In Plain Sight Part 3

have you ever found yourself walking along the street and you catch a glimpse of yourself in a big window or maybe at the mall and you walk into the mall and one of those uh really tall mirrors catches your eyes you walk past and you think that doesn’t look like me anybody ever had to happen you look at anything do I really look like that have you had that kind of occasion I mean how do you know you look at anything that’s not how I see myself you know I am I really putting on that much weight or am I really getting that thin or you know maybe you’re at the age where you know you have to kind of stand on your tiptoes and think I used to be taller than this area just to come up farther or maybe you look at and you think who is this old person looking back at me in this mirror you know it’s amazing that how we see ourselves isn’t always how we really are and it’s true not just in our physical lives you know maybe you think you’re looking in their mirror and you’re thinking let’s see here surely there’s got to be a good side to me someplace you know where is it dab you know it just doesn’t look right it doesn’t look like me and here is the question for the day you might want to write this down in the outline you have what does God think about when God thinks about you what does God think about when he thinks about you and to put it another way what do you think about when you think about what God thinks about when he thinks about you and what does God think about when he thinks about what you think about what he thinks about you if he thinks about you what’s good thing about you what’s the picture in your mind when when you think about what God thinks about you see it’s a big deal because what you think about God thinks about you has a huge effect on what you think about when you think about God see how you think he sees you is how you oftentimes see him as well let me think about it for a second we tend to think that God thinks about us like we think about us I minutes for example you’re having a great day now I don’t know what a great day looks like for you looks like different things for different people but maybe you just have one of those really good days you know everything is just clicking you know you close the deal you finally got down with that huge project that you’ve been waiting to do maybe the cute guy finally said hey how you doing today anyway oh man baby it’s a great day you know everything is falling in place you know yeah you come home from a hard day working the kids are just little angels around the house and you know your your wife is there to greet you and she’s got your favorite meal on and everything is just sweet and on those kind of days what do you think God thinks about using you think God really likes me right cuz life is good so God must think I’m a right cuz everything’s good but what about on the bad days when nothing seems to go right and you’re clear that God has probably ticked off at you because nothing has worked out and they came out in the morning and you’re you know your battery’s dead maybe you got a flat tire at the same time and you’re already late and you’re going to be really late now or maybe you know you had that huge argument with your your spouse or your boss or your neighbor or your best friend or whatever and life just you know it gets worse and worse as the day goes along and at the end of day life has gone so bad that what do you think God thinks about you you think man he must be really ticked off about something because life is just not gone the way it’s supposed to see when you’re not happy with you you just assume that God isn’t either and we live like God takes his cues from us now we may not believe that I don’t think we would believe that if we sat down and had a conversation we wouldn’t say yeah I think God takes excuse for us but it’s not about whether we believe it it’s about do we live that way but here’s the question what if God doesn’t take his cues from you I think about the things you think about a life you think about life and one of the big effects is how we think God sees us but it’s also about how we think other people see us but what if none of that matters to god what if none of that it falls into God’s mind at all see what does God think about when he thinks about you and today I’m gonna take you to a great story from Jesus that I think well hopefully we’ll give you the picture of what God thinks about when he thinks about you if he thinks about you at all which I think he thinks about you a lot but before we go any farther I want about you just about your heads

let’s have a word of Prayer right lower today we sit here honestly hoping that you don’t think about us the way we sometimes think about us we hope that you don’t think about us we think sometimes you think about us that you’re mad or sad or so disappointed via beyond hope with us that that it’s too long and too late for us but I would just ask you to be in this place at this moment but not just this place but to be in the very place that that I happen to be standing or sitting at this moment and that you would open my eyes and my heart in my life to the truth as it comes through Jesus this truth of how you see us and what you think about when you look at us your father I prayed today would be the kind of day that literally will change our life because we know that we have heard from you and your name Amen if