Exploring the Sky | Journey to the Savage Planet | Ep 14

I wish I could like squat or lay down in the bed or something ’cause there’s post cards on the ceiling and you see them every time you start up the game ’cause when you start up you wake up on the bed And I think they’re actually post cards from all the places that we’ve been So like, she’s taking pictures and printing them herself and hanging them up there I think it is fun Alright, so today first I wanted to go find access to that one area Like there was the three keys that I needed to unlock So, I’m gonna see if I can figure that out And as you can probably hear in my voice I have some allergy problems, hopefully going on Aah! Guess we’re gonna land down here now So first we got this Oops At least the others don’t care Okay so we got another one- I’ll learn the buttons someday Go ahead and scan that k, so we have the triangle and that one We just need to find that guy I have no idea where that is I wonder what that is Can we scan that? No, okay? Just looks so different from everything else Oh!! is this it? Hey there! Alright Time to double jump, er, fancy jump I guess Wow it’s so green up here! Alright let’s give this a scan Waiting for this to restock So I can fill up these… there we go We did it, we did it! How?! What just?? What happened? Can you slide through and hurt these guys? How do I even slide? I don’t know what just happened Yeah, you just kinda run into them So… not entirely sure Let’s pick this up Yay! Hey, we’re halfway done with all of the alien alloys Alright cool That was easier than I thought it would be Let’s land up here Oh I think this is jelly for the… the…bugs These There we go So I’m gonna take an overlook and see if there’s stuff that I’ve missed Pretty sure there’s a tree waay over there that I’m not sure I looked through And there’s where the two teleporting dog things are, over there that we haven’t fully looked through But I think I might instead go up to the new area Alright, Let’s take a look around this Alright, let’s… maybe just hold this guy for now Oh man It’s all really broken around here So let’s look around this upper area where we’re still attached E.K.O.: “Soo I think we should both take a moment here to reflect how far we’ve come Personally, I was certain you’d quickly die so many times that we’d run out of the goo we use to regenerate you But you didn’t! And I won’t lie, I’ve come to enjoy our time together Which is why it pains me to say that I am registering an enormous heat signature at the center of the tower Enormous! I’ve redirected the cartographers to get some more info but it’s giving me the heebie-jeebies I’ll get back to you when I have more info.” Cool There’s like, bubbles? E.K.O.: “New messages are waiting for you at the javelin.” Ugh, we probably have to go look at those soon We’ll get sassed Alright, this doesn’t lead to anything

Oh, can we scan these? “The remains of a madness inducing ancient parasite fungus.” Right Better not shoot that Have it break off bits of it and inhale it, that would be bad Doesn’t look like there is anything on this little island Yeah Alright It’s quite the moon right there I see some kind of creature out there I wonder what… oh! I think some of those are the jellyfish I think they may all be Okay, I don’t appreciate this like, at all um Good lord I think what imma do let’s go back to the javelin first because I don’t know we’ll find another… teleporter I’m gonna do that in case it is one of those time sensitive ones Oh! poop I assumed it was a commercial Alright, uh So we got a new ad… this? Martin Tweed: “I know I know I know It’s just that it was supposed to be uninhabited Yeah,and the size of it! So big! Covered in what?! oh… ewwww….ooooh… really? Oh, that can’t be true Check it all again…. yeah Oh, jesus I I gotta go Damn You nearly gave me a heart attack! *demonic sounding laugh* But I’m glad you’re here ‘Cause now I can update you on some new discoveries regarding your planet We found something down there At the base of the tower. *end of sentence sounds demonic* oh, it’s big! *still demonic* I mean it’s huge! And it’s alive!” Nox: Oh! Martin Tweed: “It looks kinda like a Like a building sized death meatball.” Nox: okay Martin Tweed: “I mean who knows what it is, or what horrors it contains But who doesn’t love meatballs? *Disgusting eating sounds* “I’m sure that you’re more than up to the task Nox: Ugh Martin Tweed: “So far you’ve overcome everything No matter how weird or disgusting it is Just find a way to get power back into the tower Get inside Don’t let that Giant meatball eat you Please.” Nox: Would that mean I could stop watching your videos? ‘Cause I might take being eating by a meatball So let’s head back to the new area E.K.O.: “Ambient Temperature: 92 degrees Bio signs nominal.” Okay I did notice the door has three little areas Like two-three little circles and only one is full I imagine that is the power Grabgrabgrab!! Character: “AAAAAAAH” Why?! I hit LB! Thanks buddy Let’s try this again… and hopefully THIS time it’ll grab on I think it was because it needed to be from the top and not from the bottom Welp, those are not the jellyfish Okay Let’s scan… that guy first E.K.O.: “Big mouth Little brain Lousy singing voice.” *Reading* “Big eyes, big teeth, big dreams.” Alright “Strange alien statue Who are these aliens, why do they build this tower, and where did they go?” All good questions E.K.O.: “It seems like.. a door of some sort There seem to be three separate power sources, although only one of them is currently functional.” *Reading* “This is some serious security Three power sources, what could be inside?” Apparently a giant meatball Hello big eyeballs You looking at me? Are you aggressive? His mouth looks like it would be very dry Alright You be on your way then Area discovered Top of the Spire Uh, alright

