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Cheers guys! Your first Guinness in Ireland ?

What’s up Odin ? In here it’s calm and nice There you have Rich and the guys Are we ready for the night? Let’s go to bed Shall we find the hotel and grab some food n’ stuff? Yeah, let’s do that Cheers!

I dont see anything now That was f#####g needed!

Yeah, that was f#####g close! Holy crap, I was sure I was gonna wet myself Only in Ireland… Only in Ireland you can stop the bus, take a wee at the nearest bar and then the bus continue And then back to your book Is that a football kinda place? That’s the stadium What a stadium All the houses in a row, all the same Straight out of Mary Poppins Don’t talk about soccer, it will only get us in trouble Yepp! Pesto! I Fitto! (Fitto= norwegian slang for pussy)

That’s a great birthday breakfast Happy Birthday Jon Erik Thanks And this was the present You paid for it yourself That’s sad Grumpy in the morning?! What do you mean? I’m never grumpy in the morning Are you sad Ronny?

No! Life is a f%#/&¤g fairytale every f¤#%#&g day! There was an open window in Ronnys’ block The wrong way so, there was an open window in Ronnys’ block Me and Atle, instead of calling Ronny on the phone.. We decided just to shout for him at the window Ronny!! (sounding like drug dealers) You owe, Ronny! “Not good Ronny, I’ll be back with BigFella tomorrow, Ronny!” We kept it going a f#####g long time, until Ronny came out and calmly said: “That’s not my window…” It smells like food here! on the floor to floor….! wall to wall… floor to floor….. carpet” Wow, you have a hallway in your room Oh look, romantic! And a bottle of wine You can see straight into a silo Dublin Want beer? This is the only one, but we can share I have loads of beer How has the trip been so far? Very, very well You drove all the way up from Cork to see us yeah?