you want to take out your Bibles we’re going to go over to Luke chapter 15 it’s a great chapter there and some of you if you’re familiar with the Bible no it’s the story of some parables that Jesus tells but here’s the setting so we understand the context in which Jesus tells these stories a Luke begins this chapter by saying now the tax collectors and sinners were all gathered around to hear Jesus that good news or bad news good news well let’s continue the story the tax collectors as a member we’ve talked a little about at the last couple weeks you know we got sinners and you got tax collectors and tax collectors in there’s days not quite like the IRS agents we have today all right or the tax agent in your County that comes over and says you need to pay some more taxes these are people who were looked upon by their own people as sellouts they were working for the the government that had come in this country that had come in and taken over their country and now our people were working for the very people that have made our life terrible and not only were they working for them they were using that position to get rich for themselves and so they were looked at not only as just sinners but but people even beyond that people that were out and out against God’s people and so they’re there these sinners are gathered around to hear Jesus and it says that the Pharisees and the teaching the law muttered this man talking about Jesus this man welcomes sinners and eats with him so is a good news that tax collectors and sinners have come to hear Jesus because this particular group doesn’t think it is I mean the fact that he he welcomes them because who welcomes the Senate right and who welcomes these people that whose lives are so messed up so out of wax a lot of pace with what God wants for them to do why would Jesus this man is supposedly supposed to be a man from God why would he welcomed these kind of peoples and why would he especially welcome even these tax collectors these people that have sold out there their country that are putting it to their people day in and day out until he does he welcomed them he eats with him which in their culture and their time and their place was a sign of acceptance they’re wearing this together and he can almost see the picture of you know over here are the are the sinners and tax collectors and over here are the fair season the teacher lot these people that were serious about their relationship with God and following god they’re all just kind of sitting around muttering and if you ever been in one of those great situations where people are muttering in a crowd you know what a happy positive energy is the place right i granted me up and it just kind of spreads through everybody but I want you to know that’s the context you have the bad guys the sinners and the tax collectors and you have the good guys the Pharisees these devout people and these teachers are the law on this that’s the group that Jesus talks your day these groups that can hardly agree on anything and so Jesus goes on and he tells this I want you to write this down people who were nothing like Jesus liked Jesus and Jesus liked people who were nothing like him and that’s important to know because that’s the issue excuse me a second that’s the issue that Jesus is confronting right at that moment and that’s the issue that Jesus will confront in the stories that he’s about to tell that people who are nothing like Jesus Jesus as you read the Bible mrs this is God in flesh this is pure this is holy this is God who’s come down here in this present nothing is wrong it’s like not only does jesus never do

anything wrong he always does everything that’s right you know sometimes we think about somebody who’s sinless is never doing anything wrong but it’s more than that it’s also you always do the right thing at the right time that you always say the right thing at the right time and you also never say the wrong thing at the wrong time and yet here’s Jesus pure holy and he seems to like these sinners these tax collectors they’re the people he seems to kind of hate they’re welcomed he eats with them and they like him for it so today Jesus tell us three parables so actually I believe it’s one parable just three parts to it but a parable is simply a made-up story to make a real point none of the stories we’re going to look at actually happened Jesus makes up a story but he makes up the story to make a point and he makes up the story to make the point to those two groups of people that are listening to him that day and if you’re familiar with Luke chapter 15 there’s these three groups in there the first stories about the lost sheep the second one is about the lost coin thank you and the third one is about the lost son or sons depending on how you look at here’s the problem if you have your Bible if you only look at your barber at this moment you will notice that India bold print before each of these sort of stories it says those words lost sheep the lost coin the lost son you know that that’s not in the original passage at Luke wrote Luke did not include those words the lost sheep the lost coin the lost sons they were something that was added later your Bible was never divided up into chapters or what we call verses that was something done later just so that we can find things easier we can say Luke chapter 15 verse 1 and you know that it’s in the book of luke and if you’re in chapter 7 you