That could take us sliding somewhere Weeee That feels like it wasn’t useful but It was fun And then there is one over there to go over They sure do make a lot of noise K, there’s a jump spot Aahweeee woo Just a way to travel around the island? Apparently I’m worried there is going to be something I need to do quickly because of that K, there’s some up top Let’s go up this double- er, super jump spot It’s kinda cool seeing more like Of the nature you’d kind of expect to see? Like really nice greenery and stuff like that Kind of allows you to think about what maybe this place used to look like Are we going to be able to slide on those vines, do you think? Or are they just decorative in a sense? Alright Left or right? I think I’m more ready for this way Woo Oh no, Let’s go back here No, that doesn’t look something we can land on I thought there was something we needed to fall down to right there But I think it’s just I think it just slides right down Alright good I was concerned Alright Sure is pretty E.K.O.: “The cartographers can now plot a path from your location to the required upgrade ingredient Go get it! Or don’t Your choice But your compass has been updated.” I actually don’t know what ingredient we’re looking for here Oh! Maybe it’s the shocky plant That’d be nice I haven’t even been checking to see if I can scan any of this stuff It’s funny, as soon as it looks normal, ‘I don’t need to scan that’ Probably nothing of note, just a tree I do find it weird there’s clearly paths? like none of these creatures seem like they follow paths when they walk around Like, you know there’s deer trails and stuff but they’re like a herd that follows paths None of these things seem to do that, so it makes you kinda wonder why it’s here Alright let’s go inside the thing I’ve been avoiding K E.K.O.: “Hmm I am detecting a large amount of heat emanating from the base of this structure Proceed with Caution That said, I think if you want to get these platforms moving again, you’re going to need to find a way down not up.” I think we need that upgrade for the drop Oh there’s lava down there That must be the upgrade we’re looking for It’s- oh! “Rotating mechanism, keep your footing.” Something outside too Oh, just this door “Sealed door: Strange, I can’t detect no obvious way of opening this door.” Really? Yeah I’m pretty sure we need that upgrade that will allow us to jump down and like, slam K, there’s some grappling stuff over here Let’s give that a try I guess Super enthused as you can tell Woo I think it’s funny they have so many of these jump things like, do they really think we can’t figure out after the first one that we can use our

super jump for places? Alright let’s see if there’s anything around this The shock plant! Hey buddy E.K.O.: “Electric fruits Like you do…” *reading* “Boom, zap, sound of my heart The beat goes on and on and on” And then scan this “Young, dumb and full of 100,000 volts of raw electrical power” Cool looking Don’t imagine- Do they hurt when I get too close? No What’s this weird circle? interesting So there must be a door this way that has the… yes Okay We’ll see if we can get there in time *quietly* aaaaah No I’ll give it one more try Aw, no I just don’t think I can get to the point where I can see it well enough Nope, as soon as I’m ready to try and throw it, it dissolves So we’ll need the upgrade for that Do I need to scan this one? No Trying to decide which one- I think that is the one we came from that is the one we were just at So I guess we’ll go over and check out this other one out Guess this episode will mostly be exploring Aaahweeee okay Cool… where now? Hey there’s more of those things I guess I can go over here That’s still just okay…no I need to go back to that one And then so we just slid down that guy, now we need to go along this guy woo okay And theeen, over here And we’ve landed Now the question is, is it where I wanted to go I don’t think it is But I don’t see where we’re supposed to go from there to get over there Yes I don’t see how to get there At the moment I’m curious about all the stuff on this island Still feel like it means I’ll need to get around quickly but Who knows So we’ve reached that guy, that guy don’t know how to get to that guy At least, not yet Hm, there’s another one we could go to Ah, that’s were we- that’s were we spawn in Ah yes! This is the door, okay And then, I guess there’s over there So we need two upgrades for the other two buildings so far Uuhweee boing Alright, we got a new area Are you any different? Nothing to scan here God, I still think it’s weird I can’t do anything with those Let’s go ahead and go up this Or don’t Aaalright Get this guy A secret near by? Iinteresting Well I guess we should see where that goes right?

Yep But it’s uh, a shocky door It’ll also let us into a power source area Alright I hear you level up goo, I’m comin This one isn’t even hidden Alright, let’s scan that Can I scan the little nugget they come out of? E.K.O.: “This is where schnozos come from.” *reading* “It’s like a natural occuring Whack-a-mole” E.K.O.: “Whack a mole! I love this game!!” *reading* “smoke stack It’s cute! Whack it!” No! It hasn’t hurt me yet Does this tree need scanned? Yeah no… yes “Grab an ice cold grobarita, pick up your feet and relax Chill vibes only.” And then there’s more plants there They’re kind cute though Oh dear Okay first, let’s scan this “A succulescent: this juicy, leafy succulent completely guzzles the moisture from its surroundings.” Okay come back I think that thing electrically charges this water If I had to have a guess Oh no, not what I wanted E.K.O.: “Kinda looks like a dung beetle, but electrified Don’t get too close!” *Reading* “sticks and stones won’t break his bones but stomping may well hurt him.” Okay, another upgrade we need for it Surprised they haven’t drank this stuff let’s go ahead and trigger this Doesn’t seem particularly aggressive oh dear They’re cool lookin though! Oop, poor little buddy And I did notice a… where did it go? this! Which leads to something somewhere Can see it goes underground there But I don’t know where the rest of them are or where the result is Maybe it’s actually underground Ooh I don’t know man that seems like it has something fancy on it Okay… it worked like normal *panicked* Noooo Character: AAAAAAAH Thanks buddy Hi Got so many eyeballs Please don’t Don’t go off yet Okay, so they have a bit of a circle but not as big as I thought it might be Okay, interesting wooooo Yes, I know- I know of the secret Not very secret no more! Oh man there’s just so much to explore I think I’m gonna have to end the episode here I hope you guys have enjoyed it We saved- no We opened up a chest and we started exploring a new area So until next time I hope you have a wonderful day