Pastor Gerald Bustin speaking at God & Country Event.

I was praying about this time there’s a scripture that we used to preach on at the end of every revival pastor Carla know if you’ve done this and I’m at the end of they used to be too weak revivals every night and this was a common one but I think it’s really relevant to us today the harvest is past the summer is ended and we are not saved jeremiah said to the herd of the daughter my people I’ve heard I am mourning astonishment that’s taken hold on me and then he asked this question is there no bomb and kill yet is there no physician there while it is not the help of a daughter my people recovering plying are we suffering these things if we have musician I haven’t even healed I’m not going to go in depth on that at all I thought of many things I could tell you about the problems in the America that you’ve heard from experts today but I knew I play this there is a balm in Gilead there is a physician he’s called the great physician he is the Lord God he came to us in human form of the person of Jesus Christ he is the answer to our needs and to the needs of this country there is a fun abata means it means a remedy there is a remedy for what we’re going through for what I Mary was facing there is a with healing power that can heal this land but we’ve got to be willing to take the remedy and let it bring the healing I don’t know maybe they fix things from when I was a boy we’ve had some awful awful remedies i was born in the Bahamas and I skip my boyhood days in Haiti in fact I didn’t discover America really till I was 8 years old and down in that wonderful land of Haiti we had all kinds of things to eat but some of the produce worms and so we were we were constantly acquiring infestations internally and so every so often we had to be dewormed and the stuff that killed them was bad enough but it had to be chased with castor oil it was horrible tasting stuff it didn’t look for you and all there was nothing about it that was attractive or desiring it was just awful nasty stuff but it helped to remove the worms and so we had to go through them that was the remedy and sometimes we look at God’s remedies as I love that no no not that and rather than take to remedy we push it off and we try to get somebody else to take it for us or somebody else to come up with a different the blame games well blame them for it instead of saying yes Lord will take the remedy the rim remedy it really is rather simple but it’s sometimes hard and that is to turn back to God and to seek him with all of our hearts and with all of our soul because he said in the day that you seek me that way you’ll find me and you can call upon me and I will answer you and I’ll show you great and mighty things which you haven’t known and then Paul sort of connection that same thing with asians chapter three when he says now Adam who is able to do exceedingly abundantly about all the we can accurately according to the power that works of us and they can be glory in the church throughout all ages world without end amen all is saying God to do it the way more than what we can think got to do it but we’ve got to be willing to line ourselves up for the will of God and for too long for too long as Christians in America we have downplayed the power and the responsibility of being a Christian now I was I was really listening and 9 30 in theory was almost reading the speech out of the Bible in fact we said gentlemen Crikey’s FISA there is no peace I found to my

astonishment as I’m reading the first of Jeremiah it’s repeated twice in two different chapters the same place that’s already got it from his right nearly section the context of what i’m reading from tonight they say peace peace where there is no peace and there won’t be beaten up at remedy but it was really impressed by that statement that if I refuse to speak out because I might offend somebody I would consider myself guilty of treason and for too long we Christians and we pastors have refused to hold ourselves to the standard that god holds us to and requires from us as Christians we’ve now played the tower the gospel to transform lives ended dildo make us holy righteous people and we sort of descended down by lowering the expectation level like politicians do what the gospel will do and we say well you know that’s what we are we’re all too sinner so this is the way we all will excuse ourselves from living the lives of integrity and moral conscience that God calls us to the Bible says about Jesus call his name Jesus which means Savior because he shall save his people in their sins if anybody can say I just miss go to Scripture he said he will save his people from their sins you say well what’s the difference hope you explain it to you you’re on the beach daytona beach for instance you’re out there swimming you’re having a problem you’re beginning to drown you’re going under you’re inhaling water you need help and you scream up save me and some guys sitting on this little high podium up there wait god bless you brother i saw that hand i’ll pray for your brother you said i’ll shave me and he says hey I saw that hand brother I praying for you just believe in your saving nothing happens you drown d you see we we brought the level of the power of the gospel solo and the really that God has for us until we’re not living up to what God expects from us as Christians and then our politicians don’t rise any higher than we blame him for the problem so what should that lifeguard do we need to get off of his little high horse he said get out there in the water with us with me of you who it was grounded he needs to drag from the water and then he needs to do something more it needs to get the water out of us are you guys miss me hey so when Jesus comes to save his people from their sins not in there since he wants to get us out of our ships to raise it above the level that the rest of the world is live in and to enable us to have this is taken out of us so we can live the way cousin wants us there would be an example to the rest of the world of the transforming power that race of Jesus Christ therefore if any man would be in Christ stated on the new creation All Saints it passed away and behold all things have become new where the new creation in Christ so finally go around saying well as I scan the water he just bless me I’m near the ocean i’m just still grounded but i’ve listed round you see God is trying to call us to a higher level and the only way we’re going to survive this battle we’re in is if we the people of God or where the humble ourselves and pray and turn for our wicked ways so that God will hear from heaven and forgive our sins and heal our land and I believe God is calling us as Christians to wake up and then speak up and speak up with such power that the world suddenly realizes there is a difference between those who call themselves Christians and those who don’t and they begin to see that for the gospel to change tires see that’s what I believe is the solution there is a bomb until he had the blood of Jesus Christ God’s Son cleanses us from all sin and he has the power to transform us until we don’t

