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and stand by me on 650 am WSM Frank Wow never tell you something here is a guy who since our friendship began has always stood by me and my colleague Eddie Stubbs and this radio station I love this radio station you know I do it’s great to be on their Castle the south and gospel great stand by me I told you off the air and I didn’t know I started doing a research after hour I heard it thinking it had never crossed my mind other than being a love song a man to a woman a woman to a man long as you’re with me everything’s gonna be alright yeah and then as soon as you were singing it and you said Jesus I went well of course it could it works interpreted that way and know when you use so long Wild Bill Cody I know it and they’re in Stoller that’s a Leiber and Stoller song yeah he had the original on it yeah 1961 ISO Benny King at the Royal peacock in Atlanta Georgia and at that time he had a real big record after all I who have nothing yeah yeah man tell me about that how did it happen he cut it in Atlantic studios in New York and I thought he was going to give me some insight he said well we found the song and I cut it and that’s all I got it it’s on Ronnie Milsaps gospel grace and what to Seoul I’m just um no one with nothing to give yeah there you go oh I see it we found it and we cut it that’s what he said I said what who wrote it no you said you hurt us earlier this morning playing Chuck Jackson’s yeah any day now your version great hit song yeah and I love that I was at Myrtle Beach and a guy came down and said Chuck Jackson wants his money oh so what so Justin said he wants his money I said he didn’t write that song Burt Bacharach wrote that song he said well he still watches those you know no doubt I I was influenced by Chuck Jackson I was on scepter and used to hang out with Chuck Jackson quite a bit and really an interesting man and had a big influence on me I was gonna ask would you talk about gospel greats as the title of the album that southern gospel music and so much of the gospel stuff has its roots in the black churches of the south and where they do business a little differently certainly regarding music then the churches across town you know brother Calvin’s Church we do where we could get the goods when it came to the gospel greats when I was a kid growing up but you know all of us grew up singing in church somehow I mean I did I remember singing in church and I knew the songs that would make them stand up while bill would make up shout sometimes they’d even roll in the aisles that’s a primitive better branch Primitive Baptist Church now you take that music from the church but it’s that same sort of groove that’s made its way into R&B during the same time period you’re talking about with Benny King in the sixty you bet you bet it’s the same thing it’s the same soul those artists were a big influence as well in addition to what you grew up with in church who were those people for you in the early days oh goodness well big one Ray Charles of course he had big influence I was in school in Raleigh they taught me Braille at 6:00 and violin at 7:00 piano at 8:00 I’ve graduated and I said I want to be a professional musician and they said no we’re not gonna let you do that and so I

heard about a Ray Charles concert in Atlanta and I went down there his pilot let me be into the dressing room I sitting there playing Ray’s piano when he walks in I said mr. Bates you were the high priest man you were the man I want to be a professional musician like you and he said well by me or something so I played him a couple songs and he said you know son what you need to do you need to become a professional musician I went back to Raleigh and I said rich hours he says it’s okay if I become a professional musician they said we don’t want you to do that why don’t you become a lawyer or a teacher but I I love music so much I took Ray’s advice and brought it all the way to Nashville where was your first professional gig after that moment in time when Ray Charles gives that advice and hey I would I had a record that was a top five soul record Cole never had it so good that was written by Ashford and Simpson I cut it in New York and the first gig I played was the Howard Theater in Washington DC with Howard University oh yeah and they had a theater there and the backside of that record Ray Charles said I love that record you got out never had it so good he said but what I really like is that b-side a song called let’s go get stoned and he said I love that so much matter of fact I’m gonna cut that what time period is this running in 1965 yeah and you know what we thought bill had a a hit and I thought we could flip it and maybe have another hit Rachel stop that but that’s kind of funny cause you know how many times have I sung Ray Charles songs but when did he ever sing one of my songs well he sure did and you cut it knocked me out of another record were you in his exhibit did you participate in the exhibit the Ray Charles exhibit at the Country Music Hall of Fame when it was up yeah yeah I thought you did yeah this is Ronnie Milsap if you just joined us on 6:50 am WSM WSM the app download to your smartphone if you’re watching on Heartland television across the country you see Ronnie in studio here in the Magnolia lobby of the Gaylord Opryland Resort and Convention Center on coffee country and Cody and Ronnie if they’re back home in Kinston Jacksonville Wilmington all markets that have Heartland television oh I love that over in North Carolina over in North Carolina the homeland yeah Robins yes sir now where do we