got to flip back some more right it’s an aid for us but all those headings they weren’t there because oftentimes we look at these stories we see I’ve heard him preach tovar the years you know you got the lost sheep this lost sheep who wanders away kind of you know kind of clueless Lee but he’s lost or this coin that is lost in the home but they have to go searching for or the son that you know takes off intentionally runs away from home he’s had enough or the son who stays at home who’s who’s clueless about being lost and the focus is always on the lost and somebody find them but here’s my thought today what if these stories aren’t really about the lost but about the one who cares enough the search see we focus so much in Los but the stories aren’t about the lost their about somebody who goes out in searches and a lot of parables there’s this picture you have somebody who represents us or something that represents people and you have something that represents God and over and over and his stories you see that the first one is about a found sheep not a lost sheep but I found she and the story if you read it kind of goes like this Jesus talking to these two groups and he says all of us and do the exact same thing right you got a hundred sheep one of them wanders away you’re going to leave the ninety-nine out here and you’re going to go get that one and bring them back right right sinners text Rutgers they’re like yeah we do that right Pharisees yeah we do that it’s the right thing to do and our mind we’d say one out of 100 Dave right not a bad odds right i mean a business that’s a business sauce back then shepherds were very poor people all they had were those little balls of wool and that was there that’s everything to them if they lost one that was huge because a lot of the shepherds didn’t own the sheep they were just simply hired hands to take care of it and everyone they lost came out of their paychecks so that kind of changes just being a regular business loss to a personal loss right and we all say yeah we get that we would all go out and you know save the sheet but Jesus says the conclusion is he says you know the guy comes back calls his friends and neighbors together and says rejoice with me I found my lost sheep now if you’re familiar with the story have you ever read this story and thought why would you throw a party over sheep coming back anybody ever thought that I’m the only one it’s not that nobody just one can I have one thank you thank you and thank you back here I mean why throw a party I mean it’s one out of 99 but don’t miss the point it’s not about the lost it’s about somebody who searches and the joy the person has when he gets what he’s searching for it because he goes on it says I tell you in the same way the same way this the Shepherd’s throws this party the same way there will be more rejoicing in heaven over one sinner who repents than over ninety-nine righteous persons who do not need to repent you have to imagine at this moment these two groups are sitting there trying to figure out what’s the story mean to me right these people over here kind of recognize their lost and so they’re kind of saying I get the last thing the

Pharisees that teaches a lot they’re kind of going what do you mean this whole righteous don’t need to repent but God’s happier about them than us you know so they’re kind of not in the same page so Jesus tells another part of the parable and he talks about a found coin and he says listen guys listen guys you know if we were women we’re not women but if we were women guys and we lost this corner on 1 out of 10 and we would tear the house up right we tear the house up to find that coin because we know coins are valuable that coin some writers have said it means you know it’s just a common coin something said it’s part of this woman’s dowry you know part of her wedding inheritance and it’s important to keep both sentimentally and for the future sum up said you know it’s equal to one day’s pay whichever way you look at it it was important enough that all of us would go searching for money when money is short right how many of you in your life and it was sometime in your life have gone into the couch to try to find some coins and the reason you did that is money was short right and at that moment you needed some money and say you were scrambling you were looking at everything you were looking you know pulling your car seat forward looking down there and it Krebbs because you needed the money and so he’s jesus says these guys we would do the same thing right we would go find that money if that’s you know because we need it and so the story goes on and says when she finds it she also calls her friends and neighbors together and says rejoice me I found not my lost sheep of my lost coin and then Jesus says this in the same way I tell you there is rejoicing in the presence of the angels of God over one sinner who repents and I love this because Jesus says listen it’s not just God in the presence of heaven there’s rejoicing even in the presence of angels angels are getting into this as well and he’s driving the point home to again to these people that that it’s about finding things it’s about the one who searches who is the one who’s rejoicing here and then Jesus gets to the last part of the parable the story of the story about a found son and a who knows son because it’s one of those stories it really doesn’t end but here’s