Hermitcraft 5: Episode 103 – The TOWN BEGINS!

Hello everyone this is Mumbo and welcome back for the episode on the hermit’s craft service episode 103 and today I just want to start things off by saying I hope you all had fantastic Christmases, I hope you enjoyed your Christmas Eve your Christmas Day I hope to you ate all the food that was in front of you Just everything just inhaled it because that’s what I tend to do during Christmas I hope you didn’t get into too many gigantic family arguments I hope that when playing Monopoly with the family nobody set fire to the board and decided that they were leaving I hope that it all went smoothly and everyone had good fun and Now it is time to get back into the hermitcraft action because as you know I’ve had two days off now for the Christmas season But now it’s time to get back down to business and actually start work on some project on the server I say that But that’s not actually going to be the case for today’s episode of hermitcraft because as you guys know in the previous episode We went through this entire area we lit up the entire space and I told you about the fact that this is going to be the new building project So I haven’t had like a proper building Project apart from the aquarium on this server at least not one on land and not one that doesn’t involve prismarine I’m getting a little bit tired of the blue blocks over there So why thought we’d do is we’re creating A town essentially we’re creating a town that is going to be in this space, and it’s surrounded by this perimeter Wall but to build this I want to have a good idea of what it’s going to look like so I thought in today’s episode We could pop into a creative mode testing world and just try our best to create a whole bunch of buildings that look cooler that Are going to fit in with the theme that I want Seems like a good idea to me so mega build number one It is going to be a lighthouse that’s going to be sitting on this space right here, so we’ve got to work out a design For what is essentially going to be yea big a big lighthouse? That’s the plan? I really don’t know where to begin with that one and already. I haven’t even placed a block. I’m getting some mental block problems I’ve just googled how to make a town in Minecraft and well they all look incredible And I would never be able to pull off such builds so I thought we could do is create almost a base for the bottom Of the lighthouse this county made of a completely different type of material and then the actual lighthouse itself Will extend out of the center of this perform that we’re going to be creating here now. I have to say I don’t know about this I Kind of don’t I kind of want to try and stay away from stone bricks and stone slabs for this project just Because I want it to be completely different I almost want to use a few different types of hardened clay and terracotta and other bits and bobs like that So I think I’m actually going to change up what I’m using in these central sections But I just want to give myself a rough idea this could be a bit of improvement We’ve got a lot of bricks in there That does look nice, but bricks are incredibly expensive in Minecraft like seriously expensive But they do look good right so the base of it is done We’ve got grass on the top as well, and then I thought I’d start work on our actual lighthouse now And I’m going for the fairly traditional design. This is going to end up being pretty huge isn’t it? let’s see so if I place in a Few loops of this and what I thought we could do is have it squishing in a little bit towards the middle and Then popping back out again for the top. I think that would look quite cool let’s see I Actually feel like we need to go one block closer in I don’t know oh, oh guys so difficult, okay? I quite like this design concept. I think this this is looking pretty cool in terms of a quirky lighthouse It’s not like a straight up straight down lighthouse we have a slightly quirky design going on. It’s an outcast like else I guess you could say we’re we’re just gonna wrap this around here now I know I said, I didn’t want to use too much stone but I feel like stone is the perfect type of block to be using on these sorts of sections then for the roof I Had you know I’m good to do for the roof Maybe some wood maybe some stone bricks cobblestone Blocks have even got I honestly forget. What building blocks. I have available to me No clue no sounded cool I Actually think that looks quite cool It’s not too massive. It’s quite a cute little house. Actually. It’s got a rounded top obviously I’m going to be asking for your help quite down on the comments section, so please do give constructive feedback constructive is key here But yeah, I’m pretty happy with that. That’s nice. Okay. Let’s move on to some of the other projects Maybe some of the early buildings. I think maybe some residential stuff. That is not a good start on my word I’m getting rid of that straightaway I Don’t I wanted to build one of those two layer houses. You know the ones that expand out as they get taller But no, I don’t think I’m quite ready for that yet. I’m lost. I’m so lost as toward to do with this house so lost I Just can’t I can’t even put my head together to make this work. I kind of want a wall around the front

Or do I want a wall around the front? I don’t even know what era. I want this town to be from okay I’m trying my best here And I’m getting some inspiration from Google and like a tiny bit of inspiration from Google in Terms of how to build these overhanging houses, I don’t know if it’s going well or not but if I just grab myself some spruce so if we start building up this as a roof So that would go up like that I don’t actually know what sort of block To use the top section for the time being I’m just going to do this because we know that it’s going to be a different Type of blog if we were to build that up that is a very tall roof Isn’t it. No that is way too big. I don’t know how to maybe we round it off a little bit I Suppose. No. It will only go to this height, so That’s not too horrendous This still looks off to me, okay, I would say we’re making some progress I would say things are improving so if we just place in a few flowers over the top here I don’t know how you feel about that. This is a relatively new addition, maybe we could just bonemeal up there so if we get those And just do a bit of that. It’s a bit of a strange skybox to have I don’t really know But this is what the