A beginner's guide to TikTok

Hello, everybody, welcome to TikTok for Beginners Hello. How is everybody? I hope everybody has their cuppa, like I suggested Thank you for joining me My Name is Haydn Corrodus. I am the Social Media for the Digital Culture Network. I look after the South East of England So, some housekeeping, letting you know, Roberta is on YouTube right now with you, so if you have any comments or questions throughout the presentation, please do just drop them there and Roberta will share them with me later Or maybe you want to talk to each other. Feel tree to have a chit-chat This is my third and last social media platform Webinar So, if you guys would like to know anything forward with else about social media, or focus on anything else going Webinars, drop a comment in the chat If you have been joining us on the Leeds Digital Festival, thank you for joining us, you found us through that platform And the last bit of housekeeping news, this live Webinar is being closed captioned live. We are using closed captions If you would like to use close captions, click on the CC on YouTube now For this Webinar I will talk about two is TikTok. I will dispel some of the TikTok myths I will show you how to use TikTok, very top level I will then give you a few quick TikTok in arts and culture organisations examples of it’s a and culture and the way they have used Then we have Joe Duggan from the National Youth Theatre who will successes show you how National Youth Theatre have used TikTok and the they have had. That will be followed by questions We will have five or ten minutes for questions and final thoughts from me. Without further ado I will talk about TikTok and the myths about the platform So, what is it? In the segment, what we will cover We will talk, myth number one, it is only for Gen Z We will cover myth number two, all about dancing and also myth number 3, that it has a low engagement platform So what is TikTok? It is fundamentally a platform for short-form video Short-form video is anything between 3-0 seconds Really quick and reactive and on the go It is a platform for awe ten thick comment, and finally sound, original soundbites, something that is really a feature that no other social media platform takes advantage of, like TikTok does , these are, in a nutshell what TikTok is all about. So before we go any further I will quickly describe or explain to you what Gen Z is. J Zen is the generation after millennials So that is anybody born between 1997-2012 If you can do the maths now, well done, put it in the comments That will make you between the age of 8 and 23 That is generally Gen Z. Myth number 1, the platform is only for Gen Z. You can see this is dancing dads. There are quite a few of them on the screen here What this myth has come from, it is only for Gen Z What tends to happen with TikTok is that a lot of young people or family members or kids and kids with parents get their family members involved in the content parent will sign up to the platform, to see the platform When they get them involved, what tends to happen is the Or the family will to see the video content being shared That tends to Me that they stay on the platform as well because of the way the platform starts to share the content have You will find you have lots of people going on the platform who joined because of families or they do family entertainment together start it make their own videos You will also find is once parents are on the platform they They start to enjoy it and create their own content As you can see from dancing dads, there are quite a few parents making their own videos It means basically they are on the platform, so potentially an audience for you to reach out to Myth number 2: It is only for people who like to dance Again, we understand why this myth started but TikTok is very much about a platform about creativity and trying to share information and knowledge So, there are lots of different elements to it We have EduTok, which is something they are trying to

push, where you can learn different things on different subject matters and different skillsets, as you can see, they have the learn on TikTok banner at the top of their page there You can focus on things like life hacks, career advice The way I kind of describe it, I think it might have been Mark Zukerberg, a small YouTube, anything you are looking for on YouTube, career advice, all those things you can find on TikTok, more than just learn and create content on the platform dancing, lots of different communities and ways you can And then, another myth is that has a really low engagement S of probably based on the fact because the videos are short, people assume there is low engagement But again, it is not very true According to TikTok, the average time is between 46-52 minutes, on the platform It is easily believable because the way the can users create the content. So that you can engage They also say that people tend to come back to the platform six to eight times again, a lot of people returning, not only are they staying on the platforms for longer but they are tuning in multiple times throughout the day The algorithm is powerful, as I touched on , when you favourite content or a sound or follow a certain content creators, the