Siren: Blood Curse [Part 2] Episode 2 – Sight-Jacking with Little Red Riding Hood

hey everyone this is des : my cat’s a gamer and currently brings you blame siren blood curse episode two I’m much more awake now I’m more excited to get on now the first episode I liked it it was it was fun I enjoyed myself thoroughly I’m sort of tempted to go through it again just so I can do better this time that I know I’m supposed to do and when I was observing the edited video I sort of figured out how you can sort of tell what you’re supposed to do next a bit easier like in the first area of the last thing there’s a light that was pointing to the paths they had to take and then after that you whenever the guy the police officer went into his first sight vision you would see he would do what you were supposed to do next like he broke a window and then it says enter the house through the window or whatever and then after that when now science had the cover he broke open the back door and I’m supposed to go through that door at that point I was so confused what I supposed to be doing I didn’t realize that the police officer was actually showing me what I had to do next given being the police officer with shovel wasn’t exactly on my priorities list at that point but one word – episode – that’s like the chapter chapter one on also I looked a little bit more into the game I made sure have to get spoilers but according actually before I start because what I’ve heard is that what you could download off PSN in episodes basically you down when the episodes individually or you can download them in packs I download them in packs and the packs were episodes one two three four the second pack was five six seven eight and the last pack is nine ten eleven twelve and I’ve heard that the first pack is a bit off because the first pack has more of an action focus and the first two chapters are supposedly really really short though in the later chapters I hear that we’ll start with chapter 3 the game scripts will really pick up and then basically the all the rest of chapters are longer and have more of a focus the first chapter is more like a tutorial the second chapter I hear is supposed to be more action focused and I hear it’s with a third chapter that the game is supposed to start being a really scary and really more tense and starts to get longer as well with the stages with more sub objectives and then I’ve also the episode forest was we action chapter and I didn’t look into the rest after that but I hear that these the second middle pack episodes 5 6 7 eight are all amazing chapters that have a lot more scares a lot more tense moments Johnson have a Frakes the first chapter got my attendance even though wasn’t that bad and then the finales are kind of more story based though with more scarce tone and ways though when a star was upset too though I’ve been still I haven’t stole that I am ready let’s see slow chapter chapter one let’s do this thing they’ve just murdered her like that is this some joke for TV you never know what those idiots are gonna come up with Bela Melissa samurais family idea to archive I am really nervous to be honest God thing is this game Ness the potential to be so freaking scary and the problem is I’ve heard this game is really freaking scary I’ve heard from lots of people that this is one of the scariest games released in this generation I know that lots of people result to amnesia in the scariest game but if Anita is scariest for a lot of people this is just short behind it this gets recommended all the time for being a [ __ ] terrifying game and I can definitely kind of see how that could definitely work it was the mission search for the others they’re always really isn’t funny okay my flashlights currently on it’s probably bad that song because it’s so freakin dark the way is dangerous but they just put this wall cuz apparently that way is dangerous not the way that we came from I should probably turn off my life and I cannot see what what the [ __ ] music and also you think this guy would notice that the sky is [ __ ] red that’s just asking for all sorts of trouble you can’t emulate that TV I don’t think at least a TV studio couldn’t let’s see what what what options does he have on the d-pad flashlight off yell well there’s no one

