Fei Yan’s library Looks like they’ve been prepared long ago I’m afraid only when I am forced to destroy Tai Bai, can I get the Fantasy Dream Bell Custodian of the Law! These taoists are already in a chaos! If we attack now, we’ll definitely win! Yes Attack the main hall! Leave no one alive! Chang Liu disciples, hurry and retreat! Qian Gu, Hurry and leave oh…It’s Flow of Light Harp

It’s the Flow of Light Harp? Hua Qian Gu? Custodian of the Law, it’s her again! Custodian of the Law, I’ll go kill her! She is playing the Flow of Light Harp. You cannot even get close to her Even if you use the No Return Ink-stone, you cannot get in front of her Then, what should we do Based on a little girl, I think she doesn’t have enough strength for more than one incense stick’s time Then the power in her blood will run dry! Teacher, can the Flow of Light Harp work against them? Based on Qian Gu’s skill, she can only buy us a little bit of time Now we can only wait for the Sky Mountain soldiers to come! Custodian of the Law, please take a look Bo Ruo Hua With your poison, I think Hua Qian Gu won’t be able to see the sunset today I don’t know if there will be reinforcements How long can I keep going for? Subtitles Brought To You By: The Dancing Fingers-Flowers @ Viki Release the arrows Senior Brother Shi Yi, hurry and go into the main hall! Protect Qian Gu Senior Brother Shi Yi, hurry and go into the main hall! Qian Gu! Qing Shui! Protect Qian Gu, get her into the main hall! Yes! Shuo Feng, Man Tian, focus on shielding Yes! Yes Everyone get in front, go into the main hall with me! Yes! Qian Gu, don’t play anymore, let’s leave! Qing Shui, I’m fine! I have the Flow of Light Harp! Be careful Qian Gu Qian Gu, are you okay I’m fine You’ve been poisoned! Let’s hurry to the main hall! Little girl, you have fast reflexes I almost got that girl’s heart Such a shame Once you’ve been poisoned by my special poison, You’re still not dead Why Don’t worry, It won’t hurt Give both the Flow of Light Harp and the Tie Up the Sky Chain It won’t hurt at all Great, you hurt me twice today Then I’m not going to be courteous with you! Bones, Bones! Bones! Greetings, Holy Ruler You are quite daring!

You dare to hurt my little thing? -Holy Ruler! -Bones! Who are you Bones has already been severely poisoned. Hand over the antidote Bring the antidote over Holy Ruler, she has two deity devices on her! All I have to do is steal her heart lung That is my business Antidote What are you doing Giving her the medicine of course Men and women cannot be that close! By the look of your dressing Do you not understand even that? So what Bones is my fiance Are you going to be the one to do it? You go help her apply medicine Who exactly are you I am a nameless junior of yours of course. What is your name, great Holy Ruler? I am fortunate to meet you You think if you don’t tell me your name, then I won’t kill you? I, Sha Qian Mo, kill people, hundreds can’t run away You dare to take little thing’s advantage, then you must use your life to exchange for it! Big Sister Sha! Little thing! -Little thing! -Bones Sister, he is DongFang. He is a good guy Sister? What you mean good guy? This guy is such a rogue and a smooth-talker as well With one look, I know he has no intention of being good to you And you You dare to use poison against my Little Thing! Sister, I’m okay now Let her go please I know my mistake, I know my mistake Your subordinate was just listening to Custodian of the Law’s orders to do things! Your subordinate..? I Sister That low life! I’ll take care of him in a minute! Bones Everyone stop! Greetings, Holy Ruler! Greetings, Holy Ruler What did they call her? Holy Ruler You didn’t know? She’s the Holy Ruler, Sha Qian Mo What? Holy Ruler, why have you come? Shan Chun Qiu How many times have I told you? You cannot steal the deity devices, you cannot steal them! Do you take my words as wind blowing past your ear? Your servant…made such a big fuss just to get Holy Ruler the Flow of Light Harp -Flow of Light Harp? -Yes Flow of Light Harp is in Tai Bai Mountain? That is correct Then destroy Tai Bai Bring Flow of Light Harp over Okay But Flow of Light Harp is in the hands of Hua Qian Gu Little Thing. The Flow of Light Harp is indeed in your hands Come… Give it to sister SIster You are the Seven Murder Faction’s Holy Ruler? Why did you never tell me I didn’t tell you because I’m afraid I’m afraid that once you knew my identity, you wouldn’t care about me anymore

