《花千骨 │The Journey of Flower》第47集 官方高清版(霍建华、赵丽颖、蒋欣、杨烁领衔出演)

[Throughout All Ages 千古(Qian Gu)]
sung by Alan Dawa Dolma 阿兰
The summer cicadas and the winter snow
merely follow each other cyclically in a flash.
♫ ♫ Practice enlightenment and pay no attention to
the fated calamities of life.
♫ ♫ Mere brushstrokes on a scroll of white paper painted out the layers of the world. ♫ ♫ It is difficult to draw your perfectly pure face. ♫ ♫ Unable to sleep at night, who is my heart yearning for? ♫ ♫ The light is veil by the bamboo screen.
In my dream, I’m as care-free as the wind.
♫ ♫ The moonlight seems to practice looking from afar and recording the numerous times the vast sea finished into the mulberry tree field. ♫ ♫ It does not speak of the unspeakable fate of tomorrow. ♫ ♫ If I want to leave a good reputation throughout all ages,
then I have to fall out with the one I love.
♫ ♫ Who would care that you missed
the opportunity for happiness?
♫ ♫ If I am ridicule throughout all ages because
my love has become obsessive and confused.
♫ ♫ Yet, I do not regret believing in you. ♫
The Journey of Flower – (Hua Qian Gu)
Episode 47 Nan Xian Yue might have been executed, but the Great Desolate Energy Force
has already been transferred to Hua Qian Gu She is the demon god She is the one the Palace of Seven Murders has to listen to Now, Bai Zi Hua has already taken her away Her location is currently unknown We still have a chance Hua Qian Gu Why is it Hua Qian Gu again? Didn’t Holy Ruler give an order to protect her? No matter how much you hate her, at the moment, we still have to go save her Do I need you to remind me? This woman, has always been a weak minded woman She has the Great Desolate Energy Force, and can still lose at Bai Zi Hua’s hand? To leave the Seven Murder Faction in her hands? I think that everything will be destroyed sooner or later Then you intend to…? Forget it. Give the orders No matter what, Hua Qian Gu’s location must be found! Use whatever means possible to save her! You are intelligent, Custodian of the Law! No matter what, Hua Qian Gu now
has the Great Desolate Energy Force She is also an enemy of Chang Liu If we have her, no matter which sect we go against, it is as easy as crushing an ant! Custodian of the Law! Mo Yan has suddenly intruded upon the Palace of Seven Murders! He keeps yelling for Zhu Ran to come out! He has already injured many of our people! How daring! He still dares to come? Okay. Let’s finish this today! Custodian of the Law, do not rush! He has come for me This is a matter between us teacher and disciple Let me to meet him first Even I have to be careful around him Based on you? Then we will only know after a fight Traitor! Come back with me to Chang Liu to be punished! Don’t even think about it! I came back this time to get revenge from you! I worked hard to teach you for so many years! Let’s forget about not returning the favor! You dared to betray Chang Liu and steal the deity devices! I was merciful and let you not die Stop being a nag! What you have done, you know yourself! Okay! Today, I will clean our sect! I will get rid of you, traitor! You…you could…?

Surprised? My martial arts are not your match, but don’t forget! In this world, the one who knows you best is me! Do you think I was waiting for death in the
many years I was in the Savage Territories? I’ve already found the weaknesses of all your teachings! I’ve been waiting for this day! Then what are you waiting for? Hurry and kill me! Kill you? Not so easy! I want you to have a day where you beg me at my feet, I want you to taste the pain of life! I want to destroy all the important things in your life! Tang Bao, you’ve already laid here for three days Get up and eat something Tang Bao, don’t be like this, okay? It’s all my fault Hit me, yell at me, you can kill me too! Just don’t torture yourself like this! Dongfang is dead. I promised Qian Gu to take good care of you If you keep going on like this, how am I to answer to Qian Gu? Bones has disappeared again You don’t need to answer to anyone Tang Bao, listen to me Based on how I know teacher, Qian Gu must be locked up somewhere Get up. Let’s think of a way to go save her! You’re saying, that Honorable Teacher locked up Bones? I understand Teacher. He must have locked her up somewhere That’s why he said that she disappeared Daddy is dead He would want me to protect Bones! I’ll go find her right now! Tang Bao! Don’t be rash, okay? -I have to go!