algorithm really services the content that is relevant to you and that you will engage with and enjoy Every social media platform does this, if I’m being honest but TikTok prides themself on that they have a powerful algoerism to push the right content towards you that you want to engage with That plays into the idea that people spend an average of 46-52 minutes on the platform. Like I said, lots of fabulous communities Loads of different communities on it If there is something you are interested in or want to do, the chances are, that there is a community on there. Here are a couple of examples This, as you can see, this art TikTok hashtag had over 2.4 million views And as you can see from that, just from these examples here, there’s loads of people engaging with content in a different way I gave an example of monologue trying to figure out , if you are a theatre organisation and if you are how to share a new story or a new play , or a new show you have coming up, you can do monologues and give an example of you doing it and see how your audience engages with it Again, you can see there are loads of people already on the platform using it in that way So a creative and easy way to get involved earlier being an authentic platform I cannot stress enough, as you can see and you talked about it Most people are using their be mobile phones to create the content You don’t need to create high-end content , you will really curate something from just using a mobile phone How do you use TikTok? I will start with the things to consider when starting out And then we will look at the platform’s key features So, when starting out, one thing you have to really think about is – do you have the personality? Is your – do you have, in your organisation, somebody who has the right personality or a your work personality that will be able to showcase and shine a light on TikTok is a platform about finding creativity and finding, really, really exciting ways to communicate with audiences somebody So take that into consideration when you are trying to find creating content in the first place. Personality is a key to maybe be the face of your platform or when you are driver on TikTok. You can have a small following and grow it really quickly Now, a lot of social media platforms, although TikTok is not that new, when they are growing, you do tend want people on the platform to be able to grow your audiences quickly because they This will probably change as they start to – as the platforms, as I say, they are starting to do so , now is a great time to get on a platform and grow a community in a quick and organic way. You can use visual and audio content. Again, I can’t stress this enough This is something you can do on a lot of platforms but the TikTok use visuals and content is unique It is something, as how curatorses from the arts and culture sector, we can look at can we be creative and use these different tools of video or soundbites or audio and music with

a way that will engage with the audience and open it up Here is a good example of somebody who is using TikTok Dan is a curator, a content curator on the platform What I liked about this video, he used the fact that TikTok is about trends So, if you can plan your content and really think about situations or pop culture moments or relevant life situations that other people can combine to, you can really start to build an audience on TikTok On this one, Dan, he knows Lion King is coming out So does a quick piece of content DAN: Let’s get ready for Lion King with the roar challenge:Y paper towel roll, a snort and a hiss LION ROARING SOUNDS Your turn HAYDN: That was a really easy piece of content, sitting in his car, phone on dashboard and an empty tissue roll. Yeah, tube From doing that, he has created a piece of relevant content, which is timely for when Lion King came out, it might have been trending on the platform It is such an easy, it shows you how easy you can create a piece of content that works All they are using are their mobile phones. OK an organisation, can you be reactive? So that is something that you really have to think about, as Are you an organisation that be reactive? content Do you have a lot of sign-off procedures before you create ? These are the things you will probably have to think about once you join TikTok If this is the way you are set up, you may have to lead a whole new internal process to get the real benefits and the real goals, you know, of a platform like this Patience can be a virtue something that you Another thing that is really unique about TikTok and again don’t really see with a lot of other social media platforms is, if I post on Instagram or Facebook or Twitter , what have you, the life of that post is normally a day If you are lucky, two days, if the post has done well and picked up a lot of speed On TikTok, you can post something today, and five days, a week, two weeks’ later, it can end up on the “discovered” page I don’t know why it happens like that, but it is something that happens frequently on the platform Based on algorithms and the way people are engaging with the content So it doesn’t really put a lot of emphasis on when you post So, it is something you can take into if it hasn’t done immediately well, it might pick