Are you going to forsake me because of my identity? I never cared about what your identity was! But how could you be the Holy Ruler? Not only did the Seven Murder Faction destroy the entire Shu Mountain sect, now they’ve also washed Tai Bai Mountain in blood! Am I to pretend none of this ever happened? Why Why is it that you’re the Holy Ruler? Why are you Chang Liu’s opponent Chang Liu’s people all do bad things, they deserve to die! Sister I am also Chang Liu’s people They are all my brothers and sisters! If you want to kill them, then kill me first! Little Thing don’t blame me And don’t be mad at me I can let them live But I only want the Flow of Light Harp I won’t give the Flow of Light Harp to you Big Sister..if you want it then kill me Pull it out from my cauldron Subtitles Brought To You By: The Dancing Fingers-Flowers @ Viki If you won’t hand over the Flow of Light Harp, I’ll kill them until you hand it over! Don’t! Stop it! Little thing, I can do anything you want Except when it comes to this Flow of Light Harp Holy Ruler, Bones. Can you let me say something? Since nobody wants to give up the deity devices, going on like this will just kill innocents without any good ending But so that it won’t be hard on Holy Ruler, how about we have a martial arts competition to see who gets the deity device? Okay. We’ll do it like that Holy Ruler, you can’t! The Tie Up the Sky Chain, Fantasy Dream Bell, and the Flow of Light Harp, are obviously already under our possession Shut up! We’ll use one deity device as a trade If we lose, we’ll give the No Return Ink-stone to you If you lose, I only want the Flow of Light Harp Okay. It’s a promise -Dongfang! -Bones, don’t worry. I’ll definitely help you to keep another deity device I didn’t think that Little Bone and Sha Qian Mo would know each other It’s just, that Sha Qian Mo’s temper is very strange For the Flow of Light Harp, he might just really destroy Tai Bai Senior Brother Shi Yi, when is Teacher coming? He’ll be here soon Big Sister Sha, why must you have the Flow of Light Harp? How are we competing? How about this? Best two out of three, we’ll each send three people out to fight Okay It’s a promise! Holy Ruler is the witness Holy Ruler, Custodian of the Law Your subordinate Kuang Ye Tian, is willing to be the first to go out Then on your side, who will come out? -I’ll go! -It’s better if I go Teacher, you have an injury I’ll go. You two aren’t a match for him -Teacher! -I’ll do it! (x3) Custodian Kuang, the two of us are exactly just like the pin against an awl stone against egg. We are the perfect match for this competition! Based on your ability?

Dongfang! Dongfang is a person of the books! How can he do? I heard that Custodian of the Law Kuang knows a bit about the sects’ art of immortality Yours truly also have some knowledge about it So if we fight, there definitely will be no problem I know a bit?! Okay! Come on! Shi Yi, who is this Dongfang Yu Qing? Will he work? I guess he’s using delaying tactics At this time We can only have a gamble Teacher When will you get here? – Can we defeat them? – I don’t know -Let’s have a little competition. -Okay then! Subtitles Brought To You By: The Dancing Fingers-Flowers @Viki He won! (x3) He won! (x3) Dongfang won! You-! And I thought That your Labyrinth technique was the world’s best! Please spare my life Custodian of the Law! Please spare my life, Holy Ruler! Custodian of the Law! However…they don’t have anyone else who can come out We will definitely win the next two rounds Are you not going to go away? Do you think you’re not shameful enough already? Thank you Holy Ruler, thank you Custodian of the Law! We’ve won! Good! Dongfang! You’re amazing! Holy Ruler, let me take the next round Dongfang, Yun Yi is stronger than Kuang Ye Tian Now everyone is injured. Who is going to fight the second round? -Greetings sect leader. -Greetings sect leader! Yun Yin! Why have you come? Sect leader, I just arrived as well On the road here, I ran into Mr. Dongfang He predicted that Shan Chun Qiao would send my junior brother out for the second round So he told me not to show myself first