-Tang Bao! Didn’t I tell you not to come? Teacher, look upon the fact that I cook for you every day, and eat a little, okay? Teacher, if you don’t teach me today, I’ll keep kneeling here! If you like to kneel, then keep kneeling Teacher! I’m begging you, Teacher! It was very hard for me to meet you! Honorable Superior isn’t here. There isn’t
anyone in the Hall of Emotionless No one loves me or cares for me. I keep
getting woken up by nightmares! Daddy wasn’t willing to let me become your disciple He’s been so angry he won’t talk to me! There’s no one for me to talk with! Teacher Your father is right To have me as a teacher, it’s nothing glorious If it were someone else, they would hurry and run away Besides, I am not highly cultivated I cannot teach you anything I cannot guarantee that one day you won’t regret it This is great, Teacher! You finally acknowledge me, right? Why would I regret it? Teacher, please let me bow to you once! Where is your temple bell? From today on, you are my disciple Thank you Teacher! ♫ When yearning flew across the night sky, ♫ ♫ it twisted around the fingers,
and left behind a beautiful image like a dream.
♫ ♫ When you turned your back, ♫ ♫ and is swallowed up by a sea of people,
there’s a loneliness that cannot be wipe away.

So much hurt. So much resentment. So, so much pain! ♫ ♫ So much love. So much hate. So, so much mess! OH~ ♫ ♫ One whose love is too insane ♫ ♫ that is a willful squander. ♫ ♫ Every reconciliation after a fight, ♫ ♫ we hug, kiss wildly and surrender. ♫ Teacher, I can fly on the sword now!
One whose love is not mad, ♫ ♫ is not fit to say they have loved before. ♫ ♫ I’m not asking for tomorrow, eternity or a future. ♫ ♫ Your glance lights up this moment with me in it.
It’s enough.
I’ve spent spring here, and have reached summer again.
When infinite cherry blossoms fall,In the blink of an eye, it will be autumn again. And then it will snow in the winter.
a thread of sadness and regret sweep across me I don’t feel that it is cold at all.
as I remembered that feeling.Is it that my heart is at peace, or that everything in the world has become the same to me?
So much hurt. So much resentment. So, so much pain!Is my heart in peace, or has my heart died?
So much love. So much hate. So, so much mess! OH~Forget everything.
One whose love is not mad,Don’t care about outsiders anymore.
is not fit to say they have loved before.Not moving for anyone, It might not be a bad thing.
I’m not asking for tomorrow, eternity or a future. ♫ ♫ Your glance lights up this moment with me in it.
It’s enough.
♫ ♫ It’s enough. ♫ Custodian of the Law. Since we cannot
find out where Hua Qian Gu is, how about we take advantage of Chang Liu being weak, and that Mo Yan is injured, let us ambush Chang Liu! I am not afraid that they won’t let her go! No matter what, based on the current situation, it’s not
fitting to fight with the sects But Mo Yan has already been crazy enough to come here to kill! He’s just seeing that we’re weak while Holy Ruler is gone He doesn’t even put you in his eyes! Besides, before Holy Ruler passed away, didn’t he order I think your insistence on going to Chang Liu isn’t for saving Hua Qian Gu It is to get revenge for yourself! Let me tell you. I have my plans I don’t need you to play those sort of games in front of me I am thinking of the picture! I am asking that you, while Bai Zi Hua isn’t there, -get revenge for Holy Ruler, and then-!
