Exploring a Haunted Town and Cemetery in Transylvania | Sighisoara, Romania

So we just had a red light… and feasting on their flesh we an hear loud noises all around us Hey guys, thanks for tuning into Amy’s Crypt. Today We’re going to be exploring Sighisoara, which is a medieval town in the region of Transylvania in Romania This place is very old and has some awesome history There’s also a lot of really spooky places that we’re going to explore here I’ll take you for a look around in the day. But we’re also going to come back to some places at night, so stay tuned So I’m just taking you guys to our first spooky location. it is known as the scholars’ stairs I just wanted to show you around because this place is beautiful All of the buildings are really old and I’m walking along raised cobblestone streets It’s great Guys right behind me is the Scholars’ Stairs This is a 176 steps that leads up a hill to the church on top as well as the cemetery They’re very interesting to me as they’re supposedly haunted and they’re pretty creepy looking. So let’s go up So we made it to the top It is very creepy coming up that staircase and that is one of the places I want to return to investigate tonight But for now, we’re going to check out all the spooky places on top of this hill So I thought that this cemetery was quite large from just the bit that we explored then but actually keeps going down the hill – there’s different layers to it. So it’s a lot bigger than I first thought Let’s go check out these lower levels Yeah, check this out you can see it goes down on all these different levels And then if you look up this looks awesome it’s going up Tombstones in this overgrowth as well There’s just random tombstones and graves everywhere A lot of the cemetery is very overgrown. The top is maintained but down here’s a lot rougher. It actually really reminds me of the Highgate Cemetery in London I have a video on that one too. If you’re interested, I’ll link that one, but This place is awesome The building directly behind me is one of the most stunning in Sighisoara. It is the old clock tower

The bottom of the building was actually built in the 14th century So it’s quite old the upper levels of the tower came in later periods Now this place was actually pretty destroyed. It got burnt out in a fire in the 1600s, but was restored shortly after that now what is cool and creepy about the building is it still has re slips visible on it that were actually used in the 18th century. it even contained a prison and Until recently it has now unfortunately closed but it also held a museum of torture devices So this was used as a prison. I don’t know what area of it was found a little barred off windows Oh that looks kind of cool. So we’re going to try and peek in it Totally looks prison ish. I don’t know if it is though On the other side I think was where the torture chamber used to be but they’ve told me it’s closed down there so All right. So now I’m gonna walk you over to our next location Which is a big reason why I wanted to come to this place in Romania We are headed to the birthplace of Vlad Tepes, Vlad the Impaler or the real-life Dracula So the really cute little yellow house behind me is actually Supposedly the birthplace of the real-life Dracula, Vlad Tepes. He was apparently born there in 1431 and today the bottom floor operates as a fun little Dracula themed restaurant. But you can actually visit the upper floor Where the room that Vlad was apparently born in exists, which is also a fun little vampire themed Museum We’re gonna go in and check that out, But I really wanted to bring you guys here because it is so fitting to my travels all throughout Romania this October This is really cool Dracula souveneirs here And here was everything from boxes, to hip flasks I’m just heading upstairs Into the birth place of Vlad Tepes All right, well that was a fun experience I just got in a coffin Inside the room that the real-life Dracula was supposedly born in Okay, there’s another room so let’s head in there and see what we can find Okay, so they have a lot of Vlad Tepes symbols, a statue of his bust right it here on the table Over here Another much larger one And this is interesting guys, On the wall here. We have a depiction of a very famous painting that Probably was responsible for a lot of the rumors about Vlad Tepes and why he was so bad thirsty. So this was a Battle. Obviously one you can see a lot of people here impaled which was his signature execution sort of go-to method And he is dining in front of them So many people after seeing this image depicted linked it to him drinking their blood and feasting on their flesh So it’s kind of cool and creepy that they have this in here. This is so cool. I would totally love to have dinner here

