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– From history to community to family fun! Boca Raton has something for everyone I’m Frank Licari Join me as we go On The Town in The Palm Beaches (upbeat music) – [Announcer] This program is brought to you by Discover The Palm Beaches Visit for more information (upbeat music) – [Susan] A lot of people think Boca Raton means rat’s mouth It really means mouse mouth – [Frank] Oh so it’s a little smaller mouth – Boca Ratones was a name and navigational term for a rocky inland basically The punch-line is, the original Boca Ratones wasn’t here at all It was in Biscayne Bay in Miami Beach and somehow in the early 19th century some mapmaker made an error and everybody followed suit – He messed it up! – He messed it up We got the name slapped on our inland – [Frank] This may have never been Boca Raton at all And the early settlers were whom? – [Susan] Farmers from all over North Floridians but also Michiganders Vermont – [Frank] They had a railroad There were places they could farm, make a living Tell me about Pearl City – [Susan] It’s actually our oldest existing neighborhood 102 years old It was established specifically for the African American community back in 1915 Because of their prime location, over the years many developers have swooped in and tried to obtain that entire few blocks for development and the residents have resisted – What else you got for me here? – You’re missing World War Two – Yes tell me about World War Two – [Mary] We had a huge army airbase out north of Palmetto, west of Dixie The whole northwestern section of the city They taught pilots radar here – They were masking it as radio technology right? Tell me about this building that we’re in – Currently we’re celebrating the 50th anniversary of IBM In ’81 the PC came out of Boca and all her descendants did as well – This is the original Silicon Valley? – Yes that’s right! That’s exactly right – Who knew that? I had no idea ♪ This is the day ♪ This is the day ♪ This is the day ♪ That the Lord has made ♪ This is the day – I’m in it! – My people of God say yeah! – My spirit has been lifted We got some singers in here! What have you seen here over the years? What are the changes that have happened because you’re the original city? – What I remember about it is the dirt roads We would walk barefoot through the path then go over to our grandmothers house in the hot sand When she first came here she was living in a thatch hut All we did was fish and hunt – That’s all probably you could do at that time right? Pastor Troy you got here in December and you came to this very historic church The oldest church in the area Tell me what your initial impression was when you first got here – To be honest with you I never knew that there was a place called Pearl City According to the church, this is Macedonia in Boca Raton Then you pull in and there’s this sign that says historic Pearl City Then you start to get all the stories and you really start to uncover what the truth is about everything – What do you see what’s the future here? – There’s a sign, when you walk in, that says in this place we do loud, we do big, we do family, we do love I think that’s just what I want for this place – That’s a recipe for success in anything – That’s how it works right? – Great stuff thank you (relaxing music) (upbeat music) – [John] Mizner his vision back in 1920s, for what a destination resort should be, is what every developer has tried to emulate then all the way through today – A pioneer in how everything sort of gone from then on right? – [John] He mined for gold in California He traveled to China His father was an ambassador in Guatemala and their unbelievable stories there He hung out and spent time with Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand That was that passion for that Mediterranean (mumbles) architecture that we see today – [Frank] Most people think it’s the stucco It’s the barrel tile roofs but not only that, he designed the furniture – [John] These are original pieces of furniture The Mizner manufactured to put in the hotel guest rooms He just didn’t have visions for this – [Frank] Look at this! It’s like IKEA You put them together yourself

