INSANE Chinese Street Food Tour Of Chengdu, China | CRAZY Chinese Street Foods in Sichuan, China!

– Check it out guys, it’s Trevor James hanging out with Narendra and India, they just won the 1 million subscribers giveaway, we have flew them in from the UK last night, And today we’re going for a full-on Szechuan food tour – Yes, we are – You guys pumped? – We’re gonna be going deeper – [Trevor] This video is gonna make you hungry ‘Cause we’re taking Narendra and India, the winners of our 1 million subscribers giveaway for the ultimate Chengdu street food tour with eleven insanely delicious street foods So make sure to watch this whole video all the way until the end, ’cause you’re not gonna believe all of the incredibly beautiful food that we found Like roast ducks, delicious fried and baked Sichuan biscuits, insanely huge and spicy lunches, shot glasses full of brain, and lots more And bringing them for their first ever mouth-numbing Sichuan hot pot at the end And first up, after picking them up from the airport, we brought them right away to start the day the right way in China, by going for classic Chinese breakfast baozi So I know you guys wanted to try bozi, right? – [India] Yeah, absolutely – [Trevor] Awesome, here we are Okay so we are gonna get some pork baozi, and sit down on the street So these are still being cooked, and then when they’re done we’re gonna eat up a few of those and some breakfast xiaolongbao – [India] They smell amazing already – Yeah And we’re gonna get some soy milk as well – Okay – So first we’re gonna make our vinegar and chili dip, right here, oh yeah this is really what it’s all about – That’s like a jam – That is jam – That is like a jam – Yeah – Chili in the UK is thin – Yeah, comparison – So we got chili oil and a little vinegar Vinegar and you just dip your baozi and your xialongbao right into there Let’s go for some xiaolongbao Oh yeah, fresh steamed So soft Oh Cheers – Cheers – Cheers – Oh yeah – The texture is really good – And the vinegar is quite sour – [India] It is but, work pretty well – [Narendra] ‘Cause the inside, the pork is quite sweet, but it has a sweetness to it That’s really, really good – Oh – It’s so soft – Look at these That is not a one biter, you got, – [Narendra] I would start using the hands That was a different taste – I like this one how it has more of a juicy punch to it – Oh yeah, absolutely – More of a juicy punch – It’s, this was worth it straight away – Absolutely, oh my goodness – [Trevor] Next up, before going for the most insane Szechuan lunch and taking a shot of the brain, we visited my favorite local street food market in Chengdu, the super deep, soup farmers market And found a ton of amazing street snacks We are here One of the busiest markets in Chengdu right here, Soup farmers market, and we’re gonna go in and try some stuff Oh yeah, tons of action So now everything you have to try of course is roast duck, right out of the market, right here Yeah there it is This is what it’s all about, guys And it’s super crispy, fresh, hot, oh yeah Alright this is the best part – [Narendra] Seeing the chopping on screen and seeing it live is a different thing – [Trevor] Yeah Oh yeah She’s gonna let us take a look Oh, it’s full of ducks – [India] Oh my goodness – [Trevor] Wow, isn’t that beautiful? – [Narendra] Yeah you can have the aroma, the smell is just coming forward – [Trevor] Oh Let’s go try it out

Wow, look at that Beautiful, crispy skin duck, baked, roasted just right now, grab a piece, get a nice succulent one Oh wow Yeah, get a piece – Oh go India, you have one – Cheers – Cheers – Cheers – Awesome Oh, it’s so succulent Oh it’s so soft, right? – So good – Succulent – And the skin is nice and crispy – Yeah – [Trevor] Next up, just aside the ducks we found the ultimate healthy Sichuan style wraps So these are wheat flour pancakes So what happens, basically they’re making these fresh wheat flower pancakes, we choose any of this fresh veg, and then they cover it in chili oil, and make a wrap – Okay – So it’s like a healthy Sichuan style wrap After choosing whatever you like from the huge