house looks like at this point in time I think it’s quite cool And I do think it fits in with this style, which is what I’m going for that. That’s the main difficulty So if we’re gonna have stone slabs I know I have gone back to my old ways stone slabs are coming back But they seem to just look the best with this build If we just place those in all the way around the bottom and there maybe for this side section we have a little window that pops out like that potentially Ice I’m struggling so much. This is harder than any redstone contraption I’ve ever taken on I can promise you that now there. We go that improves thinks. I mean it definitely looks much better We’ve been catching some lens flares off the inside of the lighthouse I still can’t get behind the glass I cannot I cannot Get behind the glass What’s going on there guys Someone needs to make a shaders that doesn’t have silly glass in it anyway aside from that I have now started work on the second half and once again. I just want to say big Thank you to Google for helping me out on this one because I’m combining a bunch of builds here But it’s looking really cool. This is looking much much better. I’m actually quite. Happy with it I’m probably gonna add in some extra details Maybe a chimney popping out somewhere, but we’re going to have one of these windows on each side And I actually now look quite good, and then we’ll have different houses, but that we may not a different blocks. I’m genuinely excited I’m seriously excited for this building project to get started should I start building them on hermitcraft, right? Yeah, let’s let’s start work on this side right that should just about do it so that goes there and then I think we’re wrapping over the top of this window with the spruce wood blocks and That is our house Nice that’s a cool looking house. I’m really really happy with that. I love the front of it that looks so nice Awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome. Okay. I’m gonna copy and paste this thing a couple times over Maybe do some rotations of it just so I can get a feel of what it will look like in an actual town setting It’s almost making me think that this light house needs to be a tiny bit bigger Maybe we can we can think of it’s gonna be on top of a hill so we don’t have to worry about that too much Pls let’s spin this around. Ah now. I have to say. I really like the one with bricks That said that’s a cool combo Very nice the only thing is I don’t want it to look like I’m copying the builds everywhere, so we need to have a lot of designs for houses Here I Am thinking if we if we swap the stairs out and also the type of wood so if we grab ourselves some regular wood here We know that this type of wood works nicely with the brick because we have it going on earlier in their lighthouse So it might be an idea to switch up all of the building materials for this one and That doesn’t pretty good, and then if we have if we have these types of stairs going up and over as well That’s a good color combination. Yeah, and it looks completely different from that one. I’d say we’re almost done with houses I just want to make sure that we can modify this thing so as I said I don’t want to make it look like I’m copy and pasting the build or Even just copy and pasting it and changing up the block colors that we’ve got going on here

I want to be able to add bits to the build maybe take bits away and Make sure that it can work in lots of different circumstances So I was thinking of doing something almost a little bit like this now this one is going to be tricky Adding an extension to this one is gonna. Be real tough. It’s going to test my building chops. That’s for sure and Already I don’t know if I’m doing a good job you See the issues. I’m running into is that this top section here is offset from this top section But they’re the same width which means that anything that you do for example if I wanted to Maybe puts two lines of wood in there like I’ve done over here and like I’ve done of in that section It looks really strange because it’s offset is off to one side So I’ve done something like this and then put this pitch in the roof I’d say it’s the best solution that I can come up with so far, but it’s so awkward doing that bit because this is Kind of going in two directions, maybe doing it, but no no it creates an awkward step here So it has to be just like that I would say that’s come together pretty well Yeah, that looks pretty good if we just place in the grass block up at the top here and then fill in all the trapdoors You guys know the drill And then we have our little box up at the top there maybe put in a dandelion That looks good it transforms, okay, we can add things to it Those two houses definitely look different I Would consider that a success, but I think before we move on from houses I should probably just build one more slightly different design It’s going to be a slightly smaller design similar theme, but maybe not two stories And as I say just a little bit smaller. I might even flip the roof, and then just have an opening window like that Yeah, maybe a little bit wider I’m really enjoying building though building is becoming extremely fun for me. I’m just I’m loving just placing in the blocks and Creating these shapes. It’s interesting. I already love this little place It looks so sweet, and then and lovely I can imagine it in the British rolling countryside Essentially that’s what I’m going for here. I don’t know what kind of door. I want to go for maybe so if we put a spruce door on the front of this thing and then if we were to create a little spruce patio I Don’t seem to have any other correct blocks in my inventory at this point in time, so we’ll have us will have a little Spruce decking there that I don’t really know what to do because these ones we’ve got big grand entrances But I feel like that doesn’t really fit the vibe of what we’re going for here so if we just grab ourselves some standard fences I Had sheathing, that’s a little bit better and then have something like that. Yeah, that’s lovely that’s really really sweet Okay, let’s let’s build this thing up. I don’t know how big its. How’s she going to be or how tall? But it’s a good start awesome, so this one is done, and it’s probably one of my personal favorites I love small little bills, and I just think that this one is It’s it’s gorgeous. It’s really really lovely for just placing those slabs there I think we need the stairs going down the