– [John] This was the original lobby of the Cloister Inn in 1926 Over a period of time in the evolution we’ve become the Boca Raton Resort Club (happy music) This is where Mizner in 1920s felt like the tiles looked too new, and actually had the artisans crack the tiles and replaced them in the fountains – Each individual tile? – 1925 we opened in ’26 There are stories about these archways you’ll see and they actually technically should be upside down In terms of what your formal architect will tell you needs to be done – I see because it’s top-heavy – That’s exactly it! This was originally all open air You would transition from the outside into the cathedral Fun part about that was, back in those days in the 20s, you had really two choices of sitting Today we have 13 restaurants and lounges – [Frank] People want to eat every hour of the day – [John] Every hour of the day – This door feels like it should have a moat in front of it – When Mizner opened the hotel, in the original Cloister – [Frank] People were taller? – He had this great statement, it was around the holidays and he said, from these parochial doors may eggnog and holiday spirit always flow – I love it let’s see it I almost want to get married again (laughter) (upbeat music) Tell me about his relationship with Flagler – I think obviously a positive one Without Flagler you would not have the accessibility down here He didn’t just have the vision for the great resort, he wanted to build the entire community From the train station to the resort he envisioned this gondola that would bring you here and you would stay for weeks, months seasons or a year – [Frank] You’re good you’re on the ocean and the inner-coast so you got best of both worlds here Tell me about the ferry ride Where can I take this boat? – [John] The Mizner’s dream, hence a wink to his vision, takes you from the main resort over to the beach club It connects the inner-coastal waterway to what he used to call sugar sand You could stay here and never leave – [Ben] When we purchased this home 22 years ago – This is an original Mizner construction yes? Can we take a look outside in a little bit? Alright let’s do it (wind chimes) What are we looking at with Ed Mizner? What was his signature sort of his exterior here? – [Ben] Some of the primary features are the stucco exterior and the barrel tile roofs You’ll also notice the mullions on the windows and doors – What is a mullion? Those little strips there – [Ben] It’s a Spanish-Mediterranean motif – [Frank] It’s great really really pretty We see this all over South Florida really – [Ben] Mizner was primarily responsible for it There were 26 of these homes built in over us This was the original neighborhood – [Frank] This is some serious deep history here And you’re a part of it – [Ben] Yes I am! – If I was to come back to college what would I be studying here at Lynn University? What would you say is your focal point here? – [Taryn] Business certainly is our largest college – I’m not going into business – [Taryn] Communication that’s a really popular one – [Frank] Communication’s good I like that – [Taryn] Everything from aviation management to fashion and retail (mumbles) – You teach people how to fly? Do you have all ages that come and do these programs? We have our typical 17 year olds and we had a student graduate last year that was 80 – [Frank] How many students? – [Taryn] About 3000 students – [Frank] You’re really doing well! – [Taryn] Just about 100 nations – [Frank] Alright Lynn University Boca Who knew that? – Right now we’re in the Wold Performing Arts Center that was dedicated a few years ago It’s really cool the inside of it was made to look like the inside of a violin so the acoustics are incredible The chandeliers were brought in from the MET – I have never seen a violin with a chandelier in the middle of it – That’s unique to Lynn – [Frank] Every year here we do something called the Student Showcase of Films What does that bring to your campus? – [Taryn] The best talent probably from all over the state of Florida – [Frank] Isn’t the host amazing? I mean he’s really good! And entertaining so handsome – [Taryn] The talent brought to the campus, for our students to be rubbing shoulders with them is absolutely incredible – You make it sound like I should wanna be here Something for everyone at Lynn University As we already heard Pearl City is the oldest neighborhood in Boca Let’s head down the street and check out some of our new neighbors in West Boca (fun music) From Mission Bay to Boca Del Mar to Boca West and The Oaks Tons of neighborhoods have sprung up in West Boca

over the past couple of decades Bringing with them well over 100 thousand residents The unincorporated area known as West Boca, is also home to one of Palm Beaches biggest county parks the Burt Aaronson South County Regional Park The park features Coconut Cove Waterpark Complete with water slides and a river ride and the Daggerwing Nature Center With live animals and hands-on science exhibits It’s also home to the Sunset Cove Amphitheater featuring national touring acts and weekly community movie and food truck nights Heck you can even play a round of golf at the parks Osprey Point Golf Course One of the state’s best public courses West Bocas is also home to the Evert Tennis Academy where former tennis star Chris Evert and her family are dedicated to finding tennis’s next rising star Speaking of stars, I hear there’s a spot in Boca that