selection of different fresh vegetables like asparagus lettuce, carrots, Sichuan fish root, bamboo and more you give it to the chef and they prepare it for you with chili oil, but today they let us make it ourselves So he’s gonna let us make it So Sichuan chili oil, a little MSG, Yeah, patch it up, all that’s quite good Oh, that Sichuan peppercorn, garlic, sugar, and dry chili Oh sesame oil, oh vinegar yeah, I like vinegar, and soy Okay, and then we mix it ourselves One of my favorite Sichuan snacks He’s gonna let us do it – Okay – Oh, nice Oh, that’s beautiful – [Narendra] There you go – [Trevor] Take one – [Narendra] Oh, it’s leaking chili oil – [India] The oil, oh – Good, unique – Oh the heat’s coming through – It’s definitely spicy, right? – Oh, yeah It’s really refreshing – It’s like a minty salancho, with fish sort of aroma to it, right? – Yeah – [Trevor] Oh, yeah You can see it Huranchi Sichuan fish root Minty, selancho weed Spicy with the chili oil The carrots, it’s so fresh, right? Very healthy – Very unique flavor – Very unique flavor – I can have it for a snack, I can see, yeah – And you gotta come to the markets to get it just like that – Yeah, absolutely – So this here is rock sugar, and look at all the different types of rock sugar they have – [Narendra] Oh, it’s like mishee – [Trevor] And molasses Yeah, rock sugar, pretty cool, right? – I think it’s called, mishee – Normally you get it when you get it to the tempura, they’re very, very small, – These are big pieces – Not nearly this scale – Yeah they’re more like, this size maybe – [India] Oh, yeah – [Narendra] Yeah, some of these are giant – [Trevor] Pretty cool, hey? – [Narendra] Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah – Look at all the chickens here Chicken, duck, rabbit, tofu, it’s all here, and right up ahead, we’re gonna see the soul of Sichuan, dry chilies and Sichuan peppercorns – Okay – There’s everything you can imagine here You can get your teeth pulled out right in the market Wow Right up here is the chilies, look at all these Sichuan chilies – Oh my goodness – Oh, wow – Oh this is our buddy here, we see him every time Yeah – You’re regulars? – Yeah – Yeah – This is our buddy here, he is the Sichuan peppercorn king He’s got it all here We got green Sichuan peppercorns, red Sichuan peppercorns, dry chili, it’s all here And I think we’re gonna get the most numbing

– Oh, lovely Might as well And this one is ours here He’s running it up, yeah So this is the most numbing – Oh, you got anything but hot – Let’s go right in, we got the beautiful Sichuan peppercorn and this really is the soul of Sichuan, so many dishes here, it gives it a numbing, florally, aroma, there’s so many dishes, you can have it in so many different styles of cooking and ways, and yeah just grab a couple, and you don’t wanna swallow it, just bite it with your teeth and then let it sit on your tongue, yeah? – All right, let’s do it – Oh, yeah – Just wait for it – I’ll be honest, the beginning was a bit fruity And I just went away in three seconds – And right now it’s starting to build, right? It’s still going It’s gonna make your tongue water – Yeah, and get into your mouth – And your lips, and your lips numb And it’s a florally kick, and it’s gonna peak, it’s still going up – It’s still going – Oh it’s not over yet Way to wake up – Yeah It really hits your tongue – Yeah, it’s like, – I didn’t know I could salivate this much – You’re really watering, right, it’s that sizzling, but not like painful sizzle, but it’s like a, – Now I really know but the numbing really means that it’s numb, but I still have, numb numb – It’s like there’s a battery on your tongue – Yes. That’s it – I probably imagine what it would be like – You had a battery on your tongue? – No, surprisingly – It’s like there’s a current going through your lips Your gums and your tongue – Just even a little bit – I hit my peak – And you can see that’s true chili cabin, look at this This is true chili heaven So he’s pounding the chilies making a dry chili paste here Canada, he remembers us Oh and he’s just making, look at all this – [India] How