underside there and that should do that that does that and There it is It fits right in with the rest of the bills that we have going on, but it’s it’s completely different Brilliant oh this is brilliant. I’m loving building. It’s been so long since I’ve sat down and actually spent a few hours Just building houses and decorative things. It’s been ages What should we do next maybe market stores? I feel like market stores is a good way to go You know what this is harder than I was expecting. I finally thought I’d I’d cracked it I thought I’d crank building entirely once I had built all of these houses But no market stand tiny little thing is really causing miss Potter bother what on earth is that you can’t even look through it What am I doing? Oh? I don’t know what I’m doing Right I would say we’re getting there. We’ve got We’ve got some stairs going around the bottom. We’ve got this lovely little section up at the top here and then The back the back is not good I’m trying to think of a way in which we can make this look just a tiny bit better Mmm. That’s not doing it I Feel like we need just a tiny bit of detail on this back section, and then we’ll be onto a winner maybe something like that No, no definitely needs more work is that better I? Don’t know if that’s improved things or not This is a detail that nobody’s ever going to see but I seem to care a lot about I’m happy with those I’m happy with them now that I’ve got the extra colour combinations and things you can see that I’ve gone with this back design, and you know what it just works It works absolutely fine, and if you can’t tell I’m going for slightly muted colors obviously

We’ve got we’ve got like the different types of concrete and I could have used those for the tops of them But that would be a little bit over the top it’ll be a little bit crazy, so I’m liking it Okay, where can we go from there? There’s a few there’s a few specific buildings that I want to work on a bank and also some form of shop like a baker and a florist of those are those are two of the main ones now where I do for the bank was to make it a Clearly much more rich building than the other buildings in the area and to do that. I was going to use stone I’m using a lot of stone slabs as you can see but I don’t actually think the the style I’m going for is really working Honestly these these look richer But they even have a bank in time that I’m creating this I’m gonna work on the florist I am liking the way that the florist is going I feel like it’s going much better than the bank was originally going Let’s just placing that there Okay, and this should give us a rough idea of what the front of the florist is going to look like and to me that Looks pretty cool Yeah, that looks really good. Okay, so that’s going to go up like that. I’m thinking maybe Change out the stone bricks I don’t know. I actually I quite like that and then the roof the roof will be quite a small roof So we’re gonna go up like this and then maybe level off, so I’ll just have some slabs and They’ll wrap around over the top That that needs a lot of work the roof needs a lot of work But it’s a good idea because otherwise it’s going to get ridiculously tall this is gonna be a massive building And I’m back to finding things difficult So I’ve dropped the height of the roof a little bit. I got rid of the things that we had going on underneath the windows And yeah, I don’t know maybe if we just have some slabs there instead Kind of looks a bit sad Do you get what I mean when I say it looks a little bit sad It looks like a sad building if I put if I put some pots here, and then just some potential flowers I mean it is a florist That’s a tiny bit better But it’s not as nice as these okay now this one is one that I have seriously seriously struggled with I Don’t really know what to say about it. I don’t know if it’s gone. Well. I can’t I just I Don’t know if it’s because I’ve been doing a lot of building today. I’ve been doing this for a very long time Maybe my skills have dropped They do they’ve just gone back down, but if we take a look and why I’ve created I Mean it’s okay But it definitely looks like it needs some work. I don’t actually think I want anything on this side I think maybe I’m going to wipe out this side actually put some windows on it, and then have it look I Guess just just better my best to make it look better Maybe a big window showing off all the flowers that might be the way to go or greenhouse In fact the greenhouse is a really cool idea for a future built Oh and some farms and things having actual farms. That would be cool as well. Oh These are good ideas for future projects in the town area I’m excited to be able to build a farm without having to worry about efficiency That’ll be cool, and after spending a lot more time on it This is what we’ve ended up with and you know what I’m really happy with it so we’ve wrapped around an extra bit around the bottom we now have two sides to this so we can view right on inside and See all of the flowers. We’ve got the top section. We don’t have too much going on up there, but that’s no big deal This looks pretty good. I have no clue if these any of these builds match up I don’t know if that looks like a modern florist to be honest so Yeah, it kind of does it would like that looks like something that you would see down the road from me at this point in time Just in real life I could go down the road and see a florist that looks exactly like that Whereas if I went down the road and saw that I’d be like wow I’ve gone back 500 years So maybe we might have to work or a little bit Just a tiny bit on matching these things up, but I feel like this is a strong start. I feel like we’ve moved We’ve moved in the right direction in terms of planning out this town I hope that you’ve enjoyed this creative mode episode of hermit craft. It’s been quite fun to record I actually really like doing this sort of thing and I quite liked doing the building on camera Surprisingly enough even though. I struggle with it so much so as I say let me know if you enjoyed it also Let me know things that I should improve, but anyway if you have enjoyed this video Please be sure to hit that like button. If you really loved it then make sure to subscribe, but thanks for watching guys This is been mumbo, and I’m out I’ll see ya later, and of course. You know you know the drill I mean check out the latest film the filming channel link will be on the end screen. You just just click on it go on