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Sportacus, I have a challenge for you I love challenges! Ring the tree-house bell with a soccer ball You may only touch the ball once Only once? Let’s do it! Door! Ball! Challenge completed # Welcome to LazyTown # It’s the start of a brand-new day # Things are upside down here in LazyTown # Adventure’s just a moment away. # Wait a minute Ah! Ahhh! Finally, peace and quiet I’m so ready for the big Stone Festival! I am strong as an ox! What’s going on? I’m trying to take a nap Are you OK? I’m on my way to the big Stone Festival We’re going to have some Sports-Candy, then we’re going to lift the big stones Aren’t you going to lift the stones? I already did You did? Where did you get the energy from? I, ah Me? I got it from this! Sugar power gooey lollipops! Really? Yes I thought you only get energy from Sports-Candy No, no, no, no You get it from these lollipops Here you go. Now go and tell the other LazyTown brats. Go, go Yes, I will This is so great, this is the best news ever! Wow! Now I’ll be able to lift the big stone I can’t believe this! Wow! The LazyTown stones This is so cool You’re going to have to practise if you’re going to lift those stones Kid, kids, kids! Hi, Ziggy Look at this Why are you eating that lollipop? This lollipop is going to help me lift those stones later today How? He needs Sports-Candy to do that This is a sugar power gooey lollipop, and it’s going to get me really strong Man, oh, man Who told you that one? Well, ah, it was Robbie Ziggy, I’ll go talk to Robbie Meanwhile, you guys start practising OK. Bye Robbie! What?! I’m trying to take a nap It wasn’t very nice of you to lie to Ziggy about that lollipop Ziggy… Ziggy? Oh, yeah. You mean, candy boy If you keep lying, your nose is going to grow bigger, just like Pinocchio What? Pinocchio – the wooden boy who lied so much that his nose grew big Was he a good liar? He lied all the time The others, did they believe him? Yes, they did And that Pino-chi-cho guy, would you happen to know where I could find him? He’s just a character in a book You need to promise to stop lying Yes I promise I’ll never lie again Good But Pinocchio will. (Laughs) I feel a brilliant plan coming They will never believe me,

but they will believe the biggest liar of all time, this Pinach-acho. Kio. Whatever I’ll tell him to tell them to only eat lollipops so they will lose all their energy! (Laughs) Hi. I would like to order the book about the boy with the…with the nose that grows bigger when he lies Yes, that’s the book. Thank you Wow! Now let’s meet this lying, genius villain. (Laughs) Where am I? Who are you? I’m Robbie Rotten I don’t know you. I’m the greatest villain in LazyTown! I just want to go back home to my book No. Listen, sonny What? never mind that Tell me one thing – can you lie? Well, that’s what I’m known for I tell lies, then my nose grows big Nose! Brilliant! I need you to go up there and tell those annoying LazyTown brats that by eating a sugar power gooey lollipop, they’ll get really strong What? Yes You see that heavy weight there? Yes Now lift it I can’t I know! Now close your eyes Close them. No peeking! No peeking Now try to lift it No way. I already tried it Please try it again, for me? Alright How did I do that? It’s filled with air, like a balloon Yes! So I have to eat a gooey lollipop and tell everyone it gives me energy? Yes If I do it, you have to let me go back to my book Yes, of course I’ll send you straight home I would never lie I’m so excited to be here Me too Again! What a lovely day for lifting things Yes, it is Oh, Milford, what a man – so strong! But isn’t that a tad small? What?! Couldn’t you lift something a little bit bigger? Like what? Say, that log I suppose so Get busy – build those muscles Careful, Milford Be careful! Ms Busybody! Sorry! Oh, no! Someone’s in trouble I haven’t got this! Sportacus! Wow! We will all need some Sports-Candy