to get oil? – [Trevor] Yeah, I think so, I think he put the oil in here Yeah a a little oil on there Oh yeah So this is the final product here You guys eat spicy, he’s asking – Yeah, yeah – Yeah, great Yeah you can say great After the insanely huge bustling market, we made our way up for the biggest lunch feast With tons of Sichuan spicy food pulled out to you in the back of a bicycle So you wanna go deep, this is deep We’re in a local neighborhood now, and right up here is a famous local fly restaurant, they call it a fly restaurant because sometimes the conditions around are questionable, but the food is insanely delicious Oh, yeah Oh, look at this Look at this here So this is, so this is fish root, and, oh okay, yeah, yeah, exactly, and, that’s our buddy back there, let’s go see what they’ve got, there’s lots of food in the back This is a famous local fly restaurant in Chengdu Look at this Look at that, that is raw bean fish, oh, there’s just so much stuff here, all cooked and Sichuan flavored It’s all here Ah, so the chicken organs Oh, the pig and the duck organs, and look at all this here, a lot of food here And you can just take whatever you like Look at this guys The food comes from a bike Straight from the kitchen Oh this is what we came for

Look at this, this is pig brain tofu This is all pig brain Look at this Isn’t that crazy? – It’s crazy – Yeah, crazy – So take a look here, guys, this is liangfen, which is mumbing starch jelly, and she’s just covering it in chili oil and onion Look at that Awesome And then stewed pork, and it’s all here Tons of different home cooked stir fried dishes And what’s so beautiful is you can just roll up and see what comes from the bike, and just, and they’ve also got steamed dishes as well Oh look at this Okay So we’ve got the xiaolongbao, which is pickled mustard greens and fatty pork, and we’re gonna get that as well Oh yeah, so the kitchen is right here And there’s all the dishes right here Oh yeah, look at this So they just load the dishes right from the bike And this here is pickled veg with fish and rice noodles, and that’s just a beautiful scene And they walk it back and they just get picked up, and then this here is our xiaolongbao, which is pickled mustard greens, and fatty pork, and we’re gonna get that Oh yeah look at that fatty pork So we’ve got a beautiful Sichuan lunch feast, classic dish right here, this is tofu, which is tofu with pig brain and you can see the brain in there, oh look at that, isn’t that crazy? – [Narendra] Yeah it is crazy – [Trevor] Tofu with pig brain, you can see the brain there, and over here, we’ve got, starch jelly mung bean starch jelly, covered in like broth bean paste, so it’s salted broth bean paste, with chili and chili oil, and they’ve also got a smoked duck, the xiaolongbao which is what you guys said you wanna try You’ve told me you wanna try that right, so fatty pork with preserved pickled mustard greens, look at all the greens in there, there’s a bit of pickled chili in there as well, and we’ve also got fish root with broth beans, and chili oil And Narendra, when you made your entry to come on this tour, you said you wanted to take a shot of the brain – I’m ready to try anything like that – Your video, – I’m gonna get the brain, I’m gonna take a shot, I’ll take a shot I think I have made some mistakes in my life – Let’s just, oh look at that That’s, oh get a bit of the chili oil in there – [India] Oh yeah, absolutely – [Trevor] Oh there you go – It’s good though – Is that enough? – I think that’s, you don’t need a double shot? – That’s a single shot? – Yeah single’s fine I’ll take the single – There you go And I’ll do it with you, I’ll do it with you We’re going in as a team – [Narendra] Oh goodness – [India] I’ll see if I can do this – [Trevor] You wanna try? – [India] Oh jeez, I’m on the sidelines – I’ll get a double shot – Oh you’re brave – Actually that’s a single Here’s buddy So you wanna let it, just melt it in your mouth You don’t wanna swallow it right away – Alright – Alright, cheers – Okay – Oh yeah – Got any words about that? – Any comments? Was it