World Conqueror 2 Conquer Europe 1939 Finland part 1

everyone Aleksey and welcome back to another will concur to view I know I know now I mean my notifications and stuff but Daniel Spicer here said try Finland on 1943 and I’ve tried before and I feel quite a lot of times so instead of showing 1943 I thought I will do 1939 thanks to Daniel Spicer who you know I kind of ache not for like almost a month but hey yeah so we were we are going to start on conquer Europe 1939’s Finland all right so here’s the 1939 map and let’s choose Finland yeah okay so there is also one thing I would like to clarify and yeah just yesterday no let me turn on the brightness a little bit just yesterday I saw this really really really mean pause right here I’m gonna show it up here and here’s the post right here dark knight commented on to Tunis ATM you must be [ __ ] and yeah so first things first point taken I’m [ __ ] okay note that my friends thanks a lot and yeah now I can’t wait for you to defend your claim and you must be [ __ ] it’s just a claim a claim can really stand on his feet like this is a really really weak argument I can easily say anything like let’s say my camera is my camera is completely awful we can you know stuff like that and that is only a claim so what I want to I want you to do is to defend your claim and to defend your claim you will need evidence because evidence is the best way to back up your claim and without an evidence a claim is just a claim is not an argument is just a freakin claim so yeah and not only do you need evidence so what if you have the evidence I can just say like oh my camera can only record like five minutes of video and so what you’ve got to explain like how does this evidence link back to your argument and so let’s use our my camera the example of my camera again I can massage because it can only record five minutes of video that means I will have to make a ton of videos and merge them together to produce like a 20 minute long video for example and that will take a lot of time and effort and it will really really really set my energy out and yeah so in that case then you really can like show how my camera really sucks because you know let’s yeah so let’s just elaborate a little bit more so like you can only record five minutes long video say after mudgy and it will is going to spend a lot of time a lot of effort a lot of energy and yeah then in that way the claim would really be strong enough to release stand on it stand on its own and instead of just saying like you must be [ __ ] really I cannot wait for you to back up your claim and like seriously I want okay let’s just say I don’t really want to like embarrass you or anything just you know what just maybe just like tell me how am i [ __ ] use like evidence and show how it links back to your argument just put it down in the comment section below in this video right here right now and yeah so to all of you out there I’m not really wanting to embarrass you I’m not trying to like defend myself or anything everyone does like YouTube for a reason they say you know even a biggest youtubers that I don’t know it’s kind of skydoesminecraft let’s see and yeah he must have been YouTube for a reason and it’s not that it’s not like oh I just want to do you – can we just do YouTube you know and this is the same for me you know I have a reason to do YouTube and stuff and I am a person through so don’t I I know you are like I hope that you are not trying to be a healer and grab a lot of attention and you know that is just really really really childish and yeah I just don’t you know don’t really appreciate that type of behavior this we are ultimately still humans we still have feelings we do these videos for a reason we are not there to be ridiculed or be insulted by others so I would like to take I like to