here yet we’ll probably get cutscene whenever that happens I’m gonna probably wish I turned off my light later let’s see what’s down here before we go up the stairs though and probably just dead Oh Oh God because I was turning so fast first time as a person they always though yeah he’s just edge of the world there I guess we’re going into a mine that would be suggested by the minecarts the cave over there and got a mine I recently played Silent Hill downpour and I just want to say going into a mind with these type of game mechanics can probably terrify me Oh God turn off your lights Sam alert system when any when any an audio signal vibration alert you to the presence vibration function also available at the DualShock wireless controller wall is my controllers being like a heartbeat right now proceed with caution to avoid being spotted when you approach an enemy and audio signal on alert you to their presence okay their trauma for the flashlights reduce noise [ __ ] but you cannot see in the [ __ ] dark my spawn turn the brightness up in this game yeah I’m gonna turn the brightness up there is no options menu I guess let’s turn off up for this chapter didn’t I see the enemy though say if I did oh he’s just digging bro the ponds with long day I think I see a mountain trail up here if I can make up the details long enough there we go yeah now that I’ve got far away from him the heartbeat just stopped all together gonna come this way hopefully not see was crap she’s still digging I think he is thank God almost I cannot see the crap right now I don’t think I’m supposed to head this way I think we’re supposed to sneak up behind them [ __ ] this is gonna be scary they’re gonna probably do something to try and get me the scare too but there’s not really a way to go the other route though you’re not seeing me as long I’m going to quietly it’s dark I don’t think staying quiet you can stop to the sound of your footsteps by crouching down making it easier to pass by should be do Cerrito undetected past enemy’s name should be toes okay stick to the shadows and find a safe route around the shibito as I said I thought it Knology back here we should probably do something terrify as I coulda killed the original Japanese voices it shows the way look behind you should be though find the weapon he’s just digging around right now still okay find a weapon picking up items press X near an item to pick it up grab the metal pipe sticking out by the wall nearby thank you for telling me that game I see the metal pipe some weapons cannot be used by certain characters they will not even be able to pick them up fighting that shibito unarmed is a good way to get yourself killed if you run into one quickly find the weapon to defend yourself Oh God they made me pick up a weapon they’re gonna expect me to fight some enemies soon it’s making the mining office yeah there’s this should be done nearby again you can attack by pressing the square button or R 1 R 1 whole square button R 1 to initiate a more powerful attack if you manage to surprise it should be though you can do a lot more damage Crouch or to sneak up on this rabito and then attack to knock her out well I guess it’s a hurt again that we did see a female – the female we’re probably

sneaking up there in the distance [ __ ] that’s it work which is handcycle just a moped pants it was in despair to me yes in here open yes you can break rusty locks by striking them a few times to the weapon all right to do that where’s the lock open this mission accomplished go us oh you’re knocked out in the process but okay what happened I just imagine please damn now what are you alright you you’re one of them wait why what a terrible wound can you walk it’s dangerous by yourself let me take you for Howard right August 3rd 2 a.m. heya Dori housing settlement escape to cover weary with Amana oh god this is gonna be a fetch quest though she counts like a Little Red Riding Hood so there you go pretend it’s Little Red Riding Hood and everything will be fine I’m a fairy tale a big bad wolf can’t I don’t know how good I cannot see maneuvering someone else’s safety being a liable option ok you two have been given a very special gift site jacking site jacking is a special power allowed by allowing you to see through the eyes of shibito and other people it’s also an important way to discover hints on how to proceed through the game follow the instructions given in the lower-right to you on to amana’s view all the instructions given in the lower right – ok so press next to continue how you cite Jack there ok L to cite Jack and their site Jack Ma okay so L – OH our one there’s her view of me here’s an enemy who’s currently digging trying to look for anyone else though we got one me there this guy’s you there’s some guy in the water okay probably the best view point to watch right now let’s see if there’s oh there’s a guy there I’ll have to remember that it’s over there there she’s over there isn’t he digging there but this water and he’s probably the first one so let’s lock the camera on that guy release your sight Jack Locke on bail to try site jack and walking onto him Ana’s view concentrating no I want to a concert on the enemy okay there we go that should be good you can move while site jacking someone’s view to leave site Jackie Moda any time press l2 there are many useful site jacking features for more detail information press select and she’s helped from the main menu call you guys right side and keep before she is to the icon I can also do that for

enemies yeah this is helpful there’s nothing over there following you following you I need to trust you on this you asked I swear to God are you going we’re here okay there’s a shibito over there to one okay if you want us to get caught I swear to God if you do this to me God so you follow her I’m a nun crouching sis you go you’re what are you doing what we follow okay because we climb up something okay climbing climbing there we go okay Oh God I mean here well what’s going on but I just I didn’t hear then I don’t know what’s going on this thing is site check someone else what the what’s that it’s turning something on is he doing honest I have no idea since we train to serve well as much leave a map and menu press select open the main menu and select your current location on the map if you are ever unsure about what to do press select and check the map okay so according to this map I am currently right here look we can turn the mat like crazy so we are currently in the me tomorrow house escape so we let’s see our instructions follow am on this Direction’s we are doing that sub-goals site Jack and lock on the models you stay close to a mana that’s still our goals we have to get back to her find the place to hide and sneak past that should be that we did that escape out the back entrance and reunite with chibita so let’s see what was that little square on our map mean the one that’s right there is that mean that’s where I’m supposed to be headed that’s like my next objective let’s see left stick move right stick turn rotate up/down buttons change level oh oh there’s an upper there’s a worship hall there well it’s bigger than you would think let’s see other things I left right button zoom in and out okay that’s nice to know we’re set landmarks on and off okay I like the landmarks well what is that square right now it’s zoomed in not like that there we go so where right now we just escaped out of this closet hiding spot the only way to escape is to our left but that we’re not supposed to go outside the front door though the front door probably gets in trouble because a big [ __ ] huge field but and let’s see ok that’s just I’m trying to figure out what that red thing is by Australia’s it’s just the direct directions that we are so we’re supposed to escape to the left so what we probably want to do is take three left’s or maybe we just just get to a higher level because we crash the ceiling if we supposed to if we just crash the ceiling and the best route would be to go up here except I don’t see that working out too well there’s a second floor but what what what advantage would be on the second floor have for us honestly there’s a hiding spot up there those maybe they want us to go up there I don’t know okay that’s not complicated isn’t it let’s see I guess for the now I might fail this but probably the best route would be go to that blue square right now I don’t know what that is hopefully that’s not the enemy I am currently site jacking it is I don’t have so hard I’d have to redo this because I don’t know what that blue light stands for if that’s the enemy I am [ __ ] screwed but just turn the left then another left and then just go straight so just left left straight and ultimately I’m gonna be taking another left so just remember to take all the