glitters like the Broadway stage Let’s check it out! (happy music) Walking in here today I feel completely and grossly underdressed and that’s because we’re surrounded by all these beautiful costumes – You are at The Wick Theatre & Costume Museum and every year we have a new incredible exhibit that is up for the season Bling is our newest exhibit and it is all about rhinestones and glitz Hollywood Broadway film, the circus the cruise ships You will need your sunglasses – Where do all these costumes come from? Because obviously you transform this room into this whole thing – [Kimberly] We are the largest collector of theatrical costumes in the country and we’re the largest rental house We rent clothing to theaters all over the United States My incredible mother started this 40 years ago – Good job mom! Way to go! – [Marilynn] We’ve been buying up wardrobes and collecting garments for over 40 years In 2005 we bought the largest costume house in New York City and it was the most historical wardrobes that anyone could ever purchase There were over 50 original Broadway works in it It really put us on the map because our long-term mission is to preserve these clothes and to keep them alive forever because they absolutely cannot ever be replaced – [Frank] People come from all over to come and view the costumes – [Kimberly] They literally come from all over the world We have a tour every day at 11 o’clock It’s choreographed to music, sound lights projections Every single day seven days a week We have our gorgeous dining room that’s inspired by Tavern On The Green We have the beautiful chandelier in cristal and China and all the lovely (mumbles) of the famed restaurant – [Frank] All in Boca – [Kimberly] All in Boca! (lively music) (upbeat music) – [Frank] From Brooklyn what brought you here? – As a kid I always loved the weather down here I got tired of shoveling snow It’s just a beautiful place to raise a family What’s my dish what am I getting? – The place is always known for the big huge sandwiches like Michelangelo Bronx Bombers Wide big tall Most people can’t finish them We do a all you can eat buffet – What makes it a Michelangelo? Obviously is it named after him? – Well all the sandwiches are named after a famous Italian inventors singers composers – Here’s what I’m feeling right now Do you remember watching the Flintstones? (laughter) Remember when they dropped the big ribs on his car and it would tip over? This is what I feel like – With a Brontosaurus burger – The Brontosaurus burger yeah you’re with me give it Nice Flintstone reference Who eats this? How can you do this? Have you ever eaten one? – Yeah plenty of times That’s why I look like this here (laughter) – What’s the secret? How do I do this without completely making a mess of myself and the sandwich – Just grab it from both ends and just start eating – Alright you ready? (crunch) Oh my God! The taste is fantastic – It’s a good sandwich That’s why I bought the place ’cause of that sandwich – You say sandwich – [Frank Todisco] It’s the right way to say it – That’s the only way to say it Do you make the bread in-house? – [Frank Todisco] We make the bread in-house Everything is hand-made The pastel my wife makes every morning The meatballs everybody loves – [Frank] That’s why you’re here seven days a week This is the place to come Talia’s Tuscan Table (crunch) (happy music) I met up with Mickey Gomez He runs Boca’s huge parks system stretching from the beach to the western edge of the city – We have 46 parks Oceanfront parks tennis centers

– [Frank] But that’s not all The department has golf courses and more As a matter of fact, here at Sugar Sand Park, there’s a multi-story playground and a classic carousel that rivals any boardwalk Sugar Sands Jim Henegar says they’ve got something for everybody – [Jim] This is a 14 thousand square foot facility We’ll get you houses, two high school basketball courts, and we can accommodate six pickle ball courts It just seems to be a popular sport – I’m sorry go back pickle ball? What is pickle ball? – That’s a good question Pickle ball is almost like a combination of ping pong and tennis The couple that invented that had a dog named Pickle – [Frank] So it has nothing to do with pickles? – Behind us right now is a (mumbles) exercise class – Ladies can I do some work out with you? – [Woman] Yes come on join us – What are we doing? – [Woman] Give me a jump at the top! Go like this the whole time – Do I look as awkward as I feel? I think I’m good This was good I’m gonna go collapse in the back (upbeat music) – This is our permanent hands-on exhibit here at the Exploreum Everything that you see is all built in-house by two super-genius guys The room is all about physical sciences – [Frank] That makes sense – [Daniele] We have a lot of stuff that has to do with the states of matter – [Frank] What are we watching? – [Daniele] This is the vortex The balls are actually going around and they’re traveling the same way that our planets do around the sun This is only one part of the larger park and so they’ll come in here, they’ll hang for maybe 20 minutes to a couple of hours, but then once they’re done here they have a ton of other places to play throughout the park as well We have a live performance theater and we do kid shows, family shows as well as adult shows – [Frank] And you do classes there as well? – [Daniele] We do have classes in the community center – [Frank] I want to bring my family here What are you charging me? – This is a donation based facility Come on in we don’t want anything from you (calm music) – [Frank] Gumbo Limbo where’s that come from ’cause it sounds like a dish that I would get in Louisiana – [Leanne] It does right? We’re actually coming up to a gumbo limbo tree right now Here’s an example right here It’s also known as the tourist tree You see it has red peeling bark You’ll find gumbo limbos throughout our hammock here – [Frank] This is called a hammock? – [Daniele] This is our coastal hammock Here you’ll find 75 thousand gallons of aquariums and what we’re mostly known for is our Sea Turtle Rehabilitation Facility – Can we see some of the aquariums and some of the turtles? – Yeah let’s go! – Let’s do it – [Daniele] This is Bush Bush is an adult loggerhead Those little tiny turtles will grow to that in about 20 years Bush is unfortunately another victim of human interaction and when he came in his other flipper was entangled in a buoy off the beach Sea turtles believe it or not, can survive missing a front flipper – [Daniele] He’s not gonna swim in circles the rest of his life He will figure it out It’s just gonna take a while – [Frank] He’s gotta relearn Once you get him back to semblance of health do you release him back? These are the two aquariums that you have yes? – We actually have four – You have four? How many different types of fish do we have here? – [Daniele] We have about four thousand fish total We bring them here so folks like you and I can see them We take good care of them We feed them lots and as they get a little bigger we move them out of the mangrove tank into our near shore tank – [Frank] This is the graduation – [Daniele] They move from elementary school to middle school – This is middle Is there a high school? – We got high school and college – This is the high school – This is our coral reef tank – [Frank] They get a little crankier right? – [Daniele] A little bigger – [Frank] Rebellious they don’t like their parents They’re not doing what they’re supposed to be doing They’re not doing they’re homework Stealing the car in the middle of the night – [Daniele] This represents the reef that you might see in – Snorkeling to scuba diving A little deeper – Maybe 50 60 feet of water – Where is college? – [Daniele] College is next door This is our shipwreck tank This ship was built specifically for this aquarium and this represents if you went scuba diving on an artificial reef A shipwreck 80 90 feet of water – Thank you so much – Thanks for coming by – It’s been very educational I feel like I wanna go back to school now – You’re welcome to come back any time – ‘Cause my life does feel like a shipwreck (laughter) The first thing I wanna know The question everyone’s gonna ask is why? – When I started college I went here and all I did, as you can see there’s a lot of trees I’ve climbed every single tree in this parking lot These two lifeguards one day challenged me they said, hey can you do this? I didn’t know how to do it – It was a challenge? Tell me about your Guinness record – [Ashwin] I did it to raise money for charity – Look at you! You gotta heart

The man’s gotta heart What do you do to train? – [Ashwin] I walk on my hands really far I think the key is shoulders, a strong core – Basically nothing of what I have lends itself to walking on my hands – That’s not true you have the ability to do it and the reason why? You have hands – I have hands – You also have a spine You have low back muscles – I’ve been told that my spine is very good – You have a good spine? – I have a great spine – Who told you that chiropractor? – The ladies in my life (crickets) What’s your after treat? Where do you go? You go party somewhere? – We get coconuts (deep breaths) (happy music) – [Frank] If I come to this town what makes it so special? – We put a high value on quality of life here We have all A rated schools We have 1600 acres of parks A vibrant downtown Florida Atlantic University Lynn University During the summer every Friday night we have tribute bands at our amphitheater We draw five to six thousand people every Friday night It’s just a exciting place A lot of younger individuals – [Frank] I look around and you’ve got