live there anymore I have a problem with with the people that are the alcoholics they go around saying I’m an alcoholic and it’s like every time I have been set up in that Holly how about saying I was an alcoholic but I’m not anymore because I’ve been saving for my alcoholism this is like Satan it thing I said well I don’t know for sure who he is but one thing I know that we’re at her as I was blind on your mind but never mind what he called a bloody a heated blind man now if your eyes are open you see and it got transformed to your transform and there is the power of the gospel that is to get able us to be more than conquerors through Christ you loved us and all God’s people said ‘i never the rest of you say ouch amen okay yeah we’ll go with the anything’s you see I believe God is calling us to realize God has the answer to this problem is serious it’s awful it’s troubling we’ve heard how just a little bit of how terrible it is but then there’s God and God has come through again and again and again I don’t have time to go into the detail tonight but but Kelly and God has come to and revivals and awakenings in Reclamation’s that have taken place in other countries as well as in our beloved country and I believe it’s time for another mighty and weakening of God the call to churches and the Christians to repentance and then let the glory of God settle down in our places of worship and in our homes in our lives until the world says something is happening and it’s not man-made it’s something God is doing in America where do you move into it a 99 my wife and I way from Russia I just felt God was saying go I didn’t know anybody there so I contacted Papa of the son of Harlan Popov who wrote the book tortured for his fate that he had been in prison for many years and Paul was doing a ministry sitting vitamins back in Russian so i contacted Emily said well I’ve got a guy I’ll sit with you so we went to we made arrangements to meet Margaret my wife and I were to meet her in the Frankfurt and when we I call her up said Margaret we’ve never seen you how would we know who you are she said well because when you see me I’m at all I’m a bond and I’m going to have a happiest slap on my face of anybody living in Franklin Jeremy and when we got there to the boarding gate there she was she recognized us and we recognize her we boarded the plane to Moscow and Margaret start tell us her story in the end might point out of the picture and here’s a picture of a man wailing a basket got flowers around him but right in his forehead there’s a huge dent it’s been caved in and she said that was my brother they killed him in 1988 this was nineteen ninety said the communists killed him because he followed his father and become her pastor said well you’ve got quite a story she said well you know my father was a pastor he wouldn’t he spent 12 years in prison in sofia bulgaria because he was a Christian and a pastor and he said after he’d been there for years one day to just let him out and go on home he said he came and knocked on the door my mother was gone and my little brother and Lee were inside there and we’ve been told out over the door to strangers and we didn’t even know who he was and we wouldn’t let him and he said on the steps and cried his own children and then they took him back and killed him and then they came to got a partner and took her away imposing they’re going to come back home to die Margaret had been through Congress he’ll eventually her husband came to her and said look I’m going to divorce you unless you give up Jesus because I joined the Communist Party and I can’t be married a Christian woman and since you’re a Christian I’m going to have to either divorce you or you’re gonna have to give up Jason she said sorry I’ll never your pieces out to go ahead and abortion if that’s what you have to do so now she’s got a little boy and her and she’s first chair violinist for the east berlin philharmonic