up speed consideration when you are posting, don’t necessarily worry Trends, trends and more more trends, TikTok is a platform about trends, sounds that are trending, music that is trending, hashtags that are trending As an organisation, you can buy into this and play into the different trends happening, create content around them that would be relevant not only to your organisation but relevant to the audiences looking at this and I was talking about earlier, look at your internal process and sign-off, if there is something trending that is relevant Can you do creative content straight away that will engage your audience As I said, content can appear on discover page, days or weeks after it is posted. So, again, this is a good example I’m terrible at maths, I thought this would be a great example to show you, a quick maths example from a different piece of content-type But a really easy example the A few weeks ago when I was creating this section, this was first video that came up on my TikTok page When I looked at it, it was posted days before, and this was the first video that came on to my page An example of content that lives on This is a maths GCSE higher question. So, all I’m told is that these are three regular pentagons. Each are five-sided Now I need to work out an exterior angle. I do 360 divided by the number of sides, five. Giving me 72. 72 is the size of each exterior angle for a five-sided shape. Now, exterior and interior on a straight line 108 180 take away 72, which gives me 108. So each interior angle is Therefore this is 108, this is 108 and this is 108 Now, angles on a straight line add up to 360 degrees, always These three are around a point We do 108, plus 108, plus 108, giving me 324 degrees is equal to 36 degrees

I do 360 take away 324 and I get 36 degrees. So my X value here That is how to do angles in polygons HAYDN: I love that piece of content I still don’t know how to do angles in polygons. That was brilliant It was 46 seconds, really quick but a lot of information that was informative and performed really well. Not a dance video Someone using their mobile phone Again, as a creative and as an arts and culture organisation, you can start to think about – how can I be creative or inform or educate my audience in quickie, snappy ways that will be useful to them, or entertaining Now we will talk about the platform key features To me there are five key features I will touch on briefly The discover page, the challenges, videos , its music and its duets These five features are, for me, the it, OK nuts and bolts of the platform and the things that really drive So on the discover page As we touched on, the discover page is tailored for you The more you interact and engage with different people , different followers and like comments and likes and favourites and sounds, the more content you will get that is relevant to what you like, OK You can search by key words, the different users, sounds and videos. So, imagine being able to search by sound So if there is a certain, you will often see people do famous film scenes, for example on TikTok A scene from a famous film, it’ll have been recreated So again, a really creative way to use sound and video the discover page, you will see all And then, with the content, again, when you are looking at be Different trending tope, all of the content trending and can you version, using a mobile phone? reactive and engage in this content, can you create your own So, using the hashtag, as you can see, the trending hashtag, it is called the Time Warp Scam, and used 25 million times, and music hash tags, again, this is a trending sound, sorry, used 5.8 million times Again, it really shows you that you can really go through the trends platform finding sounds that will work for you, finding that might work for you, finding grandparent goals, you can find information are trying for different communities that will really sync with what you to do as an organisation and create a connection with the content you are creating and the content on the platform So another key feature is TikTok Challenges together and They try to create challenges that really bring the community that encourages them to be creative So, the challenges are set by TikTok , and they can be across the whole variety of different things As I said before, it is used to inspire the community and inspire the community to get creative Again, using a mobile phone home or with your mobile There is never normally something that you cannot do at The aim is to basically to spread global pop-culture When I say this, it basically events means they are always going to be around big elements or big Like the Oscars is coming up Maybe something to do around films at the Oscars, as an example. Again, it is something you need to think about Can you join in, and engage with this content, can you create content around these moments? Can you create your own challenges and set them to your audiences to get involve It is a platform of creativity If you are a creative thinker, you can really get the most out of it so, videos, you can upload your own or make it in-app One thing I will say when you are uploading your own videos, making sure that it fits the nature of the platform and content that aligns with the rest If it is super-high- end video, maybe use some of the features in TikTok to bring it more in line. You can stop and start recording At the beginning when I showed my intro, I shot it in three or four different segments, different elements I said – welcome to Beginners, I had the book and the pen and my cup of tea – which I’m going to have a sip of now But by allowing you to do that , it allows you to edit some cool content. You can live stream