left turns and we’ll see what that gets us if it gets us pwned that’s my own responsibility though I think there’s a right maybe we’re supposed to get into the rice shop that’s why I’m thinking maybe here we go or maybe that’s amana who I’m supposed to be with none of the goals right ahead of me so maybe our mom I know I said back jackass like Jack Oh God in a mistake I made a mistake so leaguers I didn’t need to get here I was walls baby Sammy Sammy Sammy Sammy Sammy runnin runnin runnin runnin runnin runnin runnin runnin runnin runnin runnin I know you can see the enemies outside Jack someone okay so this is where I am currently let’s cite jackal around a little bit so once there that’s who I’m looking for more enemies than just those well I’ll keep my eyes on where I want to go too it’s mine you get back to her she get so [ __ ] far ahead [ __ ] a diaper three now if I run away from a very far distance ma’am I know that screen effect means that the shinobi’s are looking for your shubee toes wherever they’re called here’s breathing you have to take care of this carefully just has to be you standing right there to find a way against a pastor luckily the water is pretty loud I would imagine so maybe through here wander here word and some sort of house at least make sure there’s no anything’s nearby not that uh okay so I’m in the rice shop I saw this on my map where we just went up is right next to where I am so I just need to go forward be a big careful as I’m doing this feel a little crack in the wall here oh don’t terrify me like that following you again are you going where are you going where am i following you to Kentucky is what side well that’s sign I see when she’s talking about first-person view and zoom you can enter first-person perspective by holding down our two you can zoom in and now depending on how far to is press down you can also press the r3 button to switch between first-person and third-person perspective once you spot the slide head inside the curve being a noodle shop and checked around the second floor where I was just in there so there you go let’s say well if this would have been different if I didn’t fall down on my way doing whatever so that’s the r2 is how you sue I’m not really all right into the second floor this noodle shop that’s or since we do way where’s the staircase this is the staircase

yeah it’s blocks Isis views so [ __ ] jacket cigar man we’re going oh we need gets the second floor that could been a new roll shop I’m next to the right shop not the [ __ ] noodle shop that explains some stuff escape Corral with Amana not and I got the shinobi near that could burn a noodle shop knock out we don’t have any weapons though where are we supposed to do start as I started ducking maybe she wants me to do something wait wait i okay you wanna do game not that I know it’s this button so now do the site jacking not this guy over there there it’s that anime I need to watch then we lock our view there and we have to wait for the pen time to pass through just for a dangerous let’s see currently there is think I see not supposed to do here just sneak past Barry this I will be right back though so be right back all right we are back let’s resume we snuck into the noodle shop my supposed to sneak for the second floor there’s dynami going there’s the ladder to this noodle shop let’s zoom in no he it still here stars I know that now that that blue circle is the enemy that we’re looking for it’s a sub-goal here that’s aweso crime site jacking right now and the ladder or the staircase to the second floor is right past his viewpoints I need the time as correctly so he does not see her so that’s the entrance I need this we really made it hopefully I need knockout this sign meant to correct normal action commands and certain places actually demands such as knock over sign will appear site jacking nearby shibito and wait until you see that he’s below the sign then knock it over there we go we did it now let’s get my helper lady on my thing the game runs a bit smoother when I’m not site jacking someone though let’s see where is she though why you make me go onto this noodle shop we’re just sneaking over there oh it’s something there that makes more sense come there in the second Missy of games where all this taking up half my camera as well as they get very hard to see there’s a sign I guess probably over the wire with a sign let’s go wrap here hello come on Little Red Riding Hood let’s continue our way and then we’re names like a mano she’s going so much faster than I like unbelievably faster taking all my we’ll just ketchup we’re almost there but we must do something about him perhaps we can for the truck search frappe all right well stars always release you who is digging there you go it’s that one I like that lock that view okay it was let’s see traps and flares if you find a hunting trap or a signal flare you can use them with the subcommands press one of the up/down left/right buttons to display the sub commands then press the down button to set a trap if you press the down button

