֍ Road [BAD] trip #05 – Oliveira Azeméis ► Gondomar

mallamma look at the wiser give me a tow only way that doesn’t make you more easy holiday resume for natural open to open a cable condom ah with the constant MA I’m a lot [Applause] Oh and I know locals for the cream Paul Cox I will only wait Oh

Oh Oh my faith more my skateboard the demise movie over a rocky cafe Pugin tomorrow

some budding mafia I say sauce yesterday missing I’ll be brave

[Laughter] [Laughter] [Laughter] Oh [Laughter] me your order

[Laughter] [Laughter] for a lot of put a key on cuttlefish Colonel Cox fall short wrong move but I think

Oh Oh welcome to tomorrow’s meeting house

come on Oh [Laughter] [Laughter]

hey follow me a little more [Laughter] [Laughter] [Laughter] Lorado me gator that comes across a cigar – you know things going gone to Mars city [Laughter] [Laughter] Oh for Martha just rather little Miguel windows-based or someone else – nothing make it down you know yeah [Laughter]


crying gone boom aah my egg on the wash gonna kick it out [Applause]