pretty nasty? – It wasn’t as bad as I thought It was still disgusting, I’m being fair, okay? That is not for me But the taste was not stinky or odor-y But I think it’s pretty well cooked brain But I don’t think brain is for me in general – I think the texture is what’s hard to pass, right? – It’s like extremely tofu – It’s like extreme buttery, slippery, – Slimy – Slimy tofu, but it’s also got that fermented bean, so it’s salty and fragrant, and chili, I rather enjoy it But I think I had a similar feeling the first time I try it it’s like whoa, what’s going on here After taking a couple bites of delicious mung bean jelly noodles with that salty fermented broad bean paste, the bike came by and brought the king dish of Sichuan

Twice cooked pork Oh and twice cooked pork We’re gonna take a big order Oh, nice Look at this and when you see Wei Goro twice cooked pork you have to eat it Look at that And that’s what’s so fun about this little hole in the world here, is that the food just comes on the bike and you grab whatever looks good, so twice cooked pork and then these are actually garlic bolts the green, – It’s like a smooth and salty flavor – Yeah It’s like Sichuan bacon – It’s perfect bacon – Absolutely – Perfect Soft and juicy, Sichuan bacon, right After tasting all of the dishes like the fatty pork with mustard greens and the amazing and juicy tea-smoked duck a local ding ding Candy Man came by with perfect timing for us to enjoy a local Sichuan sweet Oh, so it’s a sticky rice, actually Sticky rice, it’s gonna be hard and chewy, try it out It’s like a brittle sticky rice street snack And careful put on your back teeth it’s gonna be really chewy, yeah Oh bad teeth It’s a little citrus-y, right? – No, but yeah It’s like candy – Yeah Classic ding ding tong here Yeah? – [Narendra] Like candy, yeah It’s got a sesame taste as well – Yeah Oh yeah, and orange skin – [India] Alright, that’s interesting – [Trevor] Yeah Oh, it’s really nice, hey? – Yeah, it’s so nice – He said you’re Indian? – Yeah, yeah – Like Indian and English Where are you from? I think they’re Tex talking where are they from in India or England And people are so friendly We still have six amazing street foods to eat ’cause this is the ultimate Chinese street food tour, so make sure to watch all the way until the end, because this is non-stop spicy goodness All right so you guys said you wanted to try some organ soup right? – Yeah – And right up here this is feichangfen, intestine noodles Oh and look at this, he’s making the sweet potato starch noodles, oh, so they put the dough in Come take a look, come take a look So he’s putting sweet potato starch dough in there so these are sweet potato starch noodles, oh yeah And they’re boiling it, and then they come out down here Isn’t that beautiful? – [Narendra] How is it even going through to this, it’s like a liquid and a solid at the same time – [Trevor] Yeah, it’s, that’s the consistency of it, you can see over here, that’s, that’s the dough right there – [Narendra] Yeah so it’s pretty wet, yeah – So these are the noodles, and then this is the feichangfen, the intestines, and they’re actually tied into little knots, see? – [Narendra] Yeah – [Trevor] So this is like a big intestine broth, and then they’ve got the pre-made bowls of chili oil, lard and onions and then they pour the broth and the intestines noodles all in

– [Narendra] It smells a bit like sausages – Yeah, it goes – Yeah You can see, oh, look at them all coming down there – [Narendra] Wow – [Trevor] Wow So you can see they’re taking the noodles, these sweet intestine noodles, and they’re boiling these in the broth and then they take these these bowls here and they put them right in Oh, beautiful And then they’re gonna add intestine as well, and the broth has a rich intestine aroma, it smells crazy Oh Isn’t that crazy? – What is it? – Look at that Isn’t that beautiful? Đ¢hat’s massive Yeah – It smells so good – Yeah It has a rich intestine aroma, all right, – Yeah it does And he’s gonna make the next bowl – You could smell the chili – Yeah – That’s crazy Beautiful, look at this guy I