-Enough! It is my decision whether or not to send out troops You best not challenge my patience You are currently in the hall of the Seven Murder Faction, not at Chang Liu Mountain If you continue to disobey me, I will kill you Tang Bao, Tang Bao Who is it? Invading Immortal Sect. at night It’s me Senior Brother Shi Yi How come you are back? Junior brother, do you know the whereabouts of Qian Gu? Qian Gu? We are all looking for her too Bother, Tang Bao is worried sick She’s certain to create some form of trouble Oh year, junior brother, make sure you don’t tell anyone that I have been back Senior Brother Shi Yi -How did it go?
-Based on my observations, there isn’t anywhere suspicious in Chang Liu You Ruo is the only one who goes out
and come back at the same time There must be something behind it! I understand! You Ruo is Bones’s disciple Perhaps Honorable Superior intended
to let You Ruo know of Bones’s whereabouts That is also to say, that if we follow You Ruo, perhaps we can find Bones! It should be like that! Okay! Let’s go find You Ruo right now! Okay! Let’s go! Tang Bao, be careful! So this is the legendary Cloud Temple! Then it should be right that Bones has been locked up here! Let’s hurry and go save her! -Tang Bao, you cannot go in!
-Why? This Cloud Temple is Chang Liu’s
forbidden area! It’s full of magic Based on our level of magic, we cannot get close, much less open the Cloud Temple’s enchantment Only Yuo Rou’s pass can open it now I don’t care! No matter what, I have to give it a try! Tang Bao, we already know where Qian Gu is You must not be rash. If we alert Honorable Superior, and then he changes her location, we’ll have wasted our efforts! Then what do we do? Is there any other way? There is. Besides the Pavilion of
Strange Decay, no one can do it Daddy isn’t here anymore, but the
Pavilion of Strange Decay is still here!

I’ll go to the Pavilion of Strange Decay to think of something! Is there news about Qian Gu? Still nothing Qian Gu, oh Qian Gu. Just where did you go? Your Majesty, there is something I must say! It’s already been three years! You cannot keep waiting like this! You must crown a concubine! Or else The state will have no Empress! All the lords are forcing me right now Are you going to force me now too? Have you forgotten what Qian Gu has done for our state? I do not dare to forget! But Your Majesty, if you must compare it, then Miss Qing Shui has done even more! If Miss Qing Shui didn’t sacrifice her own name, Keep talking! When you wanted to get back your kingdom, Miss Qing Shui, to get soldiers for us, she stole your jade seal She used your name as the Zhou
State’s son in law to ask for soldiers! So, you’ve all been lying to me all along, right? You’ve lied to me so badly! I have committed the crime of lying
to the emperor, I deserve to die! Let me ask you Am I the only one who didn’t know about this? Yes! But this matter has to do with Qing Shui’s reputation! If I knew long ago, I would rather not to get the state back! I would stop her from doing this! -Your Majesty!
– In my whole life, I couldn’t protect Qian Gu well Now I have forsake Qing Shui too Crowning a concubine…how am I to smile to the thousands of women in the inner palace, how can I crown a concubine? All of you leave! I want to be alone! Qian Gu…! I will definitely take care of Qing Shui! Cauldrons of Ruin! Hurry and tell me, how can I break open the Cloud Temple’s enchantment? Not good, looks like these cauldrons of
ruin have already been destroyed! Daddy, watch over us from the heavens You must help me find the way to save Bones! Tang Bao, let’s think of another way Brother Meng You’ve come? I heard from General Lie that you are sick.
I couldn’t be at ease, so I came to see you Come. This is some medicine I made It should be of some help to your body Thank you How can you still be so courteous to me now? Have you found her? Have you found Qian Gu? Brother Meng! I’ve been by King Father’s side since childhood I know some things about court If you don’t mind, I can help you look at some requests I can help you a bit this way! Qing Shui. In so many years, -I…!