orchestra when she gets called for Vienna Austria to play and takes to avoid with her and then please for political asylum and she said I had five countries i can go to their we give me political asylum but I chose America because they say one nation under God the other PhD in violin Jutes is studied the Masters in Moscow and she was beautiful violinist in fact when she got to America crazy learning of English she became the first share of the Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra the first five ter Bible is I’ve been offered a great job and then Paul Popoff got hold of words that I need you because you speak full aggression to begin smuggling Bibles back into the Christians in Russia and so she said I gave up my job to do this by the way jail and she said where are we staying I said well we’re going to stop over forget it we’re going to get off in Moscow vital in the grad we’re going to be in Leningrad tonight and and I made arrangements I think this is really nice i said we’ve made arrangements to stay in bed and breakfast I mean in people’s homes and she said oh that’s awesome I see not having been raised there not knowing as a sister I didn’t I didn’t even think about this she said you know they’re only people in Russia they can afford the kind of an apartment that they can house foreign guests in our high-powered communist devoted comments people and they’re going to report on everything we do while you’re here what you’re doing civil sorry no one tells book we had reservations and hooked in rooms at homes she said well and let’s be careful now my wife and I have taken two big suitcases piece that was in the old days of overlap 70 pounds per suitcase they were packed full of Bibles and some gifts to give to the underground church over there and when we got out of the claim the taxi driver start complaining the weight of our suitcases I didn’t tell him what was in it we got some customs okay we got to the home where we were to stay margaret was staying another home and she came to me just before she left him cetera this woman is a communist being really careful what you do here after a while the woman’s daughter comes in who could speak a little English because she she was in University and she said my mommy says come and have some supper so we go into the kitchen she sits his down at the table and there’s there’s a four place settings from common for the mom and her daughter under my wife and me and salute nkt jam can t and Iceland wheel and we sit down and I’m thinking that what do i do I belong to Jesus she’s a communist she’s going to report on whatever I do do I just not sleep late and I’ll say that for Jesus here in the comes home linen Brandon st. Petersburg goes by two names I said to her lady in my country and my custom is before I either the oh I give thanks he said I chose that was meant you’re welcome I said no I mean I give thanks to God she said ok so I create a simple little prayer not knowing how it was going to go react to it and I said God thank you for the food thank you for this nice lady or daughter bless her home amen when I say the amanda girl translated it into russian for her mother and the mother jumped up burst into tears we went running out of the room and i thought that was pretty powerful bring our district people know usually react or else it touched something sensitive in her and so a little bit later she came back in and sat down and now i’m getting both i have four suitcases full of idols I didn’t want to know I are in the new confirm the microphones hidden microphones in the room and so I come when she comes back that’s a lady do you have a Bible she said no my mother used to have one but they took him away from us it won’t let us have idols I said well lady would you like a Bible he said

do you have Bibles I didn’t tell my suitcase her phone my sister lady if you would like a Bible I have one for you she said please so I went running that now I’m excited I just prayed a powerful prayer that has a woman really running in tears and now i’m getting ready to give my first bible to a communist in in the heart where the revolution started Leningrad and I give her the Bible she takes it kisses it hugs it something full to have a Bible this womans of TV journalist sees the high place communism they were entrusted with that job if she wasn’t the god bless her heart before we left there she said jerilee my house is your house please come back and pray for me anytime doc touched her heart even after 70 years of official atheism horrible impression and killing of millions of people under Stalin and others there was still a underlying hunger deep in the hearts of those people to get back to who God really is shall I do like they do on TV and do a teaser here and say come back to Marty or the rest of the story they didn’t him there we saw God’s hand moving throughout what was the former Soviet Union at what what would the soap Union disintegrated in 1991 and we were as Wendy said we were in sight have we gone back by then and we’re inside the Iron Curtain as we watch them disintegrate from the inside people pulling down statues of Lenin and Stalin and others as the people who are revolting against in the different states where the different countries would declare their independence from the union and if we can open up doors and homes I’m a time to this because there isn’t really there is a problem give yeah there is a physician here they can save any women even the darkness of communist countries now we don’t want to go there we don’t have to go there but that’s where Obama had some of his helper trying to take us and unless God has mercy on America we’ve got some they remember very rocky days again very proper days ahead I’d like to encourage us all to pray mightily and the make sure that we had it clear between us a clear telephone line between us and God because God says the Lord’s here is not death so he can’t hear you his arm is a short so he can’t save you but your sins have separated between you and your God so he will not give you and so one of the things that we need to do as individuals is to make sure we get the line clear so we’ve got communication channels open and then when we talk to it we know is listening within we always listen we know he’s answer we’ve got to have revival in America we must have another major awakening in this country that transforms the hearts and lives of men and women and it powers the church to rise up as the mighty army we’re supposed to be to go out and proclaim Liberty not only to this way look at the rest of the world and so what are we going to do about it as for me give me liberty and give me Jesus you