near a set trap you can just disengage it lay a trap behind the shibito what the [ __ ] are you doing there hopefully stupid yeah I knew I had to yell oh yo fam is attention you can attract this Rubio’s attention by yelling this can be used for forgotten shibito away from other people press one of the up-down left-right button key to display the South commands and then press the left button to yell move to where Amana is hiding and yell to retract this Ruby those attention or the trap or rejection that works too Zurich on the [ __ ] trap I’m sorry but I just comes over here there’s not fall for that trap that’s my own chance it was a trap there though I’m gonna step on it probably just start running start running so running oh this girl needs to stop running excuse me bro going this way with her oh mission accomplished that I guess even though we have a faulty execution towards the end there because I got way too close to set the trap we can continue they should accomplish episode – Nikki denied cuckoo or Agana shinza would sit on the car that was still sort of in so not Josephine you get in I’d assume be else yes for now a badass with a gun okay Sam Monroe Mount Gagaku ananda shrine and august third escaped – hoorah sake with Melissa Gail and I like how they keep all the Japanese characters with an actual Japanese voice I wonder if in the Japanese version if the English characters still have their English voices I mean it adds to the sense of realism that’s an American TV crew over and some hidden village in Japan so I just want to say I know it doesn’t look exactly like him but the character who I’m currently playing as reminds me a lot of Ryu from Shenmue at least he kinda looks like him so he’s a con series I don’t know but someone from one of those type of games I’m really sorry Sam I am glad to see you and it’s good to know why I was so hard I thought you were one of them Phil McKenna weights enough plans the Japanese jump lei is this guy okay hold down the Batman to brace against a door while braced up against at the door shake the wireless controller to prevent and he should be though from entering this door seriously what door is there me in here with me [ __ ] restart sorry let’s see well I didn’t realize what door they wanted me to do and then there should be two just broke in and that ruined all point the objective right are you supposed to go on with it you fail the sub objective I guess you are cuz I mean I did anyways but we’ll just do it again let’s get the cutscene I have to find a way yes come on we start cuz that did not work

in the slightest okay I suck at bracing doors Bren we are supposed to hold down the button to the instructions say this time I have to find a way yes here hold the engines to hold down the button now it explains some things okay holding it down come on you’re not with me I can waggle my way off this white light on the ps3 right okay I was about your engine’s about window are they doing or something once try your best to make it let’s see right here the forest with a flashlight on this is a grand idea ever traffic I have to find another way around I begun yes she’s going over here okay so car sneakin let’s say you’re talking about this guy let me stop there we go that work push him down dad how do you like that okay so we guys hand gun ready your gun with l1 while the gun is ready press square or r1 to fire okay square master while the gun is ready shake the wireless controller shown below to reload it’s also possible to reload by pressing the square button stop sign relief please don’t know for safer it’s locked I know the Japanese sighs that’s right on four seconds so just a bunch of debris that would figure right there retching three over here to actually throw it probably as expected it’s locked all right we better try out for a lot oh [ __ ] stealing bag attack Stewart damaged I’m damaged all damaged load time okay it’s in our way or bad sours one should be though let me go tell my heartbeats though so that’s the car man dead end over there wrote arasaka over there I guess we won’t overheat your hair if you ever need you remember the games controls press select open up the main menu and choose the