Sect leader, leave this round to me! Junior brother, stop going down the wrong road. Go back with me Junior brother, go back? Do you want me to go back and be punished? I know, that killing Teacher, stealing the Tie Up the Sky Chain, that person wasn’t you! It was Shan Chun Qiu and the others -It was me! -I won’t believe it Just what unspeakable reason do you have? -Did they use something to threaten you? -No one threatened me It was just an trade I helped them get the Tie Up the Sky Chain And they would help me get my face back Your face? Sect leader once said that you look the same as me Is that the truth? What do you think? Subtitles Brought To You By: The Dancing Fingers-Flowers @ Viki Why is Yun Yi continuing to retreat? Dongfang, you are such a genius! I’m beginning to idolize you even more! You can’t run away! Come back with me! Looks like today, You won’t let go of me I just want to know the truth The truth? Right now, I will let you see the truth! Who are you? He purposefully lost his sword But seeing the skills of these two, even if they battle each other the winner cannot be determined that easily They went to finish off their own grudges Let’s consider this round a tie Fine! We agree! Custodian of the Law, what does Holy Ruler mean? Does he want us to win or lose? -What did you say? -Your subordinate knows his wrong This round is me! Wait a second! The one who should be coming has come Brother Meng! Everyone, I’ve come late Qian Gu! Are you okay? I’m okay. Brother Lang, do not worry Could it be that Holy Ruler won’t even try to forcefully take the Flow of Light Harp, Because of her? Your Majesty, hurry and make your move This won’t be hard. I’ve become much stronger recently Let me take on Shan Chun Qiu for this round Subtitles Brought To You By: The Flowers @Viki

Sha Chun Qiu used the No Return Ink-stone to abduct Qian Gu! You are in the way! Let me kill you, then take the Flow of Light Harp! I won’t let you win! At the worst, let’s die together! -Teacher! -Why are you so silly? No matter what, I won’t let them take the Flow of Light Harp Don’t be like this next time I know, Teacher You are too daring! Holy Ruler, this woman is like unlucky water! Shut up! See how I’ll deal with you when we get back! Custodian of the Law, their people have all come I’m afraid that winning won’t be that easy anymore Senior Brother, who do you think is better between Honorable Superior and Sha Qian Mo? Of course it’s Honorable Superior who’s stronger Bai Zi Hua, we meet again I didn’t think that after so long, your face still isn’t prettier than mine That round just now wasn’t competed This time, I’ll substitute for Shan Chun Qiu But the one who fights with me, cannot be that little emperor from just now Bai Zi Hua it is about time you lift a finger Okay. I will compete with Holy Ruler Subtitles Brought To You By: The Flowers @ Viki [Cannot Say 不可說 (Bu Ke Shuo)] sung by Wallace Huo Jian Hua 霍建华 and Zanilia Zhao Li Ying 赵丽颖 With your hands, you untie my lock We fell into a whirlpool of tenderness Through numerous turmoil and wasted time on all the wrong steps, our affections have not changed Bound for life, one idea leads to a disaster But still we insisted on making the same mistake again and again In one instant, the vow to stay together for life is shattered to dust Falling in love with you, is falling in love with a mistake Losing you is like losing my soul It’s funny how fate teases us Whether is it this life or the next, there is nowhere to escape It is not that it cannot be spoken of It is that I don’t dare to say it One step, one smile. One step, one grieve. One step, one calamity. Changed into a moth that flies into the flame Because I fell in love with you, did I become me Sink down together with you Falling in love with you, is falling in love with a mistake Losing you is like losing my soul It’s funny how fate teases us Whether is it this life or the next, there is nowhere to escape It is not that it cannot be spoken of It is that I cannot say it Holding onto the promise. Don’t blame me for my weakness. The situation does not allow you and me. Give me up so that you can live Because I fell in love with you, did I become me Sink down together with you