how it begins there was a man who had two sons the younger one said to his father father give me my share of the estate so we did invited this property between now let’s kind of elaborate on this parable is a made-up story to make a point Jesus elaborate so let me elaborate a little bit this is like your son of your God are coming to you and saying listen I know we got we’re doing pretty well we’re pretty well off I don’t know at some point I’m gonna get some of the heretics and it’s the younger son here I know I’m not going to get fifty percent i might get twenty-five or thirty percent but i’m not going to get it in tell Dad you kick the bucket and the problem is you are taking way too long to kick the bucket and you know I’m going to get it so let’s just get cut to the chase just give it to me now and we’ll be done all right and so as these two groups listen to this there is finally some agreement between the groups because they have agreed we do this stuff but they didn’t agree on really join heaven there’s no possible way joint heaven now less than they say what a lousy guy even the sinners even the worst tax record says dude I would never do that to my father I mean out of so disrespectfully you don’t go up to him and say I wish you were dead and give me my money but the father in the story does he gives him the money and the kid goes off and if you read the story it says he goes off you know and he lives it in wild living Jesus doesn’t really elaborate what that wild living is maybe gets the condo and overlooking the river you know throw some parties goes to some parties he’s got the condo he’s got the car he’s got the girlfriends he is living the high life everything is sweet I mean he’s got friends parties life is high until it says he runs out of money and if you’ve never lived that kind of life where things were great because you had money and then money dries up you know exactly what happens at this kid the bottom falls out and when the bottom falls out you go scramming to do anything and the story goes along and says this kid hit such rock bottom Eddie that he hires himself out this kid who with it was from home that had all these services this wealthy home now hires himself out and the story says that he hires himself out to go and feed some pigs which in the context of the group that Jesus tell them to both groups go the Pharisees go that kid is getting what’s deserved he deserves to go be unclean feed those pigs that’s a terrible he has gone too far from God because what he did to his father he deserves that the sinners and the tax collectors are going man that sucks I mean that’s about that is terrible position to be in to have to be feeding pigs cuz that’s those are uncommon things and I mean this one the news is going to do an end him to have to put himself in doing this thing that he knows it’s just like you know going and cleaning one of those porta-potties that’s been out of it at a camp all summer long and you are the last one to

clean it since it started the summer yeah you got the picture right and so they both go this is just nasty and crude and rude and so the Sun it says in the story that he comes to his senses he he stops and thinks to himself and says I got no hope I gotta do something different and he says to himself you know back home even the servants we’ve had servants my life and all of them were well taken care of my dad took care of them fed them well man I’m just going to go back and be a servant chief my dad I give me that job I’m not worthy you know I’m gonna say father I’ve sinned against you and against heaven I’m not worthy of any of this stuff I’m not coming back and son I’m coming back as a servant can I get that you know even the lowest paying job is going to be better than sitting near feeding these pigs because I can’t even eat with the pigs are eating cuz my job as the freedom is not to eat myself and so I’m going to go back and say I’m no longer worthy to be called your son make me like one of your hired men and he begins to to think about that on the trip back to see his father he’s going over and over and over and over with that story you ever got over and over with one of those stories and I got to get this right I have messed up hi have you know I don’t deserve this I you know I’m just I’m just gotta go crawling back in hands and knees and I got to get my speech down I got to get it down tight got to be right and it got to be speak something that’s really going to grab his attention but the do it and we go over and over and over and that’s what this boy does he goes over and over over again about what he’s gonna say when he sees his father and he’s not gonna say hey Dad how you doing not gonna punch him in the arm and say I was just kidding about all this you know he’s just going to go back and put his head down and say I have sinned dad against you I think it’s heaven because that’s what he had done and he wants his dad to know that’s what I’ve done and I don’t deserve to be called your child anymore because I’ve taken my part I’ve gotten my share and now I’m just coming back as nobody related I just need a job and the story says that while he was still a long way off his father saw him and was filled with what’s the word their compassion for you now you have to think at this point is these two groups are listening to the story they’re both are going what because the Pharisees that you know the the teachers are