like say this to all of you right now who’s watching this video you know you can say like you can joke around Oh hashtag Eric sucks it wc2 correct – for short and yeah you can just take it as a joke I don’t really mind but if you really are out there to insult me then I really have nothing to say because you’re just ultimately you’re just some guy who’s that really hating so much that you post it in the comments and you want to get attention and seriously if you don’t like this video then don’t watch it what’s the point of watching a video if you don’t like it in the first place so that is what I want to clarify up there sorry for that really really long and boring probably blowing top the hour I know this yeah some of you are probably asleep right now but well anyways we are gonna skip back to welcome Kara – and don’t worry I will make up for the last time alright so we are back at welcome Kara – so dark night I hope you really do give me an explanation to why I’m [ __ ] yeah you know you can joke around but seriously that is a little bit too far I would say we do stuff our reason but anyways let’s not talk about that because our focus here is on work on Kara – yeah this is 1939 right here you can if you don’t believe me you can just see for yourself and yeah it’s okay neutral there’s no America there’s nothing here so yeah it’s really 1930 stock it’s really 1939 trust me and yeah so we are Finland so what we want to do is we want to entrench and we want to take the Norwegians out and give us a little bit of income so what we want to do here is okay let’s grab a little bit of land mmm let’s go grab a little bit of land from the Soviets and let’s take this piece of land right here and let’s move back this tank will move here and let’s see this guy is gonna come here and we buy two infantry to you know move into Norway and this guy let’s move him back and this guy can also move here now I’m leaving Helsinki undefended for now so yeah and okay so this infantry right here I guess you can stay at Helsinki why not and yeah that should be pretty much it so we are going to end the first round right here and yeah so the Germans are now like fighting on three fronts I guess so the Dutch have been defeated so West is against the British and the French and to the east is Poland in the USS are to the student itself that’s that what enough like I like countries for Germany and to the north they have Denmark and Norway which you know they’re just they couldn’t beat up see they are quite weak in this game and yeah so anyway is the USS our right now moving all their forces so they are going to attack us I guess and yeah okay so yeah the easiest to the east of Germany yes also Poland as well forgetting about that so okay the Soviets have finished moving and now it’s the British and the British and Soviet they have one thing in common and that is they have access to like stuff that usually that you usually have access to only a technology level for and but both of them have a technology level three so for example in the British in this case they have the aircraft carrier which only unlocks a technology level four and for the Soviets they have the rocket launcher it’s really really helpful if you can use it correctly and yeah so the posts are there just like I guess they’re just like trying to defend really hot but yeah so the Spanish have they have what I how do I put it yeah they have a really really weak French force to fight and that is really good news for us because that is going to make sure that the French just completely collapse and yeah so the Greeks are relatively strong you know

there are relatively strong and it’s going to take a little bit of time for allies to really take Greece down yeah so Yugoslavia is pretty weak compared to Greece and Norway is the technics whedon so round two right now let’s learn here and next things are we are next thing we are going to destroy this guy that artery right here and so let’s take this city right here and ooh that is that’s an artery right there and let’s weaken these forces with artillery first before we take them out and okay taking that guy out so let’s move and attack well well okay so we finished that guy off and let’s let’s buy an infantry and put him here okay let’s protect that artillery and I guess we really got nothing to do this guy is gonna stay in Helsinki first in case the Soviets really do break through with it armored car then we won’t lose like all our income like you know the Soviets they can actually take this industry one two three sure so I’m not really going to risk anything yeah so I guess they’re gonna end the turn jealous let’s end the turn and so Germany should defeat Belgium I mean a Denmark in this wrong and if they don’t then yeah that’s pretty then that’s we said and in yeah okay so Belgium should also go down by the second round and yet they have gone down so the ball is around half health right now and one source under really heavy fire from the Germans and that commander is almost dead and the Soviets and if you have like a kernel of three so that makes them a really really powerful threat to us but no reason we were able will be able to take the Soviets down and but in 1943 there would be a different thing because the Soviets have a ton of heavy tanks a ton of armored cars I mean you know we are basically overstretched so I guess the the key to really defeating the Soviets in 1943 as Finland is to really fight defensive war retreat and concentrate our forces first before we give them a really really crucial a lethal strike outside and yeah so the Italians are moving across the Adriatic Sea and yeah the postern have the artery near Bratislava which is really I guess it’s not a pleasant sight for the Germans and let’s hope that they take that out because the Soviets usually replace other countries other than Germany and the Soviets will tend to put a commander artillery unit and the Germans just leave it alone which isn’t really great so yugoslav assuming defeat it and oh sorry for that and the Norwegians are coming around so yeah that’s really really not a good situation right here so let’s put in more infantry and okay that should be good enough to help us defend and attack that arterial Wow yeah take him out and this guy here then move him here this guy he’s gonna retreat because he’s quite good I would say and we don’t really want to lose any experienced units losing them would really be cut a bit of a blow to us because we don’t really have the income to replace our losses and this guy will also have to heal up a little bit and yeah so the service can take this city back I don’t really care I’m just going to continue to move east and I’m gonna move southeast and capture means Moscow and clear so that is the plan right there right now and we’ve also got Oslo right here but I believe top it’s gonna

