Chuck Wilcher – In The Sight Of The Lord

okay I want you to turn to your bulletin okay turn to your bulletin we just read second Samuel 6 where David brings back the ark design and dances half naked before all of Israel and Saul’s daughter well we got a problem there right Saul’s daughters loyal to who Saul and he’s been one dethroned and he lost the ability to rule in the kingdom forever because of his transgression David is so joyous the presence of the Lord that he says he’s playing for joy David is concerned and is he is not concerned about the eyes of Israelites on him is he he’s only concern and joy is his actions before the Lord that’s all he cares about he’s operating on the basis of the Lord’s site and that on men’s sight and you hear his response to Saul’s daughter he says I’ll be more vile if that’s vile I’ll be more vile than that in days to come in for joy of the Lord I mean look at David’s response to the blessing of the presence of the Lord in Zion what was David’s sin more than that he’s kind of a womanizer that guy yeah you know who do you think he loved more his wives are the Lord that goes without saying doesn’t it that goes without saying should it have been that way did David have his favorite yeah he did did Solomon have his favorite with all his wives yeah he did then why all the other wise you know and one of the reasons is because they could he could take care of all home you know and for various reasons to political reasons he would marry and you know foreign nations Gentiles thought that if the King married their daughter right the king’s daughter then he could never deal harshly with them but that all said David’s joy was before the Lord David’s joy was before the Lord is he going to sit as king in the kingdom on the earth over Israel yeah the dynasty and he’s going to be on the throne okay the Lord Jesus Christ is on the throne for the whole universe not just the kingdom on the earth but I bring this up because of David’s attitude towards his actions inside of the Lord not met he does not regard what men think he regards what the Lord sees in his behavior and it’s a good example of what I want to look at in the bulletin notice First Samuel 16 7 1st Samuel 16 7 here’s a principal in the scriptures for Samuel 16 7 it’s a principle that follows throughout the scriptures and it came to pass when they were come that he looked upon Eliab and said surely the Lord’s anointed is before him okay this is samuel the prophet and Samuel the Prophet is influenced by the appearance of men was saw a celebrity looking guy absolutely was he’s tall head and shoulders above everybody his countenance shown I mean this guy this guy looked good on camera he looked good

what about his heart there’s the problem see if you looked at appearance you go well that’s the King so Samuel he’s bringing folks influenced by their appearance and notice what the Lord’s response to Samuel the Prophet is but the Lord said unto Samuel looked not on the countenance or on the height of his stature because I have refused him for the Lord see if not as man said the Lord looks at a thing totally different than we look at a thing you get all caught up and how you look at a thing and you think it’s devastating and all there is we go through these episodes and he says for man looketh on one can you think of a society that looks more on the outward appearance than ours I can’t wasn’t all this always that way in America but it certainly is now and it’s ridiculous in terms of being a believer and knowing the truth but the Lord looketh on ball one heart can we see the harder one another can we see a heart that’s sick can we see a heart that’s unfaithful can we see a heart that’s faithful and that ability comes from where God the Holy Spirit in us teaching us the truth about how things really are what’s important what’s not um I was listening to rush limbaugh on the radio and he was talking about his hearing problem he has a hearing problem he has cochlear implants and he was saying losing your hearings not like any losing any of your other senses he says you can’t tell that a person’s death says you can tell they’re blind you can tell they’re lame there in a wheelchair but he says death folks can’t even explain what it is to be deaf I mean you can cut you can cover your eyes and and and see what I saw a kid do that one time he bullet he’d kept his eyes shut and he had a stick and he’s pretending for like a half an hour that he’s blind right you can sit down in a wheelchair and see what it would be like not to have legs but you cannot see what it is to be deaf even if you try to cover your ears you still hear sound it’s it’s an unusual thing you know to have that happen and it’s kind of like that in the Lord what kind of sight do you have Paul says in Ephesians the eyes of your what understanding being what enlightened that’s talking about the eyes of the inward man that’s not talking about the eyes of the outward man your soul has eyes and the Lord would have you look at things the way he does does he look at outward appearance do we do believers nine times out of 10 it’s my experience nine times out of ten not all time you see faithful brethren that are built up and they don’t look at the outward appearance it’s insignificant to them Samuel had a lesson here it’s a principle throughout the scriptures take a look at Acts chapter 14 X chapter 4 verse 19 x 4 19 I love this here and if you look at your bulletin there you go when Peter and John were brought before the rulers the elders the scribes the high priest of Israel they asked this question they asked this question of them here’s the spiritual leaders quote unquote of the nation and Peter and John asked him this but Peter and John answered and said unto them whether it be right in the sight of God to hearken unto you more than God what does he say judge thee you judge same with us what’s more important I’m going to do what I’m going to do because of sight of man or I’m going to do what I’m going to do because of the sight of God judge thee judge thee what are you going to do and that’s why Peter and John are asking this Peter and John are saying are you going to have sight