ordered extra big and small intestine chopped up and you can see on the outside there there’s just all the dried chili that they put into the broth oh it’s an intestine pure intestine broth, you want to do mix it up a little bit Little vinegar – Yeah There you go – It’s not as bad as I thought it would get I think I’m a changed man on the intestines – Oh, it’s pretty good – It’s just a giant piece of intestine – Yeah – I could jump out, yeah? – They’re good and fatty – [India] Really good It’s really tasty – [Trevor] And the noodles have a really unique consistency, right? – [Narendra] I’ve never had a noodle like this – It’s almost like it’s a rice noodle, but it’s not as bite-y as a rice noodle – Yeah it’s a bit smoother – It’s a lot smoother, little bit more of slime – Yeah Next up before enjoying the most aromatic bowl of Sichuan dam dam noodles, we went for the ultimate mid-day snack in Chengdu The crispy fried and spicy and mouth-numbing beef guokui Alright guys, so I know you also really wanted to try the guokui, right? The beef biscuit, and look, there’s right here Oh they also have beef, pork for today, So they have pork filling biscuit, and beef right here, they’re stuffing these dough strips with beef and there’s Sichuan peppercorn in this beef so then you see he’s gonna roll it up – It’s got an orange color to the, – It’s beef So it’s actually beef and pork mix And some lard And some peppercorn And a little bit of secret, they won’t tell us And then this is the station where they fry them, in oil and afterwards, underneath here is oven and they put them under, and they crisp them up They sell more than a 1000 of these everyday – Oh look at the color – Beautiful – [India] It’s getting a color nicely It’s gonna come of a nice, and really golden – [Trevor] Wow, that’s mesmerizing, isn’t it? Yeah he said it’s tiring Oh So he says but if you enjoy your life like this it’s okay Yeah Yeah – I think a lot of people speak Chinese haven’t helped them

– He says it’s kung fu Oh here we go, right into the oven Oh wow And that’s gonna crisp it up, ’cause right now they’re a little bit oily, but now they’re this is just gonna give them an outer crisp, so the outside is gonna be crispy, and the inside is gonna be soft and fluffy Oh here they come Oh wow Wow Isn’t that beautiful? – [India] Yeah – The best guokui that’s what he says Oh wow Intensely hot And actually you’re gonna wanna be really careful with these ’cause they are intensely hot, so oh, you can actually just break them a little bit Loose it up – Cheers Oh yeah – Having the Sichuan pepper, – It does Affordably numbing You like it? – Yeah – It’s actually a little fatty and fluffy on the inside, but the outside is so nice and crispy Oh it’s a pure beef biscuit of joy – I think this is your favorite thing – As of yet, my favorite thing This one takes the cake – [Trevor] Really – The outside crispy and crunchy, and there’s nothingness, and the sesame, and it’s quite soft and meaty and delicious, and, oh, so good, it’s juicy, it would be your any, every mood you had, – Yeah Next up we went to try Sichuan’s number one noodle dish, the dan dan noodles, along with a hot bowl of Sichuan dumplings, right on the street side, this is what it’s all about So I know you guys wanted to try dan dan noodles, zajiangmian noodles, right up ahead there’s a little noodle stall, we’re gonna go zajiangmian noodles, and hot chili oil dumplings Let’s go try it out So we’ve got ground pork sauce Spare rib and then, and then beef Oh and feichang, you can get intestine as well Oh and mushroom pork And chicken organ as well, and then, which is pickled veg and sliced pork But we’re gonna get the classic right here, which is ground pork, over top of zajiang noodles So these are our bowls here, there’s a little bit of oil, Sichuan peppercorn, ground up, ground up, a little MSG for the flavor, and oh, that is sesame paste, a real magic right there Chili oil, – [Narendra] I’m mad salivating – [Trevor] Yeah Okay Just soy sauce, no vinegar, okay The outside pickled mustard greens, just adding a little cabbage on there, this is the zajiang ground pork, and adding a little bit of green onion, he’s just plating our, oh there they are, so we got three bowls of, and three bowls of zajiangmian, actually I kind of mixed ours up already, but Narendra, you didn’t mix yours, so let’s all mix ours up together and take a look at what’s on the bottom, you gotta mix them up quick, and get that chili oil Oh yeah look, look at the chili oil on the bottom It just coats the noodles perfectly There you go That’s the way – [India] So good, smells amazing