We will downstairs but not up here. Okay, we have another flag portrait. That’s very nice These are maps of Transylvania And then as a vampire, of course of Dracula So the room I’m sitting in now is allegedly the very room that Vlad Tepes was born in 1431 So this building is really cool. The restaurant area extends to a terrace outside so you can come and dine here before you check out the museum, and I’m just enjoying a nice glass of Bloo wine. *Cricket Noises* We were just going for a walk up to that haunted staircase that we explored today and Sighisoara is so nice at night It’s really quiet and everything’s kind of lit up and it’s just nice It’s different to during the day because it’s not bustling with tourists everywhere Let’s go check out the spooky part of it Alright guys were right at the entrance of this spooky creepy haunted staircase I’m getting ready to go up or maybe Jarrad goes up. How do you feel about a Jarrad cam? – No!. I’m just kidding I actually want to go up these stairs Gonna walk to the top See if anything spooky happens and It is quite creepy looking through these You probably can’t see any of it Maybe we see if the cemetery is open again. I can go and maybe get some cool nighttime photos. I like doing that That’s pretty spooky All right guys Yeah, I think it’s around 200 just less than I thought it’s more than I thought I was like 400 or something? No its not. I mean, it feels like 400 I just ate this big bowl of pasta as well so I’m struggling We’ll make it These look creepy all these hangings cobweb and This plant growing through the roof It’s feels like an entrance to like a Ride at a theme park like a western log flume ride or so they can have to wait in line on these busy summer day Yeah Except it’s a real old staircase. It feels artificial because it is so real if that makes sense Okay Super super dark now. It’s missing some light here Can totally see why people think that this place is haunted It’s so creepy At night really creepy Alright. We made it. Pretty cool. Let’s look back and see what we accomplished So back to the cemetery on top of the hill and We were pretty sure that it closed at night because there’s these big gates here, but it’s open so we got to go in Well, I don’t see anything on here are you using night vision? yes

That Bird sounds creepy Yet what was that? It doesn’t sound very happy? Sounds like a baby crying Can you hear like noises? I can hear a pack of dogs down there? Oh God! The moon is sort of lighting the way May be for you. I can’t see S*** Welcome to the guides didn’t come through the gates If you came to close the gates and you got locked in you’d love that Can hear noises all around us Maybe it’s things falling out of these trees onto, sticks a little dry leaves now on the floor or something but it’s really scary because it’s so dark and I’m we’re in a Transylvania Cemetery at midnight I’m just wondering if that person is going to follow us Keep it going That is scary! The bark from that tree seriously sounds like footsteps. I know. It has to be bark though, you agree? Yeah Otherwise there is like thirty people in this cemetery with us So there isn’t really Any ghost stories Particularly centered on this Cemetery. It is quite spooky. And as we saw in the day, it’s very overgrown very old and It just has a really cool vibe because of how its laid out down the hill So we’re going to keep walking downwards through the hill And maybe see if that gate down there is open and we can exit through that Otherwise, we will have to come all the way back up And if that one’s locked by that time, we’re a little bit f***** Is that bark or is that bug? Maybe crickets – Do they have crickets here? So we just sent a red light If you can see on camera. yeah you can. there it is Doesn’t look like it’s too far away it’s not moving around but it’s flickering so we are gonna Go and suss it out Right where the sound of dogs are coming from! There’s like a dragging metallic sound down there I’m going towards the dog bark. Probably not wise I thought I just heard a man’s voice Candle? A candle lit in the middle of the cemetery in the middle of the night Really? Well… Debunked! That solves the mystery. That’s what I thought it was anyway This is the back of the church on the hill It’s just illuminated at night. There’s some I guess they’re pine trees in front of it it just looks really freakin cool We are now on our way down the cobblestone streets headed to the birthplace of Vlad the Impaler

It is really hard to walk on I’ve been walking the drain So I’ve come back for another look at Vlad’s house during the night It’s really cool and as much nicer because it’s not a million tourists Cramming around the doorway trying to get in or out and then over here Literally like two doors down is massive clock tower. It’s so cool Thank you guys so much for watching If you liked this video Please remember to Like comment and share that really helps me out. if you want to visit any more haunted places in Romania with me make sure to hit subscribe I have more coming all through our October If you want to read anything else about haunted places, head to AmysCrypt.com and remember Until next time stay spooky!