over-16 You can only live stream if you have 1,000 followers and but on the whole, live stream works like any other platform on which you can livestream. This is what you see when you come on the screen Obviously you won’t see me but you will see yourself reflected back on the screen and this is basically when you are creating your first video or content for the platform The features of TikTok, there are a lot of features, I will not go into all of them, I will give you the basics, but there is so much you can do with the platform This is he basically, you can record yourself as you would do on any other platform. Optional 15 or 60 seconds There is a whole group of effects, so many effects that you can play around with and edit and add to your video In the beginning when I shared my cup of tea, and it was on the screen, it was an effect on TikTok. There are loads of different things you can do There are templates Now what a template works as – I don’t know if anyone has used iMovie or even on your iPhone when they make videos from your photos, you can add your own videos or your own photos and TikTok will give you a template to make something out of the content you have added You can upload your content simply, like you would do again, normally And then these are the items down the side, so you can flip the screen, again, standard on most social media platforms when you use your camera. Flip it towards you or outwardly Speed, so this speeds up your content, so if you are filming and want to make it go fast or slow Right… Down. That was terrible, but are you with me? It has beauty This is a funny filter, it basically makes your face chiselled and gives you the European look, but, yeah, that is what that does You have filters and it gives you loads of different colour ways and images you can put on your posters and videos and pictures And then finally, “timer” what that does is basically gives you a timer, a countdown for when your video is going to start. Three seconds, ten seconds One of the great features I like about it, is once you have started to use the different features on the platform, is you can pin your copy If you remember back to the beginning when I showed my first video, I had Welcome to TikTok Beginners, I could pin that copy and edit it in the video, so it saved on the screen for a certain amount of time and then left, if I didn’t want it on again. It is a cool way of editing the content I would say, if you are view to the platform, is that unless you are doing something basic, like filming yourself directly, there is a bit of a learning curve to get used to using the different features and effects Have fun with it, play around with it for a while and get used to using the platform and video and the effects on it, accordingly. I mean there are so many effects editing features, until you are comfortable using different You can add green screen and photos, so many things Have fun with it, play with it, get used to the platform and then go So, there’s lots of licensed music You can upload your music to the TikTok VR digital service, the same way you would to Spotify, etc, you can do the same thing by uploading it, add TikTok to one of the platforms you upload your music to. You can save songs and sounds to make content Again, another great way, you can get creative, if you come across a certain song or sound or noise that you really like that you want to create content for, you can favourite it or save it for later and come back to it. And there is something for everyone When I mean there is something for everyone, there is literally so much music, so many different sounds on this platform. It is really, really incredible As you can see, you have UK Top 40. Pop hits, happy Remixes, all in the 80s, memes Arts and crafts, so many different play lists and music and sound on the platform You really shouldn’t be able to not find something for you. And it is, how creative can you be? That is really where you are going to get something out of the platform, thinking on your feet, thinking how to be creative, being engaging and educational using all of the different features on the platform One of my favourite platform features are duets It basically allows you to sample something and then add