find Robbinsville and how big is it it’s small it’s in Graham County which is you know right up in northwestern North Carolina right up against Tennessee over not too far from Maryville of course one hours so he likes Smokey Mountains runs yeah yeah but they called it Merville Merville they still do yeah they do don’t they in the greats that came out of that little town speaking of that part of the country Jack green Roy Acuff yeah whorls Smith Wow Kenny Chesney con Hunley I know I’m leaving somebody out what you know you’re small if your population is smaller than the area code the area code is 8 to 8 the population is 608 from here I’m glad you got him here there’s a Country Music Hall of Fame performance for you from Ronnie Milsap this morning on 650 am WSM WSM the smartphone app download and of course Heartland television across the country over Ronnie’s homeland and North Carolina people can watch us this morning on heartland man you got all of that didn’t you well you know I get to hearing those and I forget

how much fun it was in the studio making records I still love that so much bill if my old preacher daddy would say he beat the keys off of there yes sir well it’s a swing down sweet chair to swing low sometimes you see it written in st Louis Riccio heard it too that one goes back what is the origin of that song you have any idea my public domain by now I would I’m sure it must be must be Elvis did it famously kind of in that same yeah yeah same tempo up tempo with who would have been singing with him on that stuff Charlie here the Elvis guy would it have been there probably would have been JD Sumner and the stand was okay did you grow up with quartet music we talked about influence I did the Blackwood brothers real big you remember Sunday morning gospel Jubilee on Sunday morning I’ve heard that yeah the Florida boys and a happy goodman oh yeah like what brothers and holy lister and all those kind of statesmen yeah yeah that’s fine it’s those chords good stuff boy they so who are the people on your record who were saying that great harmony and that even you know I call on one person Bergen white and he he has done so many great orchestrations for me on records I mean he’d go in and do strings and background parts and all that you know and you could say you know I need I need to change right here just and this started this chorus I need something else to happen he’d go out there and write it right there on the session not many people can do that and he would the musicians are sitting there and he’s rewriting the chart right there and it works and I said Bergen can you get together a group of people and kind of act like the Jordanaires or the stamps he said yeah I can do that and he did burgins been a guest on the show he was feeding house with Nashville cats serious I believe so with Bill Boyd at the Country Music Hall of Fame yeah he came by to visit he’s a sweet one man he’s a good guy modest fellow I know he is you have no idea if you just ran into him having coffee somewhere one morning that you don’t know what’s running through his head man that’s right I’m telling it’s all good talk about bringing it home by the way swing low Sweet Chariot the earliest known version of that song from 1909 by the Fisk Jubilee singers they both have stars in the Music City Walk of Fame there you go who’d be the host of that ceremony Oh me yeah in that line in there where I said he wasn’t so particular about the cherry he just wanted to see how our chariot feel that’s Ronnie Milsap in studio with us this morning Country Music Hall of Famer and the Mythbusters we’re gonna do that on the other side and play a very famous song that Ronnie played on from Elvis we’ll do that after this the preacher man who asked for your bow such a cold dark Elvis with Ronnie Milsap playing keys that was fun that was Flo it had and mil set he said Millsap more thunder on the piano really yeah it’s what is it more thunder you talked about the Memphis years off the air a moment ago and you said I mean who growing up with your background and your story winds up sitting in a studio talking to Elvis Presley and arranged in a song like I mean how would you ever think that dream would come true well how did it come through how did you make it to Memphis how did you wind up with Elvis and Eddie Rabbitt of course he had dick heard Cobra they wrote that yeah well Joyce he and I we moved out of Atlanta to Memphis I was playing down at the Playboy Club in Atlanta and chips Moman came down there and he’s a big producer and he said I want you to move to Memphis I said why he said I’ll get you playing on a bunch of sessions enough I said but I need to work somewhere I need provide for my family and he said well we’ll find you a place to work so we moved to Memphis and we were homesick for Atlanta so much that was a tough move and we found a great place to live and all of a sudden I’m in the studio and getting used to what they do in the studio is a four track at that time they had a four track and we’re working and they said Felton

