Battling Lost Sight

that’s sunwing an elusive little sign up riding that’s some way something that sometimes far away rest peace quiet are not things that we readily value in our world and what we do it seems like perhaps were being a little lazy we’re chasing after things like that there is a man what see his doctor the insistence of his wife see what would get a man to a doctor right and I went to the doctor and I said well I gotta be honest with you I’m not doing the things I used to do there are things that I’m really struggling there are things I’m struggling with in my life that I used to always do all the time that I am no longer seeming to be able to do it used to be I got a lot of work accomplished and this is it seems like I can ever get around hi Jaden I could never get around to come see me us um Peters misbehavior and jayden is coming to see me so she’s going to fix probably anyway so he say I you know what I can’t see me ever gets worth lon my wife is working hard around me around the house and I just can’t get off the couch I don’t know what’s happening the doctor ran over lunch test it came back to him and said I’m going to put this in simple English you’re lazy he said well that’s fine in simple English but can you give it to me in lab in the middle terms so that when I go back and see my wife she won’t understand what you’re saying on the one hand in our society we seem to really look out to laziness if you watch TV if you talk to people today there’s something that it seems our society admires it and yet on the other hand on the other hand busyness is actually the great source of pride in our life there are so many things that distract us from being able to set aside the work and busyness of our life to really be able slow down up to take time to listen to go four years ago I was that to a pastor’s conference down a Calvary we were at the convention center down there and it was brand-spanking-new I think we were the second to be able to use the particular room where we were worship and we have this worship team plane and we had all the pastors from our area together and we were all singing praise of God when all of a sudden fire alarm went off let’s tell you we tried to keep what you know how it is when a fire one goes off and put nobody moved of course we did it will leave we did it back to eight but we didn’t stay and we tried to fight Toronto we try to continue singing but I’ll tell you even though we continue to sing the worship it ended because worship is not just singing isn’t the worship it ended because the distractions had caught up with us the distractions of life were there and we couldn’t stop listen to the things of God now the bad news is Jesus is going to call this cycle sport they’re going to go and try to go to quiet spot we’re going to smell the next week that they get reality dumped upon them they are able to actually enjoy their solitude in any way a huge crowd catches up with them but we are called dress I’m just going to leave what I read earlier is exactly same version is slightly diff versions english standard version on screen but i can leave it up there so we kind of all along as we go but we are called to be people who occasionally come to breast you go back

to the Old Testament there is love written about the idea of the Sabbath the Sabbath comes from the hebrew word for stop stop Ezekiel chapter 20 says I gave them my Sabbath’s as a sign between me and them that they might know that I am the lord who sanctifies them God gave his people again a time to just stop why they come around help vacation what’s the thing might know God they might know the Lord it says and not just God in general the God who is at work in their life God who is sanctifying them it was a gift this salad that comes right from Genesis 1 that was built into the very rhythm of how God created life a couple of chapters later sin enters the world and what happens when sin enters the world the curse is given God explains them here is the curse that comes with sin and what is it it is toil in his work in his labor that feels and is sometimes meaningless since work stress and busyness are part of the curse of sin we need to occasionally get away from it we need to occasionally step away from busyness happen frequently in the Old Testament the rest was commanded there was commands with the rest for the land to occasionally leave a foul there is demands to feasts and festivals at certain moments the air when he stepped away from what you were regular doing had spent concentrated time in worship and in prayer there were the rotator years Jubilee sent out that part in the Old Testament law and Jesus comes along and he turned to all that they were doing upside down because they had actually turned the Sabbath into something stressful they had all these rules and regulations and the religious leaders had made the Sabbath actually not a time of stopping but a time while you better get ready than I before you have to do this and this this and then he had to follow this rule in that role of measuring yourself and then it became stressful Jesus started breaking some of their applause even because he stopped doing away with the idea comes along and says you’re missing the point I want you to occasionally pause bask in the glow of God know the story the gospel Luke of Mary and Martha these two sisters Jesus goes to them and one spends her entire time working and the other Mary spends her time sitting in the seat of Jesus sitting at the feet of Jesus or Jesus praises the one who’s not all preparing the meal the one who’s just sitting listening and being in the presence of Jesus and here in our passage in mark that’s on the screen behind me is one of many times in which Jesus either steps aside himself or takes his disciples and pull them aside and they try to get away from the dizziness and the clamor and the noise to stop to pray and reconnect the time to get perspective a time to spend with their God it became all I important to Jesus to spend time in this wall and it’s example for each one about their this is this is not while being lazy fact Jesus says you know what there’s a lot happening here I’ve got to get away from it you know this is in the context of the disciples coming back Jesus set them up 16 teams of two I went to head out to this village in that village in