yourself to it You can use the “collaborate” when you shoot a video, it’ll ask you can people diet on it Once you upload it, your audience can then get involved in the video or duet, etc, etc What that basically means, is someone can hit a reaction to the video or join in It is a really cool way of using the platform. You can educate and loads more duet with the maths video I showed earlier I mean, a good example of that, let’s say for example, you did a Maybe you would go into more detail or maybe you would showcase another maths equation based on what the young lady was talking about Again, a really cool way of engaging and creating user-generated content and really engaging. I have a great example coming up ≫: New acting challenge – duet me. You are the blue line What happens? What’s wrong? Oh… My ≫: You were supposed to go straight home You and I will literally on the phone, we were on the phone ten minutes ago OK, so what are you going to do? ≫: Script the acting challenge, you were featured on my page So Eliana Ghen is a popular TikToker and she gave this challenge ≫: You are the blue line ≫: What happened, what’s wrong? ≫: Look what I feraking did ≫: You were supposed to go straight home ≫: I was on my way home. Look, it’s already done, OK, it’s already done ≫: OK, so what are you going to do? ≫: I don’t know ≫: I don’t know about you, I was on the edge of my seat an I really enjoyed that, what I mean by this, again, if you are organisation, say you are a theatre organisation or a politic policy, you can engage in the content in a way that you can’t do in other social media platform If you have a show coming up, you can do a famous live or piece from the show to really engage with your audience Instead of trying to sell the show straight away , do famous lines and get them duet and go back and forth You could potentially hold auditions on it, which we will come to later Here are a couple of examples with arts and TikTok over the last year or so cultures organisations who have used TikTok or partnered with So BFI, they did a partnership for the Future Film festival They ran a challenge in and workshop and competition in collaboration with BFI and the Saatchi Gallery Exhibit TikTok did had marketing. And people vlogged And the Youth Music Award show they did in partnership with TikTok and they did a challenge called Music Shaped Me, which gave awareness to the awards show and the Youth Music Awards But who better to talk to you about what a partnership looks like with TikTok than Joe himself I will hand over to Joe, who will give TikTok. OK JOE: Thank you. Hi everyone you an explanation of how the National Youth Theatre have used I’m Joe Duggan the Head of Communication in Digital at National Youth Theatre TikTok I will talk you through some of the ways we have been using A lot of what Haydn was saying really ringing true there. So here we go So, we formed a relationship with TikTok in 2019 And, the purpose of our partnership was really about reaching new creative talent and inspiring young people with So, I don’t know if you know National Youth Theatre we work young people age 14-25 and we look to discover and nurture young talent. It felt like there was a real synergy with TikTok Over the last sort of six, eight months, we have really learned a lot about what works on the platform for us and what doesn’t and on the left here are some examples of some of our content that we have posted quite early on I’m just going to talk through a bit about what

worked well, what hasn’t worked, what was learned and what we are still learning and happy to take any questions about the journey with TikTok is far at the end, if that is useful So, the first thing we did with TikTok was a hashtag challenge, as was talked about earlier We collaborated with them to create a hashtag challenge , it was nytfindyourstage We launched digital auditions for the first time this year which proved to be very useful once COVID-19 hit and, digital auditions became a big part of what we did and other drama schools and organisations. It was #nytfindyourstage We asked people to submit a song, story, piece of spoken word, a joke More informal than our usual process, we offered to give away 120 auditions to people who submitted content we liked the look of As you see in the top -right we have the content submitted from this challenge was 13 8 million views, it was huge for us, in terms of numbers And, also, enabled us to find some really interesting new talent One of the pieces of video is there from someone us who auditioned in this way saying they had never heard of before, but they saw the challenge and as they lookedded a our auditions on the website, they were too far away — looked at our additions They were based until the middle of the Northern Ireland But they auditioned in this way and were success Alf and have joined the National Youth Theatre What is really obvious to us, is there are young, talented creatives on TikTok making funny, powerful videos in their to do with bedrooms at home and being creative and might have nothing arts or cull do you recall organisations that are formally, publicly funded heard of This partnership is trying to reach a new audience hop haven’t us yet and might benefit from some of our opportunities After our hashtag challenge, I thought I would talk about the lockdown content I’m sure a lot of you will have seen a lot of TikTok stuff during lockdown, lots of families getting involved and just talking about a few things we made that worked well So, we used the duet function to duet on the Matt Lucas videos Matt Lucas, in a nice way, a collaboration, is a National Youth Theatre alumni and patron, he created a song, I’m sure many of you heard during lockdown, about baked potatoes to raise money for the NHS We encouraged some of our members to