Jarvis is coming down to myth but to Memphis with Elvis and he and chips Moman are gonna produce this new stuff on Elvis the some of the stuff that is going to make him more vibrant and more vital today and so they they had this song Kentucky rain and I got to play on that and I got to talk with Elvis and he said you know I appreciate you singing those high notes there for me I said well it was a whole lot of fun I got to play some New Year’s Eve parties for him and he said I said Elvis son I hate to ask you this but I know all your songs would you come up and sing one tonight he laughed and said no not I’m just sitting here having fun tonight he didn’t want to go up and sing and I said well that’s fine I just want you to know if you wanted to do treat me nice or loving you I know them all I got you covered on key that’s it so what were sessions with Elvis like was he difficult in the studio was he a taskmaster no he was you could tell he’d been doing that a long time and he was really good at it I mean he had that so much experience in the studio I was shocked that they were recording in Memphis cause he’s always recording at Studio B here in Nashville but all that stuff in Memphis turned out really good and what was the studio there American American studios yeah with chips Moman owned it and then Mark James was living right next door to me and Joycey we lived in a duplex in in Memphis Mark James is right next door to us and you might explain who Mark James is Morgan’s a songwriter he’s a songwriter extraordinaire and he was living next door and all of a sudden I hear this big song by BJ Thomas called hooked on a feeling and Reggie Young is playing all the guitar work that sounds like a sitar but I mean what a great record then all of a sudden here comes Mark James with suspicious minds elvis cuts that a huge record no I got the live right next door to mark James always thought if I could have spent some time in the studio with mark I could have had a hit down in Memphis but it didn’t happen you know and there’s always chips responsible obviously for the move you told the story from Atlanta to Memphis yeah for the move from Memphis to Nashville and what 72 when you came yeah some Nashville I stumbled into that I was playing in what like November of 72 I was playing at a place down here called the villa and this guy walked in and he said I want to talk to you and I said yeah he said my name is Don Davis and I’m the manager of the king of the road hotel okay and I said yeah I know that he says there’s a showroom on the ninth floor and I’d played it I said yeah he said I want you to start playing the showroom at the king of the road and the one thing I didn’t have is a job I was booed in Nashville and all of a sudden I got a job he said what are you making I told him and he said I’ll double it and he said how many nights do you play I said six he said you only play five for me and I’m thinking man this is really a good way to come to Nashville some at the king of the road playing all those great shows and a run into Roger Miller it was Roger Miller’s king of the road hotel and a lady had been in the gift shop buying a bunch of rugs and middle records and souvenirs and I kinda stuff she came up and said mr. Miller I love that dang me I love that Juggalo I love that do wackadoo wackadoo wagon and a Kansas City Star that’s one hour or you know y’all to see my car Roger said lady would you bite my as I said Roger you can’t say that and

she threw all her stuff on the floor so never bother so I said you can’t treat the fans like that man that is the great rowdy Millsap Country Music Hall of Fame storyteller as well as Country Music Hall of Fame performer on coffee country and Cody I knew it was gonna have a happy ending with Roger Miller involved I just knew he was sweet man he’s probably the quickest guy I had ever been around and I spent an afternoon with Jimmy Webb one time and him telling stories about how he got certain songs recorded all he wanted the new to know is you know anything about Roger Miller this is the guy who wrote all the great Glen Campbell hits that yeah Wichita Lineman at the time I get to Phoenix yeah the one I wanted to know was MacArthur Park yeah yeah me from Richard Harris to Donna Summer Waylon Jennings yeah in between there you go Wow well Ronnie Milsap much too quickly our time has come and he’s gone but thank you so much for visiting with us oh what an honor to be with you Wild Bill and Charlie thank you guys so much I listen to you all the time and it’s amazing what you do here in the early morning hours on WSM and you know how much I love WSM listen to this station all my life you appear very well-rested this morning I imagine you have a nice pillow at home I do I have a my pillow at home yes I do I couldn’t resist I haven’t only two things I’m not sure which right now I’m thinking about what Roger Miller would say is either really smooth or really cheesy I’m not sure Oh a little bit of both and with gospel greats his brand-new work you’re watching on heartland television across the country and listening to us around the world at 6:50 a.m. w s amand WS m divine intervention really from the moment you were born when I read your story your life the way it’s been chronicled with the Country Music Hall of Fame in other places it’s just truly divine what has happened and I thought we closed with a another great work off that a lot of people would associate talking about great names in the history of this town Ronnie and one you would have grown up with the old redhead from Berea read fellow red Foley from 1950 yeah this song originally and famously but you are gonna love it from Ronnie Milsaps new work gospel greats god bless you and Lovejoy see when you go I will and she has been totally the inspiration of my life she’s orchestrated everything that’s happened in Nashville and as a tremendous debt not try to keep paying that back every day joy see we love you we’re thinking about you this morning there you go as Ronnie Milsap closes with peace in the valley on 650 AM WSM this is Bill Cody 650 am WS man thank you for watching our YouTube channel if you like what you’ve seen click the button