families, you’ve got the older generation, you’ve got the younger generation all sort of mingling together and that’s a rare thing where you can have everybody going out in the same area and still enjoying their time – Boca’s a very special place – In the 70s and 80s you couldn’t not be successful if you were a part of what was going on Part of what kept me here was the success I was having making money – That’ll do it That would keep me somewhere too (ominous music) Tell me about this space here What does it bring to the community – It’s a gathering place where everybody in this community comes for one reason or another either to shop or for a concert But when the public events are going on it’s just a nice open space – Between the education, the hospital the arts It has everything that you could possibly want – [Frank] The beach doesn’t hurt – [Barb] Yes got the beach Then you’ve got a downtown park here where everybody gathers – [Frank] We’ve loved everything about Boca but obviously being someone that’s responsible for a lot of the stuff we’re seeing That’s really exciting! Thank you guys! We’re here at FAU Stadium in Schnellenberger Field Home of the Florida Atlantic Owls Although the stadium looks empty now every December it’s home to the Boca Bowl One of college football’s most unique bowl games You can come here and sit in one of 30 thousand seats 24 luxury suites Even have a drink at the tiki bar It’s the only stadium in the country with a view of the Atlantic Ocean When you come for the game you can stay for the vacation (relaxing music) – Tin Muffin Cafe It is this hot spot in Boca It’s a hidden gem – Where did you hear that from? – Everywhere that’s why you’re packed There’s not enough space for all these people When did it start? – [Brent] About 22 years ago we were in the restaurant business for quite a few years – [Frank] You decided to do your own – [Brent] Did our own – [Frank] We do sandwiches We do salads It’s lunch right? – [Brent] Only lunch yeah and private parties and take out and catering – [Frank] The other thing that you do, this is what I’ve been hearing about, is these homemade cakes – [Brent] Everything’s homemade here – [Frank] Everything is homemade? If I came to your place for the first time this is what you would tell me to – [Brent] The chocolate cake the banana cake – Can I try it? – Yeah please do – I’m a big chocolate lover This is your invention? – They’re mine and my business partners – [Frank] This is a very impressive chocolate cake – [Brent] Thank you very much – Obviously it’s a very popular restaurant Everybody seems to be having fun I wanted to tell from all over Florida you’re doing a wonderful job (relaxing music) – [Frank] If I could only spend 30 seconds here where would you take me? – I think we’re right here in the heart of things right here on the second floor which is a mixture of museum, collection and works alone primarily from local collectors – [Frank] All local mostly right? – [Irvin] Many of these artists are breaking those boundaries from what is real on the outside to something that is special What is magical? What is spiritual here on the inside? Every day that you come in you may find something else that’s of interest Some day it may be a photograph Some day it may be an abstract painting – [Frank] You get people form all over I’m assuming to come through – Of course in Boca Raton we’ve got a population that’s here year-round – If I wanna get into, do you have classes can you hold here? – Not here at the museum but in our original museum building we have an arts school It’s a great program What we like to say is that, the art museum is about thinking and making

To have both it can be fairly well-rounded – Can we check out the sculpture? Let’s go outside (fun music) As I’m strolling here I feel like I should have a little coffee, a little music playing Tell me a little bit about the history of some of these sculptures – The sculpture garden I think is really the heart of downtown and Boca Raton How special is it to have works of art that are outside We were recently given a collection of some 25 sculptures The Beaumont sculptures the figures The Sophie Ryder The horse and the rabbit are all recent acquisitions – I can come in here and stroll and take my time – It’d be our pleasure to have you – Thank you Irwin appreciate it (upbeat music) I’m in it! Whether it’s Pearl City’s early settlers, Addison Mizner’s grand resort, or Boca fields secret World War Two history, Boca Raton is a history lovers dream It boasts amazing parks and beaches Where else in South Florida can you hop on a classic carousel? We hope you enjoyed discovering Boca Raton and that you’ll join us next time we go on the town in The Palm Beaches – [Announcer] This program is brought to you by Discover The Palm Beaches Visit for more information