-Brother Meng, you don’t need to say anything more There are some things that would be bad if you said it Things about love, how can it be said who was wrong to who, and who harmed who? It’s just that your heart was taken by someone else I just feel like,

I am such a failure In these years, I had no way to protect Qian Gu I harmed you too Recently, I’ve discovered how useless I am Brother Meng! I’ve said so long ago As long as I can stay by your side,
I am willing to continue waiting! Perhaps I just like your sense of loyalty What are you laughing at? I’m not telling you! What are you drawing? Let me see I’m not giving it! Not giving it? Then I’ll have to steal it! Precisely Your Majesty! Please punish me, please punish me -I-!
-Why have you suddenly returned? Is there some news? Your Majesty, I’ve looked in all the places I can think of But there is still no news about Miss Qian Gu’s whereabouts How could she not be found? -Your Majesty, could it be…?
-It can’t! Qian Gu won’t die Qian Gu definitely won’t die! Qing Shui! Your Majesty, There’s something that I don’t know if I should say or not I am a coarse person I don’t know many things either But when I see how good that Miss Qing Shui is to you and all the things she has done for you, even I am touched! I feel like you should value the people in front of you Teacher, what’s wrong? Teacher, what do these four lines of the poem mean? When you grow up, you’ll understand That’s right. Do you know where Tang Bao and Luo Shi Yi are? Did Honorable Teacher make things hard on them? Honorable Teacher has already allowed them to go down the mountain Perhaps they’ve already hidden away and changed their names, and are living a couple’s life! If it’s like that, then I can be at ease Teacher, while you weren’t at Chang Liu, a
lot of things happened! Huo Xi and Wu Qing Luo have gotten married! Is that so? Among us disciples of Chang Liu, there is at least one happy couple But I feel like the best thing is that there is no more fighting between Chang Liu and the Seven Murder Faction! Honorable Ru has begun to play with Honorable Teacher every day! That’s right! I saw Honorable Teacher even smile the other day! But his smile looks worse than crying!

Where did you find this letter? On the floor of the Hall of Greed! Honorable Teacher, has something happened? This letter says that Shan Chun Qiu is gathering strength He will first destroy Chang Liu, and the other sects will follow! Hurry and go tell the other sect’s sect leaders and elders Have them come to discuss tactics! Yes! I will obey your order! We cannot even tell who sent the letter I don’t think it’s trustable This person knows the sects’ operations very well We cannot be careless So what if he knows my Peng Lai’s
operations? It only matters if he can break in and attack No matter if it’s true or false, Now the Seven Murder Faction will
definitely attack the sects to save Hua Qian Gu Sect leaders and elders, please add to your protections If anything happens, hurry and tell the other sects It will make it easier to help each other It will also keep the Seven Murder Faction from attacking Come Qian Gu. Just where are you? If you still don’t come out, I’m afraid another rain of blood will come. Reporting to Custodian of the Law! There
has been movement recently at Chang Liu! Chang Liu has gathered everyone recently, no one knows why How dare they! We don’t touch them, but they make a move first! Custodian of the Law, looks like I didn’t overthink things In all these years, Chang Liu has always
wanted to destroy the Seven Murder Faction Especially Mo Yan! Right now he is in charge of Chang Liu Looks like we have to have a battle of death Then it looks like they have underestimated us It is said that way, but if a battle really starts, our Palace of Seven Murders won’t get any benefits Then what do you think we should do? Instead of sitting here waiting, why not first send people out? Please give the order to bring back the
disciples that were sent out previously Have them attack Chang Liu! No! I made a promise with Hua Qian Gu first I promised her not to rashly attack Chang Liu Custodian of the Law! We cannot back down! We may not be able to go up, but we cannot not be prepared. If they attack, it will be too late! Give my orders Have all the disciples to come back here! But it must be covert I will create a perfect plan for them here! If Chang Liu dares to come, they will come and never go back! -Yes!