in the Lord or are you concerned with the sight of man and should we respond to you guys or should we respond to what we what’s been committed to us right by Christ by God or what did you know what they call the Great Commission acular Matthew Mark Luke and John was it given to Peter and John yep is that what the rulers of Israel we’re on board with no so they’re asking that question have you thought about this are you with the Lord or do you have this religious agenda it has nothing to do with the Lord and what he sees take a look at Galatians 3 the fundamental question is do you operate on the basis of God’s sight and the choices you make in the inward man or man’s sight of your outward appearance and that’s the question before all of us quite frankly every day every day Galatians 3 11 Galatians 3 11 Galatians 3 11 now this hits at the fundamental question and puts two factions at odds religion and believers okay look at Galatians 3 verse 11 but that no man is justified by the law in sight of who will God acknowledge any man or woman that thinks they’re justified by keeping the law by performance-based acceptance not in the sight of God do you care what God sees you show someone the gospel you show someone how to walk in the Lord by grace through faith does it matter to you what God’s in God’s sight is accepted well I got a lot of friends I I’ve been going there a long time I got a lot invested in it I’m really proud of the appearance of it I like going there and going whoo look at this place look at this stuff you know in this building a stained glass you know and all the fanfare or do you care about God’s sight and what he’s looking at because he’s not looking at religion and justification does not come by keeping the law performance-based acceptance either to gain salvation on God’s wrath onsen or to gain salvation in your what conduct and service he will not accept that in his sight he will not do you care about God’s sight how many times have you shown folks not only the gospel they didn’t respond but save folks the truth of how we’re to serve and they don’t regard it you know it’s like we read before who do you hearken to who has the grip on your little heart your soul that’s the question who do you really care about are you totally deceived as a believer and function on the basis of what men think if if you do it’s a way to not build a capacity to serve him for all eternity as he would have you do okay with the reward of the inheritance in the heavenly places to function for him I mean you’re going to play with the Lord or are you going to play with man take a look at 1st Thessalonians 134 sessle o’neill’s one through 1st Thessalonians 13 you know and I I’m aware that people come to church and they go yeah and they walk out of here and what do they do they fail to make choices during the

week or during the days that reflect what the Lord looks upon your heart and its decisions and you say well I just can’t endure the rejection of man’s site really did David care about what Israelites much less meikle care did he care about what she thought on the basis of what she saw did she see what he was doing she did not nor did she have any care concern for it she just didn’t and look what happened under the law under the law would happen that she dare speak that to the Lord’s man what happened no children all her life pretty soon yeah and then and you know what that’s a picture of no fruit a believer having no fruit in their life I mean that’s a physical example but no spiritual fruit it wears the sit where’s the fruit in your life good question isn’t it where’s the fruit in your life is just you is it you the fruit in your life would be what more life more like a capacity to reproduce not physically but spiritually and desiring to gain the capacity to be fruitful look at first s alone ians 13 remembering without ceasing your work of faith your labor of love and patience of hope in the Lord Jesus Christ in the sight of God and our Father you know what that’s saying do you function on the basis of the doctrine today because he just made he put verbs adjectives to the three pillars of the doctrine which are Romans Ephesians and 1st and 2nd Thessalonians to see those three words their faith Romans love visions hope first and second Thessalonians he’s saying remembering without ceasing what Paul remembers that they function on the basis of the doctrine in the dispensation of the grace of god these Thessalonians that’s what he remembers and what he does is he puts action to the doctrine what’s it called the work of faith Romans its work the labor of love is it labor to love the unlovely you know you watch folks and I watch what they do I don’t go to conferences as much as you know these days but I used to go and watch how all the lovely spent time with the lovely 99% of them pastors everybody and here’s the unlovely off on the sides you know the uncomely parts Paul talks about in first Corinthians there neglected their neglected why they’re not esteemed by the lovely the lovely only want to be around the lovely they don’t like messy and thinking wait a second the ministry is about messy as I’ve experienced the ministry’s about messy sometimes folks look at and I know we’re not even half strength here today but they look at the the numbers that you have right and I’ll never forget Alex cursed telling me that he went to Pensacola Bible Church to be an assistant pastor to John Becca Meyer and I asked him how many folks there now that church was started by pastor cult who was by marriage related to craig Massey okay Craig Massey he married Craig Massey’s sister and vice versa and no doubt those marriages had something to do with the Lord didn’t but nevertheless Alex was there pastor Culp had died and John Becca Meyer was there and I asked Alex how many this is a church of hundreds maybe over thousand altoona Bible Church I spoke there they they had the message on radio and it went 30 minutes and then you kept going but you wanted to make some kind of yet a double conclusion one for the radio and one after that and I asked Alex how many folks there do you think are pursuing God’s grace and he said meaning

