[12]Journey to the core:Kiwi the wither

hello everyone some pie here we are back in our little pack of happiness starting out by breaking down the obsidian that we had I already did into obsidian sticks putting in with bronze and getting some bronze shears the hell is that I’m scared is there how I’m going to collapse I’m worried now it’s setting up shop yay dirt and vines and we get grass we don’t need that stop stop go no I hear you’re trying to collapse on me stop we need wool and then a respirator meat stop it also I went hunting well we’re off I only found two cave spiders they’re rare very very rare we have a lot of jeering going on let us get our second ji kun would you stop that please please world okay make babies thank you Oh the hell is happening that doesn’t look ready what the hell is that I’m I’m skip well that is one very dead chicken well at least i have 1 i’ll kick you because i can okay does anyone know what the hell those noises are I’m worried I am really worried about that they have been happening for laws like 45 minutes as I’ve been setting it up for this episode and they will not stop emerald studded would sort of tunes plays recurred c14 when dropped a win huge converts the Emerald when dropped you know I let me eat you real quick and then I’ll get this all i hear is death I do not hear cat you lied to me you have lied to me a game again you lie to me often I’m not gonna lie also I got in North estar instead of another star out of one of those blocks that’s nice well it looks very pretty really dark matter and you need compressed coal that sucks would you friggin stop jeez oh my gosh I need you first oh ok we have turkey tape now all’s we need is a full set of diamond armor and some of those gems and for the world to stop doing that is the friggin world ending or something super fabulous super fabulous super fabulous finally super fabulous I have to try it on oh damn do I feel good I feel fabulous absolutely fabulous look at me guys dang looking good buddy now what we have in here oh

yeah the dog yeah I forgot about your existence you know hey I wonder why he gives you five every time we just got in there with one whatever no I don’t wanna I don’t want my super fabulous set to break so you know we’re going with our little tried-and-true thing here we’re putting our super fabulous back in the chest there we go let us go open our five chance ecos the hedron’s okay you do you Doug you you do you oh weirdo dogs that is a weirdo dog if I have ever seen one dog are you ready we’re gonna die I have five of these damn things ah ah ah remember kids always look down wow that was kind of sad I’m on fire ow Raya I don’t recommend standing it so that idea yeah I’m going upstairs we should be xiv here hi Rhea Rhea drops to and jogging I’ve needed you what can I easy for anything potions generator auto and jammin table pre obsidian and no complaints no complaints you know before i go on food please in my stomach right now oh they shouldn’t be called the friggin chancy cosa hedron’s they should be called the death cubes or death objects another oh god baby Leonidas I don’t ok that wasn’t that bad oh I thought it was drops I was wrong yeah really more lava oh well they’re guys a dog sorry Peter still have no feelings for it well Doug our dad over the next one no no cake oh we’re dad gives you ow ow ow I lose I feel faster that’s that’s a good thing right right no I didn’t think so dang it and now I only have 20 of my levels dang it all right I forgot I even had this I did you know now I have more lava gotta look at the good things in life we have lava now more lava okay there is no good side screw this dang thing why you know play cat you yeah I was your kind of cool-looking that’s all you got for you all you got for you ah nothing good happens does it we lost our cake which we could have turned in but

now and to get it the real way we have to kill three more gave spiders which I do not see often oh there’s two of you huh I am hearing weird noises I don’t know if you guys can hear those but those are really bad noises and they really worried me anyway time for a QED for which we need for under pearls I have three on me do I have any more if not I have a really neat way to get them no there’s one more alright that’s nice in case you don’t know though you can turn for iron with your philosopher’s stone into a knot ender pearl as you can see here EI but for now let’s go ahead and and fuse you two to two and two there is a tender infused obsidian now we need brain what is it that we need you don’t know either I didn’t think that you would you never do or do oh you did good job rain good job good Joe don’t worry I’m going to have a cup of tea in celebration very nice very nice really Oh speed for hunger Sloane his haste mining fatigue and jump boost so we’re speeding now ah that’s nice I’m not gonna lie this is very nice wait we’re going outside we’re going to see how far we can jump oh hi actually but we out and yep oh that’s pretty high dick yeah by the way I hit the jackpot I was exploring and we got plenty of these so we are now forever get on those I set up our ties really should continue this I’m getting off track oh my god the cop either gonna like t is going to my head that’s not a good thing gotta calm down got to calm down nice and calm so column Oh feels good I feel like y’all know I don’t know I kidding ooh chiko roll sounds nice or I can make it football but I need to let us I need a lettuce the T wore off that’s that sucks beggin hot huh yeah you know you’re good I like you you are mine oh yeah that’s right i got Raya has it never mind I’m numb oh I’m I are ya Gertrude’s a doc I thought this was garter Oh Gertrude you put on some weight eh yeah I’m just gonna leave you in there yeah um that’s thing it’s a much bigger thing than I thought it was going to be can I turn in yes I can’t thank you I’m just gonna take the steel shuriken Thanks yeah I thought Gertrude got that I’m not gonna lie I’m sorry yep once again for diamonds all right where is there’s how with you diamonds diamonds and we also need to grind up our blaze rod which we only have one of which we got from a potions back i do believe blaze matter looks really nice on here all right chew away blaze matter thank you very much it looks really nice I’m not gonna lie i like it was a little fire in your hand instead of just this flat nondescript thing I have to say