duet with him on our TikTok channel I think one of the key successes, I would say , with our relationship with TikTok is giving our TikTok channel over to young people a certain amount of time or for a certain piece of content We had guidelines in place, we would give the channel over for This one, for example, got 30,000 views and was a really nice way of showcasing one of our members I will play you a short little piece of that now ≫: Bake potato JOE: Anyone can duet with Matt Lucas on this video t wasn’t a special arranged one with us, Matt got in touch with Polly who sang with her and said he was really impressed That go the a load of views, was easy to do and a nice way to show off some of our membership talent. We did some dance tutorials I would echo, TikTok isn’t a dance platform only We did a production of Midsummer Night’s Dream with great choreography, we got one of the performers to teach the dance on TikTok from their bedroom during lockdown It proved to be a really nice piece of content As I mentioned, members takeover has been successful This is Nayla who is a TikTok whizz and knows all the tricks and is much better than me. She has been creating videos for us When our results came out we did a video on giving people with advice on how to deal with getting results and the right information I would echo that things about trends being really important When we have engaged with TikTok trends it has been successful and not feeling pressure to respond

to every trend or everything having to be on TikTok but finding the things that feel right and going for it and enjoying it and having a glow Go and learning We have learned a lot about what hasn’t worked as what has. — having a G The next thing we have been doing is live educational drama workshops. There is cool educational stuff happening on TikTok We offered a series of livestreamed workshops, the live stream it looks similar to Instagram, with the scrolling text chat We had a moderator in the chat while somebody ran a workshop We found programming them at the same time every week worked well, we did six So there was a drama club-type session at 5:00pm. And this is another one So we reached 3,000 people across six live workshops It was a bit of an experiment but it felt like a really nice way to offer something out, while a lot of drama classes were closed during lockdown and we got really good engagement. I think it is something we will definitely do again in future We got nice comments saying that their youth theatre couldn’t way for them to engage take place because of restrictions, so it was a good I want to show you, one of the things that worked well for us, we asked people running the workshops to create short videos to promote them this is Here is an example of someone who never used TikTok before, the first thing he z he was running a comedy masterclass So, this is the first thing he did on TikTok and I’ll play this now ( I’m not sure – I hope that worked That was an example of someone using one of the functions where he got turned into a crowd It was him being been turned into a clown — I wanted to show you this case study and one of of our members, Megan Bolton in 2018 She joined TikTok at a similar time and has been going on a journey with us and TUC tick since then She makes comedy sketch videos and her as you can see, she has 1 sort of iconic thing is different types of people, but 1 million followers now and 61 million likes on her films And so, we have been working with her to create some content for our channel and also to promote some of the stuff we are doing, so working with her I would really encourage you to think about who n your network, is already on TikTok or who in your shows or in your organisation and, yeah, I think it is funny , think being Matt Lucas started out following at National Youth Theatre, you wonder if the next people in his kind of moves, might be making video on TikTok right now. So a few lessons learned Engage with the trend just don’t recycle from other platforms Original, authentic and personal, put in the personality Putting stuff up that feels really salesy or do over produced hasn’t been too successful I will show you another example of a film we made that followed a trend that I think worked well One of the big things on TikTok was the Don’t Rush Challenge, a song called Don’t Rush themselves We were creating a film with our young people who filmed in their homes and we turned it into a film where we premiered and shared instead of their end-of-year stage show We incorporated the Don’t Rush Challenge into that show and used the to introduce the cast to the audience. I will show you that now so, that is a bit of content we created with a