maybe seven I trust Alex’s discernment and you know what what does that say for the numbers how many people got on the ark blanket not in the ark only eight people got on the ark right now what are you basing success on in this case numbers numbers not that you don’t want to be fruitful I’m not saying that this church could use an exhortation in that regard but numbers are outward appearance are they not with the eyes of being enlightened due to understanding the truth of the Lord Alice could see there was only seven and he said that was stretching it so who’s bigger than altoona bible church at that time us or altoona bible church I would say more than seven you know in in our past more than seven who’s bigger how many people can see that how many people choose to see that very few why because the world has such a grip on their heart they can’t see from beings you don’t want to be like that you want to look at you know that what’s a popular expression today it is what it is do you know what it is do you know what it is notice here he says what he’s saying here is are you going to function on the basis of the doctrine despite the doctrine the world functions on how does God teach the truth today what’s his means textbooks commentaries Word of God you and the Word of God motivational speakers help tapes how does he do it did Paul was Paul sent to baptize what was he sent to do is God’s wit is God’s method preaching so I get ridiculed by one of these swim parents and says he get up every Sunday and preach and these guys said to me and I go well that’s God’s Way of doing it and I said besides you listen to preaching all week long you listen to the newscasters what do they do what does the world do without what our editorials editorials are done by preachers but they’re not sent of the Lord their scent of the adversary and they preach his message how about professors in colleges who sent them well the doctrine that they teach is the dialectic is relativism who’s the author of relativism thesis antithesis syllogism ye shall surely not die who’s the author of that method of a listening truth the emissary they’re preaching it’s what they’re preaching that’s what I say to folks that ridicule preaching I say you listen to preaching all day long I do it from the Word of God you listen to it as its preached according to the wisdom of man I think that what I’m preaching from God’s Way isn’t it legitimate contrast to the way and what men preach one thing about communication and media electronic communication and media today it more rapidly spreads spreads the preaching of the wisdom of man and his evil does it not you say well it could be used for good thing yeah Paul says he desires to do the good thing but he what he can’t in his own strength so what do you swallow down with the things that you want stuff that’s literally done in any place in the world people used to move move to different locations to get away from something but now everything in anything is brought right into the home so Paul says I’ve witnessed you through

your walk putting the doctrine in action in all those fundamental pillars of truth that God committed to Paul to us word okay take a look at first Timothy 6 1st Timothy 6 second ten seconds no yeah first Timothy six and look at verse 13 first take a look at second Timothy for Paul just gets through assuring Timothy on how that he’s known and learned the Holy Scriptures which are able to make him wise unto salvation through faith which is in Christ Jesus salvation of your conduct and service and then he makes this fundamental statement all Scripture is given by inspiration of God and is profitable for doctrine for reproof for correction for instruction in righteousness that the man of God may be perfect thoroughly furnished unto all good works isn’t that the same what we read in Thessalonians there’s the doctrine right all of it there’s a doctrinal design for edification right there and Timothy you’re equipped with that so that what you might be functionally mature in Christ thoroughly thorough actually it doesn’t say thoroughly done what does it say God works from the inside out truly truly there’s direction and truly thoroughly there’s no Direction is they’re just everywhere but truly is direction from the inside out and produces in your members works that are acceptable to the Justice of God based on the doctrinal design for edification okay now look at the next verse okay then I charge thee therefore before God in the Lord Jesus Christ who shall judge the quick and the dead at his appearing in his kingdom what’s what’s the next word second Timothy 42 was second Timothy 42 what’s the next word preach see that he’s charging Timothy in the sight of those that are with the Lord in the sight of the Lord in this site of those that are with the Lord in the sight of anyone that’s going to make it into the Lord’s presence to preach the word just not to stop in season out of season when they don’t want to hear it when they do want to hear it same goes for me when I want to preach it and I don’t want to preach it believe me there’s mornings and weeks where I don’t want to preach it but what have I learned to do my salvation isn’t preaching it because it’s the desire of my heart preach the word be instant in season and out of season reprove rebuke exhort with all long-suffering and doctrine because there’s going to come a time Timothy where they’re not gonna receive the grace of God take a look at first Timothy 6 now boy Paul is charging Timothy and this thing isn’t he you get to the second epistle and what’s he doing he is charging Timothy why what’s at issue in second Timothy the adversary going after the messenger first Timothy is about the adversary going after the doctrine second Timothy is about the adversary going after the messenger so he’s charging Timothy charging him charging him what I mean to charge somebody commits something to them put something in their trust in the sight of God first Timothy 613 I give the charge in the sight of God you see there he’s always referring to the sight of God he is conscious that what he does is not only seen of God but he