it’s a much nicer you can go on there yes we get a turkey I need to to thank you and then the diamonds you’re like this I also need a crafting bench you five go here it’s a smile look eyes and yay I am way too tired to be recording why am I doing this why am I doing this I had a long day a really long day and I don’t know why I don’t know why would ever do it this late why brain why whatever I’m doing it for science and we even get one free under flux crystallite the quantum ender diviner oh come on change your name already and yeah call in some energy device and now we literally screw you right here and now it will work now what do you want to sue a survivalist generator mark to now not right now we need views courts fused known advisor fused kitkat I please please 12 another quartz all right aight in other courts 12 another quartz 43 another court and make up your mind ah things just cannot make up their minds can they so we need more another gorge before we can do that unless way I was unhiding nope dang how long for now let’s continue our blue oh bummer I really hate that that’s just infuriating Oh worries me random in sins inductions Walter time in VAR time please invar invar invar invar invar we need virus how about 12 Ferris and we hella good now why we can be just done that way we can have everything that we need at least a block let’s see 810 where’s not hard 121 a bucket which is there should be one over here yes there is this is not hard this entire game mode this entire pack is easy it’s just infuriating oh why won’t you double my oars I love you not really but still I can pretend Oh fake it like the pests all right where are you machine frame where are you I swear I vote you in one of these two chests apparently i’m wrong i put in here why am I talking in a voice like this please smack me really hard in the face I will not yell at you maybe probably a little bit but not all right give me the invar we’re gonna do this we’re going to try to keep this episode under 25 minutes because it’s what I’ve been trying to do the longest time now and I have failed every single time except for one one time is the only time that I have not failed and every other time I have which is sad really really sad why am I trying to keep it under that long well I was told

that I should and you know I decided you know why not I’ll do my damnedest to pack whatever I can into an episode well trying to keep it out under that amount of time but no promises you are in there that will get me 10 which will get me enough right or does it require the bars too oh no do you require the bars know just normal iron ball right thank you for not being a douche bag you gigantic pain in mine arse I really like these these are really good so I need to kill blazes to get voxel the doggy also ray is dead so turkey is a sanity boost I maybe I should try it go insane and then look at it where’s the fact that it’s alive enough come on I need one more one more these are the times as I wish I was taking a nap instead of playing Minecraft cuz of and I nap it’s nice and calm I have no objectives I just lay back and do as I wish and with that machine jazzy hello for science oh that’s a long line of quests let’s get out of here and actually read what the heck we’re gonna do next alright so for that we get one all right alois smeltery you’re on your way to building a decent collection of machines Crafton Ollie’s filtrete affiliate technical capabilities whoo that’s nice a double-layer capacitor after that some transfer notes Wow 500 + 100 and then oh my god 999 smoothies why would you ever look just i also want to do this i really want to do this but oh my gosh that’s gonna take a while a long while and i even killed a witch yet I having a boolean before we finish this oh can i use you to make a tree farm you only make one well you suck and i’ll put you away let’s open our reward back dark hosers got all right that’s nice and we even have a quest for them the feeling lucky tab turn into Darger’s just come on open it you tricked me into it didn’t you not bad not bad no no John boost the tea is definitely better I’ll leave you here and you and you and I can’t leave anything behind go away everything that I know and love except for you and I’m going to do it without it Wow now where’s our TNT where’s Artie Andy where’s Artie and D enters hand and let her gun better gun battery on a gun

better sand all right you go like this you know like this that is for the ones that we need only three more and then we can finally have that I don’t want you are you worried me too much how long does that last not too much longer all right you know Darko’s are your coffees not bad oh yeah i forgot about you i have blocks in here right yes I do yep yep your way lava and I felt right back in the hole wow just wow all right helping you and then I give me the end of the episode damn it I already failed 26 minutes yeah death death death no my god kete wait Kiwi oh my god oh I thought you were going to explode oh ok um yeah I don’t know if I ever want to open one of those ever again uh yeah no no no leaving goodbye farewell I’ve either Xin Chao Zen never doing this again goodbye goodbye Oh God give high