video editor, but very much using the style of TikTok, a trend, in order to announce a cast in a different way Anyway, finally, I wanted to say, I totally echo Haydn’s comments about it not just being a dance or comedy platform One of the projects we are working on at the moment is the big three-year environmental project in response to the climate crisis and we have started to create there is a environmental content on TikTok channel which followed well and big echo TikTok community, equally, as you saw with the maths things as mentioned earlier, there is a real educational, momentum on TikTok and history is another thing that people use, 60 second videos to teach history , so thinking about heritage projects So this is an overview of things we have been doing on TikTok I’m happy to respond to any questions alongside Haydn that anyone has HAYDN: That was brilliant Thank you for that, Joe What I will do for everybody, I will share the links to some of Joe’s examples when we send through the next deck after the presentation, after the Webinar, so you will get that in the next few days or so. We are now going to move on to questions. Let me get my screen back up I’m now going to see if there are any questions high- Questions I have received so far: Do you need to have a level or regular content of Several times a day. Good question Like any social media platform, the more presence you have, the more likely you will get a bigger audience and the more, the more content you can post I would say, how I normally manage that question on any other platform Think about what you are trying to achieve If it is audience engagement, you will a week have to look at the audience engagement and if you post once trying to , that works for us because of our objectives or if you are say – we are trying to increase our audience engagement by X amount, you may have to post three or four times. It comes down to your objectives. Joe, did you have any thought on that JOE: I would agree. The more the motherrier Equally, I think, with — the more the motherrier, but if you set your regular – expectations of how you are going to post and if it is certain even if it is not three times a day but if you share things at a time every week or every couple of days, I you think just because you are a small organisation doesn’t mean can’t use TikTok or just because you don’t have dedicated social media team or staff member, we don’t at the youth youth youth and we still have found ways of engaging with the audience HAYDN: Another question: Sometimes you see TikTok videos posted across our platforms , do you recommend this, or should they stay on the platform ? As you saw, I had them as part of my presentation, it is a unique feature of TikTok , you can download all of the content yourself and share it to other platforms. As a curator or as a viewer Now, if your content is performing well , why not, you can repurpose it and use it, I don’t see why not Other platforms are allowing people to share TikTok content on their platforms, why not Now that Instagram has reels, you can see people have taken their TikTok videos and uploaded them tints gram If the content is done well in one platform, the likelihood is it’ll it well somewhere else One thing I would say, is if you feel the platform is not quite a platform that you are ready to engage with now , I always believe what you can do from TikTok , because there are so many trends, and there is always where you machine so many variable moments, even if you just have a platform for and you are seen as a lurker or that or who voices content thatness what, you can find the trends are working really well and try to recreate them on the platforms that you are on, so at least you are keeping abreast of current trends that are really engaging with Gen Z or even older people who are engaging on the platform as well That is one thing I would probably look for I don’t think there are any other questions, though. So

that is nice. Sometimes it is not a lot If we have no more questions, then I will do my final thoughts and we will wrap up So, my final thought, so Tik or to Tok, that is the question I say this, hopefully you have watched this presentation and it has given you an idea of how TikTok works And an idea of the importance of being authentic and creating reactive content and showcased to you how other arts and culture organisations are using the platform TikTok is about creativity and as an arts and culture sector it is what we should be about No other social media platform really shines a beacon on being creative like TikTok does or If you are an organisation who wants to change things up a bit try to engage in new and exciting ways , I would definitely recommend TikTok on today’s Webinar. Joe, thank you for joining me Thank you very much for taking part and joining us here I will be sending around this deck and a list of resources within the next few days for everybody who would like to know more or do some further reading or information on the platform Just to let you know as well, the Digital Culture Network is a free arts and culture sector initiative where we can offer free one-to-one consulting We do Webinars like this and we have our brand new website where you can grab a whole load of resources and digital news and information If you would like to get in contact with us, drop us an e-mail and one of our people will get in touch with you to help you with our digital news You can get in touch with us at the addresses on the screen: Thank you very much I believe our next Webinar is on 1st October And it’ll be around e-commerce The wonderful Emma Roberts will be doing a really good presentation about how you can start to generate income using e-commerce and digital marketing. Thank you everybody again. Enjoy the rest of your day. Thank you