law are going there is no way you I can filled with anger madness you know you’re going to give them the law you’re going to stay what is you know we’re going to give in business you’re going to give them business just like you sometimes if you have kids have thought about giving your kids the business because they have messed up and they need to know they messed up right can I get a Amen that’s right you need to straighten your act up right fly right and if you do this this this then this is what’s going to happen and he knew that that that that’s going to happen we all understand give it to him dad but filled with compassion and the guys over here are going this doesn’t make sense cuz if I was the father and my son did that to me even though I’ve messed up my life and done that to my father I haven’t done that to my father I’d have a hard time doing that but here’s my question how could the father feel compassion when he hasn’t heard his lost son speech yet the kid hasn’t been able to get the speech that he’s been going over I mean he’s got it down by the time he gets home he is ready he is ready to let it go and before he does that before he he offers his repentance before he says I’ve blown it I don’t deserve anything I’m not even want you to call me son even before that there’s compassion and how can that be when this father hasn’t heard from the Sun how bad off he is how how sorry he is has it ever crossed your mind that when God thinks about you that he feels compassion maybe his first thought towards you as compassion instead of his first thought is they did it again how many times do I have to forgive them for that I mean how many times they’re going to keep doing the same thing over and over it how many failures do they have to have before they finally get it what is that what you think God thinks about when he thinks about you when you’ve messed up again when you’ve prepared that story because we’ve all done it right we’ve all prepared those stories and I’ve messed up this is this you know this habit keeps bouncing back into my life or or this relationship keeps going bad and I know it’s mostly on me and I need to go and get this straight knife and you get all the speeches done in your head and you’re expecting you know the worst but you’re hoping for the best and even before we get it out what if when God thinks about you he feels

compassion that he’s already in the place of compassion and the story says that he ran to his son he threw his arms around him and kissed him which you know is all wrong both these groups no that’s all wrong hey a father never runs have you ever seen your father run when he gets like after about 50 years old if you have it’s probably not a pretty sight right I mean it’s just used to just don’t do it for a number of reasons you’re going to embarrass yourself you might trip and fall you know you’re you’re old and so you know what you think you’re running fast and you know you’re hardly moving at all I mean it’s just an ugly scene right and both these groups are going a father doesn’t do that i mean that’s below in our culture that’s below a father waits for the Sun to come to him he doesn’t run out to but he runs out he throws his arm around if he kisses him again even before any words come out of the son’s mouth the father embraces him fact if you look at the story he had this runs he hugs he kisses but not only that it says that he also puts this robe on him he puts this ring on him he puts sandals on him in the myths the fact the boy says the boy begins his speech and then the father is hearing the speech but he’s not hearing the speech because he’s already run out he’s holding the Sun and he’s been giving to get orders get me a row get me a ring put some sandals on his feet cuz slaves were you don’t wear sandals but a children do and the sun’s going no I got my speech dad gonna please dad give me a moment let me get it out and the son the father is clear and I want to notice the father treats him like a son because he is his son he runs out he’s been looking for he has been searching for him but you can’t find somebody when you don’t know where they’re at but he searches he’s waiting when he’s a long ways off he runs won’t say it a full pace because he’s an old man you know but he’s hobbling out that way you know and when he gets there he just envelops his son and it begins to give the orders to treat him like your son because that’s what he is to the Father and Jesus says you know there’s this other son that’s been at home this whole time the older son the good son and he’s out working in the field because every day that’s what he does this is the family business and he’s going to get everything now everything that’s left over is his so he’s taking care of business he’s putting into the time and as he’s out in the field he hears hears music and he’s thinking when the world is music going on at this time of the day and he sees all this hustle and bustle all these people running and doing stuff him it begins to go over there he finds a one of the servants it says hey what’s going on and the guy says we’re gonna throw throw on a party he’s like a party 30 i could be licking the sending would never watch three o’clock in the afternoon you know me go throw parties at three o’clock in the afternoon what’s going on he says well Jerry you’re your brother has come home and you’re not gonna like this book remember that cat with that