ROAD TRIP: 2016 Lessons and advices

we’re are ready to buy over a brand new chapter of drove ship I am work we are welcoming you to our new episode of road trip y’all your guys realize best adventure I’m sure make one thing hangover by the 2015 Segura young Abe a New Year’s resolution in your last year and New Year’s resolution your litany on the back I’m sorry lambda bar downtown amman canyons bar well well well well at least the Bonacci similar elements a desire to change or debar it alongside all the lessons you’ve learned from 201 v ethanol and crossroads question for the week at nepal what is the best advice you could give yourself this 2016 I’m sure and alma mater to land on 2015 or the bad animal experiences and animal mistakes antipas map you learn that now as you face the new year okay advice now wait the monkey big I say sorry limo but goose up nothing and later pear about the to end Ragini monetization Napa oh wow testimony me Mary Joy on u-turn Psalm 37:4 delight yourself in the Lord and He will give the desires of your heart my name is Mary Jo Engel 22 years old from a pallet Pampanga Naboo Harrison window for 16 years na hindi kajol ila sin enjoys serving and allowing black sheep a 7-point Susa family against the matting disappoint now I’m in an article Nicole Nalepa cajas Ando for two years in Nineveh ba hey Cosima pray the whole table Bosma beta ho Jerusalem number hi I’m Sami who won an economy romana illegal in diversifying Melina and excessive guys never thing disappointment I think I’m supporting your group when I’m first year college no not me somebody began to maybe save a liquor shop Buffalo’s Madhavi so I go into an entire she knew you servants annoyed for the first time in my life not pray home don’t I am my own cinerender when I have for one year gonna follow up on a classmate gonna cook went into shock Simon when you’re something it’s not about really enjoy enjoy having you necessary open move if you like that please stay at home I send me the LA one question and a bladder wasn’t announced cinema salary Pamela Wow I need work was crucified since is how I know but I got cop opinion in bigger machinery Indiana power behind pettalia who was I belong among football Nikita Honora nos and cool Chidori hey Owen at the time we can totally be not going up an Android answered up Mabuhay in a may propose myself Mabuhay in Hindi para necessarily next and a schoolteacher aho and guns and epitaphs assuring team doing Hamas Natoma Humbaba doing subpoena get cell leader of all named velocities hypership piracy Mahabharata and the new Ilana hind election gaining peen hammer Samantha get some window banana marry me some [ __ ] table Mahalo ke yo neguin tie a limited KO me papa grab a thank you Mary joy for the courage to share grabbing amazing etiquette Mary joy and again a DeCosta born in a patent grab they no no you na no sin is

bigger than the grace of God and we thank you Mary J Mary joy for the courage to share to the whole world what God has done in your life Diana Mary joy Khayyam ago in the Lord and even you saw an easy pattern for him oh god can give you a fresh start and a new beginning when roadtrip returns let us do a countdown on Ibaka and I left top ten hashtag xn a couple holidays na na x in america but holidays in llama don’t switch channels your road trip will be right back and welcome back to road trip for our peace table calendar of the week you stop at nothing come here Oh some poo it’s all related Ito promised holiday number take 10 Chanyeol young main arena gonna go caroling be number number 9 you maracas a new vamoose adharmic babara cada now forever asking so odd Oh mm-hmm Madame picture taking a billion by one take five you know number H UMES a lot more nach osten all the buffer will bear inducement but then you buy more boys Union number seven seven seven young Sasabe more cheap Dame una comunidad possible or new year number six you need be more time finding what about that I go on your hmm you about the simpler than I do Peter see ya so being the fan up above the don’t see you sunbathing number five five five I’m a gorilla grodd was made of Normandy bathroom after nine use baby but in exchange you re diba Young’s an opening month-long December na an intern Christmas party yes I need a tourniquet a homonym cane for a perfect ten econom nice Christmas party number two to to you mother scenes and more if you’re not a tonight my girlfriend’s a boy Prince de la familia oh yeah love me forever you know number one one one even bubbles on a single kappa danish love muscle or you know three four you know you want select what i’m gonna see you again right under her face when the abyss consistent way points the inconsistencies the job y’all alright hope you enjoyed that i answer like when I’m on our single and a Nutella Brayton on holidays I’m sure you had the best time of your life especially if you spend so much time with the best oh I don’t know I want to be like to go the best part about being single is you get the cuff to that more you know why so enjoy the moment all right all right you don’t have to the short break I will