cognize is that it’s scene of God and he would every moment through prayer prayers what gives you accountability to who’s watching and what’s important and who’s important and all our silliness I give the charge in the sight of God who quickeneth all things is there anybody else that can give life well then why would you care about anything else before him if he’s the only one that can give life to the dead race of Adam dead and sin and death and before Christ Jesus who before Pontius Pilate witnessed a good confession now what was his confession before Pontius Pilate you tell me according to prophecy he was done as a sheep before the shures did he defend himself what was his good confession well one thing Pontius Pilate did say was that you know by the word of the Jews your King of the Jews and he said what that you valse aced what else did he had to say what was a good confession what was he faithful to do what was his purpose according to God the Father that’s right was he going to frustrate the cross of Calvary no it was his hour he was going to go to the cross of Calvary could he have talked his way out of that situation would that have been a good confession before the purpose of God the Father did he want to absolutely did he said if possible father take this cup from me Matthew 26 but they will be done what was his good confession silent as a sheep before the shears you can have a confession and not talk and here’s a Gentile calling him King of the Jews you say I mean I always thought what does that mean he made a good confession before Pontius Pilate in saving he did but that’s it his confession was I am faithful to do the will of the Father and that’s pay the price for sin i am going to love according to the revelation of the mystery which comes later all men past present and future with what his death his sacrifice as innocent on the cross of Calvary his confession could have been made he was innocent of all charges but he was faithful unlike Adam he exercised the obedience of faith he was obedient to the will of the Father why because he loved us and he was going to love us in the person of himself and the personal Lord Jesus Christ he was going to love us so he went to the cross as a sheep done before the shears now here’s the thing go to second Corinthians 6 where will be next week and maybe this worked fine today Craig I don’t know so is that bouncing a lie it was like it’s like being in critical care watching the heartbeat you’re a flat lining here’s the thing we’ve been studying we are not to receive the vert work the grace of God in Maine you see that in verse one how do you receive the grace of God in vain reject what how God justifies a man today by the preaching of the gospel of the grace how do you reject how do you how do you not receive the grace of God and you’ve received it

in vain get involved with religion and performance-based acceptance and not distinguishing what God’s doing today according to the revelation of the mystery verse 3 giving no offense and anything that the ministry be not what blamed again receiving the grace of God here and receiving it in vain is going off with a charge and a commission that isn’t yours with other than the Ministry of reconciliation and that goes on today that goes on today people are out there without the Ministry of reconciliation and I’m get a little more Stern with folks I try to get in these conversations with religious people and I look to get in conversations with them and I said well you’ve received the grace of God in vain you don’t know what our Commission is today it’s the Ministry of reconciliation it’s an all man message and you are not spiritual Israel and you cause the ministry to be blamed the reason the Gentiles reject a large part of why it is they’re still personally accountable but they reject it because of the foolishness the unfaithfulness of the church which has allowed bail worship to creat just like Israel to creep in and that’s why we feel I told you before I had a friend that was helping me in the Lord and shown me God’s grace and he said to me the world is better for the churches and at the time I knew any man he meant morally the world is held in check as it were by the churches I later learned to learn that the world is not better for the churches is the world better for bail worship hardly who cares about the moral tone of society if folks aren’t getting saved and coming to a knowledge of the truth which the Lord desires we need to walk in God’s sight accountable to him in the doctrine the truth of God’s grace in his sight father were thankful for a time where we can think about and be accountable to how we live before thee in the Lord Jesus Christ’s name we pray amen page 87 page 87 page 87