help option hold two more enemies on a gun trying ways there we have the door mission accomplished we’re getting better at this somewhat I think we should go to the church Jimmy that’s what some murderers go to pray no no you have it all wrong from the screen hey where are you what were you thinking bringing her to a place like like I told you before just shut up I swear you’re completely useless I’m gonna find her myself come on the show mystery has a boogeyman daddy said they don’t exist they don’t exist well our bounty part of that rich let’s go is curve you know whatever students Martha I have to say this game’s story is both picking up and see my episodes was on the last chapter because in the first chapter he only had even though it was really short or anything between these chapters here chapter 1 which was the opening cinematic chapter 2 which is when you start from the building the police officer shows up chapter 3 which is the ending and the trailer from the next chapter so chapter 2 was a bit was substantially longer than the first chapter right here the next chuggers maybe even longer and selecting chapters chapter 1 which was the guy who had to sneak past the enemies you know this was the opening cutscene that was the chapter II if it sneak past the enemies then there was the cutscene where you met Miss Little Red Riding Hood and then there was when you actually had to sneak like when you’re actually playing this him and her trying to get through then it was the cutscene with the guy of the gun it was the part where we were with our ex-wife and we were gun Boulding peoples there was the end cutscene and the trailer for the next chapter there we go oh good next time I’m gonna tap two three but first thing I’ll be looking in our archives look at all the new stuff we collected that progresses the story we’d previously read Fabray we have watched that do we miss something because we don’t have before well I guess everything kind of goes out of order anyways how I’m concerned myself yet I will only concern myself that I beat the game out of it what was this yeah we’ve looked at that before I think it’s after this where everything’s you know okay so Melissa’s Gail self oh no no we we listen to this to this with the first name thing okay Matheson college professor of cultural anthropology salmon roe details cuz we see it so we have his facility ID and this is the guy who is I like him even though he is kind of airheaded that might be the best way to word it details a pamphlet cancel a pamphlet made for a course whose plan to teach canceled has been stamped on it big red letters salmon roe presents sacrifice in the past cultural anthropology seminar see a 1 5 0 s 1 unit time Tuesday 7 a.m fall semester location grant Oliver B 5 seats full our seats are still available please hurry to avoid missing this chance salmon roe is Matheson College Department of Anthropology snooze professor has previously served as distinguished lecturer at Pine gov Community College he is an expert in the field of comparative religion and widely respected by his peers all right it looks like only one person pulled out a forum for those though okay so I think that was all that was there there’s like doesn’t seem like it that’s all good so the only other one that we cottage was number 11 what’s this okay bellum ocurro Abele’s burrows diary August 3rd 3 a.m. like a hospital room 206 flee into the sage Hospital let’s go okay let’s see goth goth girl secret diary won’t be fair it’s

unrealistic for young girl maybe Bella keeps his personal diary with her at all times the cover has a cartoon drawing that a gothic girl with long black hair the Diaries out work reflects Bella’s unique taste and design unique meaning like lots of other teenager preteen girls well okay next page oh they got some nice things so let’s see and luckily they even have all the text there for reals I’ll just read it ever since grams went to heaven I’ve learned that daddy’s not very good cook he’s tried to make her special meatloaf tonight but he baked it too long and it was all dry and gross I’m going to hide the recipe so we can’t cook that again the other day daddy bought I brought home and organized her for me to use but it was way too uncool so I gave it back he just has no clue when it comes to what I like I’m flying to Japan now daddy says he wants me to see more of the world that I know he’s just bringing me because he couldn’t find anyone to watch me from 10 years old I don’t need babysitting oh well at least it’s something different the house is so boring with grams gone and daddy always sitting around reading I don’t know much about Japan but I hope I can do a samurai when I go there that would be so cool airplanes are so boring okay that’s pretty drab cetacean hey that’s all that for the archive we got some new weapons too and I just noticed that the new things are blue and things that we’ve already booked our black so there you go that would help in the future okay so we got a light bladed weapon which is a hand cycle let strength is average a hand held farming tool for cutting grass or harvesting crops a crescent straight metal blade is a fixed gate to the wooden hand then we have a metal pipe which is a heavy blunt weapon the strains are strong a syllable metal tube designed for transporting water although galvanized most of the coating has worn away and the pipe is rusty alright god the null pipe was actually better than the sickle I just thought the sickle be barracks is sharp I guess that was supposed to be better so strength is stronger at least okay short barreled gun strong a standalone issue point three eight caliber revolver that chambers up to six rounds and then finally a trap which is the bear trap and the strength is special a steel trap used for hunting a variety of animals a human who inadvertently steps into one of these will require time to break free I still know where the arrows for if you press our 160 to the options menu there is no arrow oh wait there’s an arrow back together our one option I said the bottom left corner in the dark though don’t know what that’s for whatever the case we will not know too later okay that’s all we have now for siren blood curse catch you guys next time