-Yes! Brother Meng, look! The flowers this year are so beautiful! Yes The last time the flowers bloomed like this, was when Qian Gu was in the palace- was when you all and Qian Gu helped me get back my state I heard that the woman by His Majesty’s side is a princess of another state! Is that so? She stayed in our palace for so many years No status or name, always following His Majesty around She doesn’t even know how shameful it is! -How dare they!
-Brother Meng! They’re not wrong We cannot blame them Qing Shui! Qing Shui I’m sorry

Stop saying sorry, Brother Meng! From the beginning, I was the willing one! With the two of us, there isn’t anyone who is wrong to the other! It’s just In the beginning I thought I wouldn’t care! But in reality, I wasn’t as strong as I thought! Qing Shui! From today on, you don’t need to force yourself anymore! I-! Let’s get married, okay? -You don’t need to lie to me, Brother Meng!
-Qing Shui! I didn’t lie to you! I am willing to use my whole life to protect you, take care of you! To make you happy! Marry me! Okay? This person keeps repeatedly telling us about things Who knows the reasoning behind it According to the letter, Shan Chun Qiu is
following Sha Qian Mo’s footsteps! Since he’s making moves, he must have a goal How about we destroy them before they are ready? You must not! Right now, we still don’t know the
meaning behind the person sending the letters Perhaps, he wants to provoke fighting between the sects! Then according to what you say, we can only sit and wait? If we let the Seven Murder Faction make the first move, we cannot even protect ourselves! I don’t care what the goal of the person sending the letter is I only know that Shan Chun Qiu deserved to die anyway! I cannot spare him! Shi Yi! Hurry and come look! The legendary Pearl of Parting Sorrow is
made from fire below the earth’s surface It can get past any barrier! There’s only two pearls of parting sorrow in this world The remaining one should be in the royal palace! This is great! With this Pearl of Parting Sorrows, I’m
not afraid I cannot get into the Cloud Temple! Let’s go find Brother Lang right now! -Okay! Hurry!
-Let’s go! Congratulations Majesty, congratulations Princess! -Rise.
-Thank you, Your Majesty! Reporting! Your Highness, there are two people saying they are Luo Shi Yi and Tang Bao trying to come into the palace! They say there is something to ask you about! -Hurry and send them in!
-Yes! -Greetings, Your Majesty.
-Greetings, Your Majesty Hurry and get up! Senior Brother Shi Yi, Tang Bao, why have you two come? Your Majesty, we came with a request this time! Can we borrow the Pearl of Parting Sorrows? Why do you want it for? I’ve already found that Bones is locked in the Cloud Temple We need to use the Pearl of Parting Sorrows
to get past the enchantment, then we can save Bones! Qian Gu is still alive? Then where is she? Is she locked in the Cloud Temple right now? What Tang Bao says is true! Qian Gu is indeed locked in the
Cloud Temple by Honorable Superior As long as Qian Gu can be saved, what is one Pearl of Parting Sorrows? Let’s go! We’ll go get it right now As long as we can be together, even if the sun sets,

it will still come back up tomorrow After we save Qian Gu, let’s go wander the world together Senior Brother Shi Yi, I’m sorry I was too stubborn in the past, always creating trouble for you Don’t say sorry In my eyes, even if you create more trouble, you are still the cutest Really? What are you thinking about? N-nothing Brother Meng Are you going to go save Qian Gu with
Tang Bao and the others tomorrow? Then…can you wait until after our wedding tomorrow? Qing Shui. I’m sorry It’s fine It’s more important to save Qian Gu Brother Meng, go back and rest early You have to get up early tomorrow You should get some rest early too Let us get on the journey through the
night. I hope we can save Qian Gu sooner! We have to set off soon! Why isn’t Honorable Ru coming out? Yun Yi and people of the Mount Zu Sect haven’t come yet either Also Sect Leader Ni! What is going on? They’re still not showing themselves yet! Qing Luo, how about you don’t go? Honorable Teacher said only one of us needs to go anyway No! I must follow you! Where you go, I go! This isn’t vacation! I know! Even if I die, I want to die with you! I’m clinging to you for life! Silly Jiao Zhun We have to set off soon Why hasn’t Honorable Ru shown up? I told him long ago! Should I go rush him? Forget it Everyone’s personality is set. If anything happens to me, Chang Liu won’t be left without a leader Let’s head out Senior Brother! Listen up! I don’t support you going
to attack the Seven Murder Faction! But…since you are the temporary sect leader, I cannot stop you So…I can only face it together with you Honorable Teacher My Mount Zu Sect and the Seven Murder Faction have a bloody grudge But Qian Gu was once our sect leader We owe a lot to Qian Gu! Since gratefulness and revenge cannot both be satisfied, I will tell everyone here now, that the Mount Zu sect From now on, we will not take part in any battle between sects Since Taoist Yun Yin means to do this, then I won’t stop you You coward! Please take care, Honorable Teacher Where is your Peng Lai sect leader?