– [Trevor] And then the same deal for these, oh look at those And the special thing here is they put a little sugar in it, so it’s gonna be slightly, slightly sweet This is your first bite of zajiang noodle, right? – First bite – First ever – Let’s do it – There’s like a creaminess to it – Yeah – Yeah – Yummy That’s exactly what it is Oh and I just love how the silkiness of the noodles, and it’s so creamy, right? – [India] Yeah – You really gotta make sure it’s mixed up so you get that flavor evenly throughout, oh yeah, get going, totally cover it like that Cheers – [Narendra] Cheers – [Trevor] Awesome There’s a little garlic in there – Yeah, garlicy, – And the sweetness – Sweet – [Narendra] And the pork as well – [Trevor] And plumped, and plumped – The chili sauce is also really good as well – Yeah – [Trevor] Next up, we went to another local market to find more street foods before our huge hot pot dinner feast, and found an amazing Sichuan pickle stall, tons of different pickled vegetables like carrots, radish, and ginger But the best part was getting to meet the super friendly vendor Did you try this? Oh She loves feeding us Oh that’s fantastic She’s just feeding us more and more A little smokey right? Huge pickles Pickled cabbage She said it’s not too salty – That’s so much That’s so much food I’ve become literally full in the last like, five minutes, I can’t even watch food anymore – [Trevor] For our final meal, we went to go into an extremely spicy Sichuan hot pot At the best hot pot restaurant in Chengdu So no trip to Chengdu would be complete without having Sichuan hot pot Sichuan huoguo, and this is one of my favorite joints here, so we’re gonna line up, there’s a line up here, and try it out Isn’t that beautiful? – The taste of peppercorn is just in the air – Oh yeah It’s in the lungs – Or right there – [Trevor] After choosing off your choice of meats and vegetables, you make a sesame oil dip with vinegar, garlic, selantro, and oyster sauce And then you boil the meat So you take any of your ingredients and this is the semi pork here, oh yeah and you just get it covered in that egg yolk, and put it right in, look at that, oh, deep in broth – Well, entirely disappeared It’s gone it’s not going back – [Trevor] There we go And getting it there, it’s in another world And after the meats boiled just a couple minutes, we get that first heat of beef oil, and that chili and that peppercorn all over the soft meat, and it’s true painful joy So you take your beef, You can see actually the peppercorns, some of the peppercorns are still on there, right? So that will, – [Narendra] It will give you a kick – [Trevor] That will give you a kick And then you dip it into your oil, and get a little bit of garlic and selantra on there, let’s try it out, oh yeah – Oh that’s good – Oh it’s spicy – It is spicy – A bit, oh it’s so, so – It’s in the back of the throat spice The tongue isn’t you can’t even see it Yeah – It’s so nice, and when you dip in the vinegar, gives it a little sour dip – Yeah You got that – Selantro And it adds like its freshness – Oh yeah That is the way of life here Oh That was a tight holiday, – Yeah

– So much fun, hope you guys had a great time – Wonderful, wonderful Tried lots of different types of food, and this been worth the trip, yeah for sure – Glad to hear And we would love to know what you guys thought about this video in the comments below as well, please click that subscribe button and little bell notification button as well Thanks so much for watching, and I hope you guys can come back to eat more – Hundred percent – Absolutely – Awesome