From A2U Europe | a Parkour Documentary

It’s a way of training, which trains… everything So, our Europe’s Tour began in Dublin in Ireland We took the plane from Geneva to go to Ireland Well… It is 11.15 PM and we still haven’t find a place to sleep We’ll soon get back on the road to find a park, which is called Phoenix Park We don’t really know how far it is from where are The relation between us is… very strong Because we are all very united and if people from other cities come, even if we don’t know anything about them, it’s like if we have know each other forever I think people that do Parkour travel for the same reason they do Parkour,

and it’s because I see that people generally look out for challenges As much in Parkour as in travelling, you find challenges and overcome them and you discover new situations That’s what is common in Parkour and travelling After Dublin, we went to the west of Ireland to go to the Cliffs of Moher How to talk about the Cliffs Well It’s beautiful In the evening we found a an abandoned farm where we had the possibility to pitch our tent, eat and spent the night even if a huge storm broke out during the night and woke us up “Enjoy your meal…” It must be about 7.30 AM I’ve just awaken We spent the night there in this abandoned house It has been raining the entire night and a violent wind was striking against our tent which was quite hard to fall asleep We decided to go back to the Cliffs to take a bus and then a train in order to go back to Dublin The same day we directly took a ferry to go to England We arrived at 1 or 2AM and the first train was at 4AM so we had to sleep in the station for about two or three hours and then take the first train to go to Sheffield Once we arrived there, Lorian Biet welcomed us a great friend of ours We’re in Sheffield in a dirty flat, aha

Hi! Welcome to… the kitchen “The Farm” We have a quite special way to cook here As you can see the cooker doesn’t work So. Get ready You turn on the only slab that works then you turn on the other and wait for We’re going to make pasta You put a pinch of salt… Yeah “pinch” my ass On the next day we spent our time with nothing to do

The day after next We went from Guildford, or somewhere around I can’t remember, to Brighton After England, we went to Netherlands so we took a ferry for a night We arrived in Netherlands on the next morning around 8 or 9AM in “Hoek von Holland” or something like this On the second day we were in Holland,

we went to the brand new Parkour Park of Amsterdam Those are the same letters as the famous ones of the “I Amsterdam” unless they used them to make a Parkour Park out of them After Netherlands, we wanted to go to Madrid but in order to avoid a longer train ride we made a detour via Bordeaux We left early in the morning to take a train from Bordeaux to Madrid When we arrived in Madrid, a friend of Yoann whose name is David put us up for the night Having the possibility to eat a hot meal to have a shower and a bed for the night was amazing after having spent two nights outside in Bordeaux It was heaven! We could not have asked for anything better We came by accident across our friends for Marseille out in the street We spent the rest of the day with them in different spots in the town The temperature is good to train in Madrid isn’t it? It’s good, but really too damn good… That’s impossible It must be about 37 C° / 99 F° The next morning… I mean, in the early afternoon

we went to the Parkour Park of Madrid which is a… Yeah, this one is a hell of a killer There are a lot of people coming to Madrid from all over the world: from Spain, but also Germany, France, Great Britain… Yeah, lots of people A lot of people are coming and I think it’s because Madrid is one of the best city to train Parkour After we spent the day there, we had to get back to the station and they all came with us We went to a small spot next to the station We had to hurry to catch our train to Barcelone and we almost missed it Once we arrived in Barcelone, a friend of Yoann that put us up in her apartment, which was cool We spent a night there and went out in the evening which was cool too The next morning we woke up late because we got home late We then catch up with a friend called Alex Weg, who is from Switzerland and lives in La Chaux-de-Fond We spent the day with him and walked a lot because we wanted to find some spots but we got completely lost in an industrial area – Alex ? – Na, come on… It’s not the right time – Where are we ? – We’re lost somewhere man It’s been a few kilometers since we’ve been walking under the heat The only thing we want is a small beach, you know? Finally we ended up at the beach where we bathed The second night in Barcelone was kind of delicate because we had nowhere to sleep So we found ourselves alone in the streets with our bags and our stuff So we looked up for a parc. The one where in at this time and the problem is that we didn’t sleep at all… At most one hour each Because we almost got our stuff stolen four times At one time a guy went up on the roof where we slept. He was above our stuff and I woke up at the right time He was just in front of me but he dashed away He jumped off the roof and the noise woke me up And then Yoann explained me that someone was on the roof and I realized it too During the entire night we were tense and stressed We stood up then around 6.30 AM After that we had a meeting with some tracers of Barcelona for a session so we went to join them I personally was dead tired and didn’t train at all I tried to sleep everywhere I could whereas Yoann moved a bit The next morning we met again with the same guys and a few more people and we had a great session for the entire day and we could move and film a lot of things In Spain we have a “classical” vision, very conservative in some ways

We have a vision like: “no tricks, no competition” More like what Parkour originally was, which is good But things go on, and changes happen And at a world level I see that people are more open to changes, more open to competitions as much for the good things as for the bad ones In the evening we went to the airport in Barcelone where we slept because I had to take a flight early the next morning I had to stay five more days alone in Barcelona but considering the tough night we had spent I decided to go back to Madrid for the five days I was alone so I was able to meet again with the people we met there There are a lot of people saying: “I don’t understand why you go at the other end of the world just to do Parkour.” It’s true that it can seem stupid to say that we go around the world to jump on walls but it’s more than… I don’t know Travelling allows to evolve either in the way we move or in our mind, in our spirit because… I don’t know

We discover everything and everything is different. Everything changes And there’s this bound of Parkour, this community that connects us all