that village I want you to preach in my name I want you to bring healing I want you to bring hope and love and salvation I want you to point people towards me go on into it and they come back and do what it’s a lot like what just happened a few min school when nails came up until the story of the blessing days we kind of had that last Sunday night we were picking out our kids up grabbing them and all that teens were coming back from doing this what really happens they’ve gone out they’ve done the work of jayden the story start to flow oh there was this person we pray with that person and and there was this person who say I would believe more stories else had time to share funny actually rephrase that were stories that I were loud nails to share this morning because take the whole message time I know he could off and it would it be very powerful so that’s the teens about what allows me to get some oysters that’s what’s happening to the second spring to come back hey guess what happened and they’re all excited and they’ve got lots of stories and they come back and Jesus is surrounded by crowds and there’s more people to tell about love and there’s more people to heal and there’s one people who need to know and in the midst of all that need Jesus says let’s get involved let’s get away from it see there’s something about this in an ALICE portion of Christianity about a rhythm of light where we go go to the world and then back into Jesus rest is not about being lazy it’s about refocusing great German preacher during the World War two ERA dietrich von offer called his nation in the midst of being corrupted by Nazis and back to the gospel and eventually lost his life in a concentration camp because of it he wrote a number of books one of which in which he’s calling the German people back to God he has two chapters that are side by side called the day together and the day alone and the idea the day together is part of the Christian culling is to get out into the world and spend time with people who just really need to hear the message of Jesus and then there’s the day loan which we get back and regroup and refocus worshiping and praying and hearing the story of what Jesus doing in our life Jesus gives us jobs doom we go out and do it but we also back and refocus we have this continual movement of going between what God has called us to do in work we’re being ministry but it’s also being the jobs he’s given us it’s the work that he does is give us and raising her children being part of the community volunteering all those things were called to do but we also have moments time where we stopped we put it aside and if we’re missing either one of those things something’s missing from the Christian world water Jesus has sent his disciples out to work hard and now pause so that the work is not for the sake of the work but it is for the sake of Jesus and that we remember that it is all about Jesus this is an opportunity to focus on the things of God and we are designed to spend quiet time before our God there’s a lot of artificial attempts to do this humanity we know that there’s something missing so you know I mean you go to almost any Street karma these days and find yoga classes you can find things like the Tai Chi and all those things i just sold quite you mind why because society those are something missy they don’t want to that i want to serve be quiet for God and there so we come up with other babies we know that we’re too busy we worship busyness we worship dare I say stress we take a pride in our busy we are