Honorable Teacher, sect leader had something to leave to do She will go over alone Let’s set out! Senior Brother, can you come in time to stop all of this? All the sects have united to go attack the Seven Murder Faction. Qian Gu. Qian Gu! Don’t yell. Qian Gu can’t hear from inside Brother Lang, let’s break open this enchantment right now! -Let’s save Bones!
-Okay! You all dare to let Hua Qian Gu out? Do you not want to live? Ni Man Tian! Give the Pearl of Parting Sorrows back to me! -I must save Bones today!
-Tang Bao! Is that so? With me here, don’t even think of letting her out! Ni Man Tian. We are all of the same sect Why continue to block us like this? Same sect? When Hua Qian Gu killed my father and Shuo Feng, did she care that we were of the same sect? Besides, she committed so many wrongs As the Emperor, you actually keep protecting her! What right do you have to speak to me? Man Tian, stop creating trouble now Let’s talk after saving Qian Gu I can’t believe that you are still our teacher! Let’s forget that you don’t care that she killed my senior brother.You still keep protecting her? Wasn’t it just for this stinky bug? Let me tell you! You are not my teacher anymore! Anyway, none of you can think of saving Hua Qian Gu today! -You-!
-Whether or not we save her isn’t up to you! Tang Bao! [Cannot Say 不可說 (Bu Ke Shuo)] sung by
Wallace Huo Jian Hua 霍建华 and Zanilia Zhao Li Ying 赵丽颖
Subtitles Brought To You By: The Dancing Fingers-Flowers @ VikiWith your hands, you untie my lock.
We fell into a whirlpool of tenderness.
♫ ♫ Through numerous turmoil and wasted time on all the wrong steps, our affections have not changed. ♫ ♫ Bound for life, one idea leads to a disaster. But still we insisted on making the same mistake again and again. ♫ ♫ In one instant,
the vow to stay together for life is shattered to dust.
♫ ♫ Falling in love with you, is falling in love with a mistake. ♫ ♫ Losing you is like losing my soul. ♫ ♫ It’s funny how fate teases us. Whether is it this life or the next, there is nowhere to escape. ♫ ♫ It is not that it cannot be spoken of. ♫ ♫ It is that I don’t dare to say it. ♫ ♫ One step, one smile. One step, one grieve. One step,
one calamity. Changed into a moth that flies into the flame.
♫ ♫ Because I fell in love with you, ♫ ♫ did I become me. ♫ ♫ Sink down together with you. ♫ ♫ Falling in love with you, is falling in love with a mistake. ♫ ♫ Losing you is like losing my soul. ♫ ♫ It’s funny how fate teases us. Whether is it this life or the next, there is nowhere to escape. ♫ ♫ It is not that it cannot be spoken of. ♫ ♫ It is that I cannot say it. ♫ ♫ Holding onto the promise. Don’t blame me for my weakness. The situation does not allow you and me.
Give me up so that you can live.
♫ ♫ Because I fell in love with you, ♫ ♫ did I become me. ♫ ♫ Sink down together with you.