calf we’ve been fattening up cuz we’re been waiting for a big occasion he’s already killed the caf now if you’re an older brother how many in here are older brothers wed younger brothers right you know if you’ve had a younger brother you remember what they were like growing up you know they were like gnats you know you just want to leave you alone you know everywhere you want to go and they want to tag along right and and they’re just annoying little brothers are annoying i happen to be a little brothers I understand about the knowing part all right and this guy can’t imagine it’s his younger brother and this kid has been a mess up for this day one and he has been such a major one and now he shows up and he is ticked off I mean he isn’t fuming and you have to understand as these groups hear it they understand why the older brothers fuming I mean he has blown everything and now he comes back after he blows everything I have stayed home and done all the right stuff I’ve been there all the time I put in the hard work and now he shows up I mean it’s almost like if you had a neighbor who had to have the son that had been you know in and out of trouble since about 13 years old and the last time you’ve seen Ryan is when he was you know he turned in nineteen and last time you heard he’d been in a rehab facility but nobody’s seen him for like two or three years now he just he walked away from rehab situation one night and nobody’s heard anything from them now the parents have been praying for i’m hoping the best but they’re fearing the worst enemy just he’s just one of those those those things that you would take your kids and point over to what Brian was like and say see kids that’s why you don’t do drugs that’s why you don’t hang around with the wrong people because see what happens to you and so 23 years have gone by and hole Sun on a Sunday afternoon somebody calls you up and your neighbor calls you up and says hey quick might get over here what’s going on we’re throwing a party party I mean it should have delighted me earlier I would have

been wrought sup no no no this come home right now cuz Ryan’s home and right away in your mind you think Ryan Ryan’s home what do you mean Ryan’s home he just showed up in the driveway he just came he walked up the driveway I don’t know how he got here but we are throwing a party and in your mind you’re thinking I wouldn’t throw a party until I was sure Ryan was clean right I went through a party till I knew everything was safe inside us cuz we don’t know what Ryan’s been doing I can think of a lot of things to do but I would wait to threw a party till I saw that was real what’s happening Ryan’s life and the father says no we are throwing a party because Ryan is home period but you can understand why you would be skeptical you can understand why you would be mad about that why wouldn’t make sense to you and the Sun makes this speech the first son had his speech all you know I haven’t done this and I haven’t done that and I’m a failure of a failure the older son has the speech too he gets to tell the speeches the father to make sure he hears it and his speeches I have I have and I’ve been successful I’ve done all the right stuff look all these years dad I’ve been slaving for you and never disobeyed your orders I’ve been the good son I’ve made sure on the good son because the other one was clearly the bad son yet you never gave me even a young goat so I could celebrate with my friends you’ve been holding back and this guy doesn’t do anything he just takes it takes and now you’re going to give him more but when this son of yours didn’t call him his brother but when the son of yours who has squandered your property with it’s come home you kill the fatted calf for him you know dad we haven’t talked about this in front of mom cuz we don’t want mom upset but he spent all your wealth on prostitutes I know I wasn’t just getting some girlfriends I mean he went out and paid for it he blew it all it isn’t like he went out and tried to start a business and failed he intentionally went through money and he did it for illicit means it appropriate means and now you kill this this prized calf of our for him and both groups say that’s right why would the father do that it’s wrong for the father to do that this other group would say it doesn’t make sense for the father to do that you do good stuff for good people who do good stuff you don’t do good stuff for people who do bad stuff and then the father says this my son you are what to say they’re saying that again both these groups would have thought he would have said son you have always obeyed me you’ve always obeyed me you’re my good stuff but it doesn’t say anything about ave says son you are always with me and everything I have is yours you’re always with me and the Pharisees and the teachers laws go is Jesus saying what I think he’s saying and the sinners the tax collectors are going is Jesus saying what I think he’s saying because they have been united on this story from the very beginning he got a son who’s a screw-up who sticks it to his family who goes out and blows it all he is just a waste and they both agree some have been down that road but they understand and they would agree that that is a true estimation of all this and the Pharisees they’re going to say it isn’t about the beam it isn’t about putting in the time are you telling me Jesus that from God’s for sexy perspective it’s about proximity more than my actions that it’s simply about being with the father not pleasing the father not obeying the father that isn’t about the stuff I do that earns me the respect for my father but it’s the fact that I’ve always been with him and when the father says everything I have is yours that is a true statement because it once he split up the property everything now became the older sons so when he says you’ve never given me a fatted you know even a little go to kill and a half have a part of my friends the father saying it’s not my stuff it’s been your stuff you’re the one who never gave yourself the permission to kill a little go to have a party with your friends because it’s all