read your answers to our crossbows question for the week so stay tuned y’all we will be right back okay okay for my senior on our topic it’s a poor Munna inhuman ah Pina car mama hull the requested fansigns she won’t go shipboard question given all the lessons you’ve learned from 2015 what is the best advice you could give yourself to this or give yourself this 2016 or the apparent feeling or data like a beauty pageant or a device on a bike and a beautiful river is nothing the social medias are Ivana Michelle or tisha Mendiola best lesson that I’ve learned from 201 5 is to trust God’s plan in spite of difficulties and uncertainty of things advice keep on seeking God’s plan for my life and be more like Jesus thank you Miss Shelly grab a right now about a slightly million relate project Azorian all right so I promise I will never be the same I will never be the same like level up improve funding it’ll transform and so more seeds to have a harvest on 2017 all right Odaiba Napa Valley up ahead Nepal thank you so much for helping me make them in somebody called keep God’s promises in your heart guide Kubelik durante una y re you won’t trust him and you see the faithfulness of God Thank You me alright syphoning Maria Joyce Verona don’t give up do not quit keep moving on fight the good fight of the faith be an extension of God’s grace yeah no sleeper knows he may rejoice all right – Ilana the better don’t trust the Lord with all your heart his way is better than our hours young boy young melatonin was at 2:01 fight but Abu Muhammad was about Abu Hafsah 2016 yonder like hammock you are alert and lasting about sabi ko need June Medi run more of that less of me amazing when road trip returns I will be giving you my own take on our topic this week ok so the post fish down we’ll be right back you given the lessons you’ve learned from 201 5 what is the best advice you could give yourself this 201 6 2016 all right elbow grab a new punky not go out what I like and I was like I prayed so hard and I was like thinking and I was like contemplating about nothing in my own personal life after your mother less once unlucky gonna do mind you say really go this year and I hope that for some of you sign I’m a hottie Mateo and and maybe just maybe you know this this may come in handy especially for those of you are like looking for wisdom as you face the year 2016 all right number one whatever happens make your relationship with God a priority let me say that again whatever happens make a relationship with God a priority and Mahajan wedding and December Oh Lunas or Sunday hung on Saturday what Moon Valley mood and priority Mopar a young relationship more with God we don’t know what the future will bring all right Needleman whoo-hoo la vida hula hula right we don’t know what’s gonna happen we don’t know exactly what will happen to us next year but one thing I am sure of it is this if you anchor your life on Jesus he picks a peahen you boom ro mo boom boom one of indecision more in an uncle mo even you even your faith in Angela more a Jesus

who is the rock all right you will definitely be okay some 18 – I’m Savin II know I’ll miss the Lord is my rock yeah and my rock my fortress and my deliverer my god is my rock in whom I take refuge my shield and the Horn of my salvation my stronghold and maganda let this thing in deep into our hearts today as we face the new year Kayla and laggy K Lord Taylor drag a messiah Hamelin Coty and K Lord Cap’n whoo-hoo good I am lagging lagging K Lord and I’m sure if you have that kind of attitude guys in the okay you pally get more modeling okay Cap’n because you are anchored on the rock they will be there will be times when you will be tested all right getting on my seller today because if he fee he wants to promote you to bring it to a new level in your life metadesk um when I saw there will be times when you will be tested at Apogee here up in here up can have you know again boom Alec can an abandoned a relationship my lord let Jesus be the rock in your life there will be times when you will experience answered players no separation ornament Bala and sick women upon una casa booty Neiman panel on in bourguignon pero summing up and wound up in a couple AHA still you need time for your life on God the rock para you will stay humble and you will take around dead Sonya yeah in seasons of testing or blessing anchor your life on the rock so and to put him advice and depending on what I prioritize you got prioritize your relationship with God you know mental are you’ve been important all right number two never lose sight of the purpose of God for your life all right how to have the best year next year ok Ellen and Bachman a limit on purpose tailored subbu homo marinche on purpose Cebu heimo and you need to remember that all the time never forget that ok 2016 if you want to have an unforgettable year you have to remember your purpose all the time this will help you fight complacency this will help you fight laziness and boredom this will help you be focused and driven in your life this will help you not to veer away from the life that God has destined for you to have and now pujan purpose again column power but nothing no sham preach and what if a bratty on fire on fire see foxy but no excited guy never getting no March if it made you to know McKenna want a go back to the purpose of God for your life happily more lamian God doing more do do I go do I turn to my right or to my left and Abu Ponte again go back with the purpose of God for your life ask yourself constantly why is my purpose a nobody on purpose corner align but don’t got going to notice a purpose you know it’s at Waco you know what I know you Hmong step nagging guna toe is it aligned to the purpose of God my life fell on and laggy and Molina Molina memory no your purpose in slo-mo when there will come a time that you will experience pain means a no Cohanim pain no pero look to the purpose Vallecano your purpose in our subway mo and kappahd kappahd nakita mo you come down okanagan professor in a blue moon you paint a random and more apparent para mas modeling he overcome I see a lot more that the purpose of God in your life is greater than any pain that you will ever experience again as long as you’re doing what what God wants in your life in making decisions in 2016 always ask yourself is this aligned to the purpose of God for my life is this aligned to the will of God for my life so number one prioritize your relationship with God number two remember the purpose in purpose in vertebra hemo number three again para no man flag account elegant excited every day of your life you wake up every morning pumped up Tala Gong you clap your hands and say this is the day that the Lord has made I will rejoice and be glad in it uncle Ivan I upon upon the Lord all right after remembering the purpose of that you need to remember the promise of God for your life I think one of the things that you need not forget as we start the new year it is this get yourself a promise from God again Keanu as you know us we’re still in the first month of the year kaylynn on you spend time with God invest time with God to see amidst the noise and the busyness along on you take a pause and you talk to God and tell agama breaker if if if you need to fast my fasting guy that I got hung up in Musa Lord seek God with all your heart open your Bible tapas God Lord I know buddy Punahou move for my life this year wait dinner – I’ve been I’m gonna Bible ask and it shall be given to you so again my lord I don’t know but anybody begin moment onward began hahaha hunk o saboom tornado and and let that promise