God calls us to something different and the world knows this isn’t working so it comes up with all sorts way we need however to learn to quiet our hearts before our God this is these worlds of charles spurgeon even beasts of burden must be turned out to grass occasionally the very sea pauses in a band flood earth keeps the Sabbath of the wintry months and man even went exalted to God’s ambassador must rest or faint the strip is lampre let it burn low must recruit his vigor grow up prematurely old in the long run we shall do more sometimes by doing less see the purpose of all this is we tend to a news site we tend to what’s interesting I was reading as was preparing for this about a study that was done was over the course of the last hundred years was talking about the fact that in the Western world as a whole we sleep two hours last night on average that we did 100 years ago and then kind of put it into a graph and i was looking at this about how slowly we’ve slept less i was looking this pretty enough there’s more to it than this but it struck me as interesting okay that as i was looking at this graph but i was thinking the way this graft drops in our sleep life I’ve noticed that this is the graph get slower and more so much sleep we get the divorce rate gets higher and higher I’m not sure that’s completely I think it is not sure is there a connection between I mean we’re not talking about sleep here in this passage although that’s a part of it we sleep because we get rest there is a connection between sleep and rusting certainly you know there are a lot of animals that have no trouble relaxing I think of a bearing and hibernate all winter why can’t it sleek whole winner was it out to worry about who’s going to come home and attack it how about to watch a dog laying in a sunbeam when they do that they are secure their safe when tell you the only way we can dress this learned we say right until you an animal that has trouble sleeping it’s what we usually associate with sleep it’s the sheep sheep out something to worry about don’t then I was reading that a while back that she can even get themselves so worried is the point of exhaustion they can actually bring themselves to the point of death but when they feel secure and safe in such a place in that they can see the shepherd they can rest okay now there was once a shepherd boy by the name of David who wrote the Lord is my shepherd I shall not want he makes me lie down in green pastures he leads me beside still waters he restores my soul do you think the shower to kind of understood that that sheepy get stressed out of times but when they see the shepherd they compressed I’m going to tell you there’s this circle if we learn to rest we can see the shepherd and the more we see the shepherd the more we can rest where we can rest the more to see the show we may have a desire to be busy but perhaps that’s rooted in our insecurities as people sheep succeed only when they can see the show that is true of our lives rest to the body because we have rests to soil it is a hard thing to do it’s a hard lesson for churches I mean we keep continually and busy all of us have you in sir I’ve got money we don’t have family there are these concerns of life they keep us going might say hey can’t really slow down I’ve got work schedule I up as a kids I volunteer in all sorts of places including at the church and pastor your piercing it can be quiet i’m over here lots of the church that keeps you busy there are points of time where big busy is fine as long as we can take time to quiet and I got to be honest with you i am not the best at this do you know what

if I what climate church here praying and the phone rings either need to answer it for I feel so guilty that I didn’t answer it that I might as well go through targa it’s hard somebody’s got some need and they call me up but I can’t just say no I’m not good at it but we need to find ways to quiet our seals it means by going for a walk and friend or finding and searching for ways the nourish your soul you have nature looking or listening to music to making sure that we we take the time to study scripture pray make it used to be out some in the church Kali the daily office which was an idea was you at some point during the day or a couple times during the day all of a sudden you take a five-minute break dream and pray to read a couple verses scripture break that’s a great idea though most people that doesn’t work so well show you amazing well nigh phone you may have heard to be probably them or something similar do what I can do on this thing it’s quite incredible I can settle marvelous sent to silently vibrate in my pocket a couple times the day and I may not be able to stop everything but maybe I can take in just a couple seconds if this thing vibrates and reminds me maybe I just need to take two seconds of quietly say God keep me fully subtly with your spirits of it that’s insulting her it doesn’t we could use technology for some good because we tend to focus more on distractions that come up for it to learn to worship it’s hard to learn to listen takes work what you see on the screen behind what’s there I heard that you’ve got a dot hopefully we see a dot to what’s interesting ninety-eight percent of that screen is white what do we notice the dot the two percent there we notice that you do you what that’s how it is like that dark is a distraction on the white screen we get distracted by busyness by the world and vital things that happen around us so easily that’s human nature but it’s not an excuse for not taking time in our day and our week to pause and to worship to praise to hear and to learn to sit at the feet of Jesus the pause in our life this talk is to remind us that life is about Jesus the life is rounded she says accorded this verse many times from the Gospel of John now this is eternal life that they might know you and Jesus Christ whom you have sent knowing God knowing Jesus is what life is all about and the pause and her life is to remind us of that I’m not called in my life to preach you were not calling your life to be a sundae soaring teacher you’re not calling your life to shrink you’re not all your life to work but all of us are called to serve Jesus that’s what were called to be servants of Jesus and I’m going to tell you he never stopped message we’re going to forget that we lose perspective this about battles is part of love and we don’t think of being quiet and resting as a battle but really it is the better it is the battle against losing perspective it is the battle against losing our vision for the things of Jesus how do we learn to focus your eyes on Jesus and that is quiet when I sing