Are you OK? Thank you What were you doing? I was trying to throw that log, and it got a bit out of hand You have to be careful when you’re throwing logs. That’s true Have you tried to lift the heaviest stone? It looks really, really heavy Please try! Well, I can give it a try It’s moving! It must be really heavy if Sportacus can’t lift it I need to go back to the sports ship and practise more And eat lots of Sports-Candy I’m going to do that See you later Gather round, you Stone Festival rascals! Sports-Candy! A basket full of energy # Power up and get into the groove Hey! # LazyTown is always on the move Rings! # Sports-Candy will bring you all the way # Fill you up with power every day # When the going gets tough # You know what to do Uh-oh, uh-oh-uh # Grab a little good stuff made for me and you # Uh-oh, uh-oh-uh # Hey! If you need some energy and speed # Hey! Sports-Candy is everything you need # Purple, green or yellow take a pick # Juicy fruits will always do the trick # When the going gets tough # You know what to do Uh-oh, uh-oh-uh # Grab a little good stuff made for me and you # Hey! # Hey, hey! # Hey! # Hey! # OK, this is the moment Just remember – lollipop and lie Let’s hope this works Knock on wood. You wait here Hello, everybody! Who are you? And where do you come from? I come from Rottenshire in Scotland My name is Seamus MacRotten Seamus MacWho? No, Rotten And I come here to see who can lift the heaviest stone in the world Excuse me, I think this is the heaviest stone That one? That one That’s never going to happen Sportacus couldn’t even lift that stone But I know a lad who can lift it He can lift the heaviest stone in the world Who are you? I’m Pin P…P…Peter! Popsicle Peter Popsicle Peter Popsicle? Yes, that’s right So let me get this straight – you, Peter? He needs Sports-Candy to lift that rock No, no. I’m just going to have some sugar power gooey lollipop A little more Now I’m ready I’m going to lift the heaviest stone in the world, and that’s the truth He’s so strong! I want a lollipop! I want a lollipop! Wow! That was amazing I want a lollipop! Me first! You don’t even like lollipops It’s disguise time

Lollipops! Lollipops! Sugar power gooey lollipops! One for free Free! Lollipops? They really work This isn’t good There’s something not right about that Peter Popsicle character What about mine? There you go This is so good Good, guys Keep eating those lollipops You want to get strong, right? I feel strong already This Pinocchio character is the best thing ever to happen to me Wait a minute – if he could lie about this, then he could lie about so much more He could even lie Sportacus out of town forever. (Echoes) I can’t let him go back into the book I have to hide it somewhere I know the perfect place There we go They’ll never find the book here I’m a genius! Hello there! Where is my book? What book? My book! Your book? Where I live Oh! Well, I’m so sorry, but I lost it You lost it, my book? I lost it But you promised! I’ll never get back home I think I’m really ready I’ll be able to lift the big stone now Watch this Aaah! It’s not working I can’t lift it You shouldn’t be eating all these lollipops I’ll try to lift the small one You’re just going to get weaker I’m weaker than I was this morning Where is that Peter guy anyway? My lollipop isn’t working at all Mine either I’m going to go find him Where is he? (Cries) There you are! Oh, hi. It’s you I think your name is Pinocchio Your nose grew bigger You’re right. My name’s not Peter, it’s Pinocchio Why are you in LazyTown? This purple guy got me out of my book to trick you all into eating sugar power gooey lollipops, and he wouldn’t let me go back till I did Why are you still here? Well, he lost the book, so now I’m stuck here If you tell my friends the truth, I’ll help you get back home You will? Of course I will I never lie Come on Great! Ziggy! The lollipops don’t work! It’s all a big lie Peter Popsicle is really Pinocchio ALL: Pinocchio?! I’m really sorry I lied to you I just want to go home to my book Why would we help someone who lied to us? Yeah! Guys, we always help people in trouble That’s what we do, just like Sportacus Yeah Alright, then Come on, guys, let’s go look for that book Wait, stop! I found the book Look, it’s down there Oh, no! The book is stuck under the heaviest stone I wish we could lift the rock

But we don’t have any energy Someone’s in trouble Sportacus! I came as quick as I could. What’s the problem? There’s nothing you can do It looks like Pinocchio will never be able to get home His book is stuck under the heaviest stone We tried to lift it What?! What’s Sportaflippity doing here? Don’t give up Remember, there’s always a way That’s true I’ll try it Yes! He can’t lift it I know what to do Sports-Candy! Grab the book, Stephanie! This is my book! Here you go. Here’s your book Thank you, Stephanie You’re welcome No, no, wait! This is MY book That’s the guy who made me tell you lies He’s lying Give him the book back Listen, this book is mine What are you doing? No, it’s my book! Give it to me, it’s mine! ALL: Robbie Rotten! Robbie Rotten Thank you for all your help You’re welcome I truly learned that telling the truth is so much better than lying. True Bye, everyone Bye, Pinocchio # Bing-bang Digger-igga-dong # Funny words I sing when I am dancing # Bye, Pinocchio! # Bing-bang Digger-igga-dong # Silly words that can mean anything # Get on up, it’s time to dance yeah # It’s so much fun being up on our feet # We go up, up Do the jump # Move around and clap your hands together # Down, down, turn around # Having fun is what it’s all about. # That didn’t go so badly I just told a lie! Uh-oh Captions by CSI Australia