inspire you for the whole year 54 tennis I’ve been a Bible though the mountains be shaken and the hills be removed yet my unfailing love for you will not be shaken nor my covenant of peace be removed says the Lord who has compassion on you grab well I’m a bunny impaired oh you lovely Lord but inwardly Lord indian hindi amala socket personally unworthy lord i next year will be a year of new birth again new births yeah needle on pool bag on baby bear own uber some light knocking boo hey Gannon or maybe some of you you want to receive that as well maddening bargain bag I am upon an exhilarating Mabuhay my damning bad whoa new opportunities new doors new seasons and that’s why I’m excited that’s why every day April 2016 grabbing excited about to face life Cassie Allen go I am one year closer one step closer to the destiny and God for my life so anchor your life one God uncle your life on his purpose and number three anchor your life on his promise best advice I can give you this 201 six body has closed right side now let’s break father right now we thank you for your wisdom Lord thank you for reminding us that above anything else it is our relationship with you that is most important so God as we battle through 2016 give us a heart Lord that this anchored on you so that whatever happens as we Lord experienced answered prayers blessings or even storms in our lives Lord we will not be shaken because we will we will be anchored on you and you alone lord help us to remember our purpose for you and ultimately God help us to remember the promise that you give to us Lord Lord open tottenham began at O God go in Poona men and Lord we’re praying that is to o16 it will be better than the previous years I Malibu high you are a God of progression and as far as you are concerned Lord the best is always yet to come thank you God this we say in Jesus name Amen and amen alright right now just in case you want to surrender your life to Jesus Christ you got a big piece on moving to London and time perfect best decision that you could ever make is to surrender all your life boom bow heart mind everything your past your present your future is what will more hey Jesus young if that’s your right now and you want to make that choice just body has glow rice and say this flavored all your heart said my dear Jesus right now I ask for forgiveness for all my sins I am opening my heart and I am welcoming you into my life and I am making you my Lord and my Savior cleanse me heal me use me for your glory from this day on I will hate sin and I will love you more and more this I say in your name amen and amen alright guys I spa and I’m sure could I be I wanna be small you know I felt like grab a God was speaking to me and saniland you’re no sign along laggy nothing allegation I think money easy but your partner in Mohali movin for the next 12 months ice but it’s move on now to God in 60 seconds my war begins right now go okay reunion I’ll Union there if I get a kid I get side with the relatives are no Pharaoh don’t forget tell a non-constant you reading your nothing with God you’re on every day yet Lord first alright next our bond I’m or bond or bun a and say Lord no man if God is your God and you obey Him I’ve been a miner Bible you will be blessed in the word vine you’ll be blessed everywhere okay next citizenship or chambray if you have Jesus Christ in your life and he’s your Lord you are citizen of heaven alright next brewed coffee and rude my family and I’ve been a prepare Matt I got Leo Szilard there but maybe do Bruce a subway mo you just have to have the patience say keyboard appetizer human or not even blessing before appetizer next theme songs of praise worship my mobility my battalion taro yeah yeah I important in my new book so yeah your heart is worshiping joy all right next 2606 ivory shot it not bad not bad not bad thank you Lord for your grace we have questions comments or suggestions for our show please send them to roadtrip align aware that pH you can also like us on Facebook w TT v and follow us on twitter and instagram at winch at road trip underscore TV and you can also follow me thank you for following me yeah and ceramic ball and I’m gonna go follow selamat well thank you so much and if you want me to follow you back just let me know okay so that when I miss my father at the pulley on Pam

Andrew dela Torre see you Twitter Instagram ha thank you so much for watching road trip I hope you love petroleum but Papa Daniel or subway min-jung lahat spread the love y’all spread the good news of salvation and let’s see each other again next week only here on road trip always remember y’all let go and let God be the driver of your life I bless y’all I love you all jesus loves you all grabby grabby grabby Happy New Year peace