yours I said you were always with me and I love this line but we had to celebrate we had to celebrate and be glad because this brother of yours remember he said the son of son of yours now he’s reminded this brother of yours was dead and is alive again he was lost and is found and it’s the end of the story which has to frustrate them because it frustrates me because I want to know what happen right I mean what happens what happens to the older son does he go into the party does he stop off does he run away now does he say if everything’s mine get out of here old man because it’s all mine you’re kicked out then what happens and what happens to the younger son I mean his party’s going on you have to understand his position this party is going on and he hasn’t really had been able to get a speech out yet nobody will listen to his speech everybody just throwing a party they’re acting like nothing has happened they’re acting like he is still the son the crowd is left to ponder is that how God thinks about me but it’s about being with him so let me ask you a question as we close today what son did the father love more pick a side older son younger son let me ask you another way that maybe it will help you who do you think God loves more me for you and before you answer too quickly let me tell you about myself I am paid to be good and I went to school to do this job I went to school to get paid to do what I believe a Christian ought to do because I want to get paid to do what a Christian ought to do all right I had two years of Greek not just any great guy had two years of Koine Greek which means nothing that a lot of you it’s just simply Greek to you because you don’t understand it I’m more biblically educated than a why I’m not kissing everybody in this room because I know a few of you but but a vast majority of you in this room today I open the door for people wherever I go I I’m kind of old ladies I’m even kind of young ladies and I have given my life to trying to help people get to know fall in love with and follow Jesus what have you done in your life so who does God love alright let me let me switch it up again who does God love more you or pastor Newman let me raise the bar see you don’t know me so well yet well let me put it up a little higher all right he doesn’t God love him more I mean think of the stuff that he’s done and I ask you that because how God thinks about you and how you think that God thinks about you it’s so important to your life so there’s a guy named Paul and Paul was to started off this guy named Saul and he was devout he was serious about his walk with God he was serious about his relationship with God he was so serious that he was willing to go out and not just track down and try but go out and kill people who were blasphemy against God and he did it multiple times and he did it gladly and I want you to notice what Paul said he says God demonstrates his own love for us in this that while we were still sinners Christ died for us this is how God demonstrates his love while we were still sinners the last time you did that thing that you just can’t kind of get out of your mind even before you were born before you were Center before you do right from home before you did anything right or wrong that Jesus died for you and that’s important to know because that says that Jesus died for you what do you accept him or not whether you respond to him or not because that’s how God demonstrates his love just like the father in the

story he runs out he feels compassion before anything that we do any kind of speech we can give any kind of step we can take to say I’m trying to get my act together even before all that God once you know he has demonstrated his love by literally stepping in and taking your place he says I’ll take it all on me because I want you to know I love you see love like that doesn’t take a cue from us sinners it’s a cue from God and he doesn’t love you because of anything you do in focus that’s what God thinks about what he thinks about you that he loves you it even likes you in spite of who you see when you look in the mirror who you think you are when your head hits that pillow at night or when you stand up making that presentation everything is going great will you stand up making that presentation and your notes are out of place and then nothing seems to work because you need to know what I need to know and I said God loves me not because of anything I have done I will do anything I can bring to the table no matter how many years I went to get ready to do this kind of job he loves me and he loves you simply because that’s who he is and I want you to think about that the next time you think about what God thinks about when he thinks about you you