help yeah so I’ve got a drink here because and kind of anticipated that my throat is going to be dry after all that talking so yeah okay yeah so the Germans have taken Warsaw and the Soviets are losing quite a bit of income as we can see right there and yeah so the zombies are going to take that never to City back and yeah luckily is rook softly so that means his infantry doesn’t have a solid defense uh which makes everything a little bit easier because you know they’ve got weaker defense and weaker offense then drew cough so yeah that is really great but in 1943 however it would be due cough that we’ll be facing so yeah but this is not 1943 this is 1939 and yeah okay if sorry if you heard that yeah so looks like the Germans are really like stuck right there they currently move so they are going to be reliant on Italy and Spain to take the French forces out from behind and let’s hope that Italy Italy doesn’t really cut Spain off because Spain is really really they they can be really strong if they concentrate their forces of course and well I run for right now so let’s put this okay let’s move these guys here let’s take that piece of land right there okay we can take him up so okay let’s entrench here and it’s by one infantry here one infantry here so now we can attack excuse hey this guy is that low health so we are going to use him to attack and now we can attack this armored car right here and completely destroy Norway so we’ve taken him out so let’s take this industry here these guys can heal up in the city so yeah Norway is doomed yeah so let’s move these forces to housing easier if we can queue up faster and this guy yeah let’s retreat I really want my forces to engage the artillery right here because that would be really deadly and yeah okay so let’s move this guy here and we can move our armored car to death industry but I don’t really want to risk it so okay let’s take these two pieces of land and okay this tank is not gonna move not for now at least and this okay let’s move him here so we can get one more income right here and yeah so the Norwegians are out of the out of the picture which means we can concentrate our forces on the Soviet Union itself and it’s really really great and he also gave us a base to attack the UK so that is really really nice but other than that um the French will continue to be really really really pesky pounds and they were just that you know just completely walk down the Germans and oh my god why can’t you take Minsk this was a lie so for first they need your cities they need their cities undefended for the enemy to take second they you know when there’s an undefended enemy city they don’t take it instead they choose to fight an infantry unit which is which happens to be beside it yeah yeah nothing to say right now nothing to say right now see okay so the goal has gone done and that’s really good all the Germans have taken Zurich as well I didn’t realize

that and yet so does the Swiss force us they still have on the Swiss you know this you know one or two repeats there but they are neutral so we don’t really have to care about them and yeah until now the Swiss technically are still neutral and Budapest is going to fall to the Greeks if the the the either Hungarians don’t defend properly like yeah but the the Hungarian says have got Belgrade so you know they can oh my god okay okay then so now we want to take a three back so pick him up and yeah so these guys are going to continue to heal up here let’s take all these pieces of land and yeah sort of Norwegians have gone down and that is really really great so next thing we want to do we want to take Stockholm but that can wait because Sweden is neutral so let’s hew our forces up for now and let’s focus our on our main theater of war right here against the Soviets so let’s put in a sources on this guy to heal him up a little bit and whoops okay so let’s bring defender then mm so what I’m gonna do here is to attack him and attack that artery sorry it can really pose a threat to you know like this armored car right here but this artillery artillery can so we are going to use this guy because this city is going to be taken back anyway so you’re gonna use him to take that city and reduce a little bit of income for the Soviets and yeah the threat here is gone so after our armored car used up we want to take this artillery out and take Minsk and time is really critical right here on the Germans if they don’t you know they don’t really concentrate the forces then they will be completely wrecked by the Soviets so time is really crucial and yeah whoops sorry for that and okay the Germans just taken that city back from the French so other things just you know thanks Germany for now I have to go and kill Denmark for you but looking on the bright side we’ve got one more city to conquer which means we can get more income which is great if you ask me and yeah so I told you that C is going to be taken back anyways so yeah and so the Soviets are not moving Connor attacking but the situation is not going to last that long because we will eventually turn the tide and completely wipe out the Soviets so but that will be in a future video of course and yeah so okay there’s a lot of talking like that that’s almost that’s over 20 minutes of talking right there and yeah so okay the Spanish should be able to take mantas which which is really good and you know so okay so the Greeks have lost their commander and that is really great but I will have to stop the video here and because it’s running shot of time and really I’m running short of time and yeah so that is all for this video thanks for watching this video if you have liked this video please do remember it like and yeah comment down like so – Dark Knight as I’ve said comment down in the comment section your argument – why and each other I really really can’t wait to see your argument but before we end before I forget just put in some infantry and yeah this you know okay so the British are you know just hanging out there so yeah okay

so this will be the end of this video thanks of you for watching this so as I’ve said that night please do comment your put your argument for why I’m [ __ ] to the comment section down below and if you’re new to this channel please do remember to subscribe